August 18th – 24th

This week ends one of this month’s two major spectacles and prepares for the second of the month’s major spectacles next week. The Summer Olympics in Beijing continue through the week and end on Sunday, the 24th. Next week, starting on Monday, the 25th, the Democratic National Convention convenes in Denver to anoint their US Presidential ticket of President and Vice-President for the November election campaign.

Like life itself, this week has its share of ups and downs. The week starts off with people feeling at sixes and sevens. Hypercriticism can be in the air with a sense that nothing is truly going right. Even glimmers of hope and bright spots seem doused under the spray of unexpected situations and conditions. This is a week not to take anything for granted but rather to keep our eyes wide open and ready to adapt to immediate changes and radical shifts going on. If we try to force anything this week, we could feel quite frustrated. Not only could there be significant delays, there can also be some major distractions that get in our way.

Thursday and Friday seem primo days, and may reinforce the notion that when things are good, they can be very good in deed. We are likely to be driven by passion and determination. But our drive is not ego-based as much as being truly connected to our life purpose and our life’s meaning. As if by our destiny, we can fit various pieces into the puzzle of our lives. Even if things didn’t seem to fit at the beginning of the week, everything can come together towards the end of the week.

Increasingly, we are getting the sense of Autumn approaching, the days of Summer drawing to a close, as our attention turns increasingly back to our normal, daily routines.

The weekend, like last weekend, can be somewhat challenging. Conditions and circumstances may seem to alter quickly and dramatically. What we might have assumed to be the case and the parameters in which we are operating suddenly can reveal issues not taken into account or matters arising that force us to reconsider and try a different approach. We may have to be nimble and quick to ride the wave of shifting tides. Reliance on the status quo or a semblance of stability could prove to be an illusion and may be very challenging and exhausting to us.

If we can roll with the punches this week, not get caught up in a frenzy of activity, then we can both create and cross the suspension bridge between Summer holidays and back on track, and between normal routines and altered plans.

Monday, August 18th – Backbiting – Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus. Monday starts the week a little off kilter. We may be reeling from the explosive intensity of Sunday that still has its influence on Monday. Today, the Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter, opposes both Mercury and Venus and conjuncts Uranus. We may want to expand our scope, do things on the fly and could easily resent obligations or commitments that take us away from our being able to do our own thing. We could easily gloss over situations, find fault with others and refuse accountability for our own actions. There could be wild swings between feeling completely victimized to lashing out with irrational criticisms. This Monday is one when we need to avoid knee-jerk reactions, count to ten before acting and to cut each other plenty of slack. If we are initiating new projects or expanding our present activities, let’s do so after having fully considered the big picture, the specifics with the details and the integration of the two. If we can get a handle on the whipsaw energies today, we could get some interesting insights into how to create a best practices approach of dealing with our responsibilities while exploring areas that spark our interest. The main thing today is not to let the energies get the better of us. Step by step and being sure we have dealt with the particulars can keep us on track and avoid nasty blow-ups based on grand expectations that just cannot be met.

Tuesday, August 19th – No Quarter Given – Pluto, Mars, Mars Libra. We start Tuesday with the Pisces Moon square Pluto. If we didn’t hold our tongue or restrain ourselves from lashing out yesterday, then Tuesday might begin with a knock-down, drag-out fight. Despite all evidence to the contrary and in spite of our own best judgment, we could be itching for a fight or looking to avenge any emotional slight or perceived hurt. Why go there? It would be far wiser for us to channel the intensity into preparing to race out of the starting gate and put our imprint on our activities and our personal interests. We may want what we want no matter its impact on those around us. Mars exits Virgo and enters Libra, a Sign uncomfortable for the martial force. The Moon exits Pisces to enter Aries where it opposes Mars. Any resentment and anger early in the day now can be the impetus for us to do what we want to do no matter how it affects our relationships. We might become very self-focused, self-absorbed and even selfish, putting on blinders seeing only what we want to see and blocking everything else out. Monday and Tuesday can be two difficult days, days when nothing seems to fit, when we might be hypercritical finding fault with everyone and everything, and when we care only about our own personal interests to the detriment of everyone and everything around us. Impulsive actions could create situations that need to be corrected further down the road. Let’s realize that we may be itching to get on with things and that we might want to make changes just for the sake of change. Catching our breath, taking time before impulsively racing ahead and recognizing that life goes in phases and cycles could help us avoid some nasty blow-ups and painful incidents.

