December 15th – 21st

We might start the week on overwhelm and exhausted, especially if last week knocked us for a loop. If it didn’t, we should count our lucky stars. This week we may be looking to have a good time, enjoy holiday celebrations. Some of the get-togethers could seem more like obligations than fun gatherings. Never mind, let’s just find the right holiday garb, put on a happy face and assume that we’re on stage able to express our creative side. Some contacts might open up interesting doors for future activities.

Mid-week continues with the preparations for holiday plans, tying up loose ends of the year and readying for the new year. There is no need for us to feel under the weight of outstanding matters. Although unexpected situations could add to the list of things needing to be done, taking things step by step and utilizing a best practices approach can accomplish many of the necessary tasks. Nose to grindstone might be called for before the weekend.

The weekend is a time for an intimate special occasion. Parties can be enjoyable but we might prefer quality time with our significant someone. This is a time for us to take a risk of being vulnerable by being open and expressing our feelings. We may find that they are reciprocated and certainly not discounted.

This week we can readily balance holiday parties with attention to details. Moderation in all things will help us keep everything in balance — on top of commitments and enjoyment of holiday celebrations.

Monday, December 15th – Scraping Along – Mars, Saturn, Venus. Has the holiday season already gotten to us? There may be more than one person out there, apart from Scrooge himself, muttering ‘bah, humbug’ to the whirlwind of activity associated with this holiday period. We might feel as though we had enough on our plate not to add the necessary preparations, activities and engagements this holiday season may offer or might demand. Although we all could use a break from recent mundane reality and the anxiety-provoking headlines of lay-offs, cutbacks and recessions, today our sense of being somewhat blocked, limited or just on overwhelm could knock the wind out of our sails. Mars squares Saturn, which can have us feeling somewhat restricted, champing at the bit but also questioning whether we have the strength, the energy or the resources to push on through. We do need to be careful that we don’t gloss over the details or the specifics with the intention of just making things the way we want them through the sheer force of our will. On the positive side, this configuration is the last of the Sagittarius-transiting planets square to Saturn that we have encountered since earlier this month. Old issues, outstanding matters might have gotten in the way of our plans and dampened our enthusiasm, but we are moving into the second half of the month which seems far more enjoyable and serene. It may only be a sense of tapping into the holiday spirit, or spirits, and negating the news of the world. That’s okay. We all need a break from the hand-wringing and fear-mongering that commentaries on daily events seem to give us. We also have a Leo Moon today, which opposes Venus. We may feel enthused by our desires, knowing what we want to do. That’s all well and good if our conditions warrant it, such as living alone on an isolated island. But if those are not our circumstances, then we could experience some pushes and pulls between what we want to do and the consensus of what other people might want to do. The primary issue today is not for us to get too self-involved, assuming the world has to bend to our will. If we can restrain our impulses, not get caught up in our own self-absorption, then this day may have some stops and starts but doesn’t have to provide real headaches that we might have to address later on. Let’s take care of old issues, outstanding matters, cut ourselves and everyone around us some slack, and be certain to embrace, even if just for a moment, the cheer of these holiday times.

Tuesday, December 16th – Reach Out in the Dark Now – Mars, Neptune, Sun. After yesterday’s Mars square Saturn, today we have Mars sextile Neptune. Even if we had a bit of a tug-of-war with someone yesterday, today we can resolve conflicts and make peace. We may be looking for a win-win situation whereby everyone wins and no one loses. We continue with the Leo Moon, which today opposes Neptune and trines both Mars and the Sun. Our focus might be more on parties, celebration and feel-good sentiments. We may be looking at our possibilities and considering a very wide breadth of potentials. We can think about all sorts of plans, intentions and future involvements. But let’s recognize that we can probably accomplish more in our mental constructs than in practical reality. Often things seem easier to achieve in our ideas than in pragmatic manifestation. Today is a day to reach out, to emphasize the positive and yet not to discount reality. It may be a fine balance but with so much emphasis recently on constriction, contraction, restriction and limitation, today is a good day to see the half glass of water as half full and not as half empty, as many of today’s commentators seem to emphasize. This day is one when we could experience the old saying that ‘the best things in life are free’. We might be looking for pleasurable activities and we can certainly find some at this time of year with various holiday celebrations, street fairs and festivals taking place. If we have been out of touch with someone for a while, today is a good day to reconnect. But in reaching out, let’s not impact our intention with any expectation of how our making contact is likely to be received. Today is a day to let go of expectations and just enjoy the magic and mystery of these times.

Wednesday, December 17th – All the Right Pieces – Pluto, Mercury. Even if we have solely been having some good times this week without concern or consideration of our tasks at hand, this Wednesday is a day when we can put all the pieces together, make preparations both for our holiday events and also for our future goals. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Virgo where its trines both Pluto and Mercury. If we have taken on too much over the past few days, this Wednesday is a day when we can seriously look at our calendar and determine what we truly need to do, what we can eliminate and how we can best attend to the activities in which we wish to engage. Today is a day when we can address the details of our lives, get a fair amount done both in regard to our mundane affairs and to our plans for our future. If we need to take a breather from holiday parties or pleasurable activities to concentrate on our practical goals, today is the day to do it. Everything seems to fall into place. We’re not glossing over the details but rather acutely aware of what needs to be done and how we can best achieve it. A clean up and clear out would be called for today. We can rid ourselves of clutter, clear the decks and prepare both for our commitments and also ready for the unexpected. And it could come none too soon, taking into account tomorrow’s energies.

