August 11th – 17th

This week allows us to step out in style, focus on outstanding matters needing to be resolved, and reconnect with friends present and past. We are able to juggle our responsibilities and still have some good times. We don’t want to leave the summer behind, but we are likely to get reminders that it’s nearing time to get back on track with our normal, daily routine.

We start the week in high gear, adding variety to our activities and spicing up our life. We are feeling enthusiastic but may need to make necessary shifts to our plans and to our health regimen. Concentrating on how we can operate at our optimum all the while that we are surfing the crests and troughs of these most interesting, albeit challenging, times can be front and center for us this week.

Let’s keep in mind that the month began with the Solar Eclipse at the Leo New Moon providing an influence for the fortnight and beyond with an emphasis on redefining ourselves and seeking to manifest our creative potential. The energies call for us to determine our personal best and set out to achieve it.

The week does build up to a crescendo as we come to the weekend, which could prove fairly intense thanks both to the Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on Saturday and Mars square Pluto on Sunday just before Mars leaves Virgo to enter Libra. We might want to go all out over the weekend. We may want too good a time and might have to pay the consequences. Let’s just watch for excesses, both with indulgences and in actions.

Monday, August 11th – Outta Here – Sun, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars. Monday starts the week by kicking up the energy. Today’s energy configurations are truly paradoxical with the Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun and sextile Neptune on the upbeat side, and the Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Uranus in Pisces and squaring Mars in Virgo on the downside. While we can feel very optimistic and enthusiastic about our plans and future prospects, we have to be careful that we don’t get caught up in a frenzy of activity whereby we are doing as much as we possibly can with a few monkey wrenches thrown into the mix for us to juggle as well. If we could get out of town and have a relaxing day today that would be great. But along our journey we could experience unexpected situations cropping up that force us to shift, adjust, change. Today is a day for flexibility and not to get locked into how things are supposed to go. Our preconceptions could be dashed. We also have to watch that we are not so focused on having some free time to spread our wings and explore new activities that we negate our tasks and responsibilities. This day is one of those times when we could hurry through what needs to be done in order to be out the door and engage in recreational pursuits. Only problem is that we could miscalculate, skirt some important details and gloss over specifics just to be finished with what had been hanging over our head. Juggling, balancing and picking up the pace would be the best way to have our cake and eat it too — dealing with our obligations but having enough time to enjoy ourselves.

Tuesday, August 12th – Focused Intent – Pluto, Mercury. Tuesday starts with the Sagittarius Moon trine Pluto. We may awaken impassioned, determined and ready to put ourselves into drive with a turbothrust. We know what we want to do and feel like nothing can get in our way. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where it trines Mercury. From our fervor to begin the day, we can now put plans into action. We can figure the best ways to proceed, create a structure and be certain of the details to come up with a best practices approach to accomplish what we feel needs to be done. This day offers a great combination of spirit into action. We have the passion to achieve results. If we had some screw-ups yesterday, then today allows us to sort them out and straighten things up. This day is a good time for us to methodically plan our steps. We have the interest and also the reasoning ability to see what needs to be done and then devise the most expeditious means to do so. Not a day to be lost. We can blueprint, strategize and devise the activities to enhance the quality of our living. If we are traveling now, we might seek out cultural artifacts or cosmopolitan venues in which to roam.

Wednesday, August 13th – Positive Paybacks – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter. Wednesday builds upon Tuesday’s productive qualities. This Tuesday has Venus conjunct Saturn. People may be a little critical of other people, critiquing their behavior and holding them to a high standard. But a rigidity in interactions can be assuaged by the Capricorn Moon trine both Venus and Saturn and conjunct Jupiter. There could be interesting reconnections with people from our past. Reunions or contacts may allow for a walk down Memory Lane, as we reminisce about times shared. We might also experience a token of appreciation, someone indicating their gratitude for something that we had done in the past. This day is a good day to contact those people we have been meaning to get in touch with but just haven’t done so. We do need to cut people some slack, recognize their individual qualities and not hold great expectations. None of us would want clones in the people with whom we associate. If there have been arguments, irritations or slights, this day allows us to clarify and smooth over past relationship sticking points. We can create the right format to provide presentations in a clear and visually appealing manner. We might look at purchases of clothes or having a personal makeover. Our tendency would be to go more conservative than normal but for school or work wardrobe we could come up with a stylish, classical design.

