March 2nd – 8th

This week could have us considering all sorts of possibilities.  Nothing may seem impossible.  While it might be fun to engage potentials, it is important that we look at things closely before moving ahead.  This is a time to look before we leap.  That attitude may be hard since things different from the normal routine can be enticing and seductive. 

Talk is cheap, and this week could have us talking up a storm.  Other people may be useful as sounding boards but let’s be wary of ‘yes’ people.  Everyone might have the tendency of seeing the grass greener somewhere other than beneath their own feet.  The desire for excitement, change and being free to do whatever we want can be strong.  Like a siren’s call, we might be far more interested in the prospects for the future than the realities of the present.

Let our minds wander and allow ourselves to embrace our dreams and wishes.  While our head may be in the clouds this week, let’s keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.  It’s good to let our mind wander, share ideas with friends but let’s restrain any impulse to lurch forward.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend would be good times to spend with family members, enjoying the comfort of home and nurture from loved ones.  We may feel depleted by the end of the weekend so we may need to find something entertaining and uplifting to energize our spirits.   


Monday, March 2nd – What We Can Do, What We Can’t – Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune.  Monday starts the week with the Taurus Moon trine Saturn, sextile Uranus and square Mars, Mercury and Neptune.  Today is a good day to take a cold hard look at our budget and our finances — our revenue stream, our expenses and the cushion we might have for a rainy day.  We might be able to see where we can cut back on certain needless expenses, where we can do things differently, both in a more streamlined manner and also with less cost involved.  We might have to put some of our plans on hold or delay our gratification, but these times ask us to get serious about how we have been doing life.  We all know the saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  We don’t have to be tough but we can be smart, serious-minded, accept responsibility and accountability for our finances and our financial future.  We can structure today, come up with a best practices approach to deal with our commitments and also see how we can work towards our future goals.  One thing to be cautious about during these times is a ‘misery loves company’ scenario.  If we want to go to the wailing wall, wring our hands, and curse the heavens, it may be a form of venting our emotions and releasing some of our frustration but we still have to devise the right methods for us to both survive and even thrive during these contractionary times.  Today, we can figure out what we can do and what we can’t do, at least for the present time.  Let’s get a grip and focus on a best practices approach to living more simply but not simply living.  It’s important to keep in mind that we never get more than we can handle.  It’s our responsibility to handle our matters and see how we can prosper through careful budgeting and our own resourcefulness.

Tuesday, March 3rd – Churning Away.  This week seems to be a week when there are great spurts of energy followed by lulls.  Tuesday could prove to be one of those lulls.  The Moon moves into Gemini but makes no contacts with the planets today.  Our mind may be racing, a thousand thoughts cascading through our brains, but the energy today is far better for thinking and doing inconsequential matters rather than significant decisions or forceful actions.  This Tuesday would be a good day to communicate with others, make plans and discuss possibilities.  Brainstorming and lining our ducks up in a row would be a good use of this day.  We may go from one thing to another to another but great achievements are not necessarily the tone of this Tuesday.  There just isn’t the energy, so let’s take this day as an interlude, consider any budgetary decisions or actions we took yesterday and plan for future movements tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4th – Up and Out – Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune.   Hopefully we caught our breath yesterday, caught up on some rest and didn’t have too much on our plate.  For this Wednesday breaks with trumpets blaring, calling us to action and at full speed ahead.  Today’s Gemini Moon trines the four planets in Aquarius — Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Neptune.  The Moon also sextiles Venus.  And the Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring the Sun and Uranus in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Virgo.  We my be scurrying around today, taking care of our obligations, meeting our schedule, all the while that unexpected situations could crop up that force us to take care of additional matters and with us still wanting to put some energy towards our future plans and time with friends.  Yes, this Wednesday can have us hopping, going from one thing to another, to another, to… Wednesday may not allow much time for us to sit down, enjoy a leisurely coffee or tea.  No, we seem to be up and out and going until past the sun goes down.  The key to this day is juggling, keeping all the balls in the air, and still maintaining an upbeat attitude with the recognition that we’re doing it, we’re handling things.  And to reaffirm to ourselves that no matter how fast things accelerate, we can keep up the pace and still look forward to our future prospects.  We may feel confident of our abilities today, and we could give a good presentation of ourselves to other people.  We do have to be certain that we are dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, for with so much going on today we could easily slip slide from one thing to another, dealing with everything but possibly glossing over details and skipping important points.  We may not be able to slow things down but the more we can be mindful and adept at thinking on our feet, this day could prove highly productive and quite likely exhausting.

