August 4th – 10th

This week can be extreme in its volatility with its ups and downs. Our relationships can take on greater meaning, if we are willing to acknowledge other people having their own point of view. If we are stuck in our perspective and our opinions, we might experience the universe giving us a lateral lobotomy, one of those whacks on the side of the head that force us to see things in a different light, from a different vantage point.

The mid-week can be especially trying thanks to Mars opposed Uranus and Mercury opposed Neptune, both on Wednesday. Unexpected situations might arise that force us to adapt to changing conditions. We may feel knocked off center, confused and even dazed by the shifting circumstances. Accidents could be common but only if we rush to judgment and try to force things to our will rather than evaluating the situation, changing course if necessary and dealing in a measured, considered approach.

Nothing is likely done in half measure. We can soar with the eagles and plummet to depths that seem fathomless. To paraphrase the nursery rhyme: ‘When it is good, it can be very, very good. And when it is bad, it can be very, very bad.”

If we can get off the track, take some time to consider the meaning and purpose of our lives, then we may decide what is important to us and what involvements are merely diversions that waste our time.

This week has two major Pluto energy configurations: Venus trine Pluto on Tuesday and Mercury trine Pluto on Saturday. The Venus and Mercury aspects are made just as both planets are about to leave Leo and enter Virgo. With first Venus on Wednesday and then Mercury on Sunday entering Virgo, we now have a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mercury-ruled Mutable Earth Sign, as Venus and Mercury join Saturn and Mars in Virgo.

These Pluto energy configurations can increase the depth and passion in our relationships and in our thought processes. While there is an easy flow to both, these energy configurations wildly contrast the Mercury and Venus squares to Pluto during the last week of August.

Increasingly, we may become more analytical about situations, more critical and even demanding in our expectations. Even if we are still highly involved in our Summer plans this week, we might begin giving more thought to our normal activities, our daily lives and the coming school / work year ahead.

A week of ups and downs, this week it would be wise to keep in mind the admonition: ‘moderation in all things’.

Monday, August 4th – Stretched Thin – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. We may be on turbothrust as we start the week. Monday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Mars and the Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. This day could be quite intense with the battle cry ‘take no prisoners’. A prelude to Wednesday’s Mars Uranus opposition, this day can find us switching course, changing direction, all with a self-pontificating divine right of being. We are likely to be highly critical today, even demanding ‘my way or the highway’. We might not be aware of the level of belligerence we may be exhibiting. We could be caught up in the amount that we feel we have to do. While we may have a great deal on our plate today, it is also important to recognize that unexpected situations could arise that also demand our attention. This Monday is a day to have our ‘to do’ list in hand but with the realization that we might not accomplish all that we have intended for the day. We might want to force our will but keeping in mind that the universe has a quirky sense of humor we could be thwarted in our attempts to control situations. Let’s not get too caught up in our plans and projections. The more adaptable we can be, the less frustrating we are likely to feel. We may feel stretched thin today, and to resolve that sense all we need to do is to let go of our expectations. Towards the latter part of the day, we find relief as the Moon moves out of Virgo and enters Libra.

Tuesday, August 5th – Deep and Meaningful – Venus, Pluto. Can we call Tuesday a breather? This day is probably so, since Tuesday is wedged between two very intense days that are likely to spill over their impact even on this Tuesday. The Moon is in Libra. We have a greater appreciation of other people and other people’s perspective. We are less gung-ho about winning our point or looking out for number one, no longer criticizing or placing blame in everything other than our own actions. With the Moon in Libra today, we also have Libra-ruling Venus trine Pluto. Today is a day when our relationships can grow deeper and more meaningful. We are feeling passionate about life and about our special connections. We may want to broaden our realm, explore new territory, all the while that we are in search of the beauty in life and in our interchanges. Today is a good day for heart-to-heart interactions. We are feeling uplifted by those special people in our lives and recognize the importance of the support systems that give our life experience greater purpose and meaning. None of us are islands unto ourselves, and this Tuesday we can both more fully understand that reality and also communicate our gratitude for the people that are part of the fabric of our lives. Today is a good day to express our feelings to another person, to tell them how much they mean to us, and for us to see how our lives are made so much better by those who are in our lives.

