June 1st – 7th

We may start the week off on the wrong foot.  Things might not go right and unexpected situations could demand our attention.  There’s no need to lose our cool or react vehemently to someone else’s expectations.  Let’s do what needs to be done without doing more than we need to and keep in mind the old saying: ‘time heals all’.  Any flare-ups will soon be like water over the dam.

The mid-part of the week can have us socializing, making plans for get-togethers and giving thought to summer holiday get-aways.  Conversations can be light and scintillating and we might find ourselves in some fun group discussions.  People seem to enjoy our company and are appreciative of our best efforts.

Towards the end of the week, we might feel more determined to accomplish our goals. We have a great deal of energy and can virtually move mountains.  Let’s be sure we are considering the specifics and the details and not get swept away by enthusiasm or unrealistic projections.  It would be wise to take things step by step and realize that we can be very resourceful when it comes to stretching our monies.

Over the weekend, we might want to get outside, take a walk in the park or a hike in the woods.  We are looking beyond our normal routine and more interested in broadening our realm.  Travel can be a large part of this month and we can wisely budget our time and finances to enjoy time away.


Monday, June 1st – A Thorn in Our Side – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Monday begins the week a little off kilter.  No matter what are plans might be, we could experience an unexpected matter demanding our attention, upsetting our schedule.  We may have a lot on our plate today, and we have to be careful not to gloss over details or neglect variables that we have not taken into account.  Although we might want to rush through our chores today, this day is anything but routine.  The Virgo Moon opposes Uranus to start the day.  We might feel anxious, unsure of ourselves, as changes to the world cast a sense of gloom, even doom, over our landscape.  People may be envious, even resentful, of our actions and our commitments.  People might demand more of our time than would be appropriate.  It could create a no-win situation and this Monday we might have to sharpen our Machiavellian abilities, develop our tai chi moves of working with the energies in a way whereby we are neither entangled nor tripped up by other people’s expectations.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to seven hours, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra where it squares Pluto.  Sudden disruptions early in the day could create an almost catatonic state with us spinning our wheels, wondering what to do next and falling into a defensive posture.  If we feel victimized, then we could have our back up and our interactions with other people can become strained to the point of feeling that we’re in a no-win situation.  Today is not a day to rock the boat.  We need to get through the day with as little damage, and as little collateral irritation, that we can.  Let’s always keep in mind that these times are incredibly volatile with extremes ratcheted up.  It is essential that we work with the energies, know when to play our hand and times when we need to fold and wait for the next deal of the cards.  Today is one of those days to cool our jets. Not overly react to any annoyances, hold our tongue and let the river flow in whatever way it chooses.  Tomorrow is a far better day for our interactions with other people.  Today could be a powder keg whereby people’s personal frustrations could be vented on other people.

Tuesday, June 1st – All Right in the World – Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun.  Tuesday can be an especially pleasant day, especially for our interactions with other people and particularly with those we love dearly.  Today Venus transiting Aries sextiles both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius.  The Libra Moon trines the Sun in Gemini.  After something of a manic Monday, Tuesday dawns far more serene and peaceful.  We may want to get together with good friends, find those support systems that offer us solace and comfort.  We might discuss our plans for the future, prepare for social gatherings and talk up a storm with those people who have a sunny disposition and an upbeat attitude.  We can easily focus on the idyllic and the beautiful today.  We’re not interested in the harshness or problems of the world today.  We’d far prefer to embrace the idyllic and focus on a wonderful world rather than any sordid conditions or mundane concerns.  Perhaps a la-de-da kind of day, this Tuesday can be a wonderful mental health day when we put on our blinders and close out the hard, cold realities in order to concentrate on the beautiful and paradisical.  All’s right in the world today, as long as we don’t turn on the news, open a newspaper. Let’s keep our head in the clouds.

Wednesday, June 3rd – Too Much of a Good Thing – Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Pluto.  Wednesday continues some of the pleasantries of yesterday.  We may have tuned out the world and turned on to our own inner realities.  As if the world and its craziness have gotten too much for us, we may have created our own world or at least our own perspective of the world.  Tuesday and Wednesday may be somewhat akin to the premise of that classic movie ‘King of Hearts’, with us focusing on the way things could be, what we might consider the ways things should be, and closing our eyes and ears to the consensus of reality.  Wednesday continues with the Jupiter Neptune engagements as the Libra Moon trines both Neptune and Jupiter.  We are looking for our interactions with other people to be pleasant, to focus on the good things of life and not wanting to hear anything of the problems or anxiety-provoking concerns of life in the real world.  A problem could arise with the Libra Moon also opposing Venus in Aries.  Our personal needs versus the needs of other people in our lives could become something of a tug-of-war.  If we are all on the same page, considering the idyllic beauties of life and not having to weigh or balance ego issues, then all is right in our world.  But we may find that not everyone is on the same page, that someone wants something other than what we want and the battle of personalities, the discord in relationship could open up.  We need to find the balance between what we are willing to give and what we receive in order to maintain a level playing field.  Without that, problems could arise with conflicting interests triggering moments of discord.  Later in the day, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio where it opposes Mars and sextiles Pluto.  If we have filled up our schedule, our ‘to do’ list to the point of overflow, then we might do an inventory taking, consider what we can get rid of and eliminate from our lives.  Tuesday and Wednesday may have allowed us to be like a kid in a candy store, savoring all the enjoyments that life has to offer, only to come to the ultimate realization that too much is just too much.  We might also realize that we have gone on a bender, spending more than we can afford, ratcheting charges up on our credit card.  Coming back to present-day reality, we then have the ability of eliminating those things that are merely decorative or contribute to a sense of busy work.  Late on Wednesday, we may find that we want to return some of the purchases made earlier today or yesterday.  We could also disentangle ourselves from situations that seemed great on first appearance but in the stark light of sober reality seem too good to be true or are all image with little substance.  Let’s just be sure we keep our shopping receipts and not feel compromised by returning some of the impulse purchases we may have made.

