September 8th – 14th

This week is a week of great potential for both getting things done and focusing on our relationships. There is more forward movement thanks to both Jupiter and Pluto turning direct at the beginning of the week. We may feel like the starting gun has fired and that we are racing out of the starting blocks. What we do have to watch for is going overboard, falling into overwhelm or just doing too, too much.

Although we can accomplish a great deal during the first part of the week, we might want the latter part of the week as time to explore and try new things. If we take care of our responsibilities early in the week, then we could have time to do what we want at the end of the week.

A tale of two dispositions, this week is. While some of our time can be used to create the most effective ways of getting things done and then test the waters of new interests, we are also likely to be caught up in our relationships. With a Stellium of three or more planets in Libra, the partnership Sign, much of our week can be spent with friends and loved ones or making plans for social get-togethers. We will not want people to restrict us or confine us but as long as we can be ourselves, then we’re likely to seek out companionship for many of this week’s excellent adventures.

Monday, September 8th – Pop Top – Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter direct, Pluto direct. Monday starts the week with us firing on all pistons. The early part of the day has the Moon in Sagittarius sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. Jupiter, which has been retrograde since early May, turns direct and later in the day Pluto, which has been retrograde since early April, turns direct. There may be more firing than our pistons. With this thrust of energy, tops can pop, and the potential for blasts and explosions and going overboard cannot be ruled out. On the contrary, this Monday we do have to avoid doing too much, pushing the envelope too far, or going overboard with our expenses or our generosity. Mercury in Libra squares Jupiter and Mercury conjuncts Mars. Yesterday we had Mars square Jupiter and tomorrow Venus squares Jupiter. While we could reveal too much, say too much, give too much, extend ourselves too much; we do have Jupiter trine Saturn. If we can restrain ourselves from the push – pulls of other people’s needs, this Monday is one when we can devise a strategic and best practices approach to deal with our responsibilities and plan the realization of our ambitions. There is a great deal of energy swirling around on this Monday. We may awaken with goals and intentions in mind, so many that we could hardly do them all. After the frenzy of the early part of the day, the day settles down and we can take things in a methodical approach. The Moon moves into Capricorn. Let’s use the enthusiasm of the early part of the day to get us going but then determine the best speed to carry on our activities later in the day.

Tuesday, September 9th – Goals versus Considerations – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury. The push pulls between our own personal goals and the interests of other people continue from the past two days into this Tuesday. The transiting planets in Libra, Mars, Mercury and Venus, have been squaring Jupiter: Mars on Sunday, Mercury yesterday and Venus today. Not only does this Tuesday give us Venus square Jupiter but this Tuesday reinforces the potential tug-of-war between our interests and those of others by means of the Capricorn Moon conjunct Jupiter, trine Saturn and square all three planets in Libra: Mars, Mercury and Venus. We may have to balance our own personal responsibilities and plans with the needs of other people. Today certainly calls for a balancing act. If we are too focused on our own involvements, and this is certainly a good day to be highly productive and focused, then we could find that other people consider us to be self-centered and self-absorbed and might even try to trip us up. If we are not attentive to other people’s concerns, then we might have to deal with distractions to our plans. It would be wise today to spend time on our own goals but also take the time to go out of our way for someone else. Again, let’s keep in mind the balance point. Either extreme of being too self-focused or being too considerate of other people could wreak havoc.

Wednesday, September 10th – Streamlining Activities – Sun, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. In our fast-paced lives, we all seem bent on proving ourselves as Superman or Superwoman. Many of us have created lives of overload whereby we are so involved in so many activities that we hardly have time to sit down, reflect and consider the purpose of our life’s journey. We often fill our lives with all sorts of busy work with nary a moment to just BE. This Wednesday has the Capricorn Moon trine the Sun and sextile Uranus. A highly productive day, at least in the early morning hours, we can use this day to accomplish a great deal. But one of our greatest accomplishments could be devising right action — determining the truly important activities in our lives and seeing how we can expedite such activities. Today we can decide what situations hold importance for us and what situations we involve ourselves that only are to be socially correct. Let’s use this day to focus on the truly important and consider areas we might pursue if we had the time. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for eighteen hours making no further connections to the planets before it enters Aquarius tomorrow. The energy drops off and we might have the opportunity that although our schedule keeps us going at break-neck speed, the universe itself goes through cycles of intense activity and fallow periods of minimal activity. We see it in nature, so why can’t we be more in synch with the universal energies? Today is a good day to reflect, to see whether our fast-paced lives are really doing it for ourselves or determine areas from which to divest ourselves in order to have time to investigate other interests. Quiet times may be a forgotten characteristic of our lives but they do allow us to consider, reflect and evaluate where we are and where we are going.