Wednesday, August 6th – Beyond the Blue Horizon – Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Jupiter, Venus Virgo. If we got through Monday unscathed, we may find that it was only conditioning preparation for this Wednesday. Today we have the Libra Moon sextile Sun, square Jupiter, trine Neptune, and sextile Mercury. Under such wonderful energy configurations, this day would seem close to marvelous. We would be feeling good about our interchanges with other people, having a sunny disposition, able to see wonderful possibilities for our future and generally walking in sunshine. La-de-da. Nice concept and it would be likely true, IF those were the only energies operating today. But they’re not. We have a couple of energy configurations that could throw real curve balls our way: Mars opposed Uranus and Mercury opposed Neptune. We may be champing at the bit, wanting to make changes in our lives and willing to go extreme in order to do so. People may prove to be terrorists, upsetting the applecart of our attempts at serenity and placidity. Unexpected situations could rise up like a tsunami ready to wash away our plans for the day and demanding immediate reaction to most bizarre situations and behavior. The liability towards accidents and irrational behavior is strong today. While incidents may demand instantaneous action, we might also feel dazed, confused, and unable to figure things out clearly. For some people, such confusion could prove a blessing. It allows them to be oblivious to the drastic shifts occurring. Although today’s energy can be like wild slams amidst a desire for peace and harmony, the less reactive we are, the less driven by things beyond our control we shall be. Today is a day for us to count to ten before reacting to events. Knee-jerk reactions could only ramp up dire consequences. If we could get a handle on today’s energies, then we could also use these energies to make significant changes to our daily lives, intuit a best practices approach to bring about the reformation of our lives, and combine both our intentions and the dynamic of the universe to accelerate the necessary shifts to get us from where we are into a vast new terrain of being. A tall order for us to achieve, but we can do it if we don’t get carried away by the energies of today and instead try to channel those energies into productive outlets. This Wednesday also has Venus leaving Leo and ending the Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign. Venus moves into Virgo, thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Earth Sign as Venus joins Mars and Saturn in Virgo. We may become more discerning, selective and even critical in our interactions with other people.

Thursday, August 7th – Deeper and Deeper – Pluto, Venus. Thursday starts the day with the Libra Moon sextile Pluto. This week has some strong hopscotch qualities to it. Yesterday had some reminiscences to Monday and this Thursday has some reminiscences to Tuesday. The Moon Pluto sextile that starts this Thursday allows our interactions with others to broaden, expand and be uplifting. We want people in our lives that have a depth of character and with whom we can share meaningful relationships. This disposition is reinforced as the Moon moves into Pluto-ruled Scorpio and sextiles Libra-ruling Venus. We are looking to spend time with those people who have something to offer us. We are not interested in wasting our time with those who can only talk about the weather, fashion design, sports or other mundane interests. We want passion, intimacy, to feel the earth move under our feet by means of the intensity in our relatedness. This day is a time when we can evaluate and take account of our address book and our contact list. We may gravitate towards people that can help us strip away some of the distractions and diversions in our lives that have so little meaning except to fill up our time. Today is a good day for inventory taking, cleaning up the clutter and stripping down to the essentials. Going through our closets, through our cabinets and through our files to clear out the extraneous and outmoded would be a good way to use today’s energy. We could also come up with budget plans, figuring out how we can utilize our revenue stream in the most productive ways during these inflationary times. Where can we cut back? What can we cut out? We may find that the more we seriously look at our life and our life’s expenditures, we actually become more focused on those things that carry great import for us. This Thursday is a day when we can go deeper and deeper into the substance and essence of our being.

