January 19th – 25th

This week, we may feel life has taken a sudden, far more positive turn. A sense of exuberance and excitement for the future can put us in a right frame of find. Yes, this is a week when we may be walking on the sunny side of the street. Optimism and confidence could be the linchpins for our plans and goals. Now is a time to go for it. Not only do we feel more upbeat this week, we have a great ability to combine the practical with the conceptual. Taking plans and putting them into action can be done in a methodical, strategic manner. We could be humming on all cylinders.

Let’s not forget our responsibilities, but let’s avoid getting overly entangled. The push-pull between old and new might demand streamlining our activities, doing things in a different and more effective way. Life is speeding up, and it is important for us to pick up the pace.

Get-togethers with other people can be a great deal of fun. We need to be careful of those people who are enmeshed in their problems and their issues. There is the old saying: ‘misery loves company’. I suggest we not make it our company. If people want to grouse and whine, we should let them be. No parade rainers for us this week. We’re looking for good times and new interests.

The future is now. Let’s take care of what needs to be done but also stretch, trying out new activities.

Monday, January 19th – I Have a Dream – Venus, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Sun Aquarius. Monday is Martin Luther King Day in the US, a federal holiday and the last day of a long weekend for some. Today has the Scorpio Moon trine Venus and Uranus in Pisces, sextile Mars in Capricorn, sextile Saturn in Virgo and square Neptune in Aquarius. This Monday also has the Sun exiting Capricorn and moving into Aquarius. We start the week considering a best practices approach to streamline our activities, focus on the threshold of change and ready to work smarter rather than harder. Today is a good day to clear the decks, rid ourselves of the extraneous and consider a world of new possibilities. There is a saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. We may not have to eliminate everything and work from scratch with a blank slate, but today would be a good day to do some inventory taking, evaluate what works for us and what doesn’t, and clean out some of the ‘what doesn’t’. We may feel inspired, able to expedite matters and ready to cross a threshold into the new and different. Although there are some great energies for us to work with today, it would be wise not to jump at situations that seem positively brilliant without checking the facts or taking into account the particulars. By weeding our garden of activities and interests that are largely diversions and distractions in our lives, we make room for our truly significant interests to grow and develop, and also provide space for new activities to come forward. A sense of magic is in the air. Let’s remember that magic are those things that come out from the blue, that are not so much of our making as much as our attentiveness through peripheral vision to opportunities. Yes, this day offers us a sense of the wonder of it all.

Tuesday, January 20th – Hail to the Chief – Sun, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter. Tuesday the 20th sees a tsunami-like change in the appearance of the US, for today Barack Obama is scheduled to be inaugurated the 44th President of the United States. After the recent volatility and increased discomfort in the US, many people might assume that the change in Administrations opens up a brand new day. And in deed it does. While the change might appear dramatic and epoch-changing, we shall see if the emphasis upon change can be fully embraced or if the ‘same old, same old’ of politics will solely reinforce business as usual. The day may start off slow for us, since we begin the day with the Moon Void-of-Course as the Moon makes no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius where it sextiles Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter, all in Aquarius. Although the 20th Amendment to the US Constitution states that the President is inaugurated at 12 Noon on January 20th in Washington, DC, it would be far preferable for President-elect Obama to take the oath of office at 12:31 PM, or after, in order to avoid the Void-of-Course Moon in the Administration Chart. While the day might be slow-starting for us, once we get in gear we can be off and running, focusing on our interactions with other people, looking to the future and concentrating on our hopes and plans. The Sun conjuncts Mercury today. Our mind is likely to be active, reflecting on all sorts of possibilities, and even making the seemingly impossible real. While this upbeat attitude can be a major factor in our thinking that all things are possible, it would be wise for us to go slow in implementing some of our plans. We may have the wind to our backs, feel as if we have come out from a long-drawn nightmare, but our sense of practicality could be somewhat missing. This Tuesday is far better to celebrate the potential of good times rather than try to make them so today. Interactions with other people, social gatherings and even our own contemplations can allow us to see potentials, future plans and hoped-for situations. This Tuesday is a strong upbeat kind of day.

Wednesday, January 21st – Making it So – Mercury Capricorn. Wednesday doesn’t have a great deal of energy. The Sagittarius Moon doesn’t make any connections with the planets. The major energy for the day is the movement of the retrograde Mercury exiting Aquarius to go back into Capricorn. Our thoughts are more grounded. We can see the structure, means and methodology regarding how we can implement our visions into practical reality. This Wednesday is a good day to blueprint our strategy, focus on the nuts and bolts of our situation and determine how we can approach our activities in a best practices way. We may not want to implement our plans as much as check and recheck. If there are outstanding matters we have needed to address, today is a good day to go back over things, straighten them out and bring them to conclusion. New plans can wait for a more auspicious time to launch forward. But any thing that has been hanging over our heads or in need of revision could be dealt with today.

