February 16th – 22nd

This is one bubbly week when we may feel that there’s no stopping us.  Our confidence and optimism may know no bounds.  While that attitude can be especially pleasing, it could also trigger a tendency to take on too much. It is great to feel upbeat and positive, as we probably will this week, but it could also lay the groundwork for overexpansion, indulgence and excess.  I don’t want to put a damper on our good feelings but a little restraint might be called for.


If we’ll keep in mind the rhythmic cycle of expansion and contraction, this is a week when we can try out new things, broaden our reach and take on more projects and engage in more activities.  In so doing, it would be wise not to make heavy commitments as much as testing the waters.  Let’s try new things out but with the recognition that some we might want to develop further, while others we might choose to cast aside.


Our focus may be on the greater good, our compassion and ideals engaged.  Great sentiment but it will be important to be certain that any involvements not only work for other people but also serve us.


Over the weekend is a good time for a winter cleaning and clearing out.  Going through the clutter, whether material items or our daily schedule, and paring down will help us concentrate on the things that are truly meaningful for us.




Monday, February 16th – Stretching Beyond – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.  Monday starts the week off on a pleasant note.  The two ‘good guys’ of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are sextile one another.  We are looking to move beyond our normal activities and participate in something different, something that speaks to us and gives us a sense of freedom of movement.  This is a day when we might want to get together with friends, share our exploits or sound out our ideas for our future.  While we have this sense of expansion operating, we are also reining in our excesses thanks to the Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn, trine Uranus but also square both Neptune and the Sun.  While we want to expand and may feel fairly upbeat, we also have the ability of utilizing a best practices approach and streamlining our operations to see whether our plans are realistic or merely flights of fancy.  Evaluating, testing the waters and ridding ourselves of clutter would be a good use for this day.  We do need to be sure not to get carried away with our enthusiasm or assume that the worst is behind us.  We’ve gone out on the limb before and it’s important that we learn the lesson of critiquing and evaluating before committing for the long-term.  Let’s keep our optimism in good balance, plan our steps strategically and even play devil’s advocate to see where some of our plans might not fully work.  Strategizing and planning can go a long way in regard to the most effective means by which to realize our goals, while at the same time seeing possible holes in our plans and allowing us to focus on the truly plausible rather than just what we might want and how we might want it.


Tuesday, February 17th – Out of the Starting Gate – Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus.  Hopefully we used some of yesterday to blueprint and plan.  For this Tuesday is a day when we might want to go full speed ahead.  Mars conjuncts Jupiter today and we have both the physical stamina and the confidence to move mountains.  Added to this upbeat energy, the Moon is in Sagittarius prodding us to expand and extend our interests and our involvements.  And the Sagittarius Moon reinforces the Mars Jupiter conjunction by sextiling three of the planets in Aquarius – Mercury, Jupiter and Mars – and trining Venus.  This is a day when we can really go for it, but it will be essential that we keep our intended destination in mind and be aware of the itinerary and the ways by which we plan to realize our goals.  A very upbeat day, this Tuesday offers us the possibility of getting a great deal done and looking at our future plans with an optimistic and determined perspective.


Wednesday, February 18th – Two Stepping – Venus, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Sun Pisces.  Wednesday continues with the upbeat focus on our personal interests and our future goals.  On Monday, we had Venus sextile Jupiter.  Yesterday, Mars was conjunct Jupiter.  And today Venus sextiles Mars.  We may be operating on all eight cylinders wanting to put our mark and imprint on everything we do with some quality time spent on connecting with those who enjoy our company and other time spent on devising our goals.  We might assume that we are out of the woods, that we have a better handle on the vagaries of these times and that we can truly master our universe.  Lovely concept but where a problem arises is with the monkeywrenches being put into the spokes of our wheels.  Yes, our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition is also in play today, thanks to the Sagittarius Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Saturn in Virgo and squaring Uranus in Pisces.  We may be doing the two-step today between what we have to do and what we want to do.  While we are looking at broadening our reach, it is essential that we not neglect the details or the specifics and want to launch ahead sooner than would be wise.  We still have to maintain vigilance, keep alert to conditions that can turn on a dime and be fully aware.  These times demand that we be mindful, that we operate from mindfulness, maintaining detachment but also the observant awareness of what is going on and not merely fall back on old patterns or the desire of wish fulfillment.  We may be juggling a great deal today but it would be wise to keep in mind the old saying that ‘haste makes waste’. The Moon also sextiles Neptune today and the Sun exits Aquarius to enter Neptune-ruled Pisces.  The Sun is entering the last phase of the zodiac wheel before we come to the rebirthing of Spring.  Let’s remember to clean up after ourselves, not to move forward entangled with outstanding matters from the past and use some of this day for a good winter cleaning.  We may want to walk away from certain situations but let’s remember that even if we change our circumstances without addressing the old baggage, we bring the old issues along with us, which could truly hamper our future plans.


