May 18th – 24th

Life can accelerate this week as though moving into a turbothrust.  Much is going on and the ability to keep it all together may be challenging.  If we can pick up the pace without dropping the ball, then we’ve got the rhythm of this week.

While the beginning of the week could have us thinking about security and stability and even feeling behind the eight ball without knowing how or what to do to create that sense of solidity, that concept goes out the window as we move into the mid-week. 

Things come flying fast and furious and we’ll have to keep our wits about us.  It will be essential that we don’t grab at first impressions or buy into the images without considering the facts or taking a good reality check.  If we’ll take our time, we could discover that options and alternatives arise that we hadn’t even taken into account.  Yes, there’s magic in the air. We just have to be open to receive and not assume that we have all the answers.  Unexpected contacts, serendipitous meetings could put a smile on our face and like a scavenger hunt provide us with necessary clues for our next move. 

The latter part of the week and the weekend allows us to establish some significant foundation stones regarding our projects and our future plans.  The security and stability we crave can be created but not from the old, outworn formats.


Monday, May 18th – Budgeting Time – Sun, Mercury, Saturn.  Monday has the Taurus Sun conjunct the retrograde Mercury.  The Moon is in Pisces and opposes Saturn.  Today is a day when we could come up with a best practices approach.  We want to take care of outstanding matters, bring situations to completion.  Our focus can be very practical and methodical today.  Although we can be visionary and perceptive, we also have to be careful to avoid Christian charity whereby we move from service to self-sacrifice.  We could easily get involved with other people’s problems.  What we have to ask ourselves is whether the people we are looking to help have a real interest in the solution or are more attached to the problem and the emotional drama it affords.  That may read as being heartless and jaded, but those characteristics would not be bad filters for us today.  Otherwise, we could find ourselves going out of our way for other people and expending energy in no-win situations.  Discernment is important and to borrow from Christian theology, today is a day for us not to cast our pearls before swine.  We can accomplish a lot today, deal with situations that have been waiting for our attention, but we do have to budget our time, our energy and our finances.

Tuesday, May 19th – Intuitive Realization – Uranus, Mercury, Sun.  Our mind can be particularly sharp today.  Not only are we being pragmatic.  We are also likely to draw upon both our intuitive faculties and our insights.  It is important that we think outside the box, consider alternatives and look at all of our options.  By doing so, we will have a broader perspective and a greater awareness regarding what is going on and where we want to put our energies.  If we could get off the track, get down by the water, or take a walk in nature, we might have a more detached viewpoint and able to see things clearly without prejudice of the familiar or our routine.  Answers can come readily today.  It would be wise to notate any flashes of genius providing the answers to our questions, the solutions to our problems.  Some of our ah-has today can be sudden, surprising but also fleeting.  Let’s be certain that we capture the thoughts that come to us.  Today is a good day for brainstorming, taking time to reflect and consider the possibilities, all the while that we are clearing the decks of the superfluous and extraneous.  One of the beauties of these times is to recognize that we don’t have to do it all.  The universe works.  Life unfolds according to its natural rhythm.  Another beauty of these times is the paradigm shift from linear, sequential reality to non-linear, asequential reality.  Things no longer work in a direct progression but rather things can come out of the blue, change on a dime and offer opportunities that we could not even imagine for ourselves.  We’re stepping onto the magical, mystery tour and this Tuesday could be an indication of the new journey.

Wednesday, May 20th – Stepping in It – Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Gemini Sun.  If there is one quality in total contradiction to the new paradigm, it is the characteristic of arrogance.  We are moving into times that are likely to constantly affirm the wise saying that if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans.  Another wise saying likely to be repeatedly confirmed is the concept that god and the universe have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Of course, the key to embracing such ideas is getting out of our own way.  And that could prove difficult especially in light of the fact that we have been conditioned to control and master our personal universe.  Nice concept but hardly true and increasingly less valid during these times and those forthcoming.  Yet on this Wednesday we could easily assume that our hopes and our dreams will occur with little less than our wish fulfillment.  This day has the retrograde Mercury in Taurus squaring both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius.  We also have an Aries Moon, which squares Pluto and conjuncts Venus.  Added to the mix, the Sun exits Taurus and enters Gemini.  This is one of those days when we could easily buy into the wizard of oz screen, embracing the image, accepting the appearance, without pulling back the curtain and seeing the little guy punching the buttons and pulling the strings, without seeing what is truly going on.  We might fall prey to our own arrogance, our willingness to put on blinders and see only that which we want to see and believe only that which we want to believe.  The liability towards stepping in it today is strong, no matter what that ‘it’ might be.  Wednesday is a day to hold firm reins on our desires and self-gratifications.  Using people other than our cheerleaders would be key to provide a different perspective, hopefully a detached and objective perspective, to things operating in our world.  We need to be certain that we use due diligence in all of our actions, in all of our decisions.  While we can be exuberant, enthusiastic and optimistic today, we have to be wary that we are not fooling ourselves.  Today is a day to take things with a grain of salt, consider the implications for the future and even use forethought to see possible consequences of our actions.  During these times of extreme volatility, we have to be especially careful not to see things worse than they are or better than they are.  Today, we could fall into the latter category, seeing things as wonderful, beautiful and possible without taking into account the parameters, influencing factors and possible monkeywrenches that could upset the applecart. 