Thursday, January 22nd – Off and Running – Mars, Uranus, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday we can be out of the gate at breakneck speed off and running. This Thursday has Mars sextile Uranus and Venus conjunct Uranus. Serendipity is in the air. Contacts with interesting people, feelings of infatuation and going for the gold of doing our own thing are all part of the energies today. Whatever we have planned we might find that we’re far more interested in doing things on the fly, spontaneously, impulsively, adventurously. Yes, this Thursday could prove great fun, BUT we do have to watch that we don’t go on overload. The day also has a Lunar T-Square thanks to the Sagittarius Moon square the Venus Uranus conjunction in Pisces and square Saturn in Virgo. Our old nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition is in play asking us to deal with, juggle, balance or be pulled between the old and the new, between the definitions we and other people have had of ourselves and a desire to break free and explore the possibilities. We may veer more toward the new and different today. We certainly are not interested in same old, same old. We want to go for it and we’re willing to break all the rules if need be. The Moon also sextiles Neptune, so we are likely to see a kaleidoscope of potentials and possibilities. The Moon does go Void-of-Course for fourteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn. We may start the day like the Mad Hatter feeling that we’re late for a very important day. The thrust of off and running could see us through the rest of the day but it may wind down as we go along. Perhaps we’re just exhausted by the myriad of new adventures.

Friday, January 23rd – Taking a Breather – Pluto. After the whirlwind of Thursday that might have taken us into new terrain and given us a sense of being an Indiana Jones with our own bucket full of grand adventures, Friday could have us taking a breather. The Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto today. We might take the cornucopia of yesterday’s events, adventures, incidents, and new concepts and reflect on what was really going on. Any extremes from yesterday can be whittled down and we might be evaluating our new insights and paring down to the essence of what really was offered us. Having seen a world of possibilities, we can also gain a second wind regarding what is truly important for us and what we really want to do with our lives. We can take a breather today but we can also formulate the essential ingredients of how we want to create our future. This Friday is a day to build upon rock not upon sand. That which is built upon sand could easily fall apart today. The differentiation between strength and flimsiness can help us determine interests we want to pursue and those that were only flights of fancy.

Saturday, January 24th – Serious Intent – Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Uranus. Saturday is a day when we can “git ‘er done” to borrow a blue collar comedy affirmation. There is a great deal of energy today, much of it highly productive if we don’t squander it from maudlin sentimentality and getting enmeshed in other people’s problems. Not that we can’t help, mind you. We can be highly effective today but it would be wise to keep in mind that some people like to play the victim role, no matter how much they might protest it be such. This Saturday has the Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mars tine Saturn, Venus opposed Saturn and Venus sextile Mars. Added to this power pack of energy, we have the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus, trine Saturn, conjunct Mars and sextile Venus. Today is one of those days when we can move mountains, figuratively if not literally. We are feeling upbeat, confident, ready to take on the world but doing so in a focused manner and with serious intent. We do have to watch our emotions. Our compassion could be easily engaged and we might get involved with a no-win situation if we hear that small inner voice call out ‘there but for the grace of god…’. If we don’t get sidetracked by other people’s needs or neediness, this day can be a truly primo day when we can accomplish a lot, enjoy ourselves in doing so and still have time to have some fun.

Sunday, January 25th – Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter. Sunday could start off slow unless we have been burning the midnight oil continuing on with our high level of productivity on Saturday. Our mind is still cranking late on Saturday early Sunday with practical thoughts of ‘how to do’ scenarios thanks to the Capricorn Moon conjunct Mercury. After that flurry of ideas and thought, Sunday moves into a Void-of-Course Moon with the Moon not making any planetary connections for close to ten hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius. Perhaps we are feeling a little winded from yesterday’s high energy day. Even if we still have matters to attend to, the Aquarius Moon conjunct Jupiter may have us far more interested in social gatherings and getting together with friends rather than continuing on with our focused intent. It’s Sunday, after all, a day of rest, relaxation and re-creation. We may feel that we deserve some downtime especially in light of the fact that we may have been on overdrive on Thursday and Saturday. Besides, it’s the dark side of the Moon with tomorrow’s New Moon and a Solar Eclipse.