Wednesday, August 20th – My Way – Jupiter. The tendency for people to be so self-involved that they don’t notice the signs or hear the cautionary warning sounds is strong in the first half of this week. People may be acting out, wanting to stretch their wings but all without considering the impacts or the conditions in which they are doing so. This tendency towards self-absorption continues on this Wednesday as the Aries Moon squares Jupiter. Our impetuousness could get the better of us. We might push ahead without the proper tools or even a directional map. If we could restrain the urges to do something, anything early in the week then we can avoid creating messes for ourselves, messes both in inappropriate actions and in our interactions with other people. People could be belligerent, pontificating and unwilling to hear anything but their own opinion from their limited viewpoint. Heated discussions, arguments and people being just downright intense can all be part of the makeup during the first half of this week. Although we might want to focus on our own personal interests, let’s not forget our commitments and our obligations. We may not want to get back on track quite yet, especially if the Summer has not lived up to our expectations, but it is essential that we try and maintain a semblance of balance between our responsibilities and our desire to do things on a lark. The energy shifts dramatically tomorrow, but this Wednesday is the third day of an intense, self-absorbed phase that could spell trouble for us if we don’t put on the brakes and be attentive to the conditions around us.

Thursday, August 21st – Getting it Right – Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine. Phew! We don’t have to do a T.G.I.F. [thank goodness it’s Friday] on this Thursday, but we might all heave and hear a collective sigh of relief. After an irritating and annoying early part of this week, Thursday breaks far more bright and beautiful. We feel far less uncomfortable in our own skin. We might even feel as though we had shed a skin. After a several day phase of clunking about with emotional tantrums and blow-ups along the way, this Thursday lets us get things right. What a difference a day makes! This Thursday has the Sun on the last full day of its Leo transit trining Pluto, Mercury conjunct Venus and in the early part of the day the Aries Moon sextile Neptune and creating a Fire Grand Trine by trining Pluto and trining the Sun. This Thursday can make up for all the craziness and dysfunctionality of the past few days. We seem far more on top of things today, less likely to take things out of context or personally and able to rise above the mundane concerns and fault-finding we might have experienced over the past few days. We are driven, determined and passionate about putting our imprint on things and in a creative, impressive manner rather than with a primal scream of self-assertion that might have characterized earlier actions. Yes, this Thursday things can easily come together and one reason might be that we are far more together. We want to shine. We’re not looking at hogging the spotlight merely to be on the stage. We want to express ourselves in a creative manner, find the enjoyment in our daily activities, and engage in activities that re-create our energies and give us a sense of self-fulfillment. We are less likely to be making comparisons and judgments and more likely to concentrate on our personal best and those things that truly speak to us. Thursday is a great day to lay the foundation stones in our mind regarding the activities we wish to pursue and the involvements that will be truly meaningful for us. We give off an aura of having our lives together, confident, radiant, knowing where we want to go and enthusiastic about the journey. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Taurus. From today’s Grand Trine in Fire, the Moon tomorrow creates a Grand Trine in Earth. Today we can make our plans, prepare ourselves to put those plans in action and garner up the self-confidence to make manifest our hopes and dreams.

