September 29th – October 5th

This week brings us to the end of September and into the beginning of October. We start the week with the Libra New Moon that will impact us for the next fortnight. We also have Mercury retrograde and over the weekend Mars moving out of Libra and entering Scorpio, a Sign it co-rules.

This week allows us to get our house in order, especially in regard to our relationships. We are looking more outside ourselves than merely at our personal self-interests. The complements to ourselves — our relationships, our activities, the ways by which we define ourselves — are front and center this week. We can be accommodating and conciliatory and willing to go out of our way. Such an attitude is strong during the first half of the week and then becomes less so as we move towards the second half of the week when we become discerning and discriminating regarding where we place our energies. The weekend can be expansive and exuberant as we look to stretch our wings.

This is a week for us to focus on those special people in our lives, to address the ways by which we can become more resourceful doing more with less and then looking at how we can expand into situations that allow us to be more upbeat and vibrant.

We may not be so fraught with anxiety this week. But let’s keep in mind that thanks to Mercury retrograde, no matter what significant decisions are made, they may seem far better in the planning stages than during their execution. We are in a phase where whatever we initiate may have to be reworked or corrected once we are in the midst of its unfolding process.

Monday, September 29th – You Light Up My Life – Libra Lunation, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with the Libra New Moon and a Stellium of three or more planets in Libra with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in the Cardinal Air Sign. Our focus may be on the wonderful complements to ourselves. With the Moon square Jupiter, we do have to watch for overconfidence and being generous to a fault. We could be overly accommodating in order to just come to some resolution. Let’s remember that Mercury is retrograde so the liability to misunderstandings and miscommunications is still strong. Today is a great day to take time and thank people for being in our lives. With all the craziness and whipsaws in the world operating nowadays, we can appreciate the importance of our connections and interactions and give blessing for the good things in our lives. We can always see the half glass of water as half empty, but today let’s see it as half full.

Tuesday, September 30th – Good Time Charlie – Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon which today conjuncts Mercury, trines Neptune, conjuncts Mars and sextiles Pluto. We are looking for the silver lining today and likely to find it. No matter how dark or cloudy it might seem, today is a day when we can garner support and encouragement from other people. Misery may like company, but today we’re not interested in misery or the miserable. We are far more focused on making things work for the present and seeing them as fundamental steppingstones to our future. Other people could prove important sounding boards, adding a perspective or insight that we might not have. We are looking at stretching our wings, broadening our expanse. Many of the problems we have been confronting seem finally to have solutions. We do have to be careful that we don’t leap ahead without recognizing that even today’s solutions might need to be adjusted and adapted to changing conditions as we go along. This is not a day for parade-rainers but rather a day to take a philosophical approach, think outside the box and consider our options and alternatives.

Wednesday, October 1st – Going for the Gold – Mars, Pluto, Venus. Wednesday could have us awakening to a drive and determination that is unstoppable. Mars sextiles Pluto today and we may become aware of what we need to incorporate to make our future goals more probable. The Moon is in Scorpio and conjunct Venus today. In our drive towards realizing the optimum quality in our lives, we may realize that we need to lighten our load. As the English writer G.K. Chesterton wrote: ‘Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’. This Wednesday is a good day to consider what we need to get rid of in order to lighten our load. The superfluous and extraneous may have to be eliminated or at least put to the side. We want to deal with the core fundamentals — the essential ingredients, people and ways of achieving our purpose and making our lives better and brighter today and for the future. Now is a time for us to work smarter rather than harder, to be more productive with less expenditure of energy. Strategic planning with the idea of broadening our scope can be accomplished today and tomorrow. We might want to use other people as a sounding board to be certain that we have covered all the specifics and not left out anything of importance. Let’s keep in mind through the mid-part of this month that we are in Mercury retrograde cycle, an energy configuration that contributes to forgetting key elements or misstating important aspects. Today is a day when we can concentrate our focus and widen our perspective — a yin – yang configuration that completes the Tao.

