March 16th – 22nd

This week ends Winter and begins Spring, the Vernal Equinox being the beginning of the astrological new year.  We may be looking to expand our interests, broaden our horizons and even get out of Dodge and go somewhere exotic and exciting.  Before we rush ahead, let’s be certain that we have covered the bases of our daily routine.  We could have a tendency to want to get on with new projects but neglect the details and specifics of our normal responsibilities.

Extremes are likely this week.  We may feel bubbly and exuberant one moment, only to feel restricted and depressed the next.  Yes, there is the change of seasons going on and we could be vulnerable to the wild sways of emotions that occur during radical transitions.  Or maybe it’s battle fatigue from the war of the worlds.

We should allow ourselves to plan for new springtime adventures, all the while that we are tying up loose ends and completing outstanding matters.  Let’s not wear ourselves out by champing at the bit.  Instead, we can deal with what needs to be done and consider a strategic plan to accomplish our intended goals.

The latter part of the week opens the starting gate.  Spring comes in with a burst of grounded and focused energy.  We know what we want to do.  And we have likely considered the best practices approach to implement our plans.  Yet we remain flexible to adapt to shifting circumstance.

Over the weekend, we may experience some wonderful surprises, unexpected get-togethers with friends and times of serendipity.

Monday, March 16th – Flooding the Engine – Mars.  Monday starts the week with us wanting to go full bore.  But like pumping the accelerator and giving a car too much gas and flooding the engine, we could be full of drive but without movement or direction.  The Sagittarius Moon squares Mars today.  We may have some great plans, intentions to widen our scope and expand our activities, but we might not have our schedule all together and could easily exhaust ourselves from nervous exertion.  Today is a day to slow it down.  We may be champing at the bit to get on with things but we could go off in a flurry of activity only to discover that we are wasting our gas, draining our reserves.  Our emotions can be strong today, and we have to be certain to keep an upbeat, confident attitude.  If we feel slighted or invisible to other people, we could get ourselves into a funk with a liability towards resentment and even something akin to a temper tantrum.  If we are making plans, let’s not skim over the particulars.  We may be in a hurry but we have to be careful that our insistence to do it now doesn’t create havoc for us and for those around us.  This is a day when we really need to check that we are in gear, that we have an itinerary and direction before we race off.

Tuesday, March 17th – There’s no Day Quite Like St. Pattie’s Day – Venus, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Saturn.  Today’s Sagittarius Moon trines Venus, sextiles Jupiter and creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Mercury in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Virgo.  We may be far more interested in celebrating the day, indulging in food and drink, and generally having a good time.  We might not want to deal with our obligations or our tasks at hand.  If we could put our responsibilities aside, that would indeed be our preference.  While we might try to cover all bases today, any significant decisions would be best put off.  We might not be thinking clearly.  On the contrary, our attention is not focused and we could easily skip over details and disregard specifics.  We don’t want any parade rainers today but would prefer to escape into the enjoyments of friends and good times and leave behind our mundane concerns.  Can we call this Tuesday a ‘mental health’ day?  Probably so, or at least license to break from the realities of present circumstance.

Wednesday, March 18th – Dodging Bullets – Uranus, Neptune, Sun, Mars, Pluto.  Wednesday begins with the Sagittarius Moon, which today sextiles Neptune and squares both Uranus and the Sun.  We start the day with all sorts of plans in mind, possibly feeling quite good about our prospects.  And then like sniper fire, things come out of nowhere for us to deal with and to address.  We may feel that we are dodging bullets, our plans for the day dashed as we are forced to consider unanticipated matters and adapt to changing conditions.  If we can keep our balance and not fall into a victim mode, then we can juggle both the unexpected and our plans.  Later in the day, the Moon moves into Capricorn where it sextiles Mars and conjuncts Pluto.  If we are on overwhelm early in the day, we can later prioritize and focus on what needs to be done in the moment and what we can deal with later.  With things shifting away from our preconceived, we might have to change our own perceptions and shift our priorities.  We can certainly do so but the key is not to feel on overload.  Let’s keep in mind the wise and true saying that we only get as much as we can handle, that we never get more… no matter how we might feel.  While this day might not go according to plan, we can get a grip and realize that we can successfully deal with the hand we’re dealt.

