May 11th – 17th

Spring fever may be in the air.  We may be more interested in getting out-of-doors, going for a walk in the countryside or just expanding our realm.  Feeling upbeat to start the week, it would be easy to allow responsibilities to slide and focus instead on the sunny side of life.  And why not?  We all need a ‘mental health’ day now and again.

Taking some time out to begin the week allows us to concentrate on a best practices approach to our tasks midweek.  We can be highly effective, streamlining operations and taking care of essential matters without being distracted by the trivial or superfluous.  The more we deal with our daily routine in an expedited manner, the more we can engage in social gatherings and exploring new interests during the latter part of the week.

We may feel a sudden surge of energy as we come towards the weekend.  Situations that have been plaguing us or delays in moving things forward suddenly can come right.  It might seem as though we can move ahead without the frustrations of feeling hampered by things out of our control. 

The weekend seems filled with wondrous surprises and a cornucopia of opportunities.  While there may be a myriad of possibilities available to us, it would be important not to become indulgent, taking on more than we can handle or being overly generous.  Moderation in all things should be considered, although likely neglected.


Monday, May 11th – Conceptually Brilliant – Mars, Saturn, Jupiter.  Today is the 11th, a master number in numerology that speaks to the visionary.  And visionary we may be on this Monday.  The Sagittarius Moon trines Mars, squares Saturn and sextiles Jupiter.  Our mind and our enthusiasm may know no bounds today.  In the world of the abstract, all things are possible and we could easily buy into a sense of everything we want will be ours just for the asking.  Yes, we may have ideas and hopes that are conceptually brilliant, but hard, cold reality could prove a different matter.  We could feel constricted by our obligations and outstanding matters that we need to address.  We might also be so confident and optimistic regarding our abilities and our intentions that we gloss over the details, skip over the specifics.  It would be wise for us not to leap ahead without being certain of the conditions, the circumstances or the particulars.  We may not want to slow things down but it would be wise to do so in order to be certain that we have not overlooked anything in our exuberance.  Let’s remember that irrational exuberance over the past ten years led us down the garden path that eventually resulted in various bubbles bursting.  We could easily fall back into such a disposition, wanting things to be the way we would wish them to be, and assuming that it must be so.

Tuesday, May 12th – Fine Tuning – Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Late Monday, early Tuesday has the Sagittarius Moon square Uranus and sextile Neptune.  Although unexpected situations might arise that force us to re-evaluate or reconsider what we are doing and how we are doing it, we can draw upon other people to give us a fresh perspective and an objective viewpoint to our situations.  Clarification today is important, for we are likely to be considering our next moves and what we want to accomplish in the days ahead.  We could be too close to our hopes and wishes for an honest evaluation and consequently other people could prove important sounding boards.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto.  From the mental meanderings of the past few days when we have considered possibilities and given energy to our dreams, we take on a far more realistic attitude with a clearer and more precise view of what we need to do to get to the next step.  We may find that we are dealing with various responsibilities, tying up loose ends and ridding ourselves of extraneous matters.  This Tuesday may start with our head in the clouds but as the day progresses we get our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Wednesday, May 13th – What we Want, What we Need – Venus, Saturn, Mars, Mercury Taurus.  Wednesday has the Capricorn Moon square both Venus and Mars in Aries.  The Moon also trines Saturn, and Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus.  Our impetuousness and our desire to do what we want to do can be very much at odds with our responsibilities and what we need to do.  A restraint on our personal wishes might not be a bad thing, since it could provide a necessary tempering and a reality check regarding what we can do with our resources and what could prove extravagant, indulgent or excessive.  If we can rein in our self-assertiveness with a measured approach, then we can effectively use this day to advance our interests and our ambitions in a strategic, methodical manner. Wednesday also has the retrograde Mercury exiting Gemini and coming back into Taurus.  We may become more concerned about our finances, looking to budget and to consider the balance between our revenue stream and our expenses.  While this day could be a push – pull between what we want and what we need, we can take a best practices approach to prioritize our resources — our time, our finances and our involvements.

