September 1st – 7th

This week starts off the month of September under the influence of this past Saturday’s Virgo New Moon and the Libra Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Air Sign.

The influence of last Saturday’s Virgo New Moon will continue through this week, next week and until the Full Moon on the 15th. With a T-Square by Sign in the Mutable Signs, with the Virgo Energy opposed to Uranus in Pisces and square to Pluto in Sagittarius, we have to be mindful of atmospheric and geophysical conditions. This two-week period could see intense storm systems with deadly force precipitation and increased geophysical activity with strong magnitude earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

This week, we are likely to be feeling torn between getting back into our normal daily routine and spending pleasant times with our special someone[s]. This is a week for us to focus on outstanding matters, tie up loose ends, cut away the superfluous and consider how we can stretch without expanding into overwhelm. There are some pleasant energies this week. The adrenaline rush from the spectacles of August — the Summer Olympics and the Democratic National Convention — has passed and we are more likely to be grounded in our reality than distracted by the special mesmerizing effects of extravaganzas.

Attending to details along with seeking to create balance in our lives can provide a marvelous opportunity to put things in their proper perspective. We can see what we want to participate in and cut away those things that have merely contributed to busy work. Like the ebb and flow of the oceans’ tides, we might be both expanding and contracting this week. The contraction may be dealing with our responsibilities and those situations that belong more to our past than our future. The expansion can be associated with seeking a best practices approach, focusing on those areas that bring us joy and self-fulfillment but doing so in a streamlined, expeditious manner.

We might make contact with various people, make them aware of our projects and our plans and start to lay the foundation stones for our intended Autumn projects.

The weekend could end on a stressful note, so the more we can line our ducks up in a row, sort through our affairs, prioritize and consider our future options, the less likely we may be on overload as we begin next week.

Monday, September 1st – Going Out of Our Way – Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Mars. In the early morning hours of Monday, the Virgo Moon squares Pluto. Our sleep state might be disturbed and things could be happening far afield that might upset our applecart. Although situations beyond our control can impact our normal routine, we awaken to the Moon having moved into Libra where it conjuncts the Libra Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign and conjuncts Venus, Mercury and Mars. In the US, this day is Labor Day, the last day of the long holiday weekend that signals the unofficial end of Summer. Whether we have the day off or not, we are looking to our relationships. Either getting together with those special people in our lives or going out of our way to assist someone in dealing with their affairs, our focus is more likely on the people in our lives than our own personal self-interests. We are not looking for conflict today but could be very accommodating. We want peace, serenity and balance in our lives, sprinkled with vivacious and sparkling types. Even if we have a great deal to attend to today, we are far more interested in getting together with others, being on the phone or meeting up for a leisurely lunch or lengthy coffee at a café.

Tuesday, September 2nd – Reaching Beyond – Jupiter. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon that squares Jupiter today. We may be so conciliatory to other people that we take on more than would be appropriate. This is a day when we might just have to say ‘no’ to more than one occasion or else find ourselves with our ‘to do’ list overflowing. An element of conservatism would be suggested. Our generosity could know no bounds as we try to garner the appreciation and gain the approval of someone else. Other people could encourage us to stretch and expand, but it would be wise for us to consider the details and the specifics and not get caught up in the exuberance of the moment. We may be looking to join forces with other people in regard to certain projects and activities. If we do so, then let’s be sure that we are creating a win-win scenario and not merely assisting someone else to reach their goals at our time’s expense. Good feelings are strong today but we just have to watch for overconfidence and enthusiasm based upon intentions rather than the means of achieving our goals.