Friday, August 8th – Let the Games Begin – Saturn, Jupiter, Sun. Friday has the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. In so doing, China is fully stepping onto the world stage to take its place as a leader in the global community. Today has the Moon in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Virgo, sextile Jupiter in Capricorn and square the Sun in Leo. Presentations can be very structured, even minimalist but done with precision. For some people, they might question the showmanship, or lack thereof, but such a questioning would only be the result of cultural differences. For each of us, this Friday allows us to plan, strategize and prepare to work smarter rather than harder. We may not be able to be as grandiose or showy as we like, but we can also stretch our finances, find bargains, and focus on getting the most out of situations. This Friday could hammer home the reality that life has changed. The excesses of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, what Yale economist Robert Schiller referred to as ‘irrational exuberance’, are gone. While the so-called easy days of those times, although not truly so fulfilling, may be behind us; we can increasingly appreciate the concept that ‘living simply is not simply living’. The opportunity and challenge of these times is making more out of less. This Friday provides us a time when we can commit to being proactive rather than reactive, evaluate present conditions and devise ways by which we can be productive, successful and fully engaged in making our lives a wonder-full journey. Let the games begin!

Saturday, August 9th – Finding the Needle – Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mars. Saturday has our thinking cap fully placed on our head thanks to Mercury trine Pluto. Our thoughts are penetrating, our ideas cutting to the core. Whatever problems we might have faced, or are facing, today allows us to come up with the solution. Our mind is able to cut to the fundamentals and find the proverbial needle in the haystack. Our communications can be forceful but inspiring and right to the point. The Scorpio Moon trines Uranus and sextiles Mars so we also have the ability to shift and change on a dime. Things might come up that throw our plans off kilter, but no worries. We can adapt and change easily, all the while focusing on the most important areas to prioritize. The Moon also creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by squaring Neptune in Aquarius and squaring Mercury in Leo. We may not like the fact that some of our desires and assumptions no longer hold water. We could even be adamant about continuing with plans or situations that we know within our being no longer work. If we want to go there, then we can emulate ‘wrong way Corrigan’ heading off in one direction, only to wind up somewhere else. If we don’t become too pig-headed about what we want and how we want it, then we might open the door to the magic and wonder of synchronicity, the ‘asequential’ reality of letting the universe operate without trying to master it. Today is a day when we can truly know what is right for us, even if it flies in the face of our old beliefs. The question is whether we will acknowledge the changes, both in situations and in our understanding, or whether we will be dragged to the changes kicking and screaming. Our choice, always our choice is to work with the universe or try to master it. The latter will be increasingly unattainable. In the latter part of the day, the Moon moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. Our intensity is likely to lighten up and we can consider spreading our wings and not feel quite so constipated.

Sunday, August 10th – Not So Fast – Venus, Saturn, Mercury Virgo. Even though the Moon has moved into Sagittarius and we are looking at spreading our wings to fly away, today’s Moon squares both Venus and Saturn in Virgo. We may feel a real tug of war between summer fun times and our daily obligations. Even if we are away on vacation, the thoughts of what we need to do can come creeping in and haunt us with the phantoms of our normal routine. Already, back to school specials are blaring on the sound waves of radio, internet and television. Print media are bannering sales and specials. It’s hard to keep our mind on our holidays when we are now being reminded that it’s getting time to get back on the track. This tendency to look at the specifics of our lives is reinforced by Mercury moving into Virgo today, reinforcing the Stellium of three or more planets in the Mercury-ruled Mutable Earth Sign as Mercury joins Venus, Saturn and Mars in Virgo. Today is a day when no matter how hard we try to escape from our daily lives, there may be constant reminders. Although we might feel our wings clipped, we don’t have to capitulate to the consumer-inciting emphasis. We can still enjoy our summer activities, all the while cognizant of the fact that summer is coming to a close. What we do need to avoid is glossing over details and specifics in order to have a few more moments of sun and fun. Increasingly, life is calling for us to balance, to blend, to be adaptable and juggle various activities, different interests and unexpected situations arising. It may seem like a wild kaleidoscope but let’s just call it life.