November 17th – 23rd

Too much of a good thing could leave us a little dazed as we start the week. Possibilities might confuse us as we try to figure out what is real and what is only wishful thinking. It would be wise to take time and allow things to develop before we make any commitments. Taking in a movie or enjoying some other pleasurable activity could give us a fresh perspective by which to evaluate our prospects.

As the week progresses, the Sagittarian energy increases with the Sun and Mercury joining Mars and Pluto in the optimistic, expansionary, Mutable Fire Sign.

We may feel like we are on the dawning of a new day. We have done our soul-searching and now we are prepared to broaden our perspective and widen our realm. We can do so in an effective manner by creating the format and being attentive to the specifics. This is a time when the pieces can fit neatly inside the puzzle.

We may be able to see the big picture without losing sight of the details. Our confidence encourages us to take care of what needs to be done all the while that we are looking at what we want to do for our future.

The weekend is a great time for social gatherings and enjoying romantic moments with our special someone. This week is a time when we can balance work and play. The key element is maintaining balance.

Monday, November 17th —Off on the Wrong Foot — Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars. After a splendiferous day on Sunday, Monday could have us with a bit of a hangover. If magic and miracles were happening all around us on Sunday, we might feel as though any wish we make can come true on Monday. It’s a nice concept in theory, perhaps not practical in reality. We continue with the heady Mercurial influence, but today Mercury squares Neptune. We could easily get enamored with appearances and images, buying into our wish fulfillment without considering the ways or wherefores. The Cancer Moon trines the Sun to begin the day. We are humming along, singing a song but probably not looking where we are going. While our emotions are willing, our mind may not be computing the particulars and the specifics of situations. We have to watch for wanting things a certain way, especially after some of the serendipitous happenings we might have experienced yesterday. There could be a wide chasm between the possibilities we conceive and the actualities we can achieve. Even our communications may be a little off with us trying to express some deep and meaningful ideas but our words turning to mush. We could become moody, feeling misunderstood as if not anyone was getting where we were coming from. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo where it trines Mars. The Moon Mars trine can have us back at it, looking for pleasurable activities and projects in which we can shine. The evening hours can be pleasant for taking in a movie, going to a concert or finding outlets for our own creative self-expression.

Tuesday, November 18th – A Momentary Lapse. Tuesday seems a rather quiet day. The Moon is in Leo and we might find delights in creative activities. But the Moon is not making any connection to the planets today. This Tuesday can be a pleasant day, but a day when not a great deal may be happening. Oh, there may be people pontificating or showcasing their stuff, but all in all, the energy today is somewhat muted. This day is far better spent enjoying oneself, engaging in activities that are fun and delightful. For many of us, this Tuesday could prove to be a ‘mental health’ day, a day when we focus on our own self-interests and don’t expect too much of ourselves. We are not all that interested in what is going on with other people, far more concerned with number one, ourselves.

Wednesday, November 19th – Possibilities, Unrealities – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Pluto. For much of this Wednesday, there is a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune in Aquarius and the Moon squaring both Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio. Similar to Monday when we could have been scratching our head and asking ourselves ‘what’s it all about?’, this Wednesday can have us back in a pickle. We might wonder what to do, which way to go, all the while that we are running in place. We could try something, decide it’s not quite right and then try something else and decide that that’s not quite right either. We may feel that we have all sorts of possibilities open to us, might not know which to pursue and could have the sense that we don’t have the necessary resources to engage certain possibilities. Wednesday could be somewhat confusing. Our thoughts could be tangled as we question possibilities vs unrealities. Our discussions with other people might be convoluted with us unable to clearly make our point. While this day could create a sense of trying to accelerate while we have the brakes on, let’s try not to get overly frustrated. It is far better that we are delayed, even halted, in marching down what we might assume to be a Primrose Lane only to discover that we have entered a briar patch. The latter part of the day gives us the Leo Moon trine Pluto. We have far more determination and drive now, but it might be far better for us to eliminate some of our possibilities rather than launching forward with any of our possibilities. The day comes to a close with the Moon exiting Leo and entering Virgo.

