January 26th – February 1st

This week is the final week of the three-week Mercury retrograde. Sunday brings us Mercury turning direct. From what I have heard, witnessed, even experienced, this Mercury retrograde has been a doozey. More than one person, myself included, found computer crashes, internet blackouts and the bearing out of Arthur Clarke’s prescient warning of Hal, the computer gone control wild in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Along with problems associated with the informational superhighway, there have been travel difficulties and episodes of miscommunications. The travel difficulties included the miraculous forced landing of a US Airways jet into the Hudson River without a catastrophic consequence.

The miscommunications may have been a blessing in disguise, certainly in the case of the oath of office administered to US President Barack Obama. Due to the ‘flub’ of the oath of office on Inauguration Day, January 20th, the oath was administered correctly and officially on January 21st at 7:35 PM. The change in charts is dramatic, the latter being a far better chart for the administration than the former, and especially with the Moon no longer being Void-of-Course.

We still have a week to go with this Mercury retrograde, so let’s gird our loins, check and recheck, add on additional time to get things done, and cut everyone, including ourselves, some slack. We’re not all playing with a full deck this week, and there could be some extra jokers thrown in.

Apart from dealing with the Mercury retrograde, this week also has the Aquarius New Moon, which is a Solar Eclipse, and the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Earth Ox.

This week allows us to take a cold, hard look at our lives and the people in them. While we are looking towards our future and our goals and plans, it may be necessary for us to consider what baggage we are bringing with us in this next phase of our life’s journey. Serious consideration of those people and situations that are more of our past and not right for our future could have us bringing closure and completion to those elements of our lives we intend to leave behind.

Eliminations may be difficult. Some people might question our intentions and even downplay our dreams. Let’s be sure to check the source, check their agenda before we accept other people’s opinions of our intended actions.

We don’t have to make any precipitous movements this week. Much will be revealed. Our analytical mind is strong and combined with revelatory insights, we will often get the right answer if we will take time to consider matters and keep our ears up and our eyes open for signals along the way.

It would be wise for us to plan our actions methodically. Time spent blueprinting and considering possibilities will help things move along. It is not as important to initiate actions this week as much as planning our approach. Let’s not be hampered by people’s needs. A powerful time, this week allows us to give serious thought to where we have been, where we are, and where we may choose to go in the future.

Monday, January 21st – Year of the Earth Ox – Mercury, Venus, Aquarius New Moon, Sun, Solar Eclipse. Today begins the Chinese New Year, and this year gives us the Earth Ox. We can accomplish, be productive but especially if we recognize that some of our movements are likely to be plodding, one step at a time. It will be important for us not to put blinders on, become narrow-minded or stubborn. While this Monday gives us the Chinese New Year, there is a Solar Eclipse and Mercury sextiles Venus. We have a Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius, with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign. We also have a Stellium in Capricorn with Mercury, Mars and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. We may feel as though we are engaged in a tug of war between our past and our intended future, between our responsibilities and our desire to break free, between the definitions of ourselves and who we might want to be. If we don’t carom between old and new (and that’s one of the key tests for us until the middle of 2010 thanks to the Saturn Uranus opposition) but rather draw upon the best of the past without being limited by our past, then we can explore, investigate and consider options and alternatives for ourselves in a grounded, focused manner. Whether we celebrate the Chinese New Year or see the beginnings associated with a New Moon, we are in a period when it would be wise for us to consider our future and recognize that we are not doomed to repeat, or re-create, our past.

Tuesday, January 27th – Strategies or Delusions – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday has the retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars. Today we can blend nicely our brain with our brawn. We don’t have to get martial but we can use our energy in a concentrated and well-thought out way. Whatever we need to do today, we can do so effectively and expeditiously. We can devise strategies and methods to easily accomplish our goals. Although we have the reasoning mind and the physical stamina to make things happen, where a problem might arise would be with what things we are trying to make happen. The Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune today. On the one hand, we could have some great ideas or plans but they might not be wholly realistic. We could get a bug about something and with our focused energy follow it relentlessly, even perhaps winding up marching down a yellow brick road of illusions and fantasies. We have to be very aware regarding where we place our energy today. For once placed, we could find ourselves moving mountains to achieve our purpose. Before we launch forward today, it would be wise to make a list of activities we wish to accomplish and then go over the list to be certain we haven’t thrown in a bizarre interest that could take us heading off in god knows where. After conjuncting Neptune today, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces. The energy dies down which might prove to be a good thing, especially if we have been caroming from one thing to another without a well-ordered plan of action.

Wednesday, January 28th – Drawing from the Essence – Pluto. Even if we found ourselves stepping in it yesterday, Wednesday allows us to straighten things out. Today, the Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto. We have the opportunity of using our emotional side and our intuitive sense to zero in on the truly meaningful. Our compassion may be engaged, and we might want to make the world a better place. Certainly we are likely to feel as if we have a mission, a purpose, and with that zealousness we could virtually move mountains. Today is a day when we can draw upon the conceptual with a best practices approach. We can cut to the core of a situation and with our passion engaged could accomplish a great deal and achieve our desires. We are not interested in the superficial today. We want to draw from the very essence of our being, the fundamentals of the situation and instill our vision with a focused and grounded method. Today is one of those days when we can have our head in the clouds and our feet firmly planted on the ground. This would be a good day for us to take inventory of our lives, to see what is superfluous and to be rid of, and what we can add that would make our heart sing and our spirit soar. Yes, today we could feel as though we were in seventh heaven.