Thursday, September 11th – Take Five – Venus, Mars. Thursday has the Moon in Aquarius and Venus conjunct Mars. The energy of the week truly shifts today. We are far less interested in our responsibilities and our day-in, day-out normal routine. If we have taken care of our affairs without being pushed and pulled by other people’s needs earlier in the week, then this latter part of the week allows us to both think about possibilities for our future and also offers us quality time with that special someone in our lives. Today is a good day to spend time with friends and loved ones, whether we spend it in person or take time to call up people and discuss the events of our lives. We are far more connected with our masculine and feminine sides today. There is less of an internal battlefield going on inside ourselves. We are more likely to see the beauty in our lives, the perfection of living than the usual tendency to find flaws, faults or blame. This Thursday is a good time to jump off the track, even if only for a brief interlude from our hurly-burly life’s schedule. This is a day to stop and smell the flowers, appreciate the uniqueness of other people and savor our friendships and our relationships. If we have been amiss earlier in the week regarding other people’s concerns, too involved in our own plans and activities, we can make up for it today by putting our ‘to do’ list on the ‘later’ pile and spending time reaching out to other people. As U2 sang, ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’.

Friday, September 12th – Personal Makeover – Sun, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Neptune. This Friday can be a primo day, especially if we have it, or at least some part of it, as a blank slate on which to draw or paint spontaneously. The Sun opposes Uranus and the Moon in Aquarius conjuncts Neptune and trines the three planets in Libra: Mars, Venus and Mercury. We are looking for change, doing things on a spontaneous level and interested in mulling over our future plans. While we might be champing at the bit to bring about change in our lives, today is a good day for us to blend our visionary and pragmatic senses. If we can draw the conceptual together with the practical means, then we can go far in devising where we want to go and how best to get there. Otherwise, we could be flipping between our responsibilities, with a strong dose of resentment, and doing our own thing, negating our obligations. Drawing upon other people as sounding boards for our intentions can help whittle away the outrageous from the well-considered. Whether wardrobe, hairstyle or personal disposition, this Friday is a good day for a personal makeover whereby we strive to be our personal best and focus on things that truly speak to us and allow us to express our creativity.

Saturday, September 13th – Thrust to Dust – Pluto. Saturday begins with the Aquarius Moon sextile Pluto. We may awaken with a thrust of energy, wanting to spread our wings, explore distant realms and spend our time in deeply meaningful ways. There is an old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. We may not go to hell but our intentions could also drop away after our initial early morning burst of energy. The Moon moves into Pisces. From the initial thrust of energy, our energy could wane whereby now all we want to do is hang out, meander about and just go hither and yon with no intended purpose. Getting down to the beach, listening to music, or catching a flick may be far more relaxing and less energetic than our initial plans for the day. If we have much to do on this Saturday, let’s plan to do so early in the day since the second half of the day could have the energy drop off dramatically. We could get far more emotional later on this day and would have to watch for any unhealthy escape mechanisms. We become more reactive and receptive as the day progresses.

Sunday, September 14th – Spiritual Reveries – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. Sunday has Mercury conjunct Venus and the Pisces Moon sextile Jupiter and opposed Saturn. Discussions with friends and loved ones can be fun ways to spend the day. Get-togethers may be far more interesting than dealing with our ‘to do’ list. We could easily postpone projects with the idea that we’ll get to them another time and the realization that this Sunday may be better spent with other people than in solitary activities of dealing with errands or responsibilities. Time spent with others can be something of a spiritual reverie whereby we discuss and consider our plans, our goals and our future activities. The pull today may be between what needs to be done in the present and what we might want to do in the future. Whatever we do today, it would be important to maintain a focus on the big picture all the while that we account for the specifics.