March 30th – April 5th

We may do a good Spring cleaning as we start the week.  Fixing things around our house, clearing away clutter and giving thought to Spring projects can keep us engaged.   ‘Out with the old, ready for the new’ could be impelling us to make necessary changes or changes whether necessary or not. 

We might feel like we are champing at the bit, wanting to get on with things, doing an inventory taking and concentrating on what we need to rid ourselves of.  Let’s be careful that this attitude doesn’t create turmoil in our relationships.  There could be an either/or quality to our interactions with other people, a tendency to draw a line in the sand.  Everyone may seem self-absorbed with an attitude of ‘what have you done for me lately?’  Personal exchanges can be like a minefield with a liability of explosions at any time.  We’ll need to walk carefully, speak softly and maintain a sense of detachment.  Diplomacy is called for and not personalizing or overreacting to anyone’s belligerence. 

The weekend seems pleasant, a time to take in a movie, seek out good friends that are upbeat and without an agenda.  It would be wise for us to walk on the sunny side of the street and avoid parade-rainers.  We’re looking for fun and pleasurable pursuits not drama or emotional intrigue. 

This is a week that calls for balance and astute awareness. Let’s allow ourselves to focus on our own interests and keep a bemused disposition in seeing the games people play.


Monday, March 30th – Up, Up, and Away – Sun, Mercury, Venus.  The week starts off with us focused on our own personal interests and needs.  We may be a little myopic or certainly looking solely at what concerns us.  Yes, this day is one when it’s all about ‘us’.  The Aries Sun conjuncts Mercury in Aries, and the Moon exits Taurus to sextile Venus in Aries.  With the Moon being Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus before entering Gemini to start the day, the day may be slow-starting.  But once we get going, there’s likely to be no stopping us.  We could have any number of things on our plate today but all of them having something compelling for us and speaking to our personal desires.  It is great to feel energetic and self-affirming.  Where a problem could arise, however, is a tendency for us to put on blinders, see what we see, want what we want, without any countering influence from other people or the world at large.  If we are clear and have devised an appropriate strategy, then we might not create too much turmoil for ourselves as we move ahead with our goals and ambitions.  If we haven’t done the necessary planning stages, then we could find ourselves moving forcefully ahead but without full cognizance of the conditions or awareness of exactly where we might be going.  We could go from one thing to another, enjoying brief moments with whatever catches our fancy, only to leave it after the initial enthusiasm dies down.  Today is a day to maintain reins on our boundless exuberance.  Otherwise, we could be leaping here, there and everywhere without looking at where we are headed.

Tuesday, March 31st – Like a Rat on a Wheel – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn.  Today could feel like we are running as fast as we can but without getting where we might intend to be going.  This Tuesday continues with the Gemini Moon which today sextiles the Sun and Mercury in Aries and trines Jupiter.  Similar to yesterday we may have the exuberance and enthusiasm to advance our interests, or whatever grabs our attention and tweaks our desires.  We may want more, more, more.  And we could be looking more where we want to go and what we want to do in the future rather than what is going on presently or the matters still outstanding needing to be resolved.  We can be impulsive, even rash today.  We might seek out counsel from others, but our desire for their input is for them to ‘yes’ our intentions and affirm our plans.  While we have a sense of optimism and good feelings, thanks to the sextiles and trine; the Gemini Moon also creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Mars in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Virgo.  In our rush to do our own thing, put our mark on our activities, we could easily gloss over important details or fritter away our time and energy on senseless diversions.  If things don’t go according to our wishes, we might even feel rejected and spend part of the day licking our wounds.  Our emotional state could be very much of a whipsaw today, almost manic-depressive, with us being excited and elated one moment, only to feel dejected and depressed the next.  This Tuesday is a day for us to slow things down, be certain we’ve dealt with necessary specifics and are sure of our plans and our direction.  It would be too easy for us to get caught up in a whirlwind of activity and go non-stop without really getting anywhere.

Wednesday, April 1st – Pity the Fool – Uranus, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Venus.  In Wednesday’s early morning hours, the Gemini Moon squares Uranus and trines Neptune.  Unexpected situations could crop up that demand our attention.  A sense of anxiety might creep in as we question whether we have all the ingredients necessary to deal with anticipated situations and those variables likely to arise that we could hardly imagine.  Although our sleep state could be a little fitful, we might find that support systems are giving a boost of energy to get on with things.  Sometimes, we just need a pat on the back or a good word in our ear for us to persevere and take the next step.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets for seven plus hours as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering its own Sign of Cancer.  As the Moon moves into Cancer, the Moon creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Pluto and square Venus.  We may feel a little defensive, have our back up, especially if we feel that some people do not understand where we are coming from or are being emotionally insensitive.  Our reaction might be to stand strong to the winds of imagined criticism and become somewhat belligerent in defending our position.  We could also seek a place to hide out, letting the frustrations wash over us before we move out and move forward.  We do need to watch our personal interactions, for today’s energies regarding relationships are likely to be amplified on Friday when Venus squares Pluto.

