October 6th – 12th

This week is the last full week of this year’s third and last Mercury retrograde. We’re halfway through this one and hopefully it has not been too bad for you. Yes, it may seem like the world is crashing down around us. And bailouts, rescue plans, and other significant decisions may not work out as expected. Certainly any definitive decisions or large commitments may have to be reviewed, rechecked and reworked in the days ahead. Let’s keep in mind that we still have to read between the lines, be cautious in our actions and judicious in our decisions. Remember with Mercury retrograde there is a tendency to be operating according to Murphy’s Law: ‘whatever can go wrong will’.

This week continues the volatility we have all been experiencing over the past few weeks, months… While we may feel like we are on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the main thing is to hold on, accept the stomach-churning excitement and not get caught up in the flavor of the moment or the instant grab bag of immediate solutions. Now is NOT a time to make knee-jerk reactions. It would be important for us to catch our breath, count to ten and consider long-term implications before making rash decisions.

The week begins on an extreme note. Everything may seem ratcheted up severalfold, bigger than life and more dramatic than truly necessary. Taking care of our responsibilities without going overboard and taking on too much might be the focus of the early part of our week.

The second half of the week can have us concentrating on our interactions with other people, getting together and discussing future plans under hopefully less stormy conditions. The weekend could prove to be a time when we just want to recharge our batteries, get off the track, not be encumbered by plans already made and either do things impulsively or just lay back and relax.

All in all, this week can be one when we become far more aware of different phases within cycles, a time when we can see how to best use our time for the different activities of our lives.

Monday, October 6th – Going Beyond – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars. Monday has the Sun square Jupiter, Mercury conjunct the Sun and Mercury square Jupiter. The tendency to go overboard is one we may need to restrain today. We could be generous to a fault, even extravagant, without fully considering the long-term ramifications or what our actions could do to our schedule or our finances. We might be egged on by other people, either as supporters or adversaries seeking to one-up us. Fortunately, the Moon is in Capricorn and sextiles Mars. Like having our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground, the Moon can help us focus on the essentials and what truly works. On the one hand, we could be gluttonous and want more, more, more, but our appetite can be satiated by the recognition that by taking on too much we are only going to make ourselves sick. Today is a day to keep in mind ‘moderation in all things’. Any extreme, whether enthusiasm or depression, is totally out-of-kilter and for each of us we are looking to establish a semblance of balance during these wildly chaotic times.

Tuesday, October 7th – Finetuning – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday is a good day to focus on the details, attend to the specifics and keep aware of the particulars. Excesses yesterday can be tempered today. This Tuesday has Venus sextile Saturn and the Capricorn Moon. The Moon today squares Mercury, conjuncts Jupiter, squares the Sun, trines Saturn, sextiles Venus and sextiles Uranus. This day could be an active one and a day when we can be highly productive. We do have to watch for distractions from other people and be certain to take anything someone says with a grain of salt. It would be wise to keep our own counsel and consider the best practices approach to accomplish our ends. Other people might want to add their two cents, but it would be best to be pleasant, thank them for their suggestions and stay with our own course and our own read on situations. This is a day when we can deal with the details, make necessary changes to streamline our activities and still keep in mind the big picture. Yes, this Tuesday could have us operating on all cylinders and going from sunup to beyond sundown. The earlier part of the day can be a great deal stronger than the late afternoon when the energy shifts dramatically, falls away and we move into the Moon being Void-of-Course, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius tomorrow. Late afternoon and evening might be best to catch our breath and wind down from a highly active day.

Wednesday, October 8th – Slashing Away – Moon Void-of-Course, Mars. As though we might have burned ourselves out yesterday, this Wednesday could start off slow thanks to the continuing Void-of-Course Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius. Despite the slow start, the day is in sharp contrast to yesterday when we might have had so much going on. Today we might pick and choose where we want to place our energies. As the Moon moves into Aquarius, the Moon squares Mars in Scorpio. Interactions with friends and our conversations in general may have a bite to them. We may have expectations and with our expectations a sharp measuring stick to evaluate other people’s actions and even some of our own considered plans. Today is a good day to cut away excess, to rid ourselves of the illusions of things we might want or have wanted but realize that we no longer have the resources, whether time, energy or money, to devote to such desires. Life is changing and with it so must our intentions and our goals. We could take pruning shears to our activities and proposed projects, concentrating on those that have real meaning for us and eliminating others that were frivolous or mere distractions. We just need to watch our tongue. With a great many people on edge during these wild times, someone could lash out in frustration, disappointment and anger. Let’s keep our eyes wide open and step away from potential confrontations.

