January 12th – 18th

There is a strong spiritual and idealistic tone to this week. We may be called upon to take care of a relative or a close friend. We could find ourselves counseling someone as to how they can best deal with their own issues. By taking into account alternatives, we can assist other people without getting entangled in their problems. An encouraging word can go far in uplifting others. Social engagements over the weekend can be fun encounters and offer insightful glimpses into close friends.

This week, let’s take time for ourselves and consider our options. Getting off the track, going somewhere unfamiliar can provide us with a fresh perspective and offer remarkable insights. We could discover ways to streamline our daily routine and create more ‘free’ time for ourselves. A balance between work and play is called for.

Unexpected situations, bumping into interesting people and working with peripheral vision, may make this week a truly exciting time. We might feel a sense of awe and wonder as life seems to work well without our having to do much about it. Surprises and exciting opportunities could put a smile on our face and a spring in our step.

This week is a time when things can work well. We do have the beginning of the three-week Mercury retrograde, so it will be important for us not to take things for granted but rather check and recheck before progressing further.

This is a week when less is more. Let’s maintain an upbeat attitude, let things unfold and take advantage of situations that open up to us. With little effort and a willingness to adapt to shifting conditions, we could accomplish a lot.

Monday, January 12th – Wassup? – Mercury. Monday starts the week, the first full week of Mercury retrograde, with the Leo Moon opposed Mercury. Just because we want things to be a certain way, doesn’t mean that they are or that they will fall into place as we might assume. We need to recognize that options and alternatives are always enticing but not always realistic. Our communications today could be a little off. People may be pontificating, trying to make their point through force of character rather than reasoned thought. Today is a day to take all things with a grain of salt. If we have a presentation to make today, it would be wise to go over our bullet points more than once, both to be sure that we have listed all the essential factors and to avoid meandering through a long-winded explanation that could prove more confusing rather than enlightening. Everyone could be a little self-focused today so it would be wise not only to see things from our perspective but to also take into account other people’s viewpoint as well.

Tuesday, January 13th – Grounding into Reality – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Late Monday and early Tuesday the Leo Moon opposes Neptune. We are still prey to being enticed by images and appearances. Both Monday and early Tuesday could have us seeing the grass as greener and buying into the Wizard of Oz screen without pulling back the curtain to see what is really going on. The beginning of the week could have us seduced by appealing possibilities. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo where it trines Pluto. From having our head in the clouds, lost in the reveries of possibilities, we become more grounded, more focused on the details, the specifics and the particulars. If we haven’t gotten carried away with our desires or our sense of what we could do in a perfect world, this Tuesday allows us to structure our plans, take care of our responsibilities and expedite our daily routine. Tuesday is a good day to take care of business especially as the day progresses. Reality takes the place of our imagined possibilities. The second half of Tuesday allows us to accomplish a great deal. Outstanding matters can be dealt with, necessary errands taken care of. From a la-de-da attitude of the past two days, we become more no-nonsense, fully aware of the conditions in which we are operating and more effective in dealing with our lives.

Wednesday, January 14th – Finetuning or Maudlin Sentimentality – Venus, Mars, Uranus. Wednesday has the Virgo Moon opposed both Venus and Uranus and trine Mars. After yesterday’s high level of productivity, we might feel on Wednesday as though we could conquer the world or at least play savior to the mess that other people have generated. We have an energetic drive and passion today but it will be essential that we are discerning regarding where we place our energies. We could easily fall prey to the beseeching of other people to fix their problems, enter their emotional dramas and rescue them from their own creations. Nice concept for a dysfunctional caretaker, but it would be wise that we not get overly entangled in other people’s messes. I often suggest to people an addendum to the old saying of ‘misery loves company’. I add on that while misery loves company, just don’t make it your company. Unexpected situations could arise that test our compassion. Although we might want to help other people with their problems, it would be important for us to consider whether our help would really remedy the situation and if we would get entangled in a no-win situation if we did give assistance. There is so much going on in our lives that we have to be truly discerning regarding what we get involved in. This Wednesday is a day for us to maintain a rein on our emotions, consider a best practices approach in everything we do and be adaptable to shifting conditions.

