May 25th – 31st

We could be ready to take on the world and make it our own this week.  Our desire to put our mark on things can lead to an expansive, exuberant desire to add on more and more to our activities roster.  Nice concept for a Super Being but a little much to accomplish as a human being.  No worries, we’re not feeling like an ordinary human being this week.  Yes, we’re more likely to feel like a Super Being extraordinaire.

While we may feel at the top of our game, an element of discernment and discrimination is called for.  If we grab at any and every thing in our path this week, some things may seem great from the outset but could prove a waste of time or exhausting once engaged.

This week allows us to explore possibilities but let’s be careful regarding what we commit to.  Remember the old saying that the higher you climb, the harder the fall.  We may be flying high this week but it would be wise to modulate our energy and to be certain of what we engage.

This week is a time to express ourselves, our visions and our idealism.  It is also a time to embrace the fun side of life, looking for outlets for our creativity and enjoying great pleasures.  There will be more grounding over the weekend with the necessary evaluations and a paring down of what works and what doesn’t.


Monday, May 25th – Remembering the Past, Looking Ahead to our Future – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune.  Monday is Memorial Day in the US, a continuation of a long holiday weekend for many and the kickoff of the unofficial start of Summer.  This Monday could also be the tale of two moods because on this Monday the Moon is in Gemini and like the Sign itself, represented by the Twins and sometimes considered two personalities, we could be shifting between two different attitudes, two totally paradoxical moods and emotions.  Or to borrow from one of the classic hits of the 1960’s, Lou Christie’s Two Faces have I: ‘one to laugh and one to cry’.  The Gemini Moon today creates a Mutable Sign T-Square and engages, nay embraces, our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition with the Gemini Moon squaring both Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces.  We may have to deal with outstanding matters, address old situations and even interact with people from our past who may have best been forgotten rather than remembered and the least of which, engaged.  Today could be a day of juggling, dealing with reunions and reconnections while unexpected situations crop up demanding our involvement.  On the flip side, the Gemini Moon sextiles both Venus and Mars in Aries and trines both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  Today might be Memorial Day and we may pay our respects, but we are also far more interested in having a good time, social interactions and looking towards our future, even if the past is nipping at our heels.  This can be a highly active day but we can keep up the pace so long as we are not sidetracked by other people’s needs or sidelined by unanticipated situations tripping us up or altering our plans.  The main thing to avoid today is other people’s expectations.  Even if we seem self-focused, even selfish, it would be wise to look out after our own personal interests and desires today.  There could be some people wanting to rain on our parade by emphasizing our responsibilities and obligations.  Any IOUs today would best be postponed for another day, a different time.

Tuesday, May 26th – No Holding Back – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto.  Tuesday and Wednesday ratchets up the energy level with a strong focus on our friends, our goals, our plans and our hopes and wishes for our future.   The Jupiter Neptune conjunction tomorrow is in play and triggered today by Mars sextile Jupiter.  Tomorrow, Mars sextiles Neptune and Jupiter conjuncts Neptune.  Tuesday also has the Moon in Cancer and opposed to Pluto.  We may feel enthusiastic, wanting to forge ahead, assuming that our confidence and optimism will carry the day.  We might even cut corners, decide not to implement a well-conceived strategy but instead just go for it.  Although we could be full of ourselves today, it would be wise for us to balance both our professional life and involvement in the world with our personal life and home and family matters.  Now is a time when we can be off and running, even neglecting our basic responsibilities and our routine obligations.  If we do so, we do so at our own peril with an underlying recognition that eventually we shall have to make amends for any inconsiderate, or inappropriate, actions.  The more we can see our future in the context of our present parameters, even if we choose to change our present conditions at some later date, the more successful we are likely to be in moving towards our dreams without losing our footing.  This Tuesday gives us the impetus to advance our interests.  We just need to be certain that we are advancing our interests in a measured and productive manner rather than possibly responding by impulse with a liability of shooting ourselves in the foot.

Wednesday, May 27th – Magic is in the Air – Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Mars.  Wednesday has some strong energies which allow us to see and believe that magic is in the air and miracles an everyday occurrence.  Wednesday has Jupiter conjunct Neptune and Mars sextile Neptune.  Our enthusiasm could know no bounds. A sense of everything being in its right place can foster a sense of well-being, but it also begs the question as to whether we are seeing clearly or only from a perspective of our wish fulfillment.  This day could be dicey, but only if we go to extremes.  We could easily get carried away and it will be important for us to have various reality checks throughout the day to avoid potential spinoffs into illusions or delusions.  Fortunately, the Cancer Moon could assist us, thanks to its sextile of Saturn in Virgo, its sextile to Mercury in Taurus, its trine to Uranus in Pisces and even its square to both Venus and Mars in Aries, which could provide an important restraining factor.  Although we may be feeling great, we might also have the sense that once burned, twice shy.  Although many of us, and society at large, fell into the trap of irrational exuberance earlier this decade and over the past couple of decades, we could be a little gun shy as a result of the recent calamities to global financial structures and the exponential devaluation of assets that has occurred.  While certainly tragic, recent events could have proven necessary lessons regarding excess, greed, indulgence and leveraging to the max, and then some.  Reticence may prove an important tempering quality, prodding us to due diligence and constantly checking and evaluating our plans, intentions, progress and direction.  If we harness our dreams to pragmatic methodologies, then we can in deed move mountains and make even the seemingly impossible not only possible but fully realized.

