February 23rd – March 1st

Things are far easier in concept than in reality.  And this week can have us talking the talk and almost incessantly.  We have the gift of gab and we could win people to our side by our persuasive powers and our insistence.  Our mind has taken on a very expansionary tone.  While the ideas can come fast and furious, they may not always be practical or doable.  Let us meander through our imagination of possibilities.  But let’s also recognize that the actual realization of some ideas may not come to pass.  Not that we should dampen our enthusiasm.  During this tumultuous and, at times, rather difficult period, it is important that we try to be exuberant and optimistic without heavy expectations that if we think it, it will be so.

Practicality is not a strong point this week.  We might feel we have to attend to certain obligations, but our preference is to put our responsibilities aside and live for the moment.  Whether we attend to our responsibilities or not, they will be more demanding over the next two weeks.  Now we are far more interested in ideas, thoughts, possibilities and prospects.

Social occasions this week can be fun and even engaged on the spur-of-the-moment.  Our impulsiveness is strong and it would be wise to heed the counsel of Joseph Campbell: ‘Follow your bliss.’

This week is a time to be on the go, sample various delights and enjoy sparkling conversations with other people.  Over the weekend we may want to regroup and spend some time by the home hearth.


Monday, February 23rd – A Wonderland of Delights – Mars, Neptune.  This Monday starts a splendiferous week, even if far better in the abstract of our fantasies than in pragmatic reality.  Coming off a weekend in which we may have engaged in the game of possibilities, and quite likely engaging in the game since hard, cold reality right now really seems awful; we continue tripping through the meadow of what could be, our desires and our wishes.  With the Aquarius Moon conjunct both Mars and Neptune and having already hit off by conjunction Jupiter and Mercury yesterday, we are far more interested in our prospects and our future than in our daily obligations and responsibilities.  And if we can gather together in a group of kindred souls seeing the potentials rather than the reality, then all the better.  It’s great to consider options and alternatives, but it would be wise to maintain awareness regarding where we are and what it might take to get us to where we want to go.  While we might have our head in the clouds, it would be important to have our feet somewhere near the ground.  If we accept the conditions of our mind meanderings, then we can engage in our hopes and wishes without going off the deep end and assuming that we can realize them through some secret, a magic wand, or believing it to be so.  This Monday is a good day to chat with friends, consider alternatives to the focus and ways of our doing our lives but all with a safety harness keeping in mind where we are and what our present circumstances demand.

Tuesday, February 24th – Our Mission, Our Destiny – Mercury, Jupiter, Pisces New Moon, Pluto, Sun.  Tuesday gives us the Pisces New Moon, and this lunation is strongly impacted by the two universal Signs of Aquarius and Pisces.  At the time of the Pisces New Moon, there are seven planets in Aquarius and Pisces, creating two Stelliums of three or more planets in each.  The Stellium in Aquarius has Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign.  The Stellium in Pisces has the Sun, Moon and Uranus in the Mutable Water Sign.  We may feel larger than ourselves.  We might have the sense of our mission and our destiny, both as individuals as a global community.  Today is a day when we can feel inspired with both our intuition and our insight fully engaged.  Mercury conjuncts Jupiter so we are likely to feel optimistic, confident and excited about a New Age, a paradigm shift occurring that can be earth-moving, all with the fundamentals of ideals, spirituality and compassion engaged.  This lunation with the Sun Moon conjunction sextiles Pluto.  Some of our many thoughts of potentials and possibilities over the last few days can now be honed down to what really could work and how best to structure and implement our desires.  We don’t want to waste our time on the superfluous or extraneous.  We want to focus on what we feel called to do, listening to an inner voice, a higher power, for guidance.  We do have to be sure that our reception is clear, that there isn’t a great deal of static, and that we don’t get carried away with our enthusiasm, optimism or exuberance.  Otherwise, we could lead ourselves down a garden path, assuming that everything will work out the way we want it to work out because we wish it so.  Today does allow us to look at the specifics, the particulars and then decide between what is truly meaningful for us and what is merely a journey into fantasyland.

Wednesday, February 25th – Want to do, Got to do – Mercury, Venus, Saturn.  Wednesday can be a mixed bag, pulls between our desires and our responsibilities.  Mercury sextiles Venus and the Pisces Moon opposes Saturn.  Our thoughts and our discussions are likely to revolve around our personal interests, our hopes and our possibilities.  Our emotions could be somewhat heavy, feeling ourselves behind the eight ball and having to react to situations.  Old issues and outstanding matters might demand our attention and we could consequently feel torn between what we want to do and what we have got to do.  If we refuse to allow our emotions to rule the day, then we could be very effective in carrying out the tasks at hand and doing so in an upbeat manner.  Once we have taken care of our responsibilities, then we can go ahead and put our energies towards our future goals, our plans.  Interactions with others can be pleasant as long as we don’t feel encumbered by their needs or entangled in their emotional dramas.  Today is not a day to try and recreate our past for we could soon discover that old ways no longer are as effective as they once were.  The more we can be detached today and not get our emotions involved, the sooner we can be done with the tasks at hand and then turn our focus on what we would prefer to do.  We can advance our personal interests through new ideas and alternative approaches.  Let’s not rely on our past as much as using our past as a mirror to reflect back to us where we have been and where we no longer choose to go.