Thursday, February 19th – The Important – Sun, Pluto.  Thursday has the Moon moving into Capricorn where it sextiles the Sun and conjuncts Pluto.  Today we can get serious about our intentions and why we want to achieve them.  This Thursday is an excellent day to do inventory taking, for us to consider what is truly important in our lives and why, and what we are involved in that is merely busy work or superfluous without any true meaning.  We can sort through things, get rid of clutter and in the process see where we have been, where we have come from and where we wish to go.  Extraneous matters may go by the board.  We may feel as though our destiny is speaking to us, that we are more focused on our life purpose than just being in the arena.  We could be very reflective today, no nonsense, yet feeling the spiritual connection to our material world.   Part of these times is a prelude to the post-consumer society, whereby we are not solely interested in acquisition and getting more stuff that salves our wounds or briefly enlivens our world.  These times allow us to look at true reality, to discern what is meaningful to us and to determine our intentions for our future.  Today is a good day for reflection, contemplation and clearing away some of the debris of our past.


Friday, February 20th – Committed to – Venus.  Friday has the Capricorn Moon square Venus.  The soul-searching we might have done yesterday continues today.  We may question our identity and come to the realization that what we do is not who we are.  Instead of focusing on definitions of our selves, we may wonder whether we are being true to our individual selves or merely picking costumes of titles and identities that seem comfortable or, at least, socially acceptable.  This Friday is a day to consider whether we are marching to our own drummer or whether we have given up our individual responsibility and accountability to become one of the lemmings marching to the cliffs.  Some of us may go through an identity crisis whereby the activities of our lives are called into question as to whether they truly serve our individual purpose and are really part of our individual journey.  We may feel ourselves under obligation to do certain things based upon what other people expect of us.  And we might continue with old patterns and old identities.  We might also feel a niggling, like the grain of sand in the oyster, forcing us to question our actions, our opinions and our decisions.  Like the grain of sand, any irritation or aggravation within us can create the pearl, and for us the pearl is being true to ourselves and true to our life’s purpose.  It’s all about process and not knee-jerk reactions, and this Friday could have us deep in thought about our lives and how we are doing our living.


Saturday, February 21st – Tying Up Loose Ends – Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. The first three days of this week seem highly active, with exuberance, optimism and good cheer.  Since Thursday, we may have gone on a much deeper journey, a more internal time, with less outward expression as much as internal interrogation.  This Saturday gives us the Sun sextile Pluto.  A sense of transformation within ourselves could seem paramount.  We might feel uncomfortable in our own skin with a realization that changes are necessary for us to get back on track, to get back on our life path and to be focused on our life purpose.  The Moon starts the day in Capricorn where it trines Saturn and sextiles Uranus.  Our focus on this Saturday can be a winter clean-up, tying up loose ends, taking care of outstanding matters, disentangling ourselves from circumstances that keep us focused on the past rather than the future.  If we can use the energy early in the day to take care of errands, clean-up projects and attend to many of the old issues we have put off; then we can use the rest of the day to catch our breath.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over fifteen hours and for much of the day, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius late in the day.  The energy drops off but the evening could see us interested in socializing, taking in a movie or just getting off the track and enjoying ourselves.


Sunday, February 22nd – The Future is NOW – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus.  Sunday has the Aquarius Moon conjunct both Mercury and Jupiter and sextile Venus.  If we have dealt with our responsibilities, handled pressing matters and brought closure to unresolved issues over the past three days, this Sunday allows us to concentrate more on our future without being distracted by our past.  Today is a good day to explore, test the waters and spend time with friends talking about our plans and where we want to go.  The 22nd being a master number in numerology, and the number of the Master Builder, this Sunday is a good day to lay the groundwork of our future goals.  We can do so through brainstorming with other people, considering within ourselves what excites our passion and where we want to place our energies, and even testing the waters of new interests and new activities.  Get-togethers with other people could prove very productive, since we are all likely to be feeling rather inspired, or at the very least, able to think outside the box.  Let’s remember that these times talk about the possibility of things changing rapidly and dramatically.  This Sunday is a good day to consider the world of our possibilities and to even try some of them out.