September 22nd – 28th

After the extreme volatility of this past week, when global financial systems stared down a long dark tunnel and saw the abyss, this week seems less anxiety provoking. Or not! During these crazy times, times when we might often feel like we are trying to make our way through a ‘fun house’ with the floor falling out from under us or the floor moving to a sharp angle necessitating us holding on to something, anything, in order not to slide away, it is essential to maintain a calm perspective, not take anything for granted or assume reality to be what is being presented to us. It is also important to keep a good sense of humor and not get caught up in the charades.

This week begins with the ending of the Summer season and the beginning of Autumn. The Sun exits Virgo and enters the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra at the time of the Autumn Equinox. This week also has Venus leaving its own Sign of Libra to enter Scorpio. And, perhaps the most significant energy pattern of the week is the third and final of this year’s Mercury retrogrades. Can I hear a groan?

This week seems somewhat less disjointed than earlier weeks this month. We might be provided a respite, but that’s not too likely. We need to keep on our toes, work with peripheral vision and be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

The week begins with us seeking solace in the comfort of our homes and family. We are being more attentive to the qualities, characteristics and interests of other people. We may be making changes to our environment and even giving thought in regard to our financial security, protecting what we have and considering ways by which we can conserve and do more with less. This is a good time for us to consider our plans, budget our expenses and give thought to meaningful changes that instill greater quality in our living. A good Autumn cleaning may be in store for us, as we look at those situations, people and items that no longer serve us but instead demand too much of our time and focus.

The Mercury retrograde this week starts a three-week phase with the liability towards miscommunications, misunderstandings and problems with transportation and computers.

Like life itself, diversity this week is important. We can attend to matters around our home early in the week, enjoy fun activities during the middle of the week and attend to details and a good Fall cleanup over the weekend.

Monday, September 22nd – Building on the Fall – Venus, Pluto, Sun, Jupiter, Sun Libra. The early morning hours have the Gemini Moon square the Sun in Virgo. The Moon then moves into Cancer, its own Sign, where it opposes Jupiter. Not only does the Moon transition from one Sign to another today. So too does the Sun. For this Monday is the last few hours of Summer and the first few hours of Autumn, as the Sun moves into Libra at the time of the Autumn Equinox. We also have Venus about to leave its own Sign of Libra sextile Pluto. This Monday can seem very much a transitional day, a day of phase change. We could feel betwixt and between and with everything going on in the world, we might feel that there is little refuge but instead the need to be open to the vagaries of change. Increasingly, we are interested more in companionship and special interactions with other people and far less interested in going it alone. Other people may serve as important sounding boards for us, especially since we may feel a little unsure of which way things are going and unfolding. Much of our focus may be creating a sanctuary in our home, drawing upon our living space for a sense of refuge from the blustery winds occurring in the world at large. While our interest in other people and their needs can be stronger now, we also have to be careful that our compassion and consideration don’t commit us to more than we could ever possibly handle, or want to handle. Today is a good day to make contact with other people, show signs of our appreciation for the people in our lives and seek a balance between our responsibilities and our desire to maintain a safe base from which to view the world spinning by.

Tuesday, September 23rd – The Blame Game – Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Venus Scorpio. Tuesday has Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra. This is the last day of Mercury direct and Mercury is stationary about to turn retrograde tomorrow. The Cancer Moon sextiles Saturn, trines Uranus and squares both Mercury and Mars. We can get a lot done today, if we don’t spend too much time interacting with other people. We can figure out a best practices approach both to deal with our obligations and to try out new interests. We do have to be careful of our communications with other people. The potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications can be strong with a proclivity towards shooting from the lip, speaking impulsively without engaging brain. People could easily take offense to belligerent or overbearing opinions. This day is best used as one to get things done and consider alternatives for the future. Changes made to home, work environment or wardrobe may be good for the soul but might not get universal approval from other people. If someone wants to play the blame game, just sidestep the discussion, for there are no winners in such games. People are likely to be critiquing, giving their opinion readily and looking for flaws and faults rather than positive attributes and redeeming qualities. Venus exits its own Sign of Libra and moves into Scorpio, where it is not comfortable. Relationships can move from being accommodating and appreciative to a tendency to hold the bar high and have great expectations of other people. We are moving into a time when we might weigh our relationships in the balance and decide to jettison some.

