October 20th – 26th

This week we can straighten things out and focus on what needs to get done. A good Autumn cleaning may be in order. We are far more interested in cutting to the core, concentrating on those involvements that have real meaning for us and looking at how we can best pare down the irrelevant and superficial in our lives.

On the 20th, the Moon in Cancer creates a Water Grand Trine with Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces. Rearranging our home and dealing with family matters allow us to create the proper base of operations. Our emotions are strong this week, with potential extremes in our moods. Maintaining an even keel is hard in the best of times, and these times certainly don’t rank among the best.

The Sun interaction with Pluto on the 21st, followed by the Sun entering Scorpio on the 22nd, give us the determination to focus on our transformation, the changes we need to make in order for us to concentrate on the truly meaningful in our lives. Things are ratcheting up in intensity, and people may have a real edge on. Defensive posturing could prove the best antidote to belligerent badgering.

The Leo Moon mid-week instills a creative desire whereby we want to shine and feel like we’re in control of our lives. We want to put our imprint on our activities and participate in situations that have a significant purpose.

Towards the end of the week with the Moon in Virgo, we can deal with various details, attending to the specifics and tying up loose ends.

The weekend seems dicey, especially on the 25th when we may feel that we have more on our ‘to do’ list than we can possibly accomplish. Prioritize and we can deal with the essential and put aside the irrelevant. Unexpected situations might challenge us but could also keep us on our toes.

Mercury’s interaction with Jupiter and the Libra Moon on the 26th could have us overly focused on other people’s needs and doing more than appropriate.

This week is a kaleidoscope of moods, attitudes and engagements. Let’s maintain a critical eye but a bemused disposition in dealing with the week’s activities and events.

Monday, October 20th – Better Than This – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. Monday has a Grand Trine in Water as the Cancer Moon trines Mars in Scorpio and trines Uranus in Pisces. The Moon also sextiles Saturn and opposes Jupiter. We may have a lot on our plate this Monday and we might consider adding some more. If we will be open to working with the universal forces, we could find things fall neatly into place. One of the gifts of these times is the productivity of getting out of our own way. Things can happen almost miraculously, as if of their own accord. We do need to watch for trying to juggle too much, but this Monday could prove a highly productive day. While attending to our routine tasks, let’s keep our eyes open for unexpected opportunities. We are likely to feel quite emotional today and it would be a good time to make even the very slightest changes to our habit patterns. Whether we move things around, go somewhere different today or just experiment with something new, let’s add some spice to the day. Over the next two days we could start an Autumn cleaning and clearing out. Minor changes today will grease the wheels for greater changes over the next few days.

Tuesday, October 21st – To the Core – Sun, Pluto, Venus. Tuesday has the Sun sextile Pluto and the last full day of the Sun’s transit of Libra. Tomorrow the Sun moves into Scorpio, the Sign co-ruled by Pluto. The Cancer Moon squares the Sun before the Moon leaves its own Sign to enter Leo where it trines Venus. We are on a threshold on this Tuesday, and this day is a good time to reflect on what has true purpose and deep meaning for ourselves. We are not looking for shallow experiences or superficial encounters. We want to go to the core, to the fundamentals, to the very basics of our being. This Tuesday is a day when we can determine to pursue our dreams and to come from our integrity. We have drive and passion today and while there might be times of reticence, or even shyness, we may feel that we are being led towards our destiny. After a brief spate of self-consciousness in the morning hours and questioning whether we need to seek approval of other people to embrace our determination, the day pushes us towards broadening our vistas and taking into account situations foreign to us. Let’s start to consider the ingredients of our future, venues for our self-expression and our creativity. We are in the process of significant inventory-taking, considering our lives, looking to rid ourselves of the outworn or the extraneous and yet wanting to engage in those activities that reflect whom we are becoming.

Wednesday, October 22nd – Burned, the Phoenix Rises – Mercury, Mars, Sun Scorpio. Wednesday is a Master Number Day, the 22nd, reflective of the Master Builder. Often before we build, we have to tear down. And this Wednesday has a little of the tearing down and a consideration of what to build anew. Wednesday has the Leo Moon sextile Mercury and square Mars. This day also has the Sun exiting Libra to enter Scorpio. Scorpio is an intense Sign, an energy that demands that we strip away the superfluous, the ornamental and concentrate on the basics, the fundamentals, the essence. For many of us, change is hard. We often prefer to embrace the concept of ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.’ But change is part of process and increasingly we are moving into the asequential reality of process and away from the linear, sequential progression of beginning, middle, end. We will become aware that there are no ends but rather transitions and transformations. We are on the threshold of transitions and transformations, and today is a good day to begin sorting through, cleaning out and getting rid of those things, activities, even people, that no longer speak to whom we are becoming. At the same time, we might want to hold on to elements of our past before we are convinced of the stability and solidity of the new. And that could be the conundrum of this Tuesday — letting go while trying to hold on. If we take things in a piecemeal fashion whereby we make slight, even subtle, changes and don’t try to make a major makeover in one fell swoop, we will maintain a certain comfort zone during the PROCESS of transformation. We can start the process by looking at those things that we haven’t used or been involved with for some time. If we haven’t engaged them now, recently or in the past, then perhaps we can eliminate them from our lives. While the letting go might be difficult, let’s keep in mind that the universe does not like a vacuum and in any space we give up and make ‘empty’, something will come forward to fill that void. One of the beauties, albeit challenges, of these times is the opportunity to embrace the post-consumer society whereby we move away from acquisition and control and move toward a free and more liberated phase of enjoying the dance without owning the musicians, music or dance floor.

