April 13th – 19th

This week has us stretching our wings.  We are feeling energized, ready to take on the world.  The ease with which we can get things done might seduce us into thinking that we have a Midas touch, an ability to turn everything into gold.  Nice concept, but such an attitude could be the snare for our downfall.  If things seem too good to be true, they probably are.  Let’s not lose our evaluative ability, our ability to look at the big picture while focusing on the particulars. 

We should use time management skills this week.  We might want to streamline our operations and consider how we can bunch errands into fewer trips.  This is a week to work smarter rather than harder.  We’re looking to test the waters of new interests, participate in activities that are unfamiliar to us. We need to avoid being too impulsive.  There is a liability towards accidents if we rush headlong into anything without forethought or consideration of the conditions.  We can take care of what needs to be done in an expeditious manner, and then we can explore new possibilities.

The week begins with exuberance and a passion to expand our involvements.  Mid-week provides the opportunity of structuring our daily activities with a best practices approach so we have time to consider options. 

The weekend is a fine time for social gatherings, get-togethers with friends.  But we should be cautious and not buy into specious promises.  Let’s take our time in considering possibilities and then go step-by-step in trying out new ventures.


Monday, April 13th – Clipping the Wings – Saturn.  Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the day in Christian theology that celebrates the resurrection and the ascension, akin to the mythological bird, the Phoenix, rising from its ashes to soar ever higher.  Both metaphors are especially important for us during this period, a period in which many of the stabilities and securities of life seem to be crashing and burning.  Although we, as individuals and as a society, are going through drastic changes and dramatic transformations, we can also rise above our past, build upon solid new foundations and soar ever higher.  Yes, we can.  Along the way, we may find that now and then we’re hitting speed bumps, those blips on the screen that challenge us and even perplex us.  Today could be one of those blips, a day when we might feel that our wings are being clipped.  This Monday has a Sagittarius Moon, which squares Saturn.  Although we are looking at expanding and broadening our stretch, we might find that we are being tripped up by certain responsibilities, past issues demanding our attention, or delays that slow us down from truly advancing our goals.  No worries, if we keep in mind that sometimes delays or past situations provide a good tempering process, forcing us to either bring a halt to our forward movement or slow our advance and thereby give us time to evaluate and re-evaluate our methods and our intentions.  Today we could want to jump ahead, and if we do, we might easily gloss over certain important details, neglect significant specifics.  If we focus on taking things step by step, making sure that each step whether a baby step or a giant leap is done in a clear and strategic manner, then we can accomplish a great deal today.  We can attend to our obligations and routine matters, all the while that we’re feeling relatively upbeat and looking at the distant horizon towards which we intend to go.  Otherwise, we could find ourselves getting in our own way, shooting ourselves in the foot and falling into despair and discouragement.  Our choice.  Our attitude and behavior are always our choice.

Tuesday, April 14th – Positive Possibilities – Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Sun, Neptune.  Tuesday is a highly active day.  We have a lot going on.  Today, the Sagittarius Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, squares Mars and Uranus both in Pisces and trines the Sun in Aries.  We are looking at our future prospects, seeing how we can expand our activities and taking on more things that truly speak to our personal interests.  We are likely to be dealing from a high level of nervous energy and we may want to do more, more, more. We also have to be aware that certain unexpected situations could crop up that force us to address new issues, contend with matters that we hadn’t taken into account. We may be juggling a great deal today, scurrying from one thing to another to another.  We need to be light on our feet, quick of mind and ready to adapt to changing parameters.  If we find ourselves in a quandary regarding right action or right decision, then it would be wise to use someone else as a sounding board.  Other people can be very encouraging but we also have to be wary of those people who are having a hard time and wallowing in their difficulties.  Remember: misery may love company but let’s just not make it our company.  Let’s be upbeat and energetic without burning ourselves out with either busy work or other people’s emotional dramas.

Wednesday, April 15th – Accidents Waiting to Happen – Mars, Uranus, Sun, Neptune, Venus, Pluto.  People may be asserting their personal will, voicing their opinion and wanting to emphasize the uniqueness of their individuality.  Wednesday has Mars conjunct Uranus.  Accidents are likely today as a result of haste or spontaneous action / reaction.  It would be wise to rein in our outbursts of energy.  Otherwise, we would need to be careful of possible accidents and physical injuries.  If storms are forecast for atmospheric conditions, the precipitation can be intense and heavy with possible flash floods and deluges.  This is a day when things can be ratcheted up severalfold with no clear direction of unfolding.  Surprises could be everywhere.  The Sun also sextiles Neptune today.  We may be far more interested in making changes and considering prospects rather than dealing with hard, cold reality.  This day is one of those times when we can buy into the illusion / hope that the grass is greener… somewhere other than where we are.  Trying to deal with mundane concerns could test our patience, which on this day could be in very short supply.  The day begins in some locales with the Sagittarius Moon square Venus, but the Moon quickly moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto. We can try and become grounded today, able to withstand our flights of fancy or irrational actions, by concentrating on the truly important and not getting distracted by the irrelevant or the frivolous.  Change may be enticing but it would be wise to evaluate any changes we make before we commit to them for the long-term.  This is a day to test the waters and watch for extreme impulsive actions.

