March 9th – 15th

This week could be an emotionally charged week. It’s the last full week of Winter, and we might find ourselves sighing a lot.  It may be the winter doldrums, or our reaction to the craziness of the world right now, but our sensitivity is turned up severalfold.  Other people’s problems can become our mission.  We might be feeling compassionate and idealistic, wanting to take away the cares of the world.  Nice concept, but it would be important not to be an enabler or caretaker, trying to fix things for others.

Change starts with oneself, and this week we may be thinking of the changes we want to incorporate into our lives as we move into the Spring season next week.  The Full Moon this week allows us to do an inventory taking, consider what we want to get rid of and what we want to pursue.  Our mind is laser-like, intuitive and able to perceive what works for us and what doesn’t.

Getting together with friends and loved ones can be a great deal of fun during the week.  We want to do something different.  Let’s consider taking in a movie, going to a concert or hanging out at a coffee house just enjoying the camaraderie of those special people in our lives.

A good winter cleaning is called for over the weekend.  We know what needs to go, what we want to stay.  Clearing the decks in preparation for Spring is a good way of making room for new and exciting activities.


Monday, March 9th – Yes, No – Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Pluto.  We start the week with the last vestiges of the Moon’s transit of Leo.  Before exiting the regal Sign, the Moon opposes both Neptune and Mars.  Our desires could be strong but we have to avoid leaping at situations that might seem good to us but in actual fact could prove an overreach or overload.  Our perception of reality could be somewhat jaded by what we want.  Everyone might be slightly on edge, feeling that they have to emphasize their individual rights and preferences.  It would be wise to restrain our actions, not jump at anything or act impulsively based upon first impressions.  The Moon then moves into Virgo where it opposes Mercury and trines Pluto. If our desires are unrestrained, we could easily rationalize to ourselves decisions and actions that would make us feel good in the moment but might not be the right action for the long-term.  If we can rein in our desires and our need for immediate gratification, we might see that we need to clear away some clutter before adding more to the mix.  We are feeling the influence of tomorrow’s Full Moon and our emotions can be ratcheted up and our desires insatiable.  Let’s find an outlet for our energy, whether that outlet is a long walk, going to the gym, or doing something creative that makes us feel we have some sense of control and positive impact on our personal world.  We need to cut ourselves a great deal of slack with everything that is occurring in the world, and we need to take a long-range perspective and look at the distant horizon and not the immediate crisis points.

Tuesday, March 10th – Here We Go Again – Mercury, Pluto, Virgo Full Moon, Saturn, Sun.  Tuesday gives us the Virgo Full Moon and with it an embrace of the Saturn Uranus opposition that has been in play since this past November and continues on into mid 2010.  The Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn and opposes the Sun which conjuncts Uranus on Thursday.  Yes, our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition is in play, and we may find ourselves doing battle between old and new.  Old issues may demand attention, all the while that we are wanting to introduce options and alternatives.  Fortunately, we do have Mercury sextile Pluto.  If we can manage an emotional detachment and look at things from a clear and objective viewpoint, we could come up with a best practices approach to the balancing of old and new.  We can see what we need to be rid of.  We can envision what we need to bring into our lives. The key to this day is to maintain detachment.  Emotional reactions could be our downfall.  If we get too tied in with various things going on, then we are likely to find ourselves only in a state of confusion as we deal both with our routine responsibilities under changed circumstances and changing conditions and with unexpected situations arising for which we might not have a complete playbook.  As that great philosopher Yogi Berra is known to have said: ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over.’  And this Saturn Uranus opposition will offer us many times to experience it and to learn the necessary lessons to successfully bridge our past with our future.  Today could prove to be one of those days of experiences.

Wednesday, March 11th -Leaping – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.  Tuesday’s Full Moon of engaging the Saturn Uranus opposition continues on today and tomorrow.  Today, the Virgo Moon opposes Uranus before leaving Virgo and entering Libra where it squares Pluto.  Even if we feel that we have everything sorted out, unanticipated variables could come up that force us to rethink, rework or even start from a totally different perspective.  Today is one of those days when the best laid plans can come to naught.  If that were to occur, then our interactions with other people could be a little sharp, even critical.  We need to watch that we don’t lose our sense of humor.  It is important that we learn the Tai Chi moves of flexibility and adaptability, acknowledging the energies as they are unfolding and then working with those energies as opposed to trying to control them.  Venus sextiles Jupiter today and we could have a tendency to focus solely on our own personal needs, looking at our future, everyone and everything else be damned.  This Wednesday is a day to maintain composure and cut everyone, even ourselves, a great deal of slack.  Let’s recognize and appreciate that we, as individuals and as a collective society, are under a great deal of stress.  The world as we have known it appears to be falling apart, putting at risk much of what we have believed in and much of what we have worked towards.  While this day could have us licking our wounds, even being somewhat self-defensive, it is important for us to realize that in the process of life – death – rebirth, we are seeing the deathing phase, and hard to see the rebirthing to come from it.  But a rebirthing there will be and it is important that we adapt to changing circumstances without judgment, without our opinions.