Thursday, November 20th – Reining In – Mars, Venus. Thursday has the Virgo Moon square Mars and trine Venus. We may want to expand our base, broaden our scope and widen our realm. Fortunately, we are likely to be far more detail-focused today and less likely to fast-forward based solely on impulse. We can consider implications and ramifications of our actions instead of just forcefully pushing ahead. We are moving into a far more expansionary period, about to throw off the damper of recent anxiety-provoking times. If we have learned our lessons, then our exuberance and sense of omnipotence and manifest destiny can be tempered by good reason and sound judgment. We are also interested in relationships that can serve our ambitions. We may cozy up to those people that could prove helpful in achieving our goals or moving us closer to our goal posts. This Thursday is a day to rein in our enthusiasm, consider a best practices approach regarding how to realize our goals and make contact with those people who can support and assist us in our intended plans.

Friday, November 21st – All in Order – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Sun Sagittarius. Friday and Saturday could prove to be the best days of this week. Today, Jupiter trines Saturn. We can readily balance the two contradictory but complementary forces in the universe — the duality of expansion and contraction. We may find the right structure, concentrate on the particular ingredients and determine the most appropriate methods to get things done. We are looking at broadening our activities but looking to do so in a measured, well-developed manner. No rushing headlong into the abyss for us today. We’ll take things step-by-step, laying the groundwork in order to build upon firm foundations. The Virgo Moon contributes to this energy but also adds another dimension, for today’s Virgo Moon opposes Uranus, conjuncts Saturn and trines Jupiter. Although our plans are well thought out and detail-focused, we might discover that unexpected factors and unanticipated variables could crop up that force us to be flexible and adaptable. While it might be an aggravation to deal with situations we have not been able to take into account, it will keep us on our toes, give us a sense of humility and provide us the challenge to shift and change things according to the unfolding process and developing needs. Everything can be put in order so long as we do not get stuck in assuming we know exactly how things should go. Projects, activities, involvements all have a life of their own. We can be co-creators with the unfolding but no longer masters, or controllers, of the universe. The Sun exits Scorpio today and enters Sagittarius creating a Stellium of three or more planets in a Sign with the Sun joining Mars and Pluto in the Mutable Fire Sign. Can we say ‘happy days are here again’? We are certainly likely to feel far more exuberant and optimistic, all the while that we’re looking over our shoulder wary of the next lateral lobotomy or whack on the side of the head.

Saturday, November 22nd – Friends from Far and Near – Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Mars. In the wee small hours of Saturday morning, late Friday night, our mind might be racing and our thoughts turn to situations that are beyond our reach, out of our control. Early on Saturday the Virgo Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Pluto. Our sleep may be fitful, with an element of concern about things foreign to us. As the day breaks and the Moon moves into Libra, we can be geared up to spend special time with the significant someone[s] in our lives. The Libra Moon sextiles the Sun and sextiles Mars, both in Sagittarius. We may want to travel, get out of Dodge to visit friends, or just get into the countryside. Whether we travel physically or not, we are likely to be reaching out to friends far and near. This Saturday is a good day for social gatherings and spending time with those upbeat people that can put a smile on our face. No sad sacks today, please. There is too much joy, wonder and excitement today to allow a spritzer to rain on our parade. We are likely to be feeling bubbly, enthusiastic, ready to spread our wings and fly, and sharing our exuberance with those people of like mind. Birds of a feather flock together.

Sunday, November 23rd – Walk on the Wild Side – Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury Sagittarius. Sunday continues with the Libra Moon which today squares both Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn and trines Neptune in Aquarius. Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius bringing to four, count ‘em four, planets in the Mutable Fire Sign. This Sunday is a day when we might want to encounter those people who dance to their own beat, do their own thing. We are interested in characters, those quirky, individualistic types that add flavor [whether sweet, sour or spice] to life. We are not interested in being socially correct today. We are far more intrigued by people, situations and events that are foreign to our daily existence and our previous experience. Stretch is the keyword of these times, thanks to the strong Sagittarian influence. We do have to watch for being overly generous, doing too much, or making more of a commitment than would be appropriate. Today is a day to test the waters, to walk on the wild side, and to broaden our perspective, but all with the sense of tasting and sampling rather than gorging or indulging.