April 20th – 26th

We might feel like we’re on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride this week.  Or is it as a character in the classic western movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”?  Either way, this week can be topsy-turvy, some excellent energies with increased passion and self-focus, and some less pleasant energies with possible confusion and bombastic antics.  This is a week for us to tread carefully, take advantage of good interchanges and avoid the pitfalls of overkill.

There is a great deal going on this week with the planetary configurations.  The week begins pleasantly.  We may have a gut hunch about things that proves right and our communications with others can be charming and rewarding.  Now is a time when we can concentrate on our own personal interests, a time when we feel more on top of things.  

We might discover new ways of doing things that are far more effective than previous methods.  Insights come readily and things seem to fall into place.  But that’s where the rub comes in.  Things may seem to be operating so well that we overlook important factors.  We need to keep in mind the old saying that haste makes waste.  Let’s slow things down and be certain to attend to the details. 

Over the weekend, things can start to come apart.  Miscommunications and misunderstandings could occur and we’ll have to be careful not to get ensnared into a situation that ratchets up into nasty arguments or impulsive acting-out.


Monday, April 20th – Visionary Perception – Sun, Pluto.  Monday starts the week with the Pisces Moon sextile the Sun in Taurus and sextile Pluto in Capricorn.  We have the ability of being perceptive, visionary and seeing the most effective ways to accomplish our goals. We could be incredibly astute to bargains, deals and best practices approaches.  We do need to have some quiet time in order to listen to that small inner voice that truly knows and understands what is really going on.  This is one of those days when we might feel great depth and passion.  We are unlikely to be overly influenced by the superficial or the extraneous but we do have to be careful that someone doesn’t play on our emotions.  Giving ourselves some quiet time will allow us to contemplate, reflect and consider what is best for us.  This day is a good day to blueprint, plan and strategize.  We could be very resourceful, getting more with less and going over our budget and considering where we can cut some fat from our costs and expenses.  If we can bring closure to situations that have been hanging over us, then we’ll be ready for the new thrust of energy that comes with the Taurus New Moon on the 24th-25th.  A highly productive day, this Monday is especially good for lining our ducks up in a row, completing certain matters and planning the means of accomplishing new springtime projects. 

Tuesday, April 21st – Compassionate Exchanges – Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury.  Tuesday could have us going out of our way for other people.  Our relationships can be especially enjoyable but we do have to avoid giving and giving and giving more than we get back in return.  We have Venus conjunct Mars in Pisces today, a great configuration and one where both planets come together in Pisces before entering Aries, Mars tomorrow, Venus on Friday.  There is no battle of the sexes today.  We are far more connected with the two polarities of male and female and able to bring them together in a harmonious interchange.  The Pisces Moon does trigger the Saturn Uranus opposition by opposing Saturn today and then conjuncting Uranus tomorrow.  We may find that we have a great deal on our plate today but we might also figure out how much we can do for others and how much becomes an overload.  The sense of service – self-sacrifice demands that we learn balance, not be an enabler nor a caretaker but to help out without getting entangled in the emotional drama or being drowned in other people’s issues.  The Pisces Moon also sextiles Mercury.  If we’re not drawn into an emotional morass, we can figure out how we can proceed in a systematic manner and not let our emotions rule our head. 

Wednesday, April 22nd – Rushing out of the Gate, Avoiding Hitting the Wall – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Mars Aries.  Wednesday could have us champing at the bit.  We want to make changes, do something different and could easily get swept up in the enthusiasm of the moment.  Today Mercury squares Jupiter.  We have to be careful not to do anything on impulse, such as buying something based solely upon satiating immediate gratification.  A bargain may turn out to be far more expensive than we might have assumed.  We could easily be over generous, even extravagant today.  We also begin the day with a Pisces Moon conjunct both Uranus and Venus.  We may be excited by the image and the presentation and might not use our reasoning mind or evaluative capability to ascertain whether we are buying into the appearance without considering the details or the depth of what is going on.  The Moon then moves into Aries and conjuncts Mars, which moves into its own Sign of Aries today.  The Moon then squares Pluto.  We may want to start things up, but we do have to avoid jumping the gun.  We could easily become impetuous, itching to initiate, to begin, to bring change about in our lives.  We might become a little belligerent and then discover that someone is a force to be reckoned with, blocking us and getting in our way.  Impediments today should be seen as part of a tempering process. Without it, we could easily rush ahead, akin to ‘wrong way Corrigan’ heading off with great enthusiasm only to discover later on that we have embarked on a quixotic journey, tilting at windmills, without a clear itinerary and a distorted destination in mind.  Today is Earth Day and it is important that we recognize times when consensus determines reality, rather than reality being a valuable input for consensus.

