December 29th – January 4th

This week brings an end to 2008 and a start to 2009. We may feel excited about the prospects of 2009 and thankful to leave 2008 behind. Getting together with other people before the new year can be invigorating and provide an added impetus to start 2009 on a new footing. Let’s share our thoughts of forthcoming planned changes with kindred souls, and enjoy a respite from our daily routine. We can allow ourselves to revel in the world of possibilities, for this end of year and beginning of the new year is like a blank computer screen on which we can draw, write, and post all our hopes and wishes, a time when even the seemingly impossible can appear real.

The last days of 2008 offer the opportunity of bringing closure to the year and preparing for the year ahead.

No matter our plans for New Year celebrations, whether raucous parties or a quiet interlude, we might give thought to writing our wish list of those situations and circumstances we wish to see in our life ahead. If we make a wish list for our year ahead, or what some might call our resolutions for 2009, we should do so not in the future tense of ‘I want’ or ‘I wish for’ but rather as if a present reality such as ‘I have’, ‘I am’.

A key factor this week is to realize that everything takes time. We can give impetus to our hopes and our goals by seeing their reality in our mind’s eye. How they occur and when they occur is truly secondary, the power of intention primary.

Let’s all give toast to a Happy New Year, 2009, the year of the visionary.

The first few days of 2009 may have us feeling like we are rolling a boulder up a mountain. Outstanding matters and old issues could demand our attention and force us to address them. Remember: the keynote of these times is to work smarter rather than harder. No matter how we do it, now is a time to expedite situations, do more with less and take care of responsibilities all the while seeking to develop new interests.

Resolutions made for this year can be advanced this week. We may feel a drive and a determination to meet challenges and succeed through the use of innovative means. If we put our nose to the grindstone, we can accomplish a lot. We might also find that things go smoothly once we get the ball rolling. There can be an easiness this week in getting things done, but the best way to approach things is to have several irons in the fire, going from one thing to another.

This is a week of completion and of initiation. We may feel on top of things and able to combine brain with brawn. We can find the best ways to accomplish tasks and have the energy to do so.

After a week of taking care of our responsibilities, let’s be certain to have some fun over the weekend. There is always more to do, but it is important to take a break, relax and enjoy ourselves.

Monday, December 29th – Expanding the Options – Jupiter. The early morning hours of this Monday has the Capricorn Moon conjunct Jupiter. We can give serious thought to what we want to do and how we want to do it. We can create appropriate structures by which to expand our scope. Today is a good day to get things in order, take care of issues that need to be addressed before the end of the year and tie up loose ends. We have a drive for accomplishment as though clearing the decks in order to focus on our options and alternatives. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Capricorn and enters Aquarius. If we have taken care of our responsibilities early in the day, we can take some time to consider our alternatives and even act on impulse. Our thoughts may be more focused on our future plans rather than our daily tasks. We could reach out and make contact with friends or seek to do things on the spur of the moment. We are looking forward to the new year, appreciative of the change even if that change seems only a change of years. All of us are likely ready to leave 2008 behind. We may not be fully aware of the liabilities that lie ahead but we are certainly feeling less encumbered as a result of the possibilities of change that 2009 might offer us.

Tuesday, December 30th – Reveries. Tuesday continues with the Aquarius Moon, but today the Moon makes no contacts with the planetary energies. There is not a great deal of energy on this Tuesday. We could putter about, taking care of certain matters but it is unlikely that we shall get a great deal done today. We might even feel as though we were waiting for Godot, passing time by, perhaps making some calls or making contacts but unlikely to feel compelled to accomplish much on this day. This Tuesday might be best spent looking over the passing year and seeing how we can free ourselves up from any limitations or inhibitions as a result of the shift in circumstance, both personal and societal, during this passing year. Reveries allow us to consider the past, like some recapitulation or walk down Memory Lane. Reveries also provide an opportunity of considering possibilities that we might not have had time to give thought to or situations that seem so far beyond our daily norm. Let’s remember that we are in process of crossing a threshold of a paradigm shift from the way life has been lived into a far more magical, mysterious time. Some of our greatest scientific advances have come as a result of a hiatus, taking time from the day-in, day-out grind to reflect, lost in reveries, and allowing the mind to wander. As one scientist advised his colleagues after voicing the ways of his scientific discovery: ‘let us dream, gentlemen.’ This Tuesday is a good day for us to dream, reflect and give ourselves time for reveries.

