December 8th – 14th

This week is a time to emphasize our personal needs. Spreading our wings could give us a greater sense of freedom, but we do have to watch for the wing-clippers who want us to conform. We can do our own thing, put our imprint on our actions but still maintain a decorum that doesn’t rock the boat.

Friday could be one intense day. People may be very much on edge and ready to unleash their frustration without a moment’s notice. Mindfulness is called for with increased awareness of everything we do and say. Accidents could be prevalent so avoid being impulsive and consider the conditions and circumstances. This day is fraught with liabilities for outrageous ventings, discussions turning into nasty arguments. Let’s keep our eyes wide open, maintain equanimity and count to ten before reacting. Friday could exhibit irrational behavior and extreme, over-the-top actions. We don’t have to hide under the covers. We should just be aware, vigilant and not engage in one upmanship.

Things can quiet down over the weekend. We might decide to spend time in the comfort of home and family. If we received a lashing on Friday, the weekend could be used to lick our wounds, catch our breath and regroup.

This week allows us to explore our personal interests, do our own thing. But being off the field out of firing range on Friday should be considered. The extremes of Friday die down with an ability to comfort ourselves on the weekend.

Monday, December 8th – Stretching our Wings – Mars, Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury. Monday starts the week with the Aries Moon trine the planets in Sagittarius: Mars, the Sun and Mercury. The Moon sextiles Neptune and squares Jupiter. This day can be a day when we stretch our wings, broaden our realm and delve into situations that are both exciting and a sojourn into unfamiliar territory. We are likely to feel enthusiastic and optimistic as we embrace a sense of ‘awe and wonder’. There can be interesting interactions with other people and the consideration of all sorts of possibilities for our future. The one thing we need to be careful of is the tendency to do too much, take on too much or commit to too much. We may feel like a shooting star, blazing across the midnight sky, lighting up the sky and providing a dazzling display. But like a shooting star, we might also burn ourselves out by extravagance or overextension. This Monday is a primo day when we are likely to feel on fire, ready to put our mark and our imprint upon things. Let’s keep in mind the reality of cycles. We can seize the day but with the recognition that this high energy may not be maintained through the rest of the week. It would be wise to pace ourselves, to make a splash today and then solidify and alter as we continue on through the week.

Tuesday, December 9th – Establishing the Fundamentals – Pluto, Venus. Tuesday gives us a Taurus Moon which trines Pluto and squares Venus. While yesterday we might have been all over the place, in high gear and willing to take on all possible events; today could have us focusing on the truly important and putting far less emphasis on the extraneous or the triflings that we might have engaged in yesterday. We are looking for the substance and the essentials today. Tuesday is a day when we can get far more serious and build upon solid foundations. Those who have seen us in a lighter mood, a more ephemeral expression may be shocked by the sudden seriousness of our demeanor. No matter, for this day is one to filter through our life’s circumstances, take an inventory of our involvements and concentrate on that which has a deep purpose and eliminate that which is merely a distraction. We seem far more solid today. Yesterday our appearance might have been charismatic but today we show the depth of our strength and our resilience. Tuesday is a good day to take things from the abstract and begin to create the parameters by which to turn concept into manifestation.

Wednesday, December 10th – Fine Tuning the Changes – Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Jupiter. Wednesday provides an opportunity for us to come to some startling realizations, the ‘ah-ha’ moments of insight and sudden understanding. This Wednesday has the Sun square Uranus. We may be champing at the bit to make significant changes to our lives. It would be wise to bear in mind that the journey begins with a first step and then is taken step-by-step. Although we might have the inclination to make some sweeping changes today, the more we can restrain ourselves, the more effective we are likely to be in making ‘right’ changes. It is important to remember that change, even miniscule change, has a life of its own. Once begun, changes can take us down different pathways and lead us into different directions. Therefore, the more we can appreciate the process without getting enamored with our perceived destination, the better it would be. Fortunately, we have the Taurus Moon which today sextiles Uranus, squares Neptune and creates an Earth Element Grand Trine by the Moon trining Saturn in Virgo and trining Jupiter in Capricorn. If we take our time, emphasize the fine tuning of changes, we are likely to find that we can streamline our activities, adapt to the unfolding conditions and come up with the most expeditious ways to realize our goals. Let’s realize that our goal or our intended purpose may shift and change as we move along in the process. This Wednesday can be highly productive day, as long as we let go of our expectations and be open to the possibilities and the realization of insights that are likely to come our way.