Thursday, December 18th – Tangled Web – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Saturn, Mars. Okay, we might have thought everything had turned and that instead of conflicts, arguments and unexpected matters arising we had moved into a far more placid timeframe. This Thursday could give us a wakeup call and bring us back into the mix or tug-of-war. Today’s energies trigger our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition. The Virgo Moon today creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Saturn opposed Uranus and square Mars. This day might have us dealing with old issues, unexpected matters and even put us on the defensive. People may be back to seeing the half glass of water as half empty, looking at the flaws and the frailties, focusing on the problems and concentrating on what is wrong rather than what is right. Wherever one can find fault, the energies today might provide the grist for the mill. Yes, today offers us the Monday morning quarterbacking whereby people can pontificate about how it should be or how it should have been. Watch for commentators spouting off about how we got into this mess. Today we might not be looking at the future or the solutions as much as at the problems and assessing blame. Although this day could have us back into the anxiety element, waiting for the other shoe to drop, it is essential that we recognize that this configuration of the Saturn Uranus opposition is a dance that we have engaged as of last month, and by Sign as of the end of the summer of ’07, and continues on into July of 2010. We may dredge up problems and old issues, add some unexpected nuances to them, but the answers and solutions might not be fully in place until the second half of 2010. Let’s not rush the river, nor focus solely on the immediacy of solution. The process could prove a long one of disentangling from the web we’ve woven, but it is a process and not an immediate resolution. Thursday can have us dealing from a high level of nervous energy, juggling both our responsibilities and unanticipated situations arising. We could be going from one thing to another but possibly not paying enough attention to the specifics and particulars. We may be hopping today, but let’s avoid getting hopping mad.

Friday, December 19th – Grin and Bear it – Jupiter, Sun, Pluto. Friday begins with the Virgo Moon trine Jupiter. We may be fully aware of our responsibilities and ready to address them. Nice concept if we were willing to go there, but the Moon also squares the Sun. Our focus on what we should do can run counter to what we want to do. We may be far more interested in situations beyond our norm and quite possibly entranced by doing anything other than our daily routine. We may want to broaden our reach but in so doing we could easily negate what we should be doing. Ah, well, we can always pass it off on the holidays and excuse our lack of concentrated focus on our responsibilities by emphasizing the call of the moment, the spirit of the holidays. The Moon then slips into Libra where it squares Pluto. We may find ourselves having to engage in holiday parties or holiday celebrations that are more obligatory than of our choosing. We might prefer to be with that special someone but instead find ourselves having to go through the motions. This energy is typical of company and organization holiday parties. Let’s do the dance with the recognition that tomorrow we can spend some quality time with that someone special.

Saturday, December 20th – Depth of Feelings – Mercury, Venus. The Libra Moon today squares Mercury and trines Venus. We may have some planned activities that seem obligatory social occasions. Although we might prefer to go off and have a romantic interlude with our significant other, let’s do what needs to be done early in the day and then use the second half of the day for quality times in quiet places. The more we can attend to our errands and our commitments early in the day, it opens the door for us to do things that grab our interest and draw our attention. This day is one of those days when we can come from the very depth of our feelings, express our appreciations for that special someone[s] in our lives and enjoy the intimacy and spontaneity of good solid connections. Social occasions can be pleasant with people not looking to one up each other as much as appreciating the uniqueness and individual characteristics of other people.

Sunday, December 21st – Hello, Winter – Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Pluto, Sun Capricorn. Sunday has the Libra Moon trine Neptune, sextile Mars and square Jupiter. We may have a great deal on our plate today. Whether we meet with people or just ring them up on the phone or email them, we may find ourselves very much involved with interactions with others, all under the guise of holiday cheer. There are some very pleasant interchanges that can go on today. What we do have to be careful about is being too generous, doing too much or agreeing to take on too much. We could be generous to a fault today. This Sunday is also the beginning of Winter, as the Sun moves into Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. We further enforce the Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as the Sun joins Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Next week, this Stellium is emphasized even further at the time of the Capricorn New Moon on the 27th, a time when Mars enters Capricorn. Increasingly, we shall be giving thought to wrapping up the loose ends of this year, clearing the decks and making our plans and preparing for the New Year. The Moon today goes Void-of-Course for over six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio where it sextiles the Sun and Pluto. Our focus from Friday through much of Sunday may have been more on other people than ourselves, with holiday parties and gift buying. We may have even overextended ourselves, or our budget. Now we may find ourselves being far more resourceful, considering how we can do more in less time and how we can be more effective with less expenditure. It would be interesting to note our holiday gift purchases, the amount spent and the items bought, during the Friday into Sunday as compared to later on Sunday through this coming Tuesday. We could verge on the excessive earlier while being more parsimonious during the latter. As we end the week and the weekend, we are looking at focusing on the truly important and cutting away the irrelevant and superficial.