Thursday, October 2nd – Letting Go of Illusions – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Thursday is a crisp day, a day when we can blueprint, consider our methodology, make important changes to our plans and still release ourselves from outdated concepts or outworn desires. This Thursday has the Scorpio Moon sextile both Jupiter and Saturn, trine Uranus and square Neptune. Today is a day for us to get serious about clearing away old debris and creating the foundation stones for our future. Whether we are looking to make changes or not, change is in the air and necessitates a clear intention regarding what we want, what we can realize and what we need to let go. While many people do not like change, we have to realize that some friends and associates might question any intention on our part to do things differently or pursue new interests. It is important that we follow our truth, be open to insights and recognize that the new paradigm is one of being co-creators working with the energies, keeping aware of the changes of the times, and not trying to master the universe as much as be one with the natural unfolding of the universal energies. This Thursday can remind us of the true reality that the universal energies have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. The key element is faith, having trust in the goodness of life and living. Some of our plans, some of our desires may have been significant in times past but may no longer be relevant for our future. It would be wise to listen to the guidance of insights and then determine a best practices approach to develop our changing interests.

Friday, October 3rd – A Brand New Day. Friday doesn’t have a great deal of energy, no major energy configurations. The Moon does move from Scorpio into Sagittarius, and we could note a significant shift in our energies. Instead of merely looking at how we can strip down to the basics and operating from a security-conscious attitude with an anxiety of the rug being pulled out from under us, we could feel far more confident, optimistic and enthusiastic. If we have taken a cold, hard look at our life’s circumstances and considered how we can best cope and survive under changing conditions, then this day provides an upbeat sense that we can not solely survive but rather thrive by being aware and adapting to the shifting tides. This Friday is a good day to take a philosophical perspective, focus on what we consider quality in our living, and enthusiastically broaden our scope and widen our realm. Even if life around us seems frenetic and chaotic, we don’t have to be sucked into the craziness. On the contrary, let’s keep in mind that attitude is a main ingredient in determining our life’s situations. Exuberance and enthusiasm are called for in order to develop brighter days through better ways. Today is a day to stretch, expand and explore beyond our usual parameters.

Saturday, October 4th – The Fix is in the Details – Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Mars Scorpio. Saturday continues with the Sagittarius Moon which today sextiles both the Sun and Mercury in Libra and squares Saturn in Virgo. Saturday also brings an end to the Stellium of three or more planets in Libra as Mars exits Libra, a sign in which it is uncomfortable, and moves into Scorpio, a Sign in which it is comfortable and co-rules. This Saturday could have us expanding our interests and widening our reach, and possibly as a result of our own confidence and the encouragement of other people. We do need to be careful not to get carried away by our exuberance. We could see the big picture but not take into account the particulars. Details might be overlooked today, so let’s be sure that we look before and during our leap. With Mars going into Scorpio, we may feel far more passionate even feisty. We are less accommodating and far more focused on what truly works for us. We might be considering where to put our energies given that we could be feeling like we have gotten a second wind. While we have far greater energy, and a reserve to draw upon, it will be important for us to take things step by step while keeping in mind our intended destination and how we want to get there.

Sunday, October 5th – The Best Things in Life – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Sunday continues with the Sagittarius Moon for much of the day. Venus sextiles Jupiter today and our interactions with others can be fun get-togethers for hikes, walks, drives in the country and other events that get us out of Dodge. We may discover that we can enjoy ourselves without spending a great deal of cash. As the song goes: ‘the best things in life are free’. We could embrace the truth of that idea today. Time with others can be splendid, so long as we recognize that we are more interested in spontaneity today than rigidly constructed plans. A day of rest, Sunday allows us to relax, refresh and re-create. This Sunday can give us a boost of energy as we seek out recreational or cultural pursuits. Autumn Festivals and Fairs might be pleasant and provide interesting adventures. Although plans can change, today asks us to be adaptable and may give us insight into the realization that often surprises come by being open to unexpected situations. Towards the end of the day, the Moon moves into Capricorn. After a highly enjoyable weekend, we are ready to get back on track and advance our interests.