Thursday, October 9th – A Moment Like This – Mercury, Sun. They don’t call Wednesday hump day for nothing and certainly yesterday could have had some bumps in the road for us. Thursday is a different story, for today the Aquarius Moon trines both Mercury and the Sun. Today is a great day to get together with that special someone, discuss plans and consider the possibilities. Despite all the craziness swirling around, we can appreciate ever more the real benefits in our lives — friends, family and the blessings in our lives. As the world is seeing the half glass of water as half empty and draining away, now is a time for us to reinforce the attitude of gratitude. No matter how difficult things may be, on a relative basis we still have our lives pretty good when compared to our grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors further back. Let’s take the day and appreciate the opportunities, the possibilities and the friendships. Today is a good day to reach out and touch someone, tell them how special they are in our lives. Let’s remember that attitude is a large determiner of the externalizations in our lives. Let’s be grateful for what we have and consider the options and alternatives by which we can be free of any imprisonment due to our debts or impacted financial position.

Friday, October 10th – New Twists, Unexpected Turns – Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Friday could prove an exciting day with unexpected contacts and surprising meetings. Venus trines Uranus, and we may find that serendipitous connections occur whereby we feel that we are in the right place at the right time, and possibly not even on purpose. Synchronicity and asequential reality are strong today. This is a good day to have our antennae up, our eyes and ears wide open. Startling insights can come our way. The Aquarius Moon squares Venus, conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto. We may be willing to take a risk and be open to the universe doing its work. Although we might spend a little too much or feel that we are going out on a limb, the more we stay open to the ah-has and are willing to leap at situations spontaneously, things can work out in our favor. But we do need to trust our instincts. We are not interested in the same old thing today but rather want to stretch, be open to the new and different, and try something that excites us. This day can be a great day especially if we haven’t overly scheduled or overly planned. This could prove one of the days that affirms the truth to the idea that god and the universe have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Wonderful surprises may come our way.

Saturday, October 11th – Reveries – Venus, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter. Saturday has Venus square Neptune. Some of the glisten may come off the exciting connections made yesterday. This is a configuration whereby we have to be wary of the trickster, someone or some thing appearing one way, the reality being quite different. We have to be careful not to buy into images, presentations or appearances. We could easily get snookered by our own wish fulfillment or hoped-for situations. Today is a day to keep our feet on the ground. And that could be a challenge. Not only do we have Venus square Neptune. The Moon is in Neptune-ruled Pisces where it trines Mars and sextiles Jupiter. Our imagination is vivid and whatever we believe we are likely to emphasize as gospel truth. The ingredients are there for a set-up, whether we are set-up by someone or we set ourselves up. This day would be far better spent keeping a rein on our finances and enjoying the reveries of nature and quiet times. Getting down by the water, listening to music, reading a soulful story would all be great ways to nourish ourselves, allow our minds to wander and consider the possibilities without committing to anything or buying significant purchases.

Sunday, October 12th –Doing the Dance – Saturn, Uranus, Venus. Heads up! Sunday gives us a good chance to get a feel for the Saturn Uranus opposition that is exact on the 4th of November and continues in influence into the mid part of 2010. Today’s Pisces Moon opposes Saturn, conjuncts Uranus and trines Venus. We may feel pulled between the old and new, between our responsibilities and desiring spontaneity, between familiar patterns and unexpected situations. Today is a day when we might have to walk the balance beam and try to avoid falling off. The key is not to negate our obligations but also not to put blinders on and solely focus on the ‘tried and true’, what we are used to. This is a time when it would be wise for us to attend to what needs to be done but carve out enough time for us to try something new, stretch our wings and feel that we can freely express ourselves. Although we could be caroming between various pulls today, taking time to step off the track, catch our breath and consider our options will prevent us from doing something rash or not doing anything at all. Let’s dance to the music but keep track of the beat for the rhythm may change with the necessity of our changing our dance steps.