April 27th – May 3rd

The end of April can have us scurrying around, cleaning up the mess from this previous weekend and addressing various responsibilities that demand our attention.  Unexpected situations might also crop up, forcing us to deal both with our full schedule and additional encumbrances.  We have the energy to cope but we’re likely to be running on reserve.  Let’s not push ourselves to the extreme or we might go on overwhelm.

By late Tuesday we could be exhausted and ready to take a breather from the frenetic pace that our lives seem to have become.  Fortunately, late Tuesday through much of Thursday provide a respite when we can focus on home and family matters, enjoying the sanctuary of our comfort zone and taking time for ourselves.  While we might have been on full thrust to begin the week, the end of the month allows us to slow things down, take our time and not feel hurried or harried. 

We should not assume any ‘down’ time to become the norm.  It’s only a respite, and one short-lived, as ours mind become a whirl with prospects, possibilities and the many conversations we wish to have with people.

This week we could easily wear ourselves out.  We need to be sure to take a break, catch our breath and give some time to nurture ourselves.  We’ll be up and running again in no time especially with the cascade of ideas racing through our minds as we come into May.

The first weekend in May could have us feeling like Spring is busting out all over.  We may be far more interested in having fun rather than dealing with responsibilities.  There can be a push pull between what we have committed to do and what we want to do.  Our concept of good times could be at variance with someone else’s.  While we’re ready to go full blast towards the good times, it would be wise to take into consideration other people’s desires.  Otherwise, a full-blown relationship tussle could occur. 

This weekend is a question of balancing and juggling, juggling plans already made and impulses of spontaneity, juggling what we want to do and what our friends or loved ones want to do, balancing between having fun and our ‘to do’ list of Spring projects.  It could prove quite a conundrum unless we juggle and balance.

Let’s try not to schedule too much or we could feel on overwhelm.  We’ll want to enjoy ourselves and not feel obligated.  Friday and Saturday especially can highlight pleasurable activities, with a cautionary note to take into account other people’s interests.

Sunday is a day when we can get a lot done around the house, taking care of errands and getting involved with Spring projects.  We might prefer to let the good times roll, but Sunday would be better used to address routine matters and get a jump on the projects for the week ahead.


Monday, April 27th – Bumping Along – Saturn.  Monday starts the week with the Gemini Moon square Saturn.  If our weekend has been a non-stop explosion of high activity, little rest, we might find it hard to get up on Monday morning.  We might feel weighted down by our responsibilities or tasks at hand.  We could easily do a walk through, doing what needs to be done but without due diligence or much attention to detail.  This day is one when we may be champing at the bit, wanting to continue our fast-paced lives but just not having the energy to do so.  Our moods can be volatile, sort of like life itself right now.  The best way to use today’s energy is to have several things to address, to work in quality of time and not feel slowed down by any one particular situation.  If we can maintain our focus, concentrate on the specifics of each matter, and go from one thing to another, we can accomplish a great deal more than if we are solely singularly-focused.  Even if we don’t complete everything we feel we need to do, putting emphasis on process, we can move more things forward and be closer to resolution rather than trying to get one thing done before moving on to the next.  Let’s keep in mind that life now asks us to be a master juggler, keeping all the balls in the air, and dealing with multi-tasking.  We may not enjoy everything we need to do but to grouse and complain about our obligations can only wear us out and bring us down.

Tuesday, April 28th – Easier in Mind than in Reality – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Pluto.  Have you ever noticed that things are far easier to deal with and complete in our mind’s eye than in physical reality?  If you have not, then today could prove an interesting insight into how things happen instantly in our thoughts but take far longer in physical manifestation.  Tuesday starts with the Gemini Moon trine both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  We may be feeling upbeat, reaching out to our friends and loved ones, making contacts that could help us establish our plans for the future. Everything could seem to be falling into place, at least in our mind’s eye.  Unfortunately, the Moon also squares Uranus and we might find that certain characteristics arise unexpectedly, unanticipated variables thrown into the mix of our day.  Although we might have everything wonderfully planned out, we could experience that life has a different set of parameters of which we aren’t fully aware.  Today is one of those days when we need to be nimble and quick, adapting to changing situations and able to be flexible and shift according to the needs of the moment.  Yes, we may have to be on our toes, very much in the moment, living in the NOW and let go of our expectations or our beliefs regarding how things should develop.  Let’s keep in mind the wise though taunting saying that life is too mysterious, let’s not take it too serious.  As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer where the Moon, in its own Sign, creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Cancer Moon square Venus in Aries and opposed Pluto in Capricorn.  Even if we want to catch our breath and spend the latter part of the day in the comfort and sanctuary of our home, we might have so much going on that we have to put our own personal interests on the back burner and deal with the exigencies of the moment.  Today we might have to embrace, whether we like it or not, the words of Ram Dass: Be Here Now.

Wednesday, April 29th – Feathering our Nest – Mars, Sun, Saturn.  Wednesday has the Cancer Moon square Mars and the Moon sextile both the Sun and Saturn.  Our desire to do our own thing, step off in new directions and not feel hampered by the conditions of our lives may be dampened by the needs of our home and family.  We might feel like we’re doing a two-step.  On the one step, we many want to assert our selves and cry out to the world: ‘Hear me world. Hear me roar’.  On the second step, our sensitivity and shyness could dictate a desire to stay home in the comfort of our familiar surroundings and not make waves.  If we would keep in mind the image of the eagle creating its nest and, once created, then able to fly and soar on the air currents, always able to return to the nest; then this day can be a great deal clearer and more understandable.  For us, this Tuesday might best well be spent on home projects, dealing with things around the house, Springtime ‘fix up’ activities.  Whether it’s weeding our garden, either literally or figuratively, or just straightening things up in our lives; this day is a good day to lay the foundation stones, make preparations and allow ourselves to blueprint and ready ourselves for greater outer involvement.  We need to always keep in mind, and especially during these most volatile times, that timing is everything.  If we move too far too fast or when the energy is daunting, then we might stumble and fall.  If we pay attention to the cycles, be ever MINDFUL, then we can make our moves judiciously and when the force is with us.  The latter would be preferable, easier and far more successful.