Thursday, August 14th – Timely Adjustments – Uranus, Mars. The Capricorn Moon on Thursday sextiles Uranus and trines Mars. We can add a little panache, spicing things up, today. Today is a great day to streamline our activities and find ways by which we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We may find that we are working with time in a qualitative manner rather than a quantitative factor, able to accomplish more in a shorter period of time than usual. We are operating on all cylinders, able to juggle and master various activities virtually at the same time. Things fall easily into place today. There’s little stress and the more we can accomplish today, the more we can prepare for a fun-filled weekend ahead. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Capricorn and enters Aquarius. As productive as we may have been earlier in the day, on Wednesday and on Tuesday; we might now feel as though we need to take a breather, concentrate on fun activities enjoy ourselves and gather together with friends or make plans for social gatherings.

Friday, August 15th – Which Way is Up? – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn. After the mid-part of this week, when we could have been humming, dealing with what needed to be done in a most effective manner; we come to Friday and we may feel at sixes and sevens, wondering what we should be doing or even questioning what me might want to be doing. It is often hard to shift gears, and yet the gears have shifted. Today the Moon is in Aquarius but not making any planetary connections. The Sun opposes Neptune and Mercury conjuncts Saturn. We could feel confused, not at all clear about what we should do with ourselves. Possibilities may come to mind, but we might not have the energy to bring things from the abstract into concrete reality. We have to be careful not to be too judgmental today. We could be hard on ourselves and hard on everyone else around us. Although our mind can be concentrated and very much focused on the microscopic, this is one of those times when we could lose sight of the big picture and instead see only from tunnel vision. Let’s avoid definitive decisions today, allow ourselves to evaluate and reconsider before committing to anything. And if we do commit to anything, it is essential that we check our agenda and where we are coming from before we launch ahead. We’re not operating from our greatest strength today, so it would probably be a good idea to take a break and air out.

Saturday, August 16th – Endless Possibilities – Venus, Jupiter, Lunar Eclipse, Neptune, Sun. Saturday might continue with an air of confusion that hung over us yesterday. With the Lunar Eclipse at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun and conjunct Neptune, we may feel very moody, lost in our reveries and absorbed in our daydreams of endless possibilities. Venus also trines Jupiter today and the likelihood of excess and indulgence can’t be discounted. Today is a good day to have a firm hold on our monies, keeping our budget in mind, and watch for a tendency to overspend. We may be tempted to buy the biggest and brightest of anything, but our draw may be more to cover up our feelings of insecurity or our desires rather than based upon real needs. This is a day when we could easily fall prey to that slogan: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’. Don’t go there! Of if we do, let’s be certain that we keep the sales slips in case of a desire for returns. Life is about possibilities and this Saturday could offer a myriad of possibilities and even impossibilities that seem plausible.

Sunday, August 17th – Explosive Forces – Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. Sunday is another of those paradoxical energy days. On the one hand, Mercury trines Jupiter. Our thoughts might be bright and scintillating. We might feel we have the answer and the way for all of our problems. On the other hand, we have one of my least favorite energies: Mars square Pluto. Like a volcano percolating below the surface building up its force until finally ready to blow, today could be extremely forceful with the possibility of explosions, blasts and violent outbursts. Discussions could turn into debates and heated debates at that. People may push the envelope and take everything to the edge or beyond. In the early morning hours, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Pluto and then the Moon moves into Pisces where it opposes Saturn. The liability toward extremes is strong today with a wild swing between manic – depressive tendencies. This is a day not to take ourselves too seriously but to engage in tai chi moves whereby we take note of the energies and the changing tides and keep a distance from any potentially volatile situations. No knee-jerk reactions today. It is far better to count to ten before acting or reacting on this day. If we can harness the energies, a tall order in deed, then we could also strip away non-essentials and focus on the fundamentals. But it is important to be aware that these energies are incredibly powerful and intense. Caution is key and diplomacy in all interactions a wise behavior.