Thursday, May 21st – Through the Eye of the Needle – Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune.  Thursday could be one of those primo days, one of those days when things work, when everything seems to fall neatly into place.  If we overdid our enthusiasm yesterday, today could be one of those days when we pull the rabbit out of the hat, when even our greatest delusions can turn into unimaginable success.  We might even feel like the camel that squeezes through the eye of the needle, although for us, it may not be a squeeze but rather an easy slide through.  Today has Mercury sextile Uranus.  We may be insightful, discover how best to streamline our activities and yet come up with the right answers without even begging the question.  This Thursday is one of those days to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be receptive to the answer coming to us.  There is magic in the air, so let’s be open to the seemingly impossible proving to be possible.  Thursday also has the Aries Moon, which today conjuncts Mars and sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune.  We have the energy and passion to move mountains today.   We may hear from people we haven’t heard from for a while and they may have important clues to help us take our next step in the scavenger hunt of our life’s journey.  This Thursday can be especially exciting with some wonderful surprises and unexpected opportunities.  It would be wise to have some ‘free’ time in order for us to act spontaneously, on impulse and to take advantage of unanticipated situations that might arise.

Friday, May 22nd – Everything in its Place – Pluto.  Friday is the 22nd, a master number in numerology, representative of the master builder.  And this Friday is truly in synch with that energy.  For today the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto.  From the enthusiasm and the affirmations of the last few days, we can move from determination and passion to execution and manifestation.  In the US this Friday is also the kickoff of the long Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of Summer.  The more we can create new foundations, rework old structures so that we are operating more effectively with less expenditure of energy, the more we shall be able to keep up the pace and be truly effective in dealing with the vagaries of these times.  Today is a day to sort through, clearing out some of the clutter that only wastes our times and focusing on the essential matters and important tasks in our lives.  We can accomplish a great deal today and if we keep in mind that we want to clear the decks in order to enjoy some of the summertime and create ‘down’ time for ourselves, then we can cut to the core and use the most expeditious means to deal with our life’s activities without feeling constantly on overwhelm.  Even if we are cutting this Friday short in order to extend the weekend, it would be wise to use some of our morning hours to go over the different aspects of our lives, and prioritize where we intend to put our energies.

Saturday, May 22nd – Looking without Leaping – Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune.  Saturday has the Taurus Moon trine Saturn, conjunct Mercury, sextile Uranus and square both Jupiter and Neptune.  Although our EQ – effective quotient not emotional quotient – may have turned up, whereby we are far more effective and more focused on what needs to be done and how we intend to do it; we also have to be careful not to bite off more than we can chew.  A sense of being able to deal with things, feeling far more effective than we felt over the last few months when the world seemed to be spinning out of control, could incite us to take on more or to push ahead without fully considering the ramifications.  Like the volatility of these times, we may occasionally find ourselves flipping between retreating into a reactive, protective stance and advancing with great enthusiasm, supreme confidence.  Either extreme could be extreme and fraught with possible difficulties as a consequence.  It is important during these times that we maintain awareness, be ever mindful and recognize the extreme volatility of these times with things swinging quickly and radically between the two psychological pillars of greed and fear, or mania and depression.  Yes, these times are like a manic-depressive, flipping without a moment’s notice from divinely designed invincibility to ‘against the world’ victimization.  Due to these wild swings of circumstances, conditions and perspective, it is important to maintain balance, to allow ourselves time to keep track of the rhythm and consequently always to look before we leap.  Although we might want to party and enjoy good times with good friends today, it would be important that we keep in mind the parameters of our conditions.  If we keep our feet on the ground, then we can have our head in the clouds.  It is essential, however, that we keep our feet on the ground, maintaining reasonable practicality, or we could find ourselves floating towards the clouds, ungrounded and acting based solely on a wing and a prayer.

Sunday, May 24th – Letting Loose – Gemini Lunation, Sun.  Sunday gives us the Gemini Lunation with the Sun Moon conjunct in the early degrees of Gemini.  Today is one of those days when we might want to feel unbound by our obligations, far more interested in testing the waters, trying things out, and going from one thing to another without feeling tethered, responsible or tied to our usual obligations.  This is a good day to let loose, to focus on fun and adventure, all with the recognition that we are just sampling different activities, enjoying the variety of life and not feeling that we have to spend much time or much involvement with any one thing.  We may feel like a butterfly flitting from one thing to another, and such a disposition would certainly be in harmony with the day.  There can be a great deal of discussion, a smorgasbord of ideas and thoughts, and a smattering of different activities with an ever-changing cavalcade of unique personalities and varied interests.  Today is a day to see the world as a blank canvass, a day when we have the full spectrum of color in hand and a curiosity to try different colors, textures and forms in our exploration of life.  This Sunday is a great day to be footloose and fancy-free.  It also begins a fortnight when we are far more interested in the superficial and brief interchanges than the rigorous or in-depth interactions.