Thursday, October 23rd – Getting Real With Ourselves – Neptune, Pluto, Sun. Illusion is a seductive addiction. As both George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde indicated in their writings, there are only two tragedies in life: one, not getting what you want and the other, getting what you want. This Thursday begins with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune. Some of our greatest desires may suddenly seem as mere fascinations or far beyond our reach. Interactions with other people could prove a little testy early in the day. We don’t want any parade-rainers and we certainly aren’t interested in people putting a damper on our creative dreams. We also have to be wary that we don’t get caught up in wish fulfillment, feeling that by our desiring something to be a certain way, it will be so. Yes, these times are anxiety-provoking. We are witnessing a funereal pyre of the past phase and it can prove soul-wrenching. But it’s only soul-wrenching if we lose sight and lose faith that something better can rise up from the ashes. Although we might embrace our illusions today, the latter part of the day allows us to get more real with ourselves. Before exiting Leo, the Moon trines Pluto. Despite any downbeats early in the day, we seem to get a second wind, a greater determination as if fully embracing the reality of the wisdom saying that we never get more than we can handle. We start to feel that whatever comes our way we can deal with it. The Moon then moves out of Leo and enters Virgo where it sextiles the Sun. Combined with our will, we now have the ability of dissecting, looking at specifics, dealing with the details and arriving at a best practices approach by which we can do more, and create more, out of less.

Friday, October 24th – Taking Care of Business – Venus, Mars, Jupiter. Friday continues with the Virgo Moon which today squares Venus, sextiles Mars and trines Jupiter. We might want to be off having a good old time somewhere other than where we need to be. Thoughts, emails and calls regarding far-off places and people at a distance might be a nice diversion, at least for a moment or two. But then it’s nose to grindstone. We can straighten things out, clear our decks and prepare to expand into new arenas. Although we might be amping, chanting ‘t.g.i.f’, and living for the weekend, we could accomplish a great deal if we put our minds and elbow grease to the tasks at hand. This Friday can be a highly productive day. Besides, this weekend may not be everything we would want it to be. Let’s take care of business, enjoy an interlude chatting up our friends, and realize whatever plans made for this weekend may not come to fruition.

Saturday, October 25th – Torn Between or Torn Apart – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto. Well, well, this Saturday could prove on the intense side. For most of the day, the Virgo Moon triggers the Saturn Uranus opposition and creates a mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Saturn, opposed Uranus and square Pluto. Aaargh! Get used to it. This energy configuration of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is in the beginning stages. It ratchets up even more so on November 4th, Election Day in the US [aargh again], when Saturn is exactly opposed to Uranus. This Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-Square is something we all will have to live with into mid 2010. Can I get another aargh? This Saturday offers a prelude. We might feel as though we’re like the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Wonderland. We could be pulled in all directions and the key thing for us to understand is that we had better be adaptable and flexible to shifting tides and changing conditions. Otherwise, we could feel like we’re on the rack and being pulled apart. We may have certain errands and commitments today but it would be wise to add on time and not overly schedule ourselves. Unexpected situations could arise that impact our intentions. If we are not flexible, we could easily lose it, throw a tantrum and blow out our energy circuits. Yes, this is one intense day, but it would be wise for us to notate the areas and reactions we have to what is going on. Yes, we better get used to it for this is a several year cycle. Not a walk in the park but it does lead us through transitions and into transformations. In the evening, the Moon moves into Libra providing a lightening and leavening to our stressed-out day.

Sunday, October 26th – Brief Respites – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Sunday can be that proverbial day of rest we often hear about, often long for. And this Sunday could provide a pleasant breather especially after yesterday’s initiation into the vortex, or abyss, that we are likely to encounter over the next two years. Sunday has Mercury square Jupiter and the Libra Moon sextile Venus. This day is a time to get away, visit friends, and just step off the track of our daily existence. People may be upbeat, considering their future plans and wanting to look at the sunny side of life. This Sunday is a good day for social gatherings, pleasant conversations and walks in nature. While the world may seem to be going crazy, the craziness may seem stronger with humankind than in nature’s world. Let’s use this day to recharge our batteries, keep pleasant thoughts and focus on the good things in our lives.