October 27th – November 2nd

This week is an active week with a great deal of martial energy as Mars connects with several of the planets. We have the Scorpio New Moon, Scorpio being the Sign co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Neptune turns direct at the end of the week. We end October and begin November. And we have Halloween and the week before the US election. I wonder which will be scarier?

Mars sextiles Jupiter to begin the week. We can accomplish a great deal this week, virtually to the point of moving mountains. We have unlimited energy and a desire to get things done. Working smarter rather than harder allows us to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. We could expand our activities especially if we take into account a best practices approach and use streamlined operating methods.

The Scorpio New Moon kicks off a fortnight when we are able to separate what is important from what is a waste of time. We can use innovative techniques, consider alternatives, all the while that we are proceeding in a strategic and focused manner to achieve results.

The Mercury Neptune connection on the 30th combined with the Mars Saturn interplay offers us the ability to draw upon our intuitive sense, an inner knowing, to find the right pieces for a neat fit into the daily routine of our lives.

The Mars Uranus interaction on the 31st opens new doors and allows us to consider opportunities that might have seemed impossibilities a short while ago.

Sunday has Neptune turning direct and our sense of possibilities may seem more realistic and less delusional.

This week is one when we can blend old and new to come up with the most effective means of dealing with our responsibilities and entertaining new prospects. Things can go smoothly at an accelerated pace.

Monday, October 27th – Going Beyond at Full Speed – Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune. Monday starts the week with us ready to bolt out of the starting gate and get things going. Mars sextiles Jupiter and our focus may be on advancing our interests and broadening our scope. This sense of getting on with things can be spurred on by other people’s encouragement, or expectations. The Libra Moon squares Jupiter, conjuncts Mercury and trines Neptune. Our exuberance may know no bounds and we could see possibilities in all things. It would be wise before we launch forward to keep in mind that we are on the dark side of the Moon. We have to watch that we don’t engage in precipitous actions, actions before their time. If we stay attentive and take details into account, we can get a lot done. Let’s go step-by-step rather than leaping ahead. We could easily determine the most expeditious and most cost effective ways of accomplishing our tasks and moving towards our goals. The key element to keep in mind is not letting our enthusiasm get the better of us and then dash ahead without budgeting our resources.

Tuesday, October 28th – Reality Check – Scorpio Lunation, Pluto, Sun. Tuesday has the Libra Moon sextile Pluto early in the day. Connecting with significant people could prove an important sounding board for our plans. Someone might see something that we have overlooked. While we are looking at expanding our activities, we also need to consider the long-term implications. We don’t want to get enticed by something or prompted by someone else to get involved in another engagement that could prove too much and create a sense of overwhelm. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio and creates the Scorpio New Moon as the Moon conjuncts the Sun. The signature for the following fortnight is set. We may find ourselves stripping away things that no longer work for us or find that things are being eliminated from our lives. The sense of less is more can be the attitude, although some people may just feel that less is only less. Our sense of security could be shaken up and it will be important that we realize our strength, stamina and inner reserve to handle whatever comes our way. We might consider a good inventory taking of our lives, seeing what we can cut back on and what we need to get rid of. A good autumnal cleaning might be something we start to consider and plan. People are likely to have an edge on and may be more secretive than usual. Let’s be careful of the intensity of these times, for some things could prove too hot to handle.

Wednesday, October 29th – Pulling Rabbits Out of the Hat, Making Things Happen – Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus. Although we continue with the Scorpio Moon today, this Wednesday has the Moon sextile Jupiter, conjunct Mars, sextile Saturn and trine Uranus. This day is one of those days when we could truly be magicians, pulling things out of thin air and possibly squeezing blood from a stone. Our resourcefulness could know no bounds today. We can find the most effective ways to get things done, especially if we’ll consider alternatives to our usual course of action. Things can work out effectively and easily without much stress and strain on our part. This Wednesday is a day to be a co-creator, to work with the energies, to be flexible in changing plans and to recognize that the universe can help us realize our goals and fulfill our dreams. A magical day so let’s use the opportunities in a productive and fulfilling manner rather than something silly, like just pulling rabbits out of the hat.

