September 15th – 21st

This week is the last week of the Summer season. To borrow from Nat King Cole, this Summer did not provide the lazy, hazy days but certainly some truly crazy days. As we end the Summer, this week provides a potpourri of energies and characteristics.

This week starts off on a frenetic note, thanks to the Pisces Full Moon. We may have a lot on our plate this week, but the fact is that we can handle it all. By prioritizing, strategizing and working with the energies, we can initiate new projects, advance some of our future plans, take care of our responsibilities and even have time for meaningful social interactions.

A highly productive week, this week allows us to fine tune our activities, all the while that we are considering our prospects for the future and determining the best ways to reach our goals.

It would be wise for us to sit down and take a serious look at our financial situation. Although our expenses seem to be going through wild gyrations, all tending upward in increased costs; we can determine how to work with an income stream that does not seem to vary. We are in, and are likely to continue to be in, times that necessitate our ability to do more with less.

These times do not offer the luxury of laziness or profligacy. On the contrary, all of us may have to learn to stretch our finances by conservation, wise consumer choices and appreciating the fact that quality of living does not necessarily equate with quantity in living.

If we can surf the tsunami-like waves of these times, we may feel greater self-value and self-worth in our ability to not only meet the challenges of these times but to ride the crests of the waves.

Monday, September 15th – Short End of a Fuse – Pisces Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Sun, Pluto. Monday starts the week with a high level of nervous energy. People nowadays often say that every day seems like a Full Moon, thanks to the apparent craziness of these times. This Monday is in actual fact a Full Moon, the Pisces Full Moon with the Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square conjunct Uranus, opposed the Sun and square Pluto. Not only can our plans go awry today, but we could also experience that more is being asked of us than we could possibly handle. We may feel like we’re going from one thing to another with many of the situations arising virtually out of the blue. No solid ground today perhaps. Although we might feel as if we had crossed into some bizarre dimension today, the main thing for us to keep aware of is the fact that the energy is ratcheted up severalfold. Everything may seem ever more intense today. What we have to avoid is not feeling victim to the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. This Monday calls for us to be nimble and quick, to adapt, shift and change without much time for reflection or consideration. If we can keep up with today’s energy, then we could be juggling a number of different situations. With the intensity ratcheted up severalfold, we just need to put self-critiquing and self-evaluating on the back burner. Today is a day when we need to be ‘in the zone’, zen-like and come from our inner wisdom. Right action is an essential disposition for this day.

Tuesday, September 16th – What Needs to be Taken Care of – Jupiter. Tuesday takes the energy down a notch or two. We may feel more on top of things, better able to put our imprint on our activities and our lives. We might feel less at the mercy of the vagaries of dramatically changing conditions. This Tuesday has the Moon in Aries square Jupiter. We may have a sense of being more in control of our lives, certainly compared to yesterday when things were flying at us from all directions. We seem more on top of what needs to be done. Although our sense of ability is stronger today, we do need to avoid committing to being involved with too much, taking on too much. Anything we agree to do today or for the future, we might want to add the conditional phrase ‘if I have the time’. After surviving, or even thriving, from yesterday’s multi-tasking, we could have a Superperson complex whereby we feel that nothing is too much for us to handle. That might be true, but why go there? We don’t always have to prove ourselves. And there will certainly be more times when we have to stretch and meet challenges as though we were modern day gladiators. Instead, let’s keep focused on what we truly want to do, those things that put a smile on our face or warmth in our heart. By considering participation in things that allow us to truly express ourselves and not just things that we feel we need to do since no one else is going to do them, we can determine some of our future plans and advance our goals. Today is a good day to address our responsibilities and broaden our intended involvements. We do need to focus on our own personal interests.

Wednesday, September 17th – You and Me – Venus, Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday may provide a pull, even a tug-of-war, between our personal desires and our desire for idyllic social interactions. You and Me can be a beautiful and powerful blend today. OR you and me could be a dueling interchange between grandiose expectations and true realities. This Wednesday has Venus trine Neptune, a truly lovely aspect that allows our social interactions to be close to the ideal. Of course, it would be ideal if our lives were only blissful pastoral settings, a sort of daily paradise. And today we might capture that sense of things. Where a rub could arise is with the Aries Moon that opposes the Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign, as the Moon opposes the transiting Libra planets of Mars, Mercury and Venus. The Moon also sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto. We could easily get carried away with a masterpiece of prospects and potentials whereby everything fits neatly into place. Such a masterpiece would be in the eye of the beholder and might differ from other people’s perspectives. Unless we incorporate the feelings, needs and viewpoints of other people, we could encounter either naysayers to our grand plans or find that our masterpiece is such in our eyes alone. Other people could prove important sounding boards today, so long as we are open and receptive to objective critiquing. We might be so self-involved today that it could prove hard to see anything other than our own viewpoint. A dicey fix perhaps, but it need not be. The question is one of balance, balancing our personal interests with our interest in our relationships. Such a balance provides the golden mean, the divine interchange that allows us to come close to perfection… or the idyllic in a paradise world.

