November 24th – 30th

This week is highlighted by the Sagittarius New Moon and, more significantly, Pluto moving into Capricorn for its sixteen year run of the Cardinal Earth Sign.

A prelude of this Pluto transit occurred at the end of January through mid-June, a time that evidenced the fragility of various structures and systems, even to the point of wondering whether as a global society we were heading for another Great Depression. The fundamental factor of this Pluto transit is the question as to whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand.

Increasingly, we are likely to find that we must draw upon our essence, the fundamentals and to be certain that we are focused on substance and not merely appearance. We have the opportunity of creating strong foundations for our future, but it will be important for us to decide what is truly important and meaningful for our lives in the future and build from there.

The complacency of discontent is no longer an option. The uncertainty of these times offers us the opportunity of questioning how we are doing life, considering our possibilities and being co-creators of our lives instead of victims to circumstances beyond our control.

Now is a good time to do an inventory-taking of our lives, see what truly works for us and what is no longer useful, clear the decks and clean the clutter and with renewed optimism prepare for brighter days through better ways.

Monday, November 24th – Someone Special – Pluto. Monday starts with the Moon in Libra sextile Pluto. We are likely to be reaching out to that someone special, making sure that we have included them in our upcoming holiday plans and expressing our desire to be with them. Other people could prove wise sounding boards for us today. Their detached perspective can help us see what works and what would merely be a waste of our time. Today can be a mutual admiration day whereby we appreciate, and are appreciated by, those special people in our lives. We may be making plans for the holidays, considering visits to or from close friends, and feeling upbeat about our future intentions. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Libra and enters Scorpio. While we might have been thinking about grandiose schemes for us to get involved with, we now have the opportunity of whittling down our planned activities to those that really speak to us, eliminating those that could prove merely diversions or distractions. Increasingly, we are becoming interested in our time management and the focus of our energies on the truly important and the essential. This Monday is a good day to draw our plans in the widest of possibilities and then to evaluate, critique and finally concentrate on the truly meaningful.

Tuesday, November 25th – Making Plans – Mercury, Sun, Venus. Tuesday has Mercury conjunct the Sun and the Scorpio Moon sextile Venus. We are likely feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic as if a long gray cloud has passed us by and the sun has finally emerged in full radiance. With our exuberance we can also be highly effective and very resourceful. Although all of us may have been slammed, or at least impacted, by the financial tsunamis of these times, it has also allowed us to be far more conservation-minded regarding how we use our resources and where we place our energies. Tuesday is a good day for us to do an inventory taking of our lives. We can concentrate on those areas that bring us closer to our goals. We could see the past as past and like the mythological bird, the Phoenix, rising from its ashes determine how we can soar ever higher. We are not likely to be snookered by blind faith today. We may have learned our lessons, recognized the cyclical nature of life, and be far more astute, shrewd and calculating regarding how best to approach our ambitions. If things do not work for us, we are unlikely then to fritter away our time on useless projects. This day is also the last day of Pluto’s transit of Sagittarius, a transit that has gone on since 1995, and a period that has asked us to look beyond the micro-perspective and to consider a macro-perspective — the philosophy of our living, the world as a global community and the possibilities of extreme expansions. Tomorrow, Pluto enters Capricorn. It did so briefly earlier this year, from the end of January through mid-June, a time when many inviolable structures began to get shaky and break down. As Pluto enters Capricorn tomorrow, we are in for a sixteen-year run of this transit through the Cardinal Earth Sign. Before tomorrow is over, it would be wise for us to take the time and contemplate what our lives are truly all about. What do we consider to be the quality of our living? What is the philosophy of our life? Where shall we focus on placing our spirit into action?

Wednesday, November 26th – Preparations – Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto Capricorn. This day has the Scorpio Moon trine Uranus, sextile both Jupiter and Saturn and square Neptune. We can be highly effective today. Being flexible and adaptable to changing conditions can allow us to consider options and alternatives that we might not usually consider. In so doing, we can figure out a best practices approach by which we can incorporate new methods, streamline our operations, and get ever closer to the realization of our goals. Today is one of those days when we are operating close to the top of our game. We can juggle and yet be incredibly productive. We can deal both with outstanding matters and usual responsibilities and yet at the same time deal with unanticipated variables and new opportunities. What we do have to watch for is wasting our time on those situations or people that can be a bottomless pit, whereby no matter what we do or how much we do there is always more to deal with. Wednesday also gives entrance to Pluto into Capricorn, a transit that goes on for the next sixteen years. In our lives, and in the world at large, structures, systems and organizations that no longer work are likely to fall by the wayside. We will be looking at whether our involvements are built upon strong fundamentals. If they are, then they can go through a restructuring, reorganization and reworking. If they are not, then they may crumble and fail. We are looking at building upon rock, making our involvements to be fundamentally strong and substantial. While certain things may be eliminated from our lives, it will be important for us to recognize that they have served their usefulness and are no longer productive for our present, much less our future.

