March 23rd – 29th

Feeling uncomfortable in our own skins, we could be looking at a good Spring cleaning this week, eliminating those things, situations and people that no longer have meaning or value for us.  We should, however, avoid being impetuous.  There could be a rush to judgment whereby we decide impulsive action is better than accepting delays or taking no action.

Reining in our intensity is key to preventing a tendency towards overkill. For much of the week, we could tend towards being rash, acting on instinct rather than well thought out decisions.  If we feel that things are not going fast enough, let’s take a deep breath, blueprint our intentions, consider our goals and recognize that timing is everything.  We need to line our ducks up in a row and be prepared to initiate after the Aries New Moon on Thursday.

We are looking to put a forceful imprint on our actions this week.  We just have to be careful not to step on anyone’s toes.  While that liability is strong, any disagreements or misunderstandings can be dealt with over the weekend when some of the intensity has dropped off and we can make nice.

It is essential not to jump the gun this week.  We can do an inventory of our lives, see what we want to concentrate on, what we want to get rid of.  Diplomacy and focused intent are called for.  We can disentangle from the outworn or outmoded, but we don’t have to burn bridges to do so.


Monday, March 23rd – Itching – Sun, Pluto, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course.  Monday starts the week with us itching to strip away the nonessentials, focus on the truly important and get on with our lives.  Nice concept but it may play to the old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We are certainly seeing that concept in play in the world at large, but we have to be wary not to incorporate a disposition of trying anything, everything, to take our discomfort away.  We are going through dramatic transformations, and like any birth we are going through the labor pains.  This Monday we could feel uncomfortable in our own skins.  We might feel restricted by our routine or by the patterns of our lives.  Even if we do feel limited in our actions, let’s be careful that our response doesn’t become an explosive one of tearing down all the structures that we have created to call our life.  The Sun squares Pluto today and much of this week feels the Aries self-affirmation, renewal and rebirth banging hard against the structures of the past, the limitations of consequences from earlier actions, the constraints of contraction now operating.  We start the day with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Neptune.  We may have grand plans, make assumptions of the way we want things to be, and assume that wish fulfillment can catapult over any obstacles to the realization of hopes and wishes.  We might draw upon other people as supports to our ideas and our dreams.  We could easily tune out of our reality, since imagining a perfect world is far better, and far easier, than dealing with present day’s hard, cold reality.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets for nine hours as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces where it sextiles Pluto.  Much of the early part of the day can have us flipping between extremes of discomfort with our life conditions and reveries of what could be.  The latter part of the day allows us to slip out of some of the nooses we may have felt ourselves hanging by.  One of the lessons for all of us during these times is a realization that we don’t have to do it all.  We are no longer masters of our universe but co-creators.  The universe works, and there are times when the answers and the releases come about as a result of the universe and timing no matter how much we flail about and try to make things happen.

Tuesday, March 24th – Off to Nowhere – Mars.  Tuesday has the Pisces Moon conjunct Mars.  We may feel a call to action, insistent that we have to propel ourselves forward and do something.  While we might have a great deal of energy, we could wind up spinning our wheels if we are not careful and if we are not judicious in regard to where we place our energy.  This Tuesday could be one when we are rushing out of the gate but without itinerary or directions in hand.  We could be like ‘wrong way Corrigan’ heading off but winding up somewhere other than what we had intended.  We need to slow it down today and not waste our energy.  We could be grabbing at straws, embracing the idea of busy work whereby no matter what we do, as long as we are active we feel that we are accomplishing something.  This day could be both a waste of our time and quite exhausting.  Any decisions, any actions made today need to be carefully reviewed and evaluated before rushing ahead.  Otherwise, we might find ourselves digging a hole that it would be difficult and time consuming to get out from further down the road. 

Wednesday, March 25th – Yes, No, Maybe – Saturn, Uranus, Mercury Aries, Aries Stellium.  Wednesday has us doing the dance with our Saturn Uranus opposition that has been in play since last November and continues on into mid-2010.  The Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus and opposes Saturn.  The dance between old and new is engaged once again.  We may be looking back over our shoulder at what we have created and also looking forward to where we want to go.  We could feel as if we were on a rope suspension bridge swinging wildly, while we are wondering whether to go forward or to address the issues of the past.  This Wednesday is one of those days when we need to draw upon the lessons learned from past situations to advance our future interests without re-creating our past and by utilizing new techniques, new technologies in order to move forward.  We cannot bring all the baggage of the past with us into our future.  With all the Pluto squares this week, we do have the opportunity of lightening our load, ridding ourselves of old encumbrances and eliminating those things that no longer truly work for us.  Although we have to do this dance of old and new, and the dance may have grown somewhat stale by now but continues on like a long drawn-out marathon; we also have to contend with the Aries thrust of initiating, beginning and starting new.  Today, Mercury moves into Aries, joining the Sun and Venus in the Cardinal Fire Sign to create a Stellium of three or more planets in Aries.  Our impulsiveness can pick up severalfold.  Our self-focus is strong, and we have to be wary of putting on blinders and closing ourselves to input from the larger world or from a more detached and objective perspective.  We may want action and spontaneity but if we engage our desire to do something, anything, we could find ourselves caroming from one thing to another, dealing with old issues while wanting to experiment with new interests, all the while not getting much done, only being highly active.