Wednesday, September 3rd – Getting Down to Business – Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. Wednesday has the Sun conjunct Saturn. This fortnight’s signature was imprinted by the Virgo New Moon last Saturday on the 30th. A sense of seriousness and getting down to business is a strong focus of these two weeks and this Wednesday could find us strategizing, planning, mapping out and deciding a best practices approach to achieve our aims. Early in the day, the Libra Moon trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. We can consider where we want to go and with whom we want to go there. Lining up our social calendar now allows us to consider those events that are worthwhile, provide us with a sense of purpose and may also be a great deal of fun. We could lay down the foundation stones of our future endeavors and feel impassioned by our goals and even gain support of others regarding our plans. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio. We may have made our plans, but we might go over them and see where we can cut out the excess and focus on the essential.

Thursday, September 4th – Keeping it Real – Sun, Jupiter, Saturn. If yesterday offered us the ability of focusing on a best practices approach, Thursday provides us the ability of starting from the fundamentals and broadening our perspective and widening our scope. With the Sun trine Jupiter today, we may feel far more confident, exuberant and ready to expand our base. From dealing with past issues yesterday, we can clear away the dross and concentrate on the future. The Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn and the Sun both in Virgo and sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn. By focusing on the core issues in our lives, we can prioritize and determine a best practices approach both to deal with the details of our normal responsibilities and also with the big picture of our goals and ambitions. Today could be a highly productive day. We are feeling on top of things, in control and able to juggle both our obligations and the expansion of our interests.

Friday, September 5th – Change with Reservations – Uranus, Neptune. Friday has the Scorpio Moon trine Uranus and square Neptune. We may want to do things on the spur-of-the-moment, change our plans and act spontaneously even precipitously. While change is an important aspect of these times, it would also be wise for us to consider the possible implications before launching forward. Something may seem great but we have to be careful not to be snookered by appearances without taking into account the particulars. Any changes we make today should be done either in a gradual manner or with an exit strategy in mind. Things may not be the way they seem. We could easily be swayed by events that seem different, exciting and thrilling. What we have to watch out for is getting involved in a situation that we can’t get out of or an involvement with a huckster selling us a bill of goods. We may be looking to make changes today but let’s do so with reservations and constantly evaluating and re-evaluating as we go along our merry way.

Saturday, September 6th – Far and Near – Venus. Saturday gives us a Sagittarius Moon which sextiles Venus. We can be feeling upbeat, tired of cutting to the bone or working on merely a minimalist level as we might have done over the past two days. We want to spread our wings, get out and about and if our journeys take us to visit a good friend or someone special, all the better. Social interactions with others can be great fun. We might want to get outdoors, hiking, playing a round of golf, enjoying a tennis match or other recreational pursuits. We don’t want to be cooped up on this Saturday. If we can get out of Dodge, then we are likely to be ready to go and explore the four corners of the world. We don’t want to go it alone, so either we want a companion for our journeys or someone we plan to meet up with along the way. This Saturday is a fun day to kick up our heels and enjoy the vivaciousness of life and living for the weekend.

Sunday, September 7th – Criticizing, Pontificating and Skipping over the Details – Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Sun, Uranus. Sunday is an energy-packed day but could prove to be a mixed bag. Mars squares Jupiter. We may have various social engagements today, some of which seem like obligatory meetings rather than pleasurable encounters. People may seem to be generous to a fault, the fault being the unwritten expectations in whatever is being offered. The Sagittarius Moon sextiles both Mercury and Mars in Libra but also creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Sag Moon squaring Saturn and the Sun both in Virgo and squaring Uranus in Pisces. Quality of time is far better than quantity of time. Today is one of those days to make the rounds and not stay too long in any one locale. People could be rather opinionated today, even to the point of expecting other people to agree with their perspective and judgments. If people start discussing their issues and problems, then it might be time to leave. If we stay too long in any one situation, it could open the door to people critiquing and expecting us to take care of their problems. This day is a high-energy day so while it is best to go from one thing to another, we also have to be careful that we don’t skip over details or leave out salient points. The day could be exhausting especially in light of the fact that we are likely to have a great number of talking heads critiquing, pontificating and blowing a great deal of hot air. Keeping on the go, getting out of town, and spending brief moments with people are the best ways today to stay nimble and quick.