October 13th – 19th

This week can have us initiating new projects, dealing with expenses and making purchases and enjoying a weekend of get-togethers with friends from near and far. Much of the confusion of the past few weeks can finally be sorted out and even resolved. If we haven’t forged ahead impulsively, then we can figure out a good plan for the ever-changing conditions in which we find ourselves.

During these times, I am often reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’. For each of us maintaining clear intentions, coming from our integrity and appreciating that we never get more than we can handle are important basics in navigating the swirling currents of these times. While the volatility is likely to continue and may go on for quite a while as we cross the threshold between paradigms, the best that we can do is draw upon our instincts, our intuitive sense and our awareness of the ways that our lives and the world around us are unfolding. Although we may not always like the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it is essential that we accept the importance of accountability for our actions and that we realize the truth to the karmic principle of what goes around comes around.

This week is highlighted by the Aries Full Moon, Mercury ending its retrograde motion and turning direct and Venus exiting Scorpio, where it is not comfortable, and entering Sagittarius. A certain heaviness can be lifted from our shoulders but let’s keep in mind that we can still experience the whipsaws of conditions and emotions as we seek a balance point.

It would be wise for us to look back over the past three weeks, see what issues still need to be addressed and dealt with and to start to move in forward directions as we come mid-week and beyond.

Monday, October 13th – Rock And a Hard Place – Pluto, Mercury. Sunday night, early Monday morning may not allow for a restful night. The Pisces Moon squares Pluto. We may have an unnerving sense of a shoe ready to drop. Our anxiety could be turned up and we might feel that things beyond our control are overly impacting our lives. It is important for us not to fall into victim mode, even if situations are out of our hands and we are forced to react to matters. As the day dawns, the Moon moves out of Pisces and enters Aries where it opposes Mercury. We may be very focused on our own self-interests, which could prove problematic in our discussions with other people. This balance between our personal issues and relationship affairs could prove vexing at best and certainly something with which we might have to deal both today and tomorrow. We may want to do our own thing but feel weighted down by our commitments or plans with other people. If people are sharing their problems with us, we may not be too patient or accommodating. We are far more concerned about what we want to do and possibly starting some new project or taking a leap. It would be wise to keep in mind that we are still dealing with the Mercury retrograde, which is approaching stationary motion before turning direct on Wednesday. Communications can be off, misunderstandings likely and computer glitches impacting our internet connections.

Tuesday, October 14th – Possibilities Between Extremes – Sun, Neptune, Aries Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter. Tuesday has the Sun trine Neptune. We may be filled with possibilities and potentialities. We can see where we want to go in the future, what we want to realize. We are not as concerned by the how or the means as we are with our fascinations about our possibilities. Tuesday also has the Full Moon in Aries and a Lunar T-Square as the Aries Moon opposes the Sun and squares Jupiter. The Moon also sextiles Neptune. This Tuesday is a day when we could easily go overboard, and that overboard could be one of either extremes, either overconfident and extravagant to a fault or anxiety-ridden and diving to fathomless depths. Either extreme could be out of reality. Today is a day when it is essential that we not get carried away by either extreme. Let’s keep in mind that true reality could lie somewhere between irrational exuberance and extreme despair. It is essential that we avoid knee-jerk reactions, recognize that we are not getting full disclosure and that transparencies are more opaque than crystal clear. It would be wise for us to take everything with a grain of salt, not rush to judgment but to wait for further information that can clarify the pertinent issues.

Wednesday, October 15th – Start, Stop – Pluto, Mars, Mercury direct. Wednesday begins with a bounce in our step. We feel a drive and determination to broaden our scope and put our imprint on expanded horizons. The day begins with the Aries Moon trine Pluto but very quickly the Moon exits Aries and enters Taurus where it opposes Mars. From the initial thrust of energy, suddenly things shift and we take on a more plodding quality. We might feel bills coming due and have a sense of irritation over financial matters. It is a good time to look at our budget and see how we can best pare down our expenses. We could be a little irritable, especially if we feel that we are having to cut back more than we like. This is also the day that Mercury turns direct, ending the third and last of this year’s three Mercury retrogrades. This one brought the world to the brink of financial chaos and teetering with the rapid devaluation of asset prices, from housing to equity stocks to financial banking systems, like a snowball going down a mountain gaining momentum to become the avalanche. We may not be out of the woods, and will not be for a considerable time, but we might see a glimmer of light down what seemed a very long and very dark tunnel. With Mercury turning direct, our communications, transportation and computer systems can seem far more effective and less confused and disjointed. Let’s take a moment to catch our breath, reflect on what has gone on and consider what the most appropriate course of action for us would be.

