February 9th – 15th

This week can be fun-filled with social gatherings and serendipitous meetings with people mysterious and intriguing. If we make the effort to reach out, we are likely to experience an exciting, thrilling encounter.

Creativity, pleasure and just being ourselves are keynotes for this week.  Although our serious side may try to keep us focused on the routine details of our life, our spirit is calling out to explore, stretch and discover new aspects of ourselves.  Planning or taking a trip, whether physically or in our imagination, helps broaden our perspective and allows us to consider the ideal.

The idyllic is what we are likely to be craving this week.  We could find that our intention brings actual results.  Let’s trust our intuition and give wings to our imagination.  Remember that the only true limitations in life are those that we impose upon ourselves.  This is a week to believe that even the impossible is possible.

The latter part of the week could seem very dreamy.  Our idealistic and spiritual nature can come forward and urge us to take into account options and alternatives that our rational mind might discount.  This is a week to dream, to spend time with kindred souls and to avoid the naysayers who might want to rain on our parade.

Monday, February 9th – By the Light of the Silvery Moon – Leo Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course.  Monday starts the week with the Leo Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse.  The Moon opposes both the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius.   With the Sun conjunct Neptune on Thursday, we have to be careful this week not to buy into the images and appearances without checking the facts.  We could easily fall into a disposition towards wish fulfillment, looking more to a brighter future than dealing with present reality.  The energy this week does allow for popularity of the huckster, the snake oil salesman and the realtor with prime property in a swampland.  We could be very moody today, even to the point of throwing something akin to a temper tantrum if we don’t get our way.  Let’s keep in mind the tendency of market psychology to swing between the two extremes of greed and fear.  Those two extremes could be playing out today, so we need to watch out for volatile whipsaws between the two.  This Monday is a day when we want what we want and are willing to suspend good judgment to believe in realizing our dreams, even if they are unrealistic fantasies.  Much of the energy today occurs in the first part of the day.  As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for ten hours, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo.

Tuesday, February 10th – Separating the Chaff from the Wheat – Pluto.  Tuesday allows us to be far more realistic.  Thanks to the Virgo Moon trine Pluto, we can have a reality check where we look behind the wizard of oz screen, pull back the curtain and see what is truly going on.  Not that we are done with the illusions or buying into appearances.  No, but at least we can be more grounded today and look at the details and specifics of a situation to see if it really holds water.  Today is a good day for us to analyze and to blueprint our proposed actions.  We have the ability today to deal from a best practices approach.  We can see what projects are important to us and what activities waste our time.  Attending to various details, resolving outstanding matters are good uses of today’s energy.  Now is a time for us to use critical evaluation and not to be enamored with hoped-for conditions.  We can pick things apart, look at the fundamentals and get to the core of any situation today.  It would be wise to do so since much of this week’s energy allows for flights of fancy.

Wednesday, February 11th – Texas Two-Step – Saturn, Uranus, Mercury.  Wednesday puts us back on the dance floor with our two dance partners of the Saturn Uranus opposition.  The Virgo Moon today conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus.  The Moon also trines Mercury.  This Wednesday could be one when we might feel on overwhelm both as a result of everything that is on our plate and also due to possible unexpected situations arising that demand our attention.  Yes, the Saturn Uranus opposition that began this past Fall and runs into the middle of 2010 is engaged today.  We may feel that we are taking one step forward, two steps back, two steps forward, one step back.  The more that we can strategize and streamline our operations without getting blown out by overload or emotional whipsaws the better we can navigate the swirling currents of these times. We might have the wish to throw out the baby with the bath water, looking to rid ourselves of responsibilities and embracing the freedom of a blank canvass upon which to create our future.  Nice concept, but let’s always keep in mind that if we don’t deal with the old baggage, then that old baggage is likely to permeate and impact our future plans and actions.  Today is a day when we might go back and forth between what needs to be done based upon past obligations and what we want to try for our future.  We just need to get the rhythm of these times, the Texas 2-Step if you will, and keep pace with the music.

Thursday, February 12th – Anything is Possible – Sun, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Jupiter.  Thursday gives greater impetus to Monday’s Lunar Eclipse by means of the Aquarius Sun conjunct Neptune today.  Added to the airy quality, the Libra Moon reinforces the Aquarian energy by trining both Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius.  We can be in a wonderland of fantasy today.  We might not be that well grounded but instead find ourselves meandering in netherland, or is that neverland?  Today is a day when we can see all sorts of possibilities with ourselves as the main character in a Disney-like adventure.  Like a helium balloon untethered and floating to the higher realms, we could be floating on air without considering the practicalities or the realities.  Apart from the Aquarian trines, the Libra Moon creates a Cardinal T-Square with the Moon square Pluto and opposed Venus.  We may be prone to listening to those who encourage our most outlandish prospects.  We are not interested in the structure or the format.  We might even convince ourselves that our actions today, not matter how rash, are part of our manifest destiny.  This Thursday is a day when we need to keep a rein on our imagination and not accept everything at face value, especially those things that play to our desires and entice our wish fulfillment.  Today is a day to be wary of those who promise the world, hold out offers that seem too good to be true, and talk about a paradise world readily available but far different from our present conditions.  Politicians may be out in force today, assuring us of better times and lollipop futures but probably not telling us the facts or the potentially negative liabilities.  Anything is possible but we have to be aware of what the costs might be to realize our possibilities. 

Friday, February 13th – Not Really Triskaidekaphobia – Neptune.  Friday continues with the land of make believe that much of this week, except Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, seems to be about.  Today the Libra Moon trines Neptune.  We may not be fearing Friday the 13th but we might be finding excuses to get together with good friends or a social occasion.  This Friday can be quite pleasant.  Other people may prove enthusiastic sounding boards for our plans and our intentions. But whatever encouragement we receive, let’s also appreciate the fact that this week is very much like a walk into Fantasyland.  We may feel we have slain the dragons, that the worst is behind us and that we are about to embark on a walk in the park.  Lovely and certainly it is not a bad idea to see the half glass of water as half full instead of recent months when everyone has been seeing it as half empty and emptying further as it sucks up everything in its path.  While we might look at life in a more rosy hue today, it would be wise to try and keep our feet on the ground.  Things may seem far more appealing than circumstance would warrant.  A touch of realism would be suggested.  It’s not bad that Nero fiddles, but let’s keep the fire brigade on hand.

Saturday, February 14th – Afternoon Delight – Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Mercury Aquarius.   Saturday is Valentine’s Day and begins with the Libra Moon trine the Sun and square Mercury.  Today can be quite delightful and we are likely to have plans with friends and loved ones.  We are feeling upbeat and we could be intending to be quite generous on this special day of appreciation for that special someone[s] in our lives.  We may have grandiose ideas as to how to celebrate the day, but some of our plans might not have all the kinks ironed out or the details sufficiently vetted.  Let’s be certain to provide the specifics of our plans to those we intend to dance with today.  As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Libra and moves into Scorpio, where it sextiles Pluto.  We may start the day with a ‘devil may care’ attitude, willing to enjoy ourselves and fete others with no expense spared.  But as the day unfolds, we become far more aware of how we can get the most bang for our buck, able to focus on bargains and deals.  From a cavalier attitude, we become far more focused, far more intent, and looking to get mileage from everything we do and every expense we accrue.  Today also has Mercury moving out of Capricorn and entering Aquarius reinforcing the Aquarian Stellium of three or more planets, with Mercury joining the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign.  We now have five, count ‘em five, planets in Aquarius.  Our focus turns ever more towards our future and our associations with others.  We are more interested in the distant horizon than our daily battles.

Sunday, February 15th – Spare Change? – Mars, Jupiter.  Sunday often has a television schedule of various talking heads offering commentary on the state of the world and the aspects of various conditions.  With today’s Scorpio Moon square Mars and Jupiter we may hear various naysayers regarding plans for the future indicating both certain proposals as being unworkable, not accomplishing their intended goals and asserting diminishing resources to try and attain our goals.  While we might hear this on the various so-called ‘news’ programs, we could also feel that way regarding ourselves.  Although much of this week could have had us walking on cloud nine, all the while oblivious to what was truly going on in our lives and in the world, today could be a cold slap across the face or frigid water dashed upon our plans.  We might question whether our resources truly allow us to cross the bridge from our past into a different future.  We might feel as if we were behind the eight ball, unable to move forward or to make changes, due to our limited resources and the pressing needs of our present commitments.  Outstanding matters might demand our attention and not allow us to be distracted by our hoped-for future.  Today could be a little intense.  While we could actually work smarter rather than harder, be far more effective even with limited resources, the key factors today are avoiding falling into a funk and negating any extreme sense of not being able to make changes due to the restrictions of limited resources.  Today calls for thinking outside the box, not buying into the apparent reality and being open to the magic of these times.  Let’s keep in mind the sense of balance.  For much of this week we might have felt we could wave a magic wand.  Today allows us to see that no magic wand will work but that we can devise streamlined methods and alternative approaches that might be far more productive than old habit patterns.  Spare change?  Why not?  We just have to be smarter and willing to get the most out of our resources — our abilities, our time, our finances.