Thursday, April 23rd -Coming From Our Core – Sun, Pluto.  Thursday has the Taurus Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn.  The Moon is in Aries but not making any significant connections today, and we are in the dark side of the Moon awaiting the Taurus lunation that occurs late tomorrow and early Saturday morning, depending on the time zone we live in.  We are about to enter a two-week phase when we can come from our core, plant our seeds for a meaningful future and focus on a life that has true purpose.  These are exciting times, for while we may have felt that we’ve been going through a deathing process of releases and eliminations for many months now, we are also about to enter a time of planting new seeds, initiating our projects in fertile ground.  Like the phoenix, that mythological bird that rises from the ashes to soar ever higher, the promise of unfolding process intends something akin to that.  Despite the anxieties and concerns we may have felt, we now have the opportunity of rising from our own ashes.  The energy is a great deal stronger tomorrow and Saturday with the Taurus lunation, but today we can start to feel the power upwelling within us.  The power is not an egocentric bragadocio but rather an upwelling of our soul and our spirit.  We may find that we are focusing on getting on our right track, that we are far more interested in doing our individual journey rather than those involvements that are based more upon our conditioning, our expectations and our past history.  Yes, a new day is dawning, and we are moving into an exciting time of coming from our core and creating our deepest felt intentions.

Friday, April 24th – The Magic Garden – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Taurus New Moon, Venus Aries.  This Friday is not one to let slip by.  This day is a significant one.  From the initial thrusts, and sprouts of the past four weeks, we are now prepared to plant our garden.  The soil is ready, the earth has been tilled, and even we are far more mature and focused to put efforts in those projects that we have been considering, evaluating, getting rid of some but now looking at those particular situations that truly empassion us.  Mercury sextiles Uranus today.  The day is ripe for startling insights and revelations.  We can figure the most streamlined methods and expeditious means to move our interests forward.  Things can come out of the blue, for we have crossed the threshold and today serendipity, synchronicity, magic and miracles are all at play.  The Aries Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  We could easily get jazzed by some project or activity and possibly our being jazzed could be as a result of the enthusiastic support and encouragement of the people around us.   We may want to go full blast today, be open to the magic of the moment and not spend too much time planning our actions.  While the energy is strong for us to move forcefully forward, timing is everything.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus where it trines Pluto and conjuncts the Sun to create the Taurus New Moon.  This Moon is a truly powerful one and one that influences the next fortnight.  All our thoughts, ideas and intentions for our springtime projects can now be initiated and begun with the most propitious of conditions and circumstances.  The Taurus New Moon trines Pluto and by Sign creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with the Taurus Stellium of three or more planets with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in the Fixed Earth Sign, trine by Sign Pluto in Capricorn and trine Saturn in Virgo.  This fortnight is a powerful one, an important one for us to focus on our material mundane concerns but to do so with detachment, an appreciation for the greater good and an attempt to see the meaning and purpose in everything we do. Venus does enter Aries today, a Sign placement that Venus first entered back in February and retrograded through with a slight backing up into Pisces before turning direct and now moving into Aries.  We shall have to be careful about our interactions with other people.  We could get so deeply involved, passionate and determined, about some of our own interests and personal needs that we lose sight of the importance of balance in our relationships.  We could become very self-focused, with both Venus and Mars in the Cardinal Fire Sign.  Let’s try to keep in mind social decorum and grace.

Saturday, April 25th – One Foot Touching the Ground – Mercury, Neptune, Saturn.  This Saturday has Mercury square Neptune.  We all know the old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.  We see it repeatedly and today we could be engaging in a great degree of confusion or a desire to do the right thing without considering the ramifications or the consequences of our actions.  Our communications could be off, confused or have a tendency to say too much. We do have the Taurus Moon trine Saturn so we can deal with various fix-it projects, do some of the errands we’ve been putting off, and keep  ourselves somewhat grounded by taking care of mundane needs.  What we do have to watch for is not building castles in the air, coming up with great plans that are great in thought but hard to manifest.  We could also find that in our communications no one is on the same page.  We may feel that we are presenting ourselves clearly and can get rather animated in trying to prove our point.  Let’s recognize that everyone has their own perspective and that everyone is likely to see things according to their personal viewpoint.  Trying to sway public opinion could be frustrating.  Let’s give thought to what we want to do but let’s keep our foot on the ground by doing some of the things we need to do.

Sunday April 26th – Lightning is Striking Again, – Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mars.  Allrighty!  We have one of my least favorite energies operating today.  This Sunday, often referred to as a day of rest, has Mars square Pluto.  Rest is probably one of the last things we might encounter.  People can be truly belligerent, acting out, even to the point of violent explosions today.  The interchange between Mars and Pluto, whether that aspect is a square, opposition or conjunction, is often found in some martial action by or against the state of Israel.  For us, we just have to keep our head down, not push the envelope, or cross over the line of anyone who has drawn a line in the sand.  It’s a nice concept but the high intensity energy today could make quiet decorum very hard to maintain.  In addition to the Mars square Pluto, the Taurus Moon squares both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, sextiles Uranus in Pisces and conjuncts Mercury in Taurus.  The early part of the day could have us on overload due to commitments made and perhaps even a need to vent our frustrations.  We just need to watch that we aren’t extravagant, that we’re not buying something on impulse and that we’re not going to extremes.  We may want to change the plans for the day and unless we find people that are willing to accommodate our interests, there could be blow-ups.  Today is a day to use the tai chi moves, to carefully measure other people’s energy levels and their actions and then work in a way that neither hinders us nor aggravates them.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours as it finishes its transit of Taurus without making any further connections to the planets and before entering Gemini where it sextiles both Venus and Mars.  The latter part of the day can be fun-filled as we jump from one thing to another that grabs our attention and tickles our fancy.  Yes, the evening might need a refreshing respite from the day’s fury.