Thursday, June 4th – Cut to the Core – Mars, Pluto, Saturn.  Thursday can be a highly effective and productive day.  We are likely to get the most bang for our buck.  We are incisive, precise and looking for a best practices approach in dealing with our lives.  This Thursday can be a no nonsense day when we see things for what they are.  We are not enamored with the image or presentation.  We want to cut to the core, get to the heart of the matter.  We are strategic and able to see what works and what doesn’t.  Today is a good day to structure, rework and restructure some of the important matters in our lives.  We have drive and determination today.  We can build upon rock and anything we do today is likely to be solid, with very little waste involved.  Our resourcefulness is strong today, as is our physical stamina.  This Thursday is one of those days when we can virtually move mountains, as long as we are impassioned by what we are doing.  Our primary focus may be getting things out of the way, tying up loose ends and getting rid of extraneous matters.  Once we have cleared space for ourselves, we can then start to build the foundation stones of new projects, new interests, repair situations and put some solidity under our feet.  We are likely to be far more aware of the parameters and conditions in which we are operating and are better able to come up with an optimum process at the least cost involved.  This Thursday is a good day to get things done.

Friday, June 5th – Miscues and Missed Opportunities – Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter.  Friday can be a little difficult.  The Sun squares Saturn and the Scorpio Moon, while trining Uranus, creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by opposing Mercury and squaring both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius.  We may feel as though our energy has hit the wall.  A sense of lethargy, even overwhelm, could creep into this day.  We may also realize that in our recent exuberance we have bit off more than we can chew.  If we have glossed over details or cut corners, then today could be a day of reaping what we have sown.  We may have to go back over things, correct mistakes and even get rid of certain activities that we had signed on for.  Today is a day to think outside the box, consider alternatives, look at our options and weigh our responsibilities and our commitments.  We may have to make some changes and the more we can streamline our operations, the more likely we can address any sense of overload.  Plans with other people can fall apart today.  It seems as though everyone is playing catch-up, trying to deal with their accumulated projects and activities that have yet to be resolved or completed.  Friday is one of those days when we need to work with peripheral vision, cut ourselves and other people some slack and not be too hard on ourselves.  We can only do what we can do.  If we need to leave certain affairs for a later time, so be it.  By trying to deal with everything, we could create more of a mess for ourselves than resolving the issues at hand.  Let’s do what we need to do, but also clear the decks in order to have time over the weekend to enjoy ourselves.

Saturday, June 6th – Out and About – Venus Taurus.  Saturday gives us a Sagittarius Moon and Venus moving out of Aries, where it is not comfortable, and entering Taurus, a Sign it rules and where it is most comfortable.  With Venus in Taurus, we now have a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Earth Sign, as Venus joins Mercury and Mars in its own Sign.  This Saturday is a day for us to stretch our wings, explore new terrains and adopt an upbeat attitude.  If we are looking to do a personal makeover, whether of our appearance or our home, today is a good day to do so.  We are likely to feel enthusiastic, confident and willing to step out.  We may find that people are far more considerate and polite now.  There seems a far greater social decorum now, certainly compared to the past few months when people may have been operating from a survival mentality and looking out solely for number one.  Today is a good day to consider purchases that will add an element of elegance to our lives.  We seem far more put together, less reactive and more on top of things, able to handle whatever comes our way.  Social gatherings can be pleasant, especially if they entail outdoor activities or traveling for the interactions.  A pleasant day, this Saturday is one to en joy ourselves and do something that puts a smile on our face.

Sunday, June 7th – Reined in and Running in Place – Sagittarius Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Sun.  Sunday has the Sagittarius Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Saturn and opposed the Sun.  By Sign, we have a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs, for the Moon square Uranus is in orb, not far behind, with it being exact tomorrow.  This Sunday is one when we could feel a little bit frantic.  Things beyond our control, operating in the world at large, could have a dampening effect on our good spirits.  We may feel that we have to do something, anything, to get a handle on what is going on.  Some of what we might have to do is address outstanding issues and deal with old matters that have either unraveled or were never completed to begin with.  This Sunday could have us all over the place, wanting to try new things and discover new interests, yet feeling the compunction to attend to our responsibilities and our obligations.  This Sunday is a day to work in spurts of energy.  Instead of a one note Samba whereby we have a singular focus on one particular situation, this Sunday is better served by playing the xylophone, going from one thing to another to another, focusing on the process of dealing with the situations rather than feeling the need to bring resolution to one or two situations.  We do have to watch that we don’t wear ourselves out.  This Sunday is a high energy day, a day when we have to avoid rushing to judgment or trying to fix things without having all the information available to us.  We don’t have to slow things down.  We need to pick up the pace but not feel inhibited by any one thing.  Today is a day to roll with it, recognizing that certain things may be delayed or may have to go through more of a gestation period before we can conclude those specific matters.