August 25th – 31st

This week begins with a Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign and ends the week with a Stellium in another Sign. The Stellium with which we begin the week is in Virgo and the Stellium at the end of the week is in Libra. In the interim, we have two squares to Pluto, first Mercury on Wednesday and then Venus on Friday, just as both planets are about to exit Virgo. There are two Sign changes this week as both Mercury and then Venus move from Mercury-ruled Virgo into Venus-ruled Libra. In addition, the weekend gives us the Virgo New Moon.

The past two weeks have provided the grand spectacle of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. This week provides another spectacle as the Democrats gather in Denver for their National Convention to nominate their candidates for President and Vice-President.

This week has a great deal of activity with various doses of extremes and intensity before we move into a more placid and accommodating time. We are also likely to find ourselves getting back into our routine, focused more on our normal activities and putting aside our vacation time and recreational pursuits. We may become far more serious about what we need to do, far more aware of the conditions around us and far more attentive to the details and the specifics of our lives.

In the process of moving from being hypercritical and exacting to being appreciative and accepting, there are some blips on the screen that allow us to vent, bellow and even eliminate situations and possibly people from our life experience. As if having scalpel in hand, this week can see its share of incisions, removals and reconfiguring. The more focused we can be, the less likely we are to make nasty cuts and more likely we are to strip away the irrelevant and superfluous from our lives.

Monday, August 25th – Possibilities, Realities and the Whole Ball of Wax – Neptune, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Pluto. Monday starts the week in high gear, even overdrive. We may have a great deal on our plate as daily routines demand our attention, unexpected situations crop up and plans for our future ask for consideration. We could be juggling a great deal today, dealing from a high level of nervous energy and going from one thing to another without a moment’s rest. This Monday has the Gemini Moon trine Neptune and creating a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs as the Moon squares Uranus in Pisces, opposes Pluto in Sagittarius and squares both Venus and Mercury in Virgo. The energy today is ramped up severalfold with a need to pick up the pace in order to cover all the bases. People may be very much on edge today, glossing over matters due to overload. The potential for explosive actions is strong today and virtually every other day this week. Although there may be a great deal going on, it would be wise to slow down the pace to a reasonable rhythm whereby we can juggle various issues without doing so in an off-handed or casual manner. We need to keep on top of things today, otherwise things can back up and come crashing down on us later in the week. Maintaining focus can be hard today. Let’s watch out for distractions that take our eye off what needs to be done. While we might feel on overwhelm, it would be important to keep in our mind’s eye the big picture and long-range goals. This day is one of those times when me might lose sight of the forest for the trees. Let’s work with time in a subjective and qualitative manner rather than an objective and quantitative manner. In other words, let’s be aware of our productive time cycle — whether it be an hour, thirty minutes, twenty minutes or less — and work with that cycle whereby we concentrate on one thing during our productive time cycle and then switch gears for the next productive time cycle. Attempting to have a singular focus today seems close to impossible and could prove an even greater waste of time. Later in the day, the Moon moves out of Gemini and enters its own Sign of Cancer. A respite at home late in the day can help us catch our breath and recharge our batteries.

Tuesday, August 26th – Towing the Line – Sun, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Jupiter. Tuesday has the Cancer Moon sextile the Sun and sextile Saturn. We can be more on top of things today, less frazzled than yesterday. Today is a day to take care of outstanding matters, possibly even drawing upon past solutions for present problems. The Cancer Moon also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square by squaring Mars in Libra and opposing Jupiter in Capricorn. We might be more accommodating today, taking care of other people’s needs and be a shoulder for someone to cry on. Although our nurturing sense is strong today and our sense of being the fix-it to other people’s issues, we do need to avoid taking on other people’s karma, taking away their lessons and being co-dependent or a caretaker of other people’s problems. We can move things around, make our living space more comfortable and functional, and can help other people see ways by which they can resolve their problems. This Tuesday is a day when we might try to fit in, to gain someone’s acceptance and win approval. The question arises as to how much we shall give to the situation and whether what we give is balanced by what we receive in return. If we go out of our way, then we have to be careful for the boomerang effect where we might later resent being taken advantage of.

Wednesday, August 27th – Double Indemnity – Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Venus. Wednesday could prove a real mixed bag, even paradoxical. Mercury squares Pluto. Our thoughts can be sharp, penetrating, even to the point of our giving critical voice to our opinions and our judgments. Although our mind can cut to the core and find the essential factors involved, our communications can also be cutting, even harsh with little diplomacy or decorum. Criticisms can be strong today and conversations could turn into heated discussions and nasty arguments. Little quarter will be given once the silver tongue is unleashed. On the flip side, the Cancer Moon trines Uranus and sextiles both Venus and Mercury. While judgments can be harsh and criticism rampant today, there is also a nurturing side that suggests alternatives and other possibilities that are well-considered and provide a practical means of dealing with situations. If we don’t give into explosive rages, then we could use our incisive thinking processes to see what needs to be gotten rid of, what is essential to maintain and the methods by which to both resolve outstanding matters and bring us into better days. We could feel victimized or made to feel in such a way and we could lash out in frustration and a venting rage. Instead of feeling disempowered, let’s consider our options, affirm that we can pull ourselves out of our mess and commit to better days. Later in the day, the Moon moves out of Cancer and enters Leo. We may now feel more of a sense of uplift.