Thursday, March 12th – Ch…ch…ch…changes – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter.  Thursday has the Sun conjunct Uranus.  We might be feeling that routine matters are just a little much for today.  We may want to break free, do something different today, experiment, explore and not feel tied down by our responsibilities.  This Thursday is a good day to implement changes in our routine, even if those changes are merely intentions for the future.  Same old, same old is unlikely to cut it today.  They say variety is the spice of life, and we certainly may want some variety to this day.  The Libra Moon opposes Venus and trines Jupiter.  Our tendency will be to gravitate towards friends and doing something new with people we are comfortable with.  If a consensus needs to be reached on what exciting, thrilling thing to do, just go along even if other people’s definition of excitement seems a little daft.  The one caveat for today is to avoid impulse purchases.  The desire to incorporate something new and something different into our lives can have us grasping at things that appeal in the moment but on later reflection lead us to question whether we were operating from our right mind.

Friday, March 13th – Those Magic Moments – Neptune, Mars.  No worries on this Friday the 13th.  This Friday the 13th could prove to be the primo day of this week.  For much of the day, we have the Moon in Libra and the Moon today trines Neptune and Mars in Aquarius.  Magic moments with that special someone can give us the solace and comfort and could take away the cares of the world.  This Friday can be idyllic.  We are looking for a sanctuary, enjoying the company of others, and fully appreciating how wonderful this world can be.  We might have to block out the cacophony of the world around us, but we are far more interested in finding a sanctuary today rather than being in the hurly-burly of life’s fast track.  This Friday is a day to savor, a time to consider possibilities, no matter how unrealistic those possibilities might seem.  During these tumultuous times, during this transition phase of the paradigm shift, things can change instantly.  Nothing is impossible unless we believe it to be.  This Friday is a great day to relax, enjoy, and reflect on what a perfect life could be.  Later in the day, the Moon moves into Scorpio.  We may want to hide out but the energy is ratcheting back up after a serene and pleasant interlude.

Saturday, March 14th – Taking Out the Trash – Pluto, Mercury, Mars Pisces.  Saturday has the Moon in Scorpio, and today the Moon sextiles Pluto and trines Mercury.  Mars exits Aquarius and moves into Pisces adding to the Mutable Water Stellium of three or more planets, now four with Mars joining the Sun, Mercury and Uranus.  Saturday is a good day to do inventory taking, consider what we can get rid of in preparation for the rebirth that comes with Spring next week.  We can see what works in our life and what no longer serves us.  A late Winter cleaning would be appropriate for this weekend.  We are clear and likely to focus on the essential matters today.  Even our methods are likely to be more streamlined.  We could find that we can accomplish a great deal, largely due to the fact that we are no longer interested in being distracted by the superfluous or the extraneous.  This is a day when we can get lean and mean, cut to the core, and get rid of a lot of the trash that’s been cluttering up our lives.  An intense day but a productive day if we use it to eliminate, get rid of and clear things away.  Mars coming into Pisces could prove difficult, especially if we get overly emotional about things going on.  Some people will be doing their hand wringing about the end times, and the end of the world as we know it.  While there is a great deal of truth in such a sentiment, we might want to recall the lyrics of the R.E.M. song: ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine.’

Sunday, March 15th – Cleaning Up – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Sun.  The clearing out and cleaning up continues from Saturday on into Sunday.  Today the Moon in Scorpio squares Jupiter, sextiles Saturn, trines Uranus, squares Neptune and trines the Sun.  Although we are looking to get rid of the superfluous, we might also find ourselves doing something akin to the Texas two-step.  Certain things best eliminated could bring up memories and prove a distraction as we take a jaunt down Memory Lane.  Items may bring back memories of significant times, and we have to allow ourselves a willingness to do a sort through, clear out certain things, and even with certain things we need to let go a desire to hold on to them as though they represent a security blanket and a connection to our remote past.  While we might do the dance, it is not essential that we do a Sherman’s march to the sea burning everything in our path.  If we can’t let go of certain things, that’s really all right.  We’re just not ready to do so.  The more we can get rid of things, the more room we create for new things to come into our lives.  The universe does not like a vacuum but neither does it like clogged arteries.  This weekend is a great time to bring closure to the winter, even the year, all in preparation of new beginnings that come with the promise of Spring, the beginning of a new year in Astrology.