Thursday, December 11th – Enjoying our Interactions – Venus. Thursday is the 11th, a master number in numerology, the number of the visionary. Today the Moon is in Gemini and trines Venus. This Thursday can be an especially pleasant day. It may not be a high energy day but then the earlier part of the week offered us that. Today is a day when we can rest upon our laurels, reflect upon what we have accomplished over the past few days, take a breather and prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s Full Moon. This Thursday is a good day for social gatherings, taking time for conversations and just enjoying our connections. We can use other people as sounding boards, discussing ideas and allowing a stream of consciousness to clarify our plans and our purpose. We may want to juggle a number of things today but many of them may serve primarily as diversions from our daily responsibilities. Yes, this Thursday may be a day when we jump off the track, loll about and focus more on thoughts and ideas than in pragmatic or concentrated action. Calling up friends, considering holiday plans and giving thought to our future goals would be good ways to use today’s energy. We may not be in high gear and that’s all right. We might need to catch our breath for some of the incidents that could occur tomorrow. As many of the situations can be unexpected, the best preparation today would be to get some rest, relax and recharge our batteries.

Friday, December 12th – All Hell Breaking Loose – Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Gemini Full Moon, Lunar Grand Cross, Neptune, Mercury Capricorn. Friday could prove one intense day. Sorry, perhaps I’m not being emphatic enough — INTENSE. This Friday has a great deal of energy, but the energy seems all over the place with the liability towards knee-jerk reactions, impulsive actions and possible accidents or actings-out. The Full Moon brings to culmination the fortnight that began with the New Moon back on the 27th of November, a time concurrent with the Mumbai terrorist attacks. This Friday could have a sharp reflection of what went on back then. We may feel that the world is ablaze. For ourselves, this Friday demands that we be ever vigilant, that we keep our eyes wide open, our antennae up and be prepared for unexpected situations that could arise. Mars squares Uranus, Mercury moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto, and the Sun squares Saturn. Add to the intensity of these energy configurations, the Moon in Gemini is a Full Moon and creates a Mutable Sign Grand Cross by opposing both Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius and triggering our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition with the Gemini Moon squaring Uranus in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Virgo. Yes, this Friday could almost seem apocalyptic IF we let the energy get the best of us. This Friday demands that we be nimble and quick, that we be attentive to the shifting conditions and that we not be stuck in our expectations but rather go with the flow, although today’s flow may seem more tsunami-like than gentle waves. People may be on edge with the likelihood of irrational behavior and belligerent attitudes. Friday is a day to go slow, pull in the reins and not get caught up in the whirlwind of activity and emotion that is likely to surface. The one saving grave to the day is the Moon trine Neptune. Although situations may force us to look at the immediate circumstances, it would be wise and healthy to take a longer view and consider the bigger picture. Today is not a day to put on blinders and focus on a micro-perspective. Rather, it is essential that we take a macro-view. This day could prove exhausting and depleting, especially if we get caught up in the swirls of emotions and activities. This is a day to count to ten before reacting, a day when it would be wise to slow things down and not jump to conclusions. If we can get off the track and take a detached view, we might also find that we can see what is truly going on. This Friday is one of those days when life seems to turn upside down. It is essential that we keep in mind that there are times when things seem to go to an extreme before righting themselves. This Friday could prove to be one of those days.

Saturday, December 13th – Push Pulls – Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Saturday still feels the ripple effects of yesterday’s Full Moon. If we have not gotten caught up in the craziness of yesterday, then today could prove a great deal more placid. The Sun sextiles Neptune today, and we might feel as though we have greater potentials and opportunities as a result of the intense shifts yesterday. It’s as if everything were stirred up, the ingredients mixing wildly and now the conditions have changed. Today is a good day to consider our plans in light of recent changes. The Moon is in Cancer where it opposes both Pluto and Mercury. We might seek the comfort of home but we may also have a sense of what we need to do, meeting our commitments and accomplishing our tasks at hand. We may feel the push pulls between stepping off the track, catching our breath, recharging our batteries and the responsibilities of our daily life. It would be wise to take some time today to appreciate the beauty in nature, the deep connection with family and friends, and the cycles in life with its crests and troughs. We can reflect upon some of the changes in the world at large and consider how we can best navigate the unfolding conditions without falling prey to a sense of victimization. Saturday is a day to enjoy ourselves. Even if we have plans made, it would be best to take some time to do whatever we want to do without the compunction of what we have to do.

Sunday, December 14th – A State of Grace – Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon which today trines Uranus, sextiles Saturn and opposes Jupiter. We might want to make changes around our home, move things around, or restructure the way we do things. In these times, we are being asked, even forced, to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. While some major blips could have come up on the screen on Friday, today provides a settling down from the intensity of these recent times. Making plans for family get-togethers and social occasions over the holidays can help us right our focus and concentration. Although we are living during extremely volatile times, we can keep our attention on the good things in our lives: our family, our friends and the comforts of home. We might want to spend more time around our home today, fixing it up for the holidays and going through a clean-up by getting rid of the outworn and outdated and possibly adding a splash here and there to make our living space more like a sanctuary. It would be wise to avoid over-commitment today. We might overspend, be overgenerous or just find ourselves willing to do too much. The key to these times is to concentrate on the truly important, the essential and not get immersed in mindless distractions or entangled in people’s dramas.

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