Thursday, May 14th – Humming on All Eight Cylinders – Sun, Uranus, Mercury.  Thursday can be a truly primo day.  The Capricorn Moon trines both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus and sextiles Uranus in Pisces.  Thursday is a day when we can take things step-by-step, be incredibly resourceful, yet at the same time, streamline operations.  If we are looking at making purchases today, we can find some good bargains.  We are pragmatic yet able to think outside the box and consider options and alternatives.  Interesting surprises could arise, so let’s be sure to have some ‘free’ time to do things on the fly.  We can balance both our responsibilities and new interests today.  It is important for us not to be fixed or get stuck in old patterns.  We can be innovative yet very pragmatic.  Later in the day, the Moon exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius.  If we have taken care of our ‘to do’ list, added a little spice by means of increasing variety to our daily routine, then we can prepare for a fun weekend ahead.

Friday, May 15th – Good Times, Good Friends – Venus.  Friday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Venus in Aries.  We might take today as a ‘mental health’ day, looking to be with friends and socializing rather than work-oriented.  If we used the energy wisely, then we could have taken care of many of our responsibilities over the past three days.  Even if we didn’t take care of business, we could find that Friday is more for having fun, daydreaming, or being awol from our usual routine.  We’re looking to hang with ‘yes’ people, those people who are supportive, encouraging and appreciative of us.  Today is not a day for discord, creating or dealing with problems, or overly focused on getting a lot done.  No, this Friday we could be looking at stretching the weekend long starting with Friday, whether in the morning or the afternoon but certainly before the sun goes down.  If we do need to work today, it would be best to use this time for contacts and connections, talking up our proposals and our plans but without being overly specific or detailed in our presentation.  Saturn is about to turn direct, tomorrow, ending its retrograde cycle that has gone on since December.  With Saturn direct, many of the delays and frustrations we might have experienced over the past few months can start to drop away.  But whenever a planet turns directions, whether from direct to retrograde motion or retrograde to direct motion, the energy becomes somewhat convoluted. We’ll have to watch for structures, formats and watch our back, both figuratively and literally.  Consequently, today is best spent as a ‘time out’ day or ‘mental health’ day than trying to move much forward.

Saturday, May 16th – Out of the Starting Gate – Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Saturn direct.  Saturday can be a high energy day.  The Sun squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus.  The Aquarius Moon sextiles Mars.  And today Saturn turns direct after being retrograde for all of this year and since December of last year.  We may feel confident, ready to make great strides and feeling as if nothing can stop us now.  Our exuberance and enthusiasm could know no bounds.  We’re interested in expanding our reach, exploring new realms.  We want to assert ourselves but it would be wise not to be too extravagant, overly generous or overconfident.  We could easily get carried away today.  And with Saturn turning direct, we might assume that many of the hurdles that we, as individuals and as a society, have confronted over the past few months have suddenly fallen away.  We could even imagine clear sailing towards our intended goals, that we’re back on track with the good times and rebuilding or soaring ever higher like the Phoenix rising from its ashes.  While we could fling ourselves out of the starting gate today, it would be important for us to consider the conditions and circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Even if everything seems rosy, we should try to take a long-range view, take into account some of the potential pitfalls and realize that we might have only seen, and experienced, the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s enjoy ourselves, focus on an upbeat attitude, all the while that we’re maintaining awareness and vigilance regarding the shifting sands of these volatile times. 

Sunday, May 17th – Grand Illusions – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto.  Attitude is one of the great determiners of our fate.  Whether we see the half glass of water as half empty or as half full can influence the unfolding of circumstances in our lives.  On this Sunday, the Sun squares Neptune.  The Aquarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Neptune and squares the Sun and Mercury early in the day, and then moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto.  The potential for being carried away by our own judgments and opinions could be strong today with a tendency towards self-deception.  Our wishes could counter our sense of reality.  We may look on the bright side of things, listen to those who promise a brighter future and buy into the litany of cheerleaders who affirm that the worst is behind us.  If we fall hook, line and sinker for the spin of spinmeisters we could get caught into a net of bad financial decisions and a willingness to risk our security on the hopes of a better future.  While we can consider possibilities, it would be suggested that we take our time, take into account different factors and even different viewpoints, before moving full speed ahead in any direction.  As the Moon moves into Pisces and sextiles Pluto, our intuitive sense could be a great deal sharper, and we might feel what is accurate and what is only window dressing.  This Sunday and the weekend are times for us to curb our appetites and to maintain a detachment in considering our actions or the conditions of the world at large.  Let’s always remember that during these times MINDFULNESS is essential, to take everything with a grain of salt until we have done due diligence, to be always fully aware, and to maintain an element of detachment in order to have an objective vantage point.