Thursday, April 16th – Neatly Fitting – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Saturn.  Thursday can be one of the most effective and productive days of the week.  The Capricorn Moon creates an Earth Grand Trine by the Moon trining Mercury in Taurus and trining Saturn in Virgo.  Things can fit neatly together today.  Whatever our goals might be, this is a day when we can take things step by step, utilize a best practices approach and strategize the methods to execute our plans.  Our mind is sharp.  We can see the big picture and the particulars that make up the whole.  We could be very resourceful today, using our monies in a way that gives us the best deal and the best quality.  Whether we are looking at our finances, devising our activity schedule, or budgeting our time; we can be very clear and precise and figure the most expeditious means for us to realize our aims.  This is a good day for buying or selling, for blueprinting and preparing an action plan, for being practical and focused.  Yes, let’s not lose the energy today but rather use it to accomplish a great deal.

Friday, April 17th – Fine Tuning – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Sun, Venus, Venus direct.  Friday is the end of the week and this week can end with a crescendo.  Yesterday we had the Lunar Grand Trine with the Capricorn Moon trine Saturn and trine Mercury.  Today we have Mercury trine Saturn.  We still have for some of the day the Capricorn Moon which today sextiles Uranus, Mars and Venus all in Pisces and the Moon also squares the Sun in Aries.  While we could have been highly productive yesterday, today allows us to fine tune, to hone, to temper, to take the edge off and refine what we were able to accomplish yesterday.  There might be a need to adjust and adapt to changing conditions but we can do it, and we can be highly effective, so long as we get out of our own way.  If we would be flexible and adaptable, then we might realize that a little adjustment to what we did yesterday could be not only necessary but might also improve our efforts.  Our compassionate spirit is likely to be engaged today.  We might even go out of our way for other people, helping them deal with their problems and making them aware of the best approach to address their issues.  This Friday also has Venus turning direct.  Has anyone noticed that relationships have been a little dicey over the past six weeks while Venus was retrograde and especially as Venus was transiting back through Aries?  Did everyone notice?  And who couldn’t?  Especially in light of the various rampages that have gone on, people acting out against other people, underscored by the retrograde Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn on the 3rd when a gunman went on his bloody rampage in Binghamton, NY.  But Venus is turning direct today, and turning direct in Pisces.  If we have had issues with some people over the past few weeks, the shift in Venus energy today could allow for a healing, making amends and reconciliations.  Should I write ‘alhamdulillah’?  Better energy for relationships lies ahead.

Saturday, April 18th – Slow Down.  Saturday doesn’t have a great deal of energy.  The Moon is in Aquarius but making no contact to the planets today.  This is also the last full day of the Sun’s transit of Aries.  Today is a day to take things down a notch or two, allow ourselves to slow down and take time to do things that we want to do, things that aren’t planned, things that don’t demand our being ‘on’, things that allow us to feel free and just ‘be’.  This Saturday is a good day to take the day and do whatever feeds our fancy.  We might want to explore new interests, try new things and just do nothing that could be expected of us.  Getting together with friends, whether on phone, Internet, or in person, may be fun.  But this day emphasizes ‘no pressure’.  We are far more interested in serendipity, things coming out of the blue and being open to receive whatever comes our way.

Sunday, April 19th – Widening the Terrain – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun Taurus.  Sunday continues with the Aquarius Moon which today squares Mercury and conjuncts both Jupiter and Neptune.  We may be feeling upbeat, expansive, generous and indulgent today.  We might spend a little too much, enjoy ourselves too much and involve ourselves with too many friends today.  There is no problem in any of that, as long as we don’t overspend, break the bank or put ourselves in hock. Our eyes may be bigger than our stomach or our money belt.  We do have the Sun moving out of Aries and moving into Taurus.  We may be losing some of our fire but we’re gaining a more earthy disposition.  It’s almost time to plant the seeds of our new beginnings.  We want to broaden our reach but increasingly we are likely to be less impetuous and more willing to take things in a methodical, even plodding, manner.  Remember the tortoise and the hare?  From having been hare-like recently, we may morph into a more tortoise-like approach.  We may not be as fast or furious but we can be more diligent and grounded.