Thursday, May 28th – On the Sunny Side of the Street – Sun, Neptune retrograde.  Thursday has the Moon in Leo and sextile the Sun.  We are also still feeling the Jupiter Neptune conjunction influence, so we are likely to be feeling, continuing to feel, that we are walking on the sunny side of the street.  Today is a day for us to explore new pleasures, whether taking in a movie, going to a concert or just having a good time no matter what the venue or the format might be.  We may be feeling the more the merrier, interested more in tasting morsels of everything rather than singularly focused on one particular activity.  Today also has Neptune turning retrograde.  We might feel a little spacey, somewhat ungrounded, and drinking in the air as if nectar from the gods.  This week is one when we can recharge our batteries, embrace the spring fever of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.  Many of the difficulties of the past ten months may seem almost like a bad nightmare, fading into memory, as we choose the brighter side of life.  We might feel inspired, wanting to move ahead with new projects, springtime fun-loving activities.  Let’s keep in mind that we are still in the Mercury retrograde, this retrograde cycle ending on Saturday but still beguiling and even bedeviling us.

Friday, May 29th – Spare no Expense – Mercury, Venus.  There is a wise saying that cautions us by stating that those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it.  Are we likely to do so?  This Friday could prove a test, perhaps a tease of whether we can restrain our desires and prevent ourselves from indulgences.  This Friday has the Leo Moon square Mercury and trine Venus.  This could be one of those days when we want what we want and are willing to go to any lengths to get what we want.  Not only are we still feeling the influence of irrational exuberance, but we might feel we have a right, a sense of entitlement, to have what we want.  We might not consider consequences of our actions today and the potential for overspending is strong.  Impulse buying could land us some garish purchases, things that grab our attention and that we must have but on due consideration we wouldn’t even give a second glance to.  We do need to watch for misstatements and misunderstandings.  We might feel like we are on a soapbox, pontificating on any thing and every thing.  Such an attitude could be grating on other people and it would be wise to think things over before we blurt out our ideas and opinions.  Let’s keep an eye on our budget.  This week is one when we could go over the top regarding our confidence and optimism.  As a result, we could be impetuous, acting on impulse without giving enough thought to the implications or possible consequences of our actions.  Now is a time for us to maintain an inner editor, to check and recheck, our thoughts and our intended actions before we go ahead with anything.

Saturday, May 30th – Getting Back to Reality – Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Sun, Mercury direct.  Friday night, early Saturday morning continues our foray into candyland where nothing can go wrong and everything turns out right.  The Leo Moon opposes both Jupiter and Neptune.  Even if we have wise counselors among our friends and loved ones, we might not pay them much heed.  We are a law unto ourselves and the sense of hedonism played out over much of this week can have a crescendo on Friday evening, early Saturday morning.  Indulgence and excess could have us eating too much, drinking too much, spending too much.  The sense of ‘let’s live for today’ could have been strong for most of this week, but on Saturday we might discover that we are having a chance to get back to reality.  Before we get there, we might have one final blowout of good times and good friends.  The Leo Moon trines Mars in Aries just before Mars exits its own Sign of Aries and enters Taurus tomorrow.  As the Moon moves into Virgo, the Moon trines Pluto and squares the Sun.  Although we might be reluctant to do so, we could feel ourselves floating back towards earth, our feet coming closer to the ground and our focus taking into account true reality and not merely our desired fantasyland.  We become more focused on the specifics and the details.  We are far more interested in what truly works for us, and we could use this day to do an inventory taking and a clean out of some of the old garbage — activities, things, situations — that have been wasting our time.  Taking care of errands, attending to details long neglected and just getting our act together would be a good use of today’s energies.  This Saturday also has Mercury ending its three-week cycle of retrograde motion with Mercury turning direct.  While a good thing, Mercury’s change of direction can initially create greater confusion and ratchet up problems for us regarding traveling, communications and computer glitches.  Let’s add on time to accomplish our intended projects and be certain to maintain awareness of the particulars and specifics.  During these times, it is essential to maintain full awareness and be ever mindful.

Sunday, May 31st – Doing What Needs to Be Done – Saturn, Mercury, Mars Taurus.  We end the month of May with the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn and trine Mercury.  Mars exits its own Sign of Aries today and enters Taurus, the Sign ruled by Venus, which presently is transiting Aries, the Sign ruled by Mars.  We have a Mutual Reception between these two planets.  This Sunday allows us to play catch-up with various things we might have put aside over the past three weeks or things we need to redress.  Today is a good day to go over our ‘to do’ list, see what we have successfully completed, areas that might need some tweaking and situations that demand further attention.  Our thoughts can be focused and we can consider the most optimum means by which to get things done.  We also have the ability to look at where we might have gone into excess, especially during this past week.  Being the end of the month, we may have to take a serious look at our finances, see where we have strayed from our budget and consider how we can get back on track.  These times demand constant evaluation of our financial situation in order to be certain that our revenue stream can accommodate our expenses.  If we need to cut back on our expenses, so be it.  Although a devaluation of assets has occurred due to the global financial crises and while deflation of lowered prices is presently the situation, it would be wise to bear in mind the strong possibility of hyperinflation, with increased costs of goods and supplies, as economies start to revive.  Already, many of us are seeing a spike up in energy costs, perhaps most evident with the increased costs of gasoline at the fuel pump.  Mars coming into Taurus could make us a little more plodding than impetuous, but we would also have to watch for people being far more belligerent.  On the positive side, Mars in Taurus accentuates the Earth Grand Trine by Sign.  We can make manifest.  We can be far more grounded and now is a time for us to look at our lives in detail and see where we can not only survive but thrive.  Some incidentals may have to go by the wayside and we might have to take on greater responsibility and accountability for our actions and our decisions.  But, as a wise saying tells us, we never get more than we can handle.  Sunday is a good day to deal with our life’s basics, budgeting our time, budgeting our monies and budgeting our involvements.