Thursday, October 16th – Gathering the Ingredients –Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. We have two very conflicting energy configurations at play this year, both of which are triggered monthly by the Moon. One configuration is the Lunar T-Square when the Moon is in a Mutable Sign and hitting off the Saturn Uranus opposition. This configuration impacts the sense of things being totally out of control, a feeling that unexpected variables are upsetting the applecart of plans and reliable programs that have worked in the past. The second configuration is the Lunar Grand Trine when the Moon is in Taurus and creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element, linking up all three of the Earth Signs, by trining Jupiter in Capricorn and trining Saturn in Virgo. Similar to the rebuilding necessary after tearing down or the reconfiguring after old patterns no longer work, this energy configuration affords the opportunity of gathering the ingredients for new plans, new ways of doing things and focusing on building upon rock rather than upon sand. This Thursday gives us that Earth Grand Trine as the Taurus Moon trines Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo. The Moon also sextiles Uranus and squares Neptune. This Thursday can be a highly productive day whereby we can accomplish a great deal if we tend to the specifics and details all the while that we are keeping the big picture in mind. We do need to consider alternative ways of doing things, seeing how we can best streamline our activities. During these times, it is essential that we discipline ourselves and maintain a sense of mindfulness. Things are not going according to a sequential progression. To assume that life is unfolding in a strict linear process of going from A to B to C would only lead us down the garden path which could turn into a confusing and disorienting maze. It is essential that as we proceed we keep aware, note the guideposts along the way and be adept at shifting and changing our itinerary, our destination and our goals in accord with the varying tides. All plans need to be written in pencil with a large eraser, our intentions demand our integrity and our expectations must be minimal with a recognition that we no longer master the universe but rather are co-creators with the universal unfolding.

Friday, October 17th – Head in the Clouds – Venus, Mercury. Friday begins with the Taurus Moon opposed Venus. Due to any restrictions regarding our resources, we may start Friday looking at where we can cut back and how we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We may feel pinched by financial pressures and we might need to cut back, making returns of impulse buying or seeing how we can pare our budget of superfluous expenses. Increasingly, we could see the truth to the simple pleasures of life, finding enjoyment in less costly activities. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Taurus and enters Gemini where it trines Mercury. Conversations with others can be great fun and get-togethers planned for the weekend ahead. Let’s keep our expectations down since unexpected situations could arise over the weekend that make our plans for naught… similar to Scottish poet Robert Burns’ plans of mice and men. The afternoon and evening hours are best suited for casual, light discourse and brief encounters as we dash from one thing to another. This Friday allows us to consider plans and options but may not provide the energy to bring them into realization. Before manifestation, we always have the conceptual, the thought, the inner processing before externalizing or manifestation.

Saturday, October 18th – The Omen – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Venus Sagittarius. Saturday gives us the second of the two significant configurations we are caroming between. Thursday had one, the Lunar Grand Trine in the Earth Element, and today we have the second, the Lunar T-Square in Mutable Signs with the Gemini Moon triggering the Saturn Uranus opposition by squaring Saturn in Virgo and squaring Uranus in Pisces. It would be wise to notate areas in our lives and in the world at large that are highlighted today. For the Saturn Uranus opposition exact on Election Day in the US on November 4th continues on into mid 2010. Yes, today offers us an omen regarding the areas that might beckon our focus over the next two years. This Moon also trines Neptune today. Although unexpected situations can arise to taunt and even torment us, we may discover that old remedies do not work for new conditions and that we are at a loss to resolve problems by the ‘tried and true’. If we do not get caught up in the frenzy of anxiety or buy into a victim mode but rather still the chattering in our minds and allow our intuition to come forward, we might come up with a greater understanding of what is being asked of us and an intuitive sense regarding a best practices approach. This Saturday also has Venus exiting Scorpio, a Sign in which it is uncomfortable, and moving into Sagittarius. Our interactions with others can become far more upbeat than the past four weeks. We may be looking at extending our social interactions with people whose background and experience are quite different from our own. We could also feel like some of the financial crisis is lessening, as though we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Today is a day when it is important not to merely see what is apparent around us but to take a longer view, see the big picture and look towards the far horizon.

Sunday, October 19th – Take No Prisoners – Sun, Pluto, Mercury. This Sunday can start off on a pleasant note. We might want to enjoy brunch with someone special, have a coffee or tea with a good friend and just luxuriate in the comfort of casual conversation. Nice concept and the day could start that way. For the day begins with the Gemini Moon trine the Sun. We’re likely to feel good, appreciative of the Autumn crispness in the air and seeking the enjoyment of companionship. As the day progresses, the Moon then opposes Pluto and the energy can quickly change. People can be looking to pontificate, emphasizing their perspective and their opinions as though gospel truth. We would have to watch for casual conversations turning to philosophical commentaries on the human condition. If our discussions turn in such a direction, casual conversations can become spiced, turn towards adamant opinions and even heated arguments. Why go there? For such a lead would only cascade us down a slippery slope that might actually impact our relationships. The Moon moves into its own Sign of Cancer where it squares Mercury in Libra. Out of defensiveness, we might circle the wagons, withdraw into the sanctity of our own space and resolve to keep a wary eye on that special someone with whom the day began so pleasantly. Sunday is a day to enjoy our interactions with other people, get out of town, take a drive into the country or a walk in the park, and leave the observations of what is going on in the world for another day. We all need a day of rest so let’s give our opinions and judgments a rest and instead of being in our head refresh ourselves by being one with nature and the natural unfolding.