Thursday, January 29th – Push Pull – Uranus, Saturn, Mercury. Today’s Pisces Moon engages our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition by means of the Moon conjunct Uranus and opposed Saturn. The Moon also sextiles Mercury which could prove the saving grace since our mind can focus and differentiate between what we know we need to do and the unexpected variables that are likely to come up and throw us off center. Thursday is a day when we may be aching to take a break, get down by the water, or just tune out by turning on some tunes. We might resist, even resent, our obligations, our scheduled appointments and the daily grind of our lives. Ah, yes, grasshopper, it might be far preferable to hop away and avoid dealing with tasks at hand. But it is by dealing with our responsibilities that we might actually be able to consider options and alternatives. Sounds like a conundrum, doesn’t it? And it is this conundrum of Saturn Uranus, old and new, tradition and avant garde, that through countless and repeated opportunities of dueling with the two energies, the opposite energies are no longer a duality in conflict but instead a synthesis, somewhat akin to the suspension bridge from the past into our future with a tendency to go back if the suspension bridge starts to shake or we enter a discomfort zone to retreat back into the familiarity of habit until we realize that our path is ahead and not behind. Instead of reacting to the push pulls of the Saturn Uranus, we can use the Mercury to figure out the most productive means of making our way without creating tsunami-like waves in our lives.

Friday, January 30th – Knocking Down Blocks – Mars, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter. Friday begins with the Pisces Moon sextile Mars and conjunct Venus. We may get engaged in some project or activity by reason of our sincerity and desire to help out. It’s a great sentiment but increasingly we need to be more cognizant of time management and more effective with less expenditure of energy. We cannot get side tracked by problems that don’t concern us. We can offer advice, provide support and give encouragement, but it is not right for us to take on other people’s karma. We have enough of our own to deal with. And yet when our compassion is triggered, we often want to fix things and make it right for the other person. Our Friday could start that way. We could feel someone else’s pain and want to get involved. If we do so, then we had better be certain that we can handle our responsibilities as well. That could be an issue as the day progresses, for the Moon moves into Aries where it squares Pluto. Our sense of self and self-affirmation could run counter to what we are scheduled to do. We might even experience a retribution for doing our own thing or not handling things according to the prescribed schematics. Let’s not bang our head against the wall. If we find resistance, let’s recognize that we don’t have to confront it head-on. We might be able to step to the side or just wait for the energy to shift, which it will do. For after squaring Pluto, the Aries Moon sextiles Jupiter. While there could be a blip on the screen with us feeling thwarted and frustrated, the energy shifts and we may find that alternatives are far easier now than they were a little while before. Friday night is a good night to get together with friends, especially those people who are upbeat and determined to march to their own drummer.

Saturday, January 31st – Feeling Good About Me – Sun. Saturday can be a ‘feel good’ kind of day. The Aries Moon sextiles the Sun in Aquarius. We are looking at emphasizing our personal self, looking to discover new worlds, and even willing to step off the track and explore unfamiliar realms. This is a ‘me’ day, a day when we don’t want to be hampered by plans, commitments or expectations. We just want to be, to do whatever we choose to. The last day of January and we’re looking to be spontaneous, act on impulse and be in the moment. This is also the last day of Mercury retrograde with Mercury stationary. Yippee with an aaargh! We do need to watch our driving, our travel plans and our communications. Whenever Mercury is either turning retrograde or turning direct, the potential for dysfunctionality can be heightened. Let’s keep track of where we are going, what we are doing and not lose our tempo or our place.

Sunday, February 1st – Getting Down to Business – Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Mercury direct. Well, we dodged that bullet, or did we? Even if we didn’t take a direct hit from this Mercury retrograde, there could have been some collateral damage with shrapnel wounds. But today Mercury turns direct. If we have suffered transportation problems, computer glitches or miscommunications and misunderstandings over the past three weeks, we can now make amends and repair the damage. But things today could still be a little schizzy as Mercury finds its forward rhythm. The day begins with the Aries Moon square Mercury, sextile Neptune and square Mars. We shouldn’t have too great expectations regarding what we can get done today. Our minds can be jumping around with all sorts of ideas and we could even wind up spinning our wheels, champing at the bit to get on with things but not really clear about the priority of what things need to get done first. After a short hiatus for the Moon to finish its transit of Aries, the Moon moves into Taurus later in the day where it trines Pluto. Even if we have been hither and yon today, not getting much accomplished except for an occasional get-together with someone, the latter part of the day allows us to get down to business. We can determine the salient points we need to address and effectively plan for our week ahead.