Thursday, March 5th – Daydream Believer – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto.  Thursday has Mercury conjunct Neptune and the Moon moving into its own Sign of Cancer where it opposes Pluto.  Today is a day when we might want to allow our minds to wander.  We may be far more interested in the possibilities and in a perfect world rather than practicalities and the real world.  Without distractions, we could be very intuitive, feeling how things could be and getting answers by listening to our inner voice.  Although this is not a high energy day, we could use the time to think about things and find comfort in the sanctuary of our home.  We may be called upon to help people out, but the question of how we help them is far more important than if we help them.  We can give them good advice, the solace of our friendship but it would be inappropriate for us to try and fix other people’s problems.  Today is a good day to start putting energy towards our future projects.  We could do so by writing down our wish list, a ‘to do’ list of our hopes and dreams.  We might also clean up our homes, do some straightening and getting things in order.  But this Thursday far better serves us by encouraging our daydream believer.

Friday, March 6th – Home Fires Burning – Venus, Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Venus retrograde.  Friday has the Cancer Moon square Venus, trine the Sun and Uranus and sextile Saturn.  Even if we have things to do today, we might far prefer the comfort of home.  With the ups and downs of this week, we might enjoy settling in, reading a book or watch some entertaining movie or show.  Family matters could put a damper on our personal time but we can deal with what needs to be done and then take that personal time.  Venus turns retrograde today and will continue retrograde through mid-April.  Retrograding initially through Aries where Venus is not comfortable, relationships could be a little dicey.  We might either want to pull the covers over our head, insist like Eddy Arnold did in his classic song to ‘make the world go away and get it off my shoulders’, or just be more involved with our inner struggles than with other people’s needs or the world’s crises.  Having a roof over our head, the warmth of the home hearth and food in the pantry can be a pleasant way to start the weekend.  Who could ask for anything more?

Saturday, March 7th – Kicking Back.  The Moon moves into Leo but makes no connections to the planets today.  There is not a great deal of energy today but for certain we would far prefer to have fun than to attend to errands.  Enjoying our creative outlets, taking in some entertainment venues may be the best and most rewarding types of things we could do today.  We are feeling good but not pressured to do a great deal. This week has been a week of high energy days with a great deal of intensity and low energy days with a sense of lulls.  Today is one of those days when we might just choose to wipe the slate clean regarding our plans and just let ourselves enjoy the day in whatever way we choose.

Sunday, March 8th – Off the Chart – Mars, Neptune, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury Pisces.  The last few days may have been most restful, less anxiety provoking than most days recently.  Sunday seems to put us back on the anxious roster.  Mars conjuncts Neptune today, and we might want to push forward with plans for our future.  We are determined to make changes in our lives but it would be wise to focus our energy.  Otherwise, we could be seeking change solely for the sake of change.  We could be champing at the bit, feeling like we want to do something even if we can’t put our finger on what we want to do.  With the Sun opposed Saturn, we might feel somewhat lethargic, especially if we feel responsibilities calling us.  We want to do our own thing, not feel tied by obligations.  But obligations we might have, and we could find that certain things have been put off the past few days and now demand our attention.  The Leo Moon opposes Jupiter and trines Venus.  Even if we have responsibilities or other people wanting us to lend them a hand, we might do so, but possibly grudgingly so and especially if it puts a damper on our breaking free to do our own thing.  Mercury moves into Pisces today, creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Uranus in Pisces.  Mercury is not overly comfortable in Pisces, it makes the mind too influenced by emotion and consequently our thinking can be more emotionally-based than rationally-based.  Let’s keep in mind that we are coming to the end of a cycle, may feel somewhat drained by some of the experiences and events of this cycle, and could just find ourselves letting out deep sighs.  The end is nigh but we are not yet at the new beginnings.