Thursday, April 30th – Getting out of our own Way – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mercury Gemini.  We all know the nursery rhyme about April showers bring May flowers.  Today we could experience our own showers, but today’s showers might be some wonderful surprises.  The Cancer Moon trines Uranus early in the day.  Whatever we have planned for today, it would be wise to have some wiggle room in order to take advantage of unexpected situations arising.  Certain things can virtually fall into our lap today.  The more we can work with peripheral vision, keep our antennae up, the more likely we shall be open to receiving some exciting news or uplifting feelings.  The main thing for us today is to not overly plan our day unless we want to engage the concept of the saying that if we want to make God laugh, tell God our plans.  Yes, thrilling scenarios could unfold today that we could hardly even imagine.  We might need to alter our plans, adapt to shifting tides, but our flexibility could prove an incredible gift.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo.  During that interim of the V-o-C, Mercury moves out of Taurus and enters its own Sign, Gemini.  Suddenly, our mind can be far more scintillating, filled with rapid-fire thoughts and ideas, and open to trying out various things.  As the Moon enters Leo, the Moon sextiles Mercury and we could find ourselves employing variety as the spice of life.  Our evening hours can be engaged in fun activities, pleasurable pursuits and creative endeavors.  Today asks us to get out of our own way and to recognize, appreciate and embrace the beauty of universal unfolding with the recognition that the universe, and god, have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Friday, May 1st – Upbeat Friday – Venus, Mars, Sun.  We start May with a song in our heart and a spring to our step. The Leo Moon trines both Venus and Mars in Aries and squares the Sun in Taurus.  We’re looking for fun with a capital F today… In fact, we might want to capitalize the entire word FUN.  Great in concept, great in spirit, but where a problem could arise is a tendency for us to be extravagant, to overspend and to put all our necessary budgeting aside.  A one-day blowout isn’t bad, but we would have to be careful not to allow it to set a precedent and continue with grandstanding or being overly extravagant as we wish the good times to roll… and roll… and roll on.  Social engagements can be enjoyable but it would be wise to keep a monitoring checking system on our financial expenditures.  We may be so engrossed in enjoying ourselves that we cast our fate to the winds with the possible consequence of putting ourselves in the hole financially.  While we are looking for good times, let’s realize that good times don’t necessitate spending a great deal of money in order to do so.  It would be helpful if we looked at the simple pleasures of life, those fun events that might be less costly, even free.  We could learn that we don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time.  But we are feeling more upbeat, enjoying the spring fever and might even believe that the winter of our discontent which may have started back towards the end of last summer has finally come to a close.  It may be but probably not, so maintaining vigilance and keeping a budget would be wise.  As our parents or grandparents might have suggested, it’s always wise to have a little something put aside for a rainy day.  Let’s enjoy this Friday but let’s also watch for indulgence and excess.

Saturday, May 2nd – Off of my Cloud – Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune.  Saturday could prove a little dicey, and little might merely be too much of a nicety.  This Saturday has Venus square Pluto, an aspect we’ve recently felt twice before, the first back on February 5th, the second time on April 3rd.  This second time of the Venus square Pluto on April 3rd was the day that a man opened fire and killed over a dozen people in Binghamton, NY.  Today has the third Venus square Pluto aspect.  We may not act in quite a similar explosive manner, but we could be on edge today.  Relationships could prove a little testy.  We do need to cut everyone, even ourselves, some slack.  Not only do we have Venus square Pluto, but the issue of relationships and possible difficulty with them could be accentuated by the Leo Moon opposing both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  Today is not a day to draw a line in the sand with our friends or associates.  We could be strongly focused on our personal needs and interests and might feel other people are stepping on our toes.  Diplomacy is called for.  Taking a deep breath and counting to ten before reacting or responding to other people’s statements or actions could prevent possible blow-ups.  Any delays in our plans or our intended activities should not be taken as excuses for venting our frustrations but rather should be seen as merely part of our lives nowadays.  While the world seems to be spinning faster and faster, with more coming at us than we could have ever foreseen, there also seem to be times of incredible delays and unexplainable dysfunctionalities.  Let’s try to take a bemused attitude, not get riled up by the slightest inconvenience, and just appreciate the quirks of nature.

Sunday, May 3rd – Getting Back on Track – Mercury, Pluto.  Sunday has the Moon in Virgo square Mercury and trine Pluto.  If we had some sort of blow-up yesterday, whether with friends, acquaintances or strangers, we might start the day in a rather critical disposition with an attitude of justification for our negative view on things.  Why go there?  We can always see the half glass of water as half empty.  And we can always see the half glass of water as half full.  Our choice and our attitude will determine whether we see life from a negative perspective or from a positive disposition.  Even if we start the day grousing and grumbling, we can shift rather quickly into focusing on the truly important matters in our lives.  This day would be good for fixing things up, inventory taking, clearing out the clutter and preparing for the week ahead.  We can prioritize and plan what we want to do and how we want to do it.  We can employ a best practices approach today.  And it would be wise to do so.  The more we can do prior to this coming Thursday, when Mercury turns retrograde for the rest of this month, the less we’ll have hanging over us for the next few weeks.  Any significant decisions, important purchases would be better done now than later in this month.  Today is a good day to get back on track, focus on the truly important in our lives, and create an outline of what we want to accomplish over the next few weeks.