Thursday, November 27th – Giving Thanks – Sagittarius Lunation, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus direct. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US, a time when family and friends gather together with the intention of giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. For many people, the actual performance is one of gorging oneself, overeating and then watching a non-stop day of football. No matter what we do on this day, it would be wise to embrace the attitude of gratitude. Even though our lives, and the world in general, may have seemed on a slippery slope over the past few months, there are many blessings in our lives. We just have to recognize them and see them. It all gets back to the concept of the half glass of water. Are we going to see that half glass of water as half empty? Or as half full? Our choice, our disposition, our attitude. Thursday has the Sagittarius New Moon and what a power-packed day it is! The Sun Moon conjunction is also conjunct Mercury and conjunct Mars. The Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign, this New Moon with four planets in Sagittarius, focuses our energy on optimism, confidence, exuberance and enthusiasm. We may feel like a racehorse in the starting gate ready to bolt out of the starting lane and race at breakneck speed around our course. Yes, we may feel highly charged and ready to tackle the world. Our thoughts may turn to things far beyond our normal routine. We want to broaden our perspective, widen our scope and expand our terrain. Things foreign to us may be intriguing as we take a look at the bigger picture rather than focused on the mere details. This day also has Uranus turning direct ending its five-month retrograde cycle. We may have been champing at the bit to make changes to our lives but unable to do so as we dealt with the immediacy of unexpected variables to maintain a semblance of balance during these volatile times. Now we are interested in how we can incorporate changes into our lives, how we can move in new directions and how we can find areas in which to develop and express our sense of our individuality. The starting gate is opening and today we can give thanks to the blessings and opportunities that each of us has to embrace our uniqueness.

Friday, November 28th – Racing Around – Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune. This Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, is referred to as ‘Black Friday’, the day when holiday shopping hits into high gear. Retailers have dreams of shoppers camping outside their storefront for hours waiting for the doors to open and the onslaught of shoppers looking for holiday bargain sales. Whether that holds true or not this year, certainly this Friday sees a great deal of racing around. Today has Venus sextile Uranus and Mercury conjunct Mars. The Sagittarius Moon kicks in with the Lunar T-Square as the Moon squares Uranus in Pisces and squares Saturn in Virgo. The Moon also sextiles Neptune. Whatever plans we have for this Friday may have to go by the boards as unexpected situations crop up to tantalize us. We may feel pulled between our commitments and our desire to be impulsive, act on a whim and do whatever comes to mind in the moment. Wonderful surprises of bumping into people or serendipitous meetings can come up today. We’re likely to feel high-spirited but we do have to watch for any sense of over-optimism. There could be a tendency towards ‘carpe diem’ — seize the day — or, in this case, to live for the day. Although being spontaneous and acting on impulse can be especially freeing and pleasing, it would be wise that we consider implications of our actions and not act too rashly today. Taking care of what needs to be done but giving time to do things on the spur-of-the-moment as well would be the best way to handle this day. Things may come fast and furious, but we’re geared up for excitement, exploration and spontaneous get-togethers.

Saturday, November 29th – Cutting Away – Venus, Saturn, Pluto. Saturday has Venus trine Saturn and begins the day with the Sagittarius Moon before the Moon moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto. After much of the exuberance and expansiveness of this week, Saturday could have us sobering up and looking at whether we have gone over-the-top in some of our actions or some of our purchases. Today is a good day to see whether we have over-indulged ourselves or over-committed ourselves. We can take a deep breath, look at what we have created for ourselves and start to cut away the excess and the irrelevant. Instead of being caught up in a whirlwind of excitement, thrills and adventure; today we may take a cold, hard look at our lives, do an element of inventory-taking and then consider what we want to focus on and what we need to be rid of. The Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto reinforces a practical and pragmatic approach to our lives. If we have gone overboard, Saturday might be the day that we make corrections and revisions, focus on the truly important and concentrate on the means by which we can advance our ambitions. Today is a day to give thought to what is socially significant for us and how we can best maneuver ourselves to get ever closer to our goals.

Sunday, November 30th – Quiet Interlude. After the frenzy of the week that seemed to crescendo mid-week, this Sunday allows for a quiet interlude. The Moon is in Capricorn and we can use this day to take some time, quietly contemplate our plans and blueprint our strategies to realize our plans. We may be more focused on our responsibilities today, considering whether our commitments are out of duty or from an intended purpose in mind. We may be far more calculating, even cunning. The times demand that we concentrate on essence, substance and true reality and no longer on appearances, images and wish fulfillment. Sunday is a good day for a walk in nature, to connect with the natural rhythms and become more aware of the universal structures with its cyclical phases of expansion – contraction, inflow – outflow. Nature could prove our greatest teacher and taking time to step off the fast track and note the rhythms in life itself would allow us to be more in synch with the natural unfolding and impress us to be more co-creators rather than trying to master the universe to our will and according to our whims.