Thursday, August 28th – You and Me Together – Mars, Mercury Libra. Thursday falls between two Pluto squares, yesterday’s Mercury square Pluto and tomorrow’s Venus square Pluto. Thursday may prove something of a respite from the frayed nerves of the past few days. Like a warm comforter, the Moon in Leo today sextiles Mars in Libra. We may feel more on top of things and sense the support of those special people in our lives. We are more creative, more self-possessed and able to hold out the olive branch to anyone whose toes we might have stepped upon. We do have to drop our expectations regarding how others are likely to receive us or our attempts at reconciliation for tomorrow does have Venus square Pluto. If we can be open to others in an unconditional manner, just giving of ourselves, without expecting anything in return, then later this week there can be benefits and greater appreciation. Expecting immediate gratification could only raise the stakes and even create a wedge in our relationships. Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo and enters Libra. Our intense focus to details and our sharp tongue shift to more of an interest in how we relate to others and expressing ourselves in a more accepting and less critical manner. We don’t want to go it alone but we are less likely to hold people to the unattainable standards we may have set for them over the past month.

Friday, August 29th – Stepping on Toes – Venus, Pluto, Neptune. As Yogi Berra philosophized: ‘It ain’t over ‘til it’s over’. Friday may prove the truth to that statement for today we have the second of this week’s squares to Pluto. Wednesday gave us Mercury square Pluto and today we have Venus square Pluto. The Moon in Leo opposes Neptune and trines Pluto. While our thoughts yesterday might have revolved around cutting other people some slack and not measuring whether they had attained our standards or not, today could have us back on critiquing and criticizing other people’s behavior or mannerisms. Venus is not comfortable in Virgo and with today’s square to Pluto, we could come up with all sorts of reasons to jettison certain people from our lives. Interactions with people today might be a little dicey as people hold the bar high with unrealistic expectations for each other. Instead of fully appreciating what other people bring to the table, we might have a tendency to see what we offer and what we provide and find other people wanting in the equation. We may seem impassioned today, wanting what we want with scant consideration regarding how it could impact others. If we avoid being self-focused and self-absorbed and can be receptive to heart-to-heart interactions, there can be greater depth and meaningfulness to our contacts and connections with other people. But the tendency of either or, whereby we see people as either with us or against us could be strong today and provide difficulties in our interactions and our long-term relationships.

Saturday, August 30th – Strategic Planning – Virgo Lunation, Sun, Saturn, Venus Libra. Saturday has the Moon coming into Virgo and the Virgo New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun and also conjunct Saturn. We may take on a more serious disposition towards life and our living. We may be looking at how we can deal with our obligations, take care of our responsibilities, all the while concentrating on the details and the specifics and perhaps giving little attention to the big picture. Although our focus could be on the particulars, it would be important for us not to close the door on options and alternatives. We could have the tendency of putting on blinders and merely seeing what is straight ahead of us. While this is a good time for strategic planning, devising best practices methodology, and dealing with the details, it is important that we not lose sight of our goals and our hopes. Saturday has Venus coming into its own Sign of Libra and creating a Stellium of three or more planets in Libra as Venus joins Mars and Mercury. We are looking for balance in our lives, seeking companionship and certainly not interested in doing our journey solo. We may feel less critical of situations and people and more desirous of finding peace, serenity and enjoying the beauty in our lives.

Sunday, August 31st – Reach Out – Jupiter, Uranus. The last day of August has the Virgo Moon trine Jupiter and opposed Uranus. Today is a good day to reach out, broaden our scope, and consider things different to our normal routine. Although unexpected events could force us to reevaluate how we are doing life and may demand a change in plans, any surprises could be the trigger point for us to consider other possibilities in our lives. Getting off the track, getting into unfamiliar terrain could do wonders to opening our eyes and broadening our perspective. Insights can come forward whereby we figure out how to take concepts from the abstract into practical manifestation. The more we can do things on the spur of the moment, the more we will come to appreciate that in our lives we don’t have to make everything happen but that in fact there are times when the universe steps in and makes us aware of possibilities we might never have considered. Spontaneity today would be important but with spontaneity we would also need to be adaptable and flexible to the shifting tides.