Thursday, March 19th – End Games – Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Venus.  Thursday is the last day of Winter, and what a great day to go out on.  We have the Capricorn Moon square Venus, and it is wise to remember that the Winter Solstice and the beginning of Winter occurs with the Sun entering the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn.  And Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is today opposed by Mercury.  This Thursday is a good day to bring completion to outstanding matters, close the door on old, unresolved issues that might otherwise get in our way as we enter Spring tomorrow.  We also have Mars sextile Pluto which, as we all should be painfully aware by now, is transiting through Capricorn.  Today is a good day for inventory taking, clearing the decks, cleaning up the clutter and getting rid of outdated stuff that we no longer truly need.  In so doing, we might open a Pandora’s box, a wave of emotions regarding what has occurred recently, feelings of despair or a sense of things spinning out of control.  The key challenge for all of us is detachment, doing what needs to be done, without shuffling through the ‘what could have beens’ or any sense of remorse.  Even if we do not like, much less appreciate, the conditions in which we find ourselves with the extremes of volatility, it would be important to keep in mind that volatility is in stark contrast to stasis, and that wild fluctuations also allow for dramatic transformations.  This Thursday it would be wise for us to look at our lives, to end certain matters and to prepare the ground for new endeavors.  We may not be fully aware of what the new endeavors might be, but the more we clean up our messes of the past, the more room we create for new and exciting things to come forward.  Let’s keep in mind that the universe never likes a vacuum and the more we rid ourselves of no longer functional aspects of our lives the more room we create to be filled with more appropriate matters for our future.

Friday, March 20th – Welcome, Spring – Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Vernal Equinox, Sun Aries.  Friday brings in Spring, the season of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation.  And, boy, could we need it now!  This Friday has the Moon in Capricorn trine Saturn, sextile Mercury and sextile Venus.  The Sun exits Pisces and enters Aries.  In astrology, this is the beginning of a new year, and what a way for the new year to begin.  We may be feeling more of a spring in our step, and a sense that even though we may be feeling pressured and on overwhelm as a result of recent situations and world conditions we can in deed handle whatever is thrown at us, all the while that we are advancing our personal interests with present circumstances more an environmental backdrop than an overwhelming dampener.  This day and Spring start with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground.  By structuring our plans, being intuitive and thinking outside the box, we can come up with a best practices approach by which to plan and effect our goals for this Spring and the year ahead.  Let’s keep in mind the primary question of these times: whether we have built, and are building, upon rock or upon sand.  Now is a time when we can come up with fundamentally sound ways to realize our hopes and wishes.  These ways may not be the ‘tried and true’ [once tried, no longer true].  These ways may not be familiar, but if we see these times as prodding and even challenging our creativity, then we can come up with creative means to achieve our ambitions and realize our hopes and dreams.  Today is a day to take on the mantle of the proactive approach, not falling victim to circumstance nor merely reactive to situations, but rather to be fully aware of conditions, vigilant of unexpected changes that could crop up, and be nimble and quick in adapting to any shifts in circumstance, while always with the intention of moving our interests forward, advancing our cause.  Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 21st – The Journey with its First Step – Sun.  Saturday has the Moon moving into Aquarius where it sextiles the Sun, newly entered into Aries.  This Saturday is a good day to put the walk to our talk.  Now is a time to initiate our future plans and our goals.  We don’t have to realize them all in one fell swoop, somewhat akin to recognizing that Rome was not built in a day.  We don’t have to have all the pieces to the puzzle in hand.  But we do need, and are likely to have, the confidence of moving in new directions.  Other people may be supportive of our desire to move ahead.  And let’s remember that with any journey, it begins with a first step.  This Saturday is a day to take a first step, no matter what we choose to launch or initiate today.  Let’s see this day as a brand new day, making our new year resolutions under the auspices of the renewal and rebirth of nature that is evident during this Spring season.  Today is a good day to socialize, get together with friends and consider options and alternatives in our ‘down’ time, away from our frantic pace of daily life.

Sunday, March 22nd – Insights, Understandings, Mixed Messages – Mercury, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter.  Sunday is the 22nd, a master number in numerology indicative of the master builder.  Today Mercury conjuncts Uranus.  We also have the Moon continuing its transit of Aquarius, a sign co-ruled by Uranus.  The Moon today sextiles Venus and conjuncts Jupiter.  This day can be a primo day if we can harness the energy.  We may get some remarkable insights, enjoy some serendipitous moments, and feel as if we were truly in the NOW.  We do have to be careful not to get carried away by the energy and be vigilant in our travel, in backing up our computer systems and watching that our stream-of-consciousness doesn’t have us blurting out things better left unsaid.  This Sunday is a highly exciting day, a day when we are looking to spread our wings and truly fly.  We are not as much interested in ‘same old, same old’ as much as doing something different, trying something new.  Even if our new adventure is a small shift in our stance, such as trying a different coffee bean for our coffee or a different tea leaf for our tea, the more we can embrace some thing out of our ordinary, the more we are planting in our consciousness the seeds of adventure, an embrace of greater autonomy and affirmation of our being free to do, to say and be whatever our individual me might be.