Thursday, April 2nd – Stepping Back in order to Step Out – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn.  If we have burned ourselves by going too far, too fast and without checking the agenda, the directions or the intended itinerary, this Thursday allows us to step back and take some time to regroup and to strategize.  Part of our stepping back could also be to take some time for ourselves and bolster our self-confidence.  Today has the Cancer Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Aries, trine Mars in Pisces and sextile Saturn in Virgo.  We may have to put on hold our desire to initiate, start up and begin all sorts of activities and projects.  Today is far better spent taking care of outstanding matters and dealing with specifics that we might not have given a second glance over the past few days.  This Thursday is a good day to spend some time at home, strategize our moves to advance our interests and deal with various details.  We can get a lot done if we can cool our jets.  We do have this strong influence of self-assertive energy that prods us to rush forward and put our mark on projects.  If we can modulate our impulsiveness today, then we can use the time to concentrate on our tasks at hand, clean the cobwebs in a good Spring cleaning and take the time to consider right moves.  In this interlude of consideration and review, we might take note of those people we might have offended inadvertently and see how our self-focus may have impacted our relationships.  By slowing things down we could become far more effective and able to take care of particulars and rework some of our recent mis-steps done from haste.

Friday, April 3rd – Possible Blow-ups – Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course.  Friday could have relationship issues to the forefront with possible explosive consequences.  Venus squares Pluto today.  We may be read the riot act by someone who feels that we have become a little too self-centered. Or we might consider that some relationships are too much of a dampener on what we want to do and where we want to go.  We don’t want anyone to diminish our enthusiasm or make us feel smaller than we are.  Like the old saying goes: if you’re not with us, then you’re against us.  We don’t have to go to the extreme of drawing lines in the sand in our interactions with other people.   And we might be a little too sensitive and seeing situations from our eyes only.  Today it is important that we take into account other people’s perspective and try to see things from their viewpoint.  In so doing, we are less likely to have relationship blow-ups.  The day starts with the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer by trining Uranus.  A good Spring cleaning now and over the weekend could be called for.  We need to rid ourselves of the clutter, so that matters don’t impede or negatively impact our future plans or our present efforts.  We all have some toxicity in our lives and the more we can eliminate the toxic from our lives, the more we can build on stronger foundations and focus on quality of living.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for ten and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo where it trines Venus.  If we have felt like a seething volcano venting its frustrations or at times exploding without warning, this Friday night would be a good one for us to put some fun into our lives.  Recreational pursuits, taking in a film or enjoying something on the television could be a necessary tonic, getting us out of ourselves and just having some good-natured fun. 

Saturday, April 4th – Either, Or, Possibly Both – Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Pluto retrograde.  If we made it through the week without some explosive behavior, then we should count ourselves lucky.  But we might not be in the clear yet, especially in light of the fact that this Saturday has Pluto turning retrograde.  Whenever Pluto is shifting ‘direction’, the time can be quite explosive, with radical actings out, bombings and other blow-ups.  This Saturday can be a day of two worlds.  Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Mars opposes Saturn.  Meanwhile, the Leo Moon trines the Sun.  We can be looking for fun, entertainment and generally having a good time today.  If we were living in a cocoon, then everything would seem relatively copasetic in our own perfect world.  But we live in the world, and today we have to be certain to be in it but not of it.  Headlines of violence, actings out and martial force could be blaring their apocalyptic vision.  We would have to be especially careful to read between the lines.  More may be going on than meets the eye.  Government actions could ratchet up the fear factor.  At the same time, we could be feeling quite optimistic about our own prospects and our plans.  If we don’t give into the negativity being broadcast, this Saturday could be an especially pleasing day for walks in the countryside, excursions and focusing on good times.  We may have errands to run today but it doesn’t have to put a damper on our desire for good times.  We might want to focus on either taking care of Spring clean-up projects or just skipping out of Dodge and having a good time.  By utilizing sharp time management techniques, we could do both — attending to matters we need to take care of and also having time to enjoy re-creational activities.

Sunday, April 5th – Don’t Step on My Cloud – Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course.  Much of the energy on this Sunday could be operating in the early morning hours while the Leo Moon opposes both Jupiter and Neptune and trines Mercury.  Plans made may not necessarily work out as scheduled. Although we might get disappointed by things falling through today, let’s try to avoid any despair and seek the opportunity within changing plans.  If friends disappoint or things don’t work out today, let’s use the opportunity to do something on the spur-of-the-moment.  More ‘me’ time might be something we need right now, but there is not a great deal of energy as the day progresses.  After a flurry of activity in the early morning hours, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo.  As the Moon comes into Virgo, we are preparing for the week ahead, more focused, more attentive on what needs to be done.  Some of this Sunday could be used to rest, relax and catch our breath. We might be disappointed by any screw-up in our planned activities today, but it would allow us ‘free’ time to do things on a whim or just relax.