Wednesday, September 24th – Alice, We’re Not in Wonderland Anymore – Venus, Sun, Mercury retrograde. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Leo where it squares Venus and sextiles the Sun. Mercury also turns retrograde. We may be feeling our oats, wanting other people to play the audience to our grand expressions. With everyone wanting to be a star today, there can be a tendency towards being somewhat inconsiderate, self-absorbed and a desire for people to play second fiddle to our wishes. The funny thing is, however, that we are likely to feel that we are being incredibly generous, going out of our way for other people and accommodating to the interests of others. Perspective is a quirky thing. It all depends on how we look at something. Mercury turns retrograde today. There can be miscommunications, schedules can go awry, travel plans can be delayed or even canceled, and computer glitches may frustrate us and have us realize our dependency on high technology. Today is a day to go with the flow, and to check and recheck plans made with other people. We need to go slow, go over things possibly more than once and be certain people understand what we are saying and doing without their feeling that we are either stepping on their toes or not taking into account their needs. We may not be in Wonderland but neither do we have to go to Neverland. Remember during Mercury retrograde, it would be wise to postpone important decisions and put off significant purchases. Some essential factor is often left out during Mercury retrograde. It is more an appropriate time to go back over things we have initiated, review and rework, rather than initiating important new projects.

Thursday, September 25th – Beyond the Blue Horizon – Neptune, Mercury. Thursday has the Leo Moon opposed Neptune and sextile Mercury. Our wish list may be long. We might be looking at all sorts of possibilities for ourselves. In so doing, we need to maintain some hold on reality. Today is one of those days when anything, and everything, could seem possible. Like some magic wand ‘secret’, we might assume that what we want will easily unfold into what we have. Presentations can be forceful and persuasive, and we could easily be snookered into believing a person’s huckstering or our own perspective of the way things should be. It would be wise to take everything today with a grain of salt, not make definitive decisions without checking all the facts and specifics. Things may seem too good to be true and possibly are. Not that we need to be jaded in our considerations. But we do need to look at situations clearly without letting our emotions get in the way. We might want something to be so, but we would also need to see the steps necessary to bring such desires into manifestation. Let’s give thoughts to our future but write our plans in pencil. We can accept the opinions and advice of other people, just as long as we check the source and consider their perspective. This is a day to dream but not to get locked into our daydreams as being inevitable future reality.

Friday, September 26th – A Second Wind – Mars, Pluto, Venus. Often Fridays seem like wind-down days from the week, days when we are more focused on our plans to have fun on the weekend. Not so with this Friday, nor this weekend. We start the early morning hours of Friday with the Leo Moon sextile Mars and trine Pluto. We may have a true head of steam going in the early morning hours, impassioned by what we want to accomplish with the idea of getting things out of the way in order to then broaden our scope. We may feel determined and driven. With this head of steam up, the Moon moves into Virgo where it sextiles Venus. Friday is a great day to deal with outstanding matters and to prioritize our plans. With a vision as to where we want to go and where we want to be in our future, we can also strip away the extraneous and focus on the fundamentals. While our lives often seem on overload, this Friday allows us to give thought as to what is truly important and what is no longer needed. A good Autumn cleaning can lighten our load and clear away the superfluous. Social engagements later in the day may seem to have a purpose greater than just casual get-togethers. We can concentrate on the deeply meaningful in regard to our connections with other people. Today is one of those days when we can see people for whom they are, not the images or appearances but rather the depth and substance.

Saturday, September 27th – Taking Care of Business – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. Saturday continues with the Virgo Moon which today trines Jupiter, conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus. Even if we wanted to merely step off the track and have a relaxing day, this Saturday could have us attending to errands, obligations and taking care of business. This day would be a good day for our Autumn projects. We can both blueprint our intended plans and also meet our responsibilities. We should be aware that we might have more to deal with than we had initially planned. Unexpected situations may demand our attention, forcing us to take on additional tasks. If we can utilize time management effectively, then we could save ourselves a lot of time and a lot of grief. Otherwise, we might find ourselves going from one thing to another to another in a scattered, even frenetic way. Although the mundane aspects of doing life may be our focal point today, we can do what we need to do and then be sure that we have a chance to do something on the spur of the moment. If we can’t enjoy a spontaneous moment, then we might become resentful and angry about our Saturday being used to merely deal with the drudgery of errands and obligations.

Sunday, September 28th – Hunches and Possibilities – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto. Sunday has the Virgo Moon square Pluto early in the day before the Moon moves into Libra. We could be feeling intense, even burnt-out as we start the day. People may be slightly on edge. Situations beyond their control and even beyond their community could create a sense of anxiety. It is important that we not jump to conclusions regarding anything we hear. Often what is presented to us does not reveal the whole truth. Fortunately today we also have Mercury trine Neptune. Our intuitive sense can be strong. Even if our hunches run counter to the general consensus, we may have our finger on the pulse rather than the collective opinion. This Sunday is a day to trust our inner knowing. If issues come up that demand an answer or resolution, it would be wise to step away, take some time to reflect, and consider how we feel about things. Our inner wisdom could be more spot-on than the ways things are being presented. Discussions today can take into account possibilities and future plans. We might enjoy chatting with friends. Even in our casual discussions we might discover points that give us greater clarity about what is truly going on. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Libra. We are on the dark side of the Moon just prior to tomorrow’s Libra New Moon. Sunday is a day to rest, contemplate, reflect and enjoy the reveries of possibilities.