Friday, August 22nd – Putting it Together – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun Virgo. Friday has the Moon in Taurus where it creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Signs by trininig Saturn in Virgo and trining Jupiter in Capricorn. From yesterday’s impetus whereby we got ourselves together, focused on the essence of our being and reinforced our soul connection, this Friday allows us to execute and make manifest our plans. Things can fit neatly together today. Bargains can be found. We can create the right structure and the most expeditious methods to accomplish our goals. Today is a great day to get back on track, concentrate on our daily routine and line our ducks up in a row. We could easily prioritize, blueprint our strategies and create a Master Plan of the things we want to accomplish and the deadlines for doing so. We have replenished our tanks, feel far more self-confident and effective and recognize that we can meet even the most challenging of circumstances. What we do have to watch for is getting overly cocky, especially in light of the fact that tomorrow might pitch us some curveballs in order to see whether we are adaptable to unexpected situations that could arise. If we build the proper foundation stones, then we can withstand disruptions that arise. Today is a good day to lay down the basics, figure out the ground rules and be aware that the process has a life of its own with varying circumstances causing for adaptations to changing conditions. We can accomplish a great deal today, so let’s not waste the day dithering about. The Sun goes into Virgo today and even if we are off on holiday, we are likely to be focusing ever more on our daily life’s routines.

Saturday, August 23rd – Between the Extremes – Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Sun, Mars. After two splendiferous days, Saturday provides some blips on the screen, although these blimps may seem more like Alpine mountains than anthills. Saturday has both Mercury and Venus opposed Uranus. To some degree, this Saturday could be like Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever can go wrong will’. Unanticipated situations could arise that throw us off center. The energies patterns are my least favorite for travel, especially air travel. Disruptions can occur. Communications can be off. And computer problems can arise. This day demands flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing situations. Whatever plans we have today we might have to alter. If we are not body slammed by the energies, we could also discover that we have entered the magic world of synchronicity, asequential reality, whereby things come about in a most unexpected manner rather than a linear, sequential progression. The question is whether this magical world proves to be dreams come true or instead a mawkish nightmare. Today is not a day to jump to conclusions for no matter how well we might have researched issues and no matter how well we might have prepared the particulars, something can come up that throws monkey wrenches in the spokes of the wheels. Spontaneity can be strong today but let’s watch for impulsive actions that could lead to misunderstandings, accidents and delays. Slow down, for we might be moving too fast. The day does start off with the Taurus Moon trines Venus, sextile Uranus and trine Mercury, but also square Neptune. Let’s keep our antennae up, our eyes wide open, for we could discover that the day does not go according to plan. There can be some exciting opportunities today but we do have to be careful not to leap before we look at what is truly going on. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Gemini where it squares the Sun and trines Mars. We may have so much going on today that it proves exhausting. This Saturday is a kaleidoscopic day with a myriad of events, people and situations that are constantly shapeshifting, changing and altering. We might be filled with awe and wonder or could experience a lateral lobotomy, one of the universe’s whack on the side of the head. Saturday is a day to be nimble and quick and not swept away by the rapid currents off constantly changing events.

Sunday, August 24th – Thud – Saturn. After Saturday’s whirlwind of frenzied activity with extremes of highlights and lowlights, we might come into Sunday with a thud. The intensity of yesterday could have taken it out of us. We might have felt that was more was compressed in that one day yesterday than we normally deal with in a week’s, or longer, time. On Sunday the Gemini Moon squares Saturn. If we got carried away yesterday made all kinds of outrageous statements, purchases or other extreme actions, this Sunday could be a day to make amends. We might want to revisit, correct any outlandish situations that we were involved in. Today is a day to go back over things, look at the details that we might have glossed over, return things we might have bought on impulse and just deal with outstanding matters. We might feel somewhat exhausted today, especially after this week of ups and downs. Time out would be an appropriate call. Whether we need to catch our breath, address unresolved issues for the past few days or just to get some rest; Sunday is a day to turn down the energy, slow the pace and have some quiet time to reflect and recharge. No point in self-critiquing today. If we went there, we likely would go there in a very critical mindset. What’s done is done. We might have to refine, temper or change some of the past but we certainly can’t undo it. So why judge it? Today is a day to have some quite time. The ups and downs of this week, and the intensity of the past few days, may be revisited during this coming week, so let’s enjoy some time to chill out and just relax.