December 22nd – 28th

The beginning of the week could have us considering where we are and where we are going. A sense of making important changes to our lives can be front and center. Let’s give thought to what we want to bring into the new year and what we want to leave behind. Clearing the clutter in the early part of the week opens the door to celebrations of Christmas and holiday gatherings.

Mid-week has us feeling enthusiastic and exuberant. Serendipitous meetings, contacts that are unexpected but exciting can put a spring in our step and a glow in our heart. We may have a sense of a new birthing going on for us. There is. We should enjoy the celebrations but take note of epiphanies of consciousness that make us aware of what we want to do and where we want to go in the future. The magic of Christmas is the recognition of miracles and wondrous happenings that occur without effort, without cause.

The weekend offers us a chance to voice our new-found hopes and wishes. Someone could prove an important sounding board, helping us temper and hone our new goals. Sunday can be explosive, but the blasts may be birthing pains of new growth.

This week celebrates the mystery of transformation, a time in which we can reflect on where we have been and through the power of our will intend our life to have true meaning and purpose in our future

Monday, December 22nd – Metamorphosis – Sun, Pluto. Like the caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis as the butterfly, we too may feel on this Monday as though we want to go through a metamorphosis, a transformation, a drastic and dramatic change to our lives and the ways by which we have been living them. The Sun conjuncts Pluto and we have the Moon transiting through Scorpio. Today is a day when we can seriously look at restructuring our lives, tearing away the old and outworn, to be replaced by either the new or the reconditioned. The 22nd in numerology is the number of the Master Builder and today we have the ability of considering how we can build for our future. Our focus may be more on eliminating the dross, the superficial and the irrelevant. First, we need to clean up and clear out the clutter before we can establish the foundation stones for our future. This Monday may be a day to do inventory taking, accounting for elements of the past and questioning whether we want to bring certain matters into the future or whether best to leave them behind. These times call for us to be lean and mean, to cut to the core and not to be distracted or diverted by the frivolous. We can go through our ‘to do’ list and strike out those things that don’t have true meaning or purpose for us. The more we concentrate on the truly significant, the stronger we shall build upon rock and not upon sand. People may be intense today but the intensity is one based upon the need to come from the essential, the substantial with little time for the socially correct niceties.

Tuesday, December 23rd – Picking and Choosing – Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune. Tuesday continues with the Scorpio Moon which today sextiles Mercury, squares Venus, trines Uranus, sextiles Saturn and squares Neptune. We might find ourselves looking to streamline our operations. Whatever we have on schedule today, it will have to work for us or we are likely to scrap those plans. We are looking at being more effective with less expenditure of energy. Today is a good day to see what technological advances we can incorporate in our lives to make things run more smoothly and expeditiously. We could consider some of our plans and decide that we just don’t want to go there. Some of our holiday plans, even some of our intended gatherings with people, may be called off because they don’t truly fit in with our interests or seem more obligatory than fun. Like Santa Claus, we might go over our list of holiday plans and check those things that are nice and let go of those things that are not so nice. If we clear some way from our overbooked scheduling, we might discover spontaneous opportunities to have fun, engage in adventure and come to realize that we don’t always have to make things happen as much as being open to the serendipitous, situations that arise from out of the blue. Let’s pick and choose where we place our energies and ourselves today.

Wednesday, December 24th – Out of Here – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. Wednesday has Mercury sextile Uranus. The day begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile Jupiter, and then the Moon moves into Sagittarius. Suddenly, we may feel as though a burden has been lifted. While the past two days could have had us micro-focusing, looking at what to cut back on and concentrating on clearing things away; this Wednesday feels like the dawning of a brand new day. Whether we physically travel or broaden our scope through our communications, we are looking at getting off the track of our routine and stepping into a more expansive realm. This Wednesday is a day to keep our antennae up and work with peripheral vision. The opportunities today lie outside of our normal realm. We may get some marvelous insights, hear about situations that give us a thrill and connect with people in a mysterious way by bumping into them or connecting with them in a destiny-driven way. Even if we have felt on overwhelm the past few weeks, months; today gives us a sense of magic and miracles. It is Christmas Eve and there is a moment when the world is still and we are able to transcend the mundane concerns of our physical life to feel and sense the wonder of different ways, different worlds. We have the opportunity of lifting the veil of maya and feeling the peace and serenity of universal order.

