July 28th – August 3rd

Under the influence of the Stellium [three or more planets in one Sign] in Leo with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in the regal Fixed Fire Sign; this week seems to highlight pomp and circumstance and an increased desire for recreational activities, vacation time and good fun.

Whether we are traveling or just staying at home, this week is one when we want to get off the track of our normal daily routines. We want a breather, some excitement and enjoyment. And if we don’t find some, we could get annoyed. This week is a week to showcase our talents, stand in the spotlight and be interested in what we want without accommodation to the interests of others. Of course, everyone may want their own spotlight so the skies are likely to be ablaze with individual standouts.

This week ends July and brings in August, a month already geared for spectacular extravaganzas from the Beijing Summer Olympics and China’s stepping further onto the stage of global leadership to the Democratic National Convention promising to be a Hollywood blockbuster with the coronation of Senator Barack Obama as the party’s presidential nominee.

This week can be very much a ‘fun in the summertime’ kind of week, punctuated by the Solar Eclipse on Friday. Although we are looking for good times, we could easily be enticed and seduced by the images and promises of better days ahead. While we would have to watch for the tricksters that offer to make things right for us, the opportunity this week is for us to recognize our individual talents and to build from there. As individuals, we can make a difference, even change the world. We can do it. Yes, we can.

Monday, July 28th – Wants and Needs – Saturn, Mars, Venus. Monday starts the week with a Gemini Moon which today squares both Saturn and Mars in Virgo and sextiles Venus in Leo. We could feel like we are being pushed and pulled between what we need to do, or feel we should do, and what we want to do, summertime activities that allow us the thrill of fun times. We might have a sense of being in a tug of war between our wants and needs. Both may need to be attended to. Certainly we have the energy to juggle various things today, but our interest in diversity may be more a brief hit here and then a short interval there. In our desire to cover all the bases, we could easily skip over important details or essential parts to the puzzle. We have to be careful today not to pay lip service to our responsibilities. Otherwise, we can be haphazard and create more of a problem for ourselves than if we had just postponed dealing with necessary situations. The best case scenario would be to grin and bear it — deal with our obligations first and then carve out some time later to enjoy fun-filled adventures. If people are on edge, they could become critical in their evaluations, finding fault with other people’s behavior or blaming their own actions on some cause other than their own. Let’s not let the energy get away from us. If we do, then we can be in a whirlwind of dysfunctionality, juggling but repeatedly dropping the ball.

Tuesday, July 29th – Torn Between Two Worlds – Mercury, Sun, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. This Tuesday could find us wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses and with blinders on. We may want to see what we want to see and only aware of what is right in front of us