Thursday, January 15th – What Have You Done for Me Lately? – Saturn, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Jupiter. I wonder whether we have noticed the push pulls that seem to go on with the energies nowadays. It seems that when we concentrate on one area of our lives, another area pops up that demands our attention. It’s like the old Arcade game of the mallet and the gopher: with mallet in hand we try to bang the gophers that pop up at different times and in different spaces on the game board. Should we say no rest for the weary? Certainly it seems as though life has become incredibly volatile with different themes and different demands popping up at different times on a daily basis. This Thursday begins with the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn and trine the Sun. Our sense of responsibility may be strong as we start the day. We may feel the weight of our commitments heavy on our shoulders. Although we might want to be doing something else, including having some fun, we deal with what needs to be done. For that, we can gain a sense of self-satisfaction with the realization that no matter how difficult the circumstances of these times might seem, we’re actually working it. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for eight hours as it finishes its transit of Virgo making no further connections to the planets before the Moon enters Libra where it squares Pluto and trines Jupiter. If we have gone out of our way for someone, we might not receive proper appreciation. Relationship issues could come to the fore with a tug of war between our personal interests and the demands of another person. We might even question whether we want to continue the encounter or the connection. We may look at broadening our circle of friends or consider the revolving door with some people exiting our lives and new people entering our lives. If our connections have been solely for social advancement, we may find such an allure to be fading. Increasingly, we could be more interested in those people that march to their own drummer, dance to their own tune and willing to do their own thing, express their individuality without the underlying constraints of social correctness.

Friday, January 16th – Take Five – Mercury, Mars. Friday has the Libra Moon trine Mercury and square Mars. This is a day when we might want to extend the weekend and add on this Friday. We are far more interested in conversations, discussions, catching up with friends and making those important and not-so-important phone calls. We do have to watch that our interactions with other people today don’t become a tug of war between differing interests. We could be a little too accommodating or slightly more belligerent than the circumstances warrant. Let’s try to maintain the balance between our needs and the needs of the significant people in our lives. A leisurely lunch or lolling over a coffee or tea today seems far preferable to our tasks or what we need to get done. For some in the US, this upcoming weekend is a long weekend with Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday for most, adding Monday as a day off. Yes, we could create a mini-vacation by adding Friday to the next three days. Even if we have work to do or stay around home base, we may be far more interested in enjoying the cool side of life of downtime and cruising into our pleasurable activities rather than the arduous, duty-ridden routine.

Saturday, January 17th – Good Times, Good Friends – Neptune, Sun. Saturday continues with the Libra Moon which today trines Neptune to begin the day and later squares the Sun. We may want to continue focusing on just having a good time, catching up with friends, or sharing time with our loved one[s]. We can consider all sorts of possibilities, let our minds wander into the realms of even the seemingly impossible, and might even feel that if we wish it, it will be so. This Saturday is a day to enjoy ourselves, not feel hampered by our obligations or errands on our ‘to do’ list. We do continue with the Libra Moon square Capricorn planets that we had yesterday with the Moon square Mars and today with the Moon square Sun. We could feel a little out of sorts. There could also be that tug of war between what we want to do, which would seem primarily taking some downtime, and the expectations we either place on ourselves or that other people have for us. If we could jump off the track this weekend, leave our responsibilities behind and just laze the weekend away that would probably be our preference. Even if we turn a blind eye to our tasks at hand, we may not be able to get away from all of them. If we do take time for ourselves this weekend, it would be wise to keep an eye on our commitments and our obligations. We can take a breather from our daily routine, but we can’t totally walk away from our mundane concerns.

Sunday, January 18th – Over the Top – Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto. The tug of war we might have experienced since Friday between our own personal interests and the needs of the significant people in our lives could continue on this Sunday. The Moon moves out of Libra and enters Scorpio where it squares both Jupiter and Mercury. This day also has Mercury conjunct Jupiter. On the one hand, we might be looking at being minimalist, cutting away the excesses, whether those excesses are some of the grandiose plans we might have hatched over the past two days or excesses in going out of our way and being a little too generous to other people with our resources of time, energy, monies. This Sunday could be a real whipsaw. Our thoughts are engaged with broadening our scope, widening the realm of possibilities and expanding our activities and involvements. Such ‘head in the clouds’ concepts could run counter to the practical reality of our daily existence. And, thus, the battle is on — a battle between our hopes, wishes, desires and the reality of our time, energy and finances. We have to be careful not to go to any extreme today, for like a metronome we could swing widely between extremes of over-generosity and over-parsimony. At the same time, if we have indulged our fancies, we could also whittle away some of the excesses and indulgences. Similar to the past two days, we may feel like a tug-of-war between how we would want our lives to be and the hard, cold reality of present conditions. The more we can lessen the extremes, the less the whipsaws would be.