Thursday, December 25th – Happy Christmas – Uranus. Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, this Thursday adds a little sparkle to our lives. Today the Sagittarius Moon squares Uranus. Things may not match our expectations but in so doing it allows us to see that we are not always in control of situations. How liberating! This Thursday asks us to be different, to try different things, explore new realms but all with the sense of being open and receptive and not feeling that everything has to go according to plan, our plan. The day can be somewhat paradoxical. On the one hand, we might feel upbeat and expansive. On the other hand, if things don’t live up to our expectations, whether conscious or subconscious expectations, we could feel victimized, at the vagaries of circumstance and conditions. The beauty of the day lies in our willingness to recognize the truth to the idea that the universe often has far greater plans for us than we could have imagined for ourselves. We may need to be nimble and quick today, adapting to shifting tides and changing conditions. But isn’t that the beauty of life? Our appreciation of the unexpected with a sense of adventure and our willingness to shift and change as situations warrant.

Friday, December 26th – Straightening Out – Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. This Friday has Mercury trine Saturn. For much of the day the Moon is transiting Sagittarius where it sextiles Venus, squares Saturn, sextiles Neptune and conjuncts Mars. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto. Today we can get things in order. This is a highly productive day, a day when we may get together with friends, when we can attend to various errands but also a day when we might easily skip over certain details. We may have a lot on our plate today but it would be wise to keep in mind the adage: haste makes waste. If we take our time today, we can accomplish more than we might realize. We can attend to outstanding matters, connect with those people we want to ring up before the end of the year and begin to line our ducks in a row regarding what we want to finish up before the end of the year and what resolutions we want to make for the forthcoming year. This Friday is a good day to straighten things out, especially in light of tomorrow’s New Moon that allows us to focus on new beginnings. Let’s take care of outstanding matters in order not to bring the old baggage into the new year and into the New Moon fortnight.

Saturday, December 27th – What Could Be – Venus, Neptune, Capricorn New Moon, Mars Capricorn. Saturday gives us the Capricorn New Moon with six planets in Capricorn, as Mars moves out of Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn. We also have Venus conjunct Neptune. This Saturday is a day of new beginnings, a time when we can truly ground our intentions for the year ahead, focus on the truly meaningful and consider our goals and how we might best realize our hopes and dreams. Today is also a day when we can fully appreciate the significant people in our lives. We see the true potential in people and recognize the soulful connection with others. Let’s consider our possibilities, even those possibilities that seem so far beyond reality. This Saturday allows us to dream our dreams but also provides the thrust and incentive to come up with a best practices approach by which to realize our goals. This is a day when we can have our head in the clouds with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Now is a good time to make our resolutions, to list our intentions by means of a wish list or a treasure map. The former has us writing down all the things we wish to see, be and achieve in the days, year ahead. In so doing, it is essential that we write our wish list in the present, as though already realized. Writing things down as ‘I have’ or ‘I am’ rather than ‘I want’ or ‘I would like’, the former affirming the realization, the latter always putting beyond into a future. A treasure map can be a poster board or bulletin board whereby we place a picture of ourselves in the middle and then surround ourselves with pictures, images, affirmations of what we would choose to have in our lives. This Saturday is a great day to gather and affirm our intentions.

Sunday, December 28th – No Two Ways About it – Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury. We shall feel it over the next two weeks, the Mars Pluto conjunction exact today. The Moon in Capricorn today sextiles Uranus, trines Saturn and conjuncts Mercury. This Sunday reinforces the sense of restructuring that we as individuals and as a society and as a global community are going through. This can be an explosive period, but a time when the explosions can be implosions or blasts that blow up elements of our past in order to ready for the future. By this time, there should be no doubt that we can’t go back to previous ways, that the old program no longer works. We may realize by now that we have to do a rebuilding or start from scratch with new parameters, new conditions and new ways of accomplishing things. On an individual level, today is a good day to consider where we have built upon rock and where we have built upon sand. That which has been built upon rock may have to be restructured or reworked. That built upon sand may be swept away, no longer relevant for us. People may be on edge today, reacting either to actings-out or to the sense of eliminations. Few people like change, especially when forced upon us. But we are living during dramatically changing times. While we might not see clearly the road ahead of us, our task immediately is to get rid of the dross. There is a wise saying that states the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. Let’s see what we can get rid of, loose ends we can tie up and situations we can divest ourselves from. By doing so, we create room for the new, the innovative and the adventurous.