Wednesday, December 31st – Good Friends, Good Cheer – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Saturn retrograde. Wednesday is New Year’s Eve, a day when we gather with friends to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. This Wednesday has Mercury conjunct Jupiter and for much of the day the Aquarius Moon which conjuncts Neptune and conjuncts Venus. We are likely to feel quite upbeat. Even if we see the global economy as a mess and our net worth less now than it was six months ago, we may feel that we can handle the challenges and accept our ability to turn any lemons into lemonade. This Wednesday is a good day to be with friends and family. There is a strong camaraderie to this day. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Aquarius and moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto. There can be a certain spiritual quality to this day, a sense akin to the mythological bird, the Phoenix, rising from its ashes to soar ever higher. We can toast the year past as one which we have survived, felt the truth to the saying that ‘adversity builds character’, and now prepared to rebuild or build anew on the ashes of this past year for brighter days through better ways.

Thursday, January 1st – Endings and Beginnings – Mars, Sun, Mercury Aquarius. Happy New Year! Thursday begins the New Year of 2009 with the Pisces Moon sextile both Mars and the Sun. This is also the first full day of Saturn retrograde, a retrograde cycle that lasts through the Winter and into the middle of May. Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel and with the Moon in Pisces today sextile two planets in Capricorn, we could find ourselves dealing with some old issues. We may still be celebrating the New Year’s Eve parties, or experiencing a hangover from the night before if we overly partied. Our emotions are likely to be quite strong and we may feel it incumbent upon ourselves to tie up loose ends. With Saturn retrograde, we could feel a sense of winter hibernation, a tendency for withdrawal and taking time for ourselves. With Saturn retrograde, it is important to recognize that things may take longer than we like. Structures may not be as strong as we like, so it is essential that we evaluate and re-evaluate as we go along. Mercury in Aquarius fuels our thoughts with possibilities for our future, options and alternatives beyond our daily norm, a desire to get together with friends or seek out new friends, and a focus on creating greater autonomy, expressing our individuality and doing things more on a whim than by schedule. We may start to suffer the Winter doldrums, so if we do let’s consider where we could go if we could go and how we could get out of Dodge, even for a brief vacation.

Friday, January 2nd – Back in the Middle Again – Uranus, Saturn. Friday activates the Saturn Uranus opposition, with which we have been dancing since last November and continues to be our perennial dance partner into mid 2010. Today has the Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus and opposed Saturn. We may be looking to have a ‘mental health’ day today, seeking to play hooky from our schedule and our responsibilities. This Friday is a day when we may feel pushes and pulled between what we want to do, unexpected situations arising and tasks at hand demanding attention. We could easily fall into a funk, feeling victim to circumstance. But why go there? We do need to learn to juggle, not get too excited about events beyond our control and recognize that we are at a time when the push pulls between old and new are dramatically engaged. No worries, if we will fully appreciate the fact that these push pulls provide a honing, an ability for us to adapt to changing conditions and a recognition that old ways may have been sufficient in the past but are no longer functional in the present and could be downright dangerous in the future. Today is a good day to write our plans in pencil with a large eraser in hand.

Saturday, January 3rd – Putting on the Brakes – Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus Pisces. Late Friday, early Saturday the Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter before the Moon enters Aries where it squares both Pluto and Mars in Capricorn and sextiles Mercury in Aquarius. Venus exits Aquarius and enters Pisces. We may be gung-ho on this Saturday wanting to perform miracles, or at least, perform some outrageous and over-the-top act. We can be feeling good about ourselves, looking to put our mark on our lives and willing to be generous to a fault. While we are ready to go full blast, we might feel that we are being reined in, restricted or limited. Any limitations could prove a healthy restraining factor, preventing us from being excessive. It might not be our favorite, launching forward quickly only to be halted, but that does seem to be the energy for the day. If we can be aware of this thrusting motion with a sense of the brakes being firmly applied, then we can work with the energies. Let’s keep in mind the two-step, where we put one foot forward, take two steps back; two steps forward, one foot back. Keeping this energy pattern in mind could prevent us from overreacting or possible accidents. If we launch forward unrestrained, we might be liable to accidents or excesses that could prove difficult to amend. People may be belligerent today, wanting what they want without due diligence of considering the likely impact or possible consequences. Venus moving into Pisces can increase our sense of compassion, a desire to help out other people, but doing so could be a tricky business since we have to be certain not to take away other people’s lessons or issues they need to address.

Sunday, January 4th – Good Tidings – Venus, Pluto, Sun, Neptune. Venus sextiles Pluto on this Sunday, and the Aries Moon squares the Sun and sextiles Neptune. Our idealism may be fully engaged today. Our relationships can go to depths far beyond the superficialities of conversation or the shallowness of slight interactions. Today we could fully empathize with the journey of other people. We can ‘feel’ their pain, appreciate their uniqueness. Heart-to-heart conversations, soul-to-soul interactions could be strong on this Sunday. It is a good day for us to intermingle, engage other people and encourage social interactions. We may have to put some of our own personal interests on the back burner, but we have more to gain in the camaraderie of friends and contacts. The sense of community may stir our interest in developing a best practices approach to our responsibilities and provide other people an objective sounding board regarding their unresolved matters and how they can deal with them in order to bring them to completion.