Thursday, October 30th – Sensing Right Action – Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday could have our intuitive sense highly attuned. Answers may come easily, as if we had a direct connection to the Source. It would be wise for us to acknowledge, if not fully trust, our gut hunches and our sense of things. Our communications can be persuasive and inspiring. Things seem to fall in place in our mind’s eye and we have the inclination and determination to then take things from the abstract and materialize. This Thursday has Mercury trine Neptune and Mars sextile Saturn. We are not likely to be gullible to unrealistic possibilities. Our ability to tell true from false is strong and our sixth sense of intuition highly attuned. We can continue on moving forward with determination, an ability to deal with details, all the while that we are budgeting our time and our monies and being highly resourceful. The Scorpio Moon does square Neptune so it is essential that we concentrate our energies on important and meaningful projects and not waste our opportunities on needless diversions or trivialities. Even if we get distracted, it may not be a major issue. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for much of the day, close to seventeen hours, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius later in the day. We may start off the day slightly off kilter but getting our emotions out of the way can then allow us to get down to business and use our time brainstorming and dealing with specifics.

Friday, October 31st – Looking for the Treat – Mars, Uranus. Friday is Halloween and today has the Moon in Sagittarius. The major energy configuration of the day is Mars trine Uranus. Our plans may change and unexpected situations might arise. Wonderful surprises and thrilling opportunities could come out of the blue. Less of a trick today and the likelihood is that we are geared more to a spontaneous treat. This is a day to work with peripheral vision, to keep our antennae up and be willing to consider all possibilities, even what might seem impossibilities. These times talk to a paradigm shift, a phase when we don’t have to control situations but rather can be receptive to the workings of the universe. We may be looking for a personal makeover today and what better time than Halloween when we have license to be something other than how we normally define ourselves. Our choice today is to be what we would want to be. Let’s pick something positive, something upbeat, magical and inspiring. Let’s remember that our attitude and our disposition do truly determine our unfolding conditions. It’s more common sense than some beguiling secret, and today is a day to embrace change and the unanticipated.

Saturday, November 1st – Back with our Nemesis of Push Pull – Venus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury. Saturday gives us an opportunity to try out how we are handling this major energy configuration that will be with us through mid 2010. Today’s Sagittarius Moon creates a T-Square by squaring Saturn in Virgo and squaring Uranus in Pisces. The Saturn Uranus opposition is exact on Tuesday, Election Day in the US, and continues for close to another two years. What we should do and what we want to do could be at odds today. Our commitments and plans may get in the way of opportunities more associated with carpe diem. Seize the day is a great concept but often hard when we have already scheduled ourselves. While we might feel that we are bouncing between two extremes today, pushed and pulled in various directions, the main thing to keep in mind is to be more productive with less expenditure of energy. Time management and strategic planning are important in order to be truly effective during these times. Otherwise, we might feel constantly on overwhelm, putting out fires, dealing with our obligations, while just wanting to jump off the track and do our own thing. The Sagittarius Moon does conjunct Venus and sextiles both Neptune and Mercury today. If we can pick up the pace, be at the top of our game, then we can both deal with what needs to be done and with unexpected opportunities that arise today. The question is not one of either or but rather how we can add more to the mix. No worries, since we shall all have a two-year learning curve to get up to speed and be able to juggle both outstanding matters and new interests. It just might prove exhausting in the interim.

Sunday, November 2nd – No rest for the Weary – Pluto, Neptune direct. Late Saturday and early Sunday could have us still at it. Even if we have gone to bed early Saturday night, our mind may be awhirr with ideas, thoughts and all sorts of things we could do. Restlessness may be a large part of this day, although the Moon does move from Sagittarius to Capricorn. We also have Neptune turning direct today. As if a light has gone off in our head, we could suddenly gain greater clarity regarding our plans for the future and some of the people in our lives. It may seem as though we have pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz screen and instead of being entranced by the images presented, we can now see clearly what is going on behind the screen. We are still in the push pull of Saturn Uranus, so one of the most important aspects of these times, and the next two years, is to be certain that we don’t get stuck in our opinions, our judgments or our old beliefs of what is and what should be. Fluidity is an essential ingredient for all of us, the ability to shift and change according to the tides of sentiment, circumstance and conditions. We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. We are entering a whole new world, a world where we may feel anxious and unsure of the steps ahead. But let’s keep in mind the suspension bridge, whereby we can go back and forth between the past and our comfort zone while moving forward into uncharted territory. After awhile, we shall get the hang of the patterns, be able to successfully deal with them and then be more sure-footed in advancing ahead. Straight lines and direct approaches may have to give way to the zig-zags of these changing times.