Thursday, March 26th – No Holds Barred – Aries New Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Venus.  Thursday gives us the Aries New Moon and a powerpack of four planets in Aries.  We may feel as though the starting gate has opened and we’re off and running, doing our own thing, going as fast as we can.  Where a problem could arise is the fact that this New Moon, which will influence the fortnight of these next two weeks, squares Pluto.  The potential for explosions, bomb blasts and people acting out irrationally without thought but only to assert their individuality can be strong over the coming two weeks.  Nothing may be held back.  Everything is game.  And everything is liable to a tearing down, a stripping away.  This time can be very anarchistic, whereby people are far more interested in eliminating and getting rid of rather than considering what and how to replace those things thrown out.  Intensity is ratcheted up severalfold and people are likely to be acting impetuously and rashly.  If we could tone down the energy and not get swept up in a hysteria of the moment or the desire to shake off the sense of restrictions, then we could use this energy to initiate new beginnings, all the while that we are calmly and rationally doing an inventory taking and clearing out things that no longer work for us.  It’s a tall order, since the tendency could be to act before fully considering, thereby possibly throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Friday, March 27th – Cut to the Quick – Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune.  Friday reinforces the Pluto squares, thanks to Mercury square Pluto today.  On the one hand, we can be incredibly insightful, able to focus on the details and the specifics, our mind laser-like, sharp and precise.  On the other hand, we can use this quick wittedness to be rather cruel, unkind, speaking our truth without any monitoring or decorum.  The tendency towards the latter, to speak our mind and cut to the quick, is stronger as a result of the heavy Aries influence.  Today Venus conjuncts the Sun in Aries.  And we have the Aries Moon sextile both Jupiter and Neptune.  We might assume that we know best, that we know what is best for ourselves and also best for everyone else.  Discussions today can heat up and turn into arguments.  We may feel we have a direct connection to rightness, and we could take on the role of omnipotent spokesperson for the way things should be.  It would be wise to take a break today, not get entangled in heated conversations, nor assume that we have, or someone else has, all the answers.  This week has been one of discomfort, of a great deal of Plutonian energy of tearing down and cutting to the core.  Today, like a volcano coming alive and percolating below the surface to eventually erupt, we too can erupt and give voice to our feelings and the reactions to our discomfort.  But like volcanic action, the energy can either be explosive, blasting forth, or it can be effusive, whereby the energy is released in a gradual but continual flow.  The more we can do the latter this week, doing inventory taking of our lives and beginning to rid ourselves of the outworn and the outmoded, the less likely we are to explode, blast forth and create situations that have to be addressed, reworked or amended in the future.

Saturday, March 28th – Smoothing Over – Mercury, Venus, Pluto.  Saturday and Sunday allow us to either review the week we’ve gone through or smooth over some of the inappropriate actions / reactions we’ve taken this past week.  Today we have Mercury conjunct Venus and the Moon moving into Taurus where it trines Pluto.  Instead of the impetuousness exhibited during much of this week, we can tone it down, take the energy down several notches and begin to smooth things over and take things in a more step-by-step approach.  We are still very much self-focused, primarily interested in our place in the Sun and how the world impacts us individually.  But we also have the ability to act from greater decorum, of working from a best practices approach.  Instead of rashly wanting to tear things down and get rid of the discomfort in our lives, we now can start to see the ingredients necessary for our future, the ways by which we can create rather than just decimate.  Today is a good day for us to walk the earth, commune with nature, and feel the growth and renewal occurring at this time of the year.  We can now work smarter rather than harder.  We can now channel our impetuous energy and be far more pragmatic in our approach.

Sunday, March 29th – Strategic Shifts – Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus.  Sunday draws upon the positive energies of yesterday as we continue with the Taurus Moon.  Today, the Moon sextiles Mars, trines Saturn, squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus.  We can deal with what needs to be done.  We can focus on the specifics, address outstanding issues, yet all the while that we are considering the changes we want to make in our lives.  We do have to avoid an element of overreach today.  We still have this thrust of initiation and new beginnings prodding us to start something.  If we don’t give into the impetuousness, we can channel our energy into reworking, restructuring and then starting on new projects, engaging in new activities.  Instead of merely seeking change for the sake of change without considering the means or the most effective ways or the ramifications of our actions, today we can take on a far more strategic approach, plan our moves and take things in an orderly manner.  We have the ability now to make moves that can be effective and lasting.  Yes, we can make changes to our lives but do so in a manner whereby we create the suspension bridge slat by slat, clearing away old debris, adding new interests, going back and forth between the past and our future, until our suspension bridge is strong enough to support us, get us to the other side, solidly into our future when we can then cut the ties that bind.