Thursday, September 18th – Patching it All Together – Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Saturn. Thursday can be one of those primo days when we are grounded, focused and able to put it all together. This Thursday has the Taurus Moon creating a Grand Trine in the Earth Element as the Moon trines Jupiter in Capricorn and trines Saturn in Virgo. Manifestation is the keyword of the day. Whatever we might have initiated earlier in the week, we can make more manifest on this Thursday. If our minds have been aflutter with possibilities and prospects, today is a day when we can put our spirit into action. A pragmatic, practical day, we can accomplish a lot today. We can visualize the completion of certain projects and devise the best methods to reach our goals. We can lay down the corner stones of new activities and be cognizant of proper scheduling. This Thursday is also a good day to take time and focus on our financial situation. We can see how best to deal with our expenses and how we can move forward with our future plans. Whatever tasks we have at hand, we can easily accomplish, leaving room for us to move forward with other projects. This Thursday could prove the most productive day of the week for handling our responsibilities, moving forward our ambitions and dealing with the specifics of our mundane, daily lives.

Friday, September 19th – Realizing Goals by Changing the Yardsticks – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Sun. Friday has Mercury trine Neptune and the Taurus Moon sextile
Uranus, square Neptune and trine the Sun. Our intuitive sense is spot on today, especially if we are open to listening to the inner voice of our true wisdom. If we don’t get caught up on our plans or the ways we want things to be, then this day can provide us with an understanding of things that goes beyond reasoning or the empirical evidence. Friday is a good day to get together with others, allow ourselves to ruminate out loud and give thought to all possibilities. Nothing is impossible unless we believe it to be. We have the stamina and perseverance today to find answers, come up with solutions. We may find ourselves making changes to our environment, moving things around, buying some thing to add a little panache to our lives, or just doing a thorough cleaning. Shaking things up, even just a little bit, would allow us to be more open to possibilities that lie beyond our present circumstances. Today is a great day to dream, to dream of possibilities for our future and believe in the saying that ‘god and the universe have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves’. Faith, adaptability and an appreciation of the goodness and bountifulness of life go a long way to changing our circumstances. An attitude of gratitude opens the door to the magical mystery tour of asequential reality whereby things come out from the blue and happen without our having to make them occur.

Saturday, September 20th – Endtimes – Sun, Pluto, Saturn. Saturday has the Sun square Pluto and the Gemini Moon square Saturn. Although much of this week might have focused on possibilities and prospects, the flip side of changing times is eliminating the dross, getting rid of the outworn and letting go of things we have been holding on to. Saturday may provide such a release point. Letting go is not always a comfort zone. It demands trust, trust in the universe, trust in ourselves. For letting go eliminates some of the old security constructs we have held on to. In letting go, there are times when we don’t know what will replace those things, situations, people that are moving out of our lives. A wise saying states that the cup needs to be emptied before it can be filled. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin today. We may feel a little on edge. On the one hand, we might feel as though we have certain commitments we need to honor. On the other hand, we might just want to clear the slate and be free and unencumbered by our obligations. This Saturday could be one intense day. It would be wise to be gentle with ourselves, not judge ourselves but rather to allow any discomfort to have its way. Like labor pains, we may feel that we are being pushed to our limits. Today might not be that extreme but it would be wise to keep in mind that we are going through growing pains, pains that are indicative of our transformation. What we are transforming into may not be evident. Let’s honor the process and cut ourselves, and other people, lots of slack today. If certain things are going by the boards, let’s try to appreciate that they are no longer essential to our lives and where we are going. Today would be a good day to get out of Dodge, take a walk in nature and see the natural unfolding occurring during this changing of the seasons, reflective of the changes occurring in our own lives.

Sunday, September 21st – Rubbing Elbows, Lighting up the Lines – Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Venus. Sunday is the last day of Summer ’08. And what a day it is. Just as Thursday was a primo day for manifestation, this Sunday is a primo day for our relationships. Mars trines Neptune and the Gemini Moon squares Uranus and then creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element as the Moon trines
Neptune in Aquarius and trines the Libra Stellium of Mars, Mercury and Venus. There is a great deal of talk today, various social interactions that can be great fun. Today is a day to reach out and touch someone, whether we do so by going out to fairs, festivals, church gatherings, social action programs, any other get-together, or we do so from the comfort of our own space by ringing up people on the phone, emailing them on the internet or writing a brief note. Today is a great day for ideas, conversation and communication. No subject is taboo, although we are likely to find that topics go from one thing to another without a great deal of depth. The subject matter isn’t important, what is important is the interaction with other people. We don’t have to stay long in any one place, unlikely to do so, but touching base with various people can be fun, uplifting and help to widen our perspective.