Thursday, February 26th – Changes and Restrictions – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Thursday starts the day with an emphatic ‘yes’ to making changes that free us up and allow us to explore new terrain.  We are not interested in the status quo.  We may be looking for adventure, want to try something new and different.  We could add some variety to our daily routine or else chuck it all with the idea that we are going to go with the flow and not be concerned about our routine obligations.  The day starts with a little bit of synchronicity, situations virtually coming up out of the blue and a recognition that we can no longer be whom we have been or do what we have done in the past.  While we may feel on the threshold of significant change to our lives, our sense may be more conceptual than practical.  For most of the day, over fifteen hours, the Moon is Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries late in the day where it squares Pluto.  We may start the day all aflutter with prospects for radical change and a desire to test out alternatives.  But our feelings might not find a true outlet and we could feel somewhat frustrated that our reality is not matching our desires.  We could feel victim to the vagaries of these times, the proverbial ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ to borrow from the English bard Shakespeare.  Whatever we set into motion to begin the day might not find full development or expression.  The energy can fall flat and much of the day could have us putting out fires or finding that things are not working out as planned and us sitting around virtually ‘waiting for godot’.  Late in the day with the Aries Moon square Pluto, we could feel as if we were at a breaking point, stymied by the circumstances around us and by the conditions we encounter.  We have to be careful that our champing at the bit and wanting to make dramatic shifts in our lives doesn’t propel us into no-win situations or any tendency to banging our head against the wall.  The day is far better spent considering our options but without acting on them.  Broadening our perspective and being open to possibilities may be exciting and might offer choices we hadn’t even considered.  But launching ahead without taking into account the itinerary or destination could have us heading off in wrong directions or engaging in actions that are merely a blowing off of steam.

Friday, February 27th – Going My Way – Jupiter, Venus, Mercury.  Friday could have us feeling back on track.  The Aries Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius and conjuncts Venus.  Our presentations could be quite impressive.  We have a style about us that can be winning, gaining us both attention and laudatory support for our projects and our involvements.  Today is a good day to start off in new directions, initiate projects that lift our spirit and stir our soul.  Friday is also a good day to get together with friends and discuss a litany of possibilities.  People may seem more enthusiastic, looking for a good time, and enjoying the prospects of their future.  No matter what is occurring in the world around us, we are upbeat and feeling good about ourselves.  With all this feel-good energy, there could be a strong dose of narcissism operating, with everyone preening and looking out for their own individual interests.  ‘Yes’ people are in vogue, and we are more interested in people who agree with us rather than those who might offer any opposition or direct confrontation to our plans.  It is a day when people had better be going my way or else hit the highway.

Saturday, February 28th – Letting it all Hang Out – Mars, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course.  The early part of Saturday continues with the Aries Moon and its sextile to planets transiting through Aquarius.  The Stellium in Aquarius was hit off yesterday with the Aries Moon sextile Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius.  Today the Moon sextiles Mars and Neptune in Aquarius.  The focus on ourselves continues with fantasies of the world we could create for ourselves. What a wonderful world it would be if we had a magic wand and everything we wanted or wished for could come true.  Certainly, in our mind’s eye many possibilities seem like potential realities, and our disposition towards wish fulfillment is strong this week.  Brainstorming and considering our options are very important ingredients for our future, but it would be wise to keep in mind that possibilities only become probabilities through our involvement, our willingness to make them so and with the good graces of things beyond our control by the universe being in synch with our desires.  While much of this week could have had us embracing possibilities and hoped-for conditions, Saturday does switch into a make manifest quality.  The day begins with our mental wanderings as the Aries Moon hits off Mars and Neptune.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets for close to ten hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus.  With the Moon moving into Taurus, we take on a far more grounded approach.  While we may have had our head in the clouds for much of the week, late Saturday provides more of a solid footing and allows us to consider our wishes on a more practical level.

Sunday, March 1st – Tempering the Fires – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Sun, Jupiter.  If we haven’t been consumed by our desires and our dance in fantasyland for much of this week, this Sunday provides a more tempering approach to our actions and activities.  Mercury conjuncts Mars, and we are still filled with thoughts of possibilities and where we wish to place our energy to realize future goals.  At the same time, the Taurus Moon today trines Pluto, sextiles the Sun and squares Jupiter.  We are far more grounded, far more practical, far more realistic in our perspective and consideration of our possibilities.  We can cut away the dross, temper the fires of our enthusiasm and truly see what is realistic for us to pursue and what would merely be wanderlust into a land of potentials with no true possibilities.  Our enthusiasm is still engaged but we are far more willing to critique, evaluate and consider the best course of action.  Today is a good day to regroup, restructure and get our feet back on the ground.  We may find ourselves both getting rid of certain things that are no longer useful and also purchasing things that would help us streamline our operations.  Today is a good day for both sorting through old matters and outstanding issues and also preparing and readying ourselves for some of the activities in which we might want to get involved in the future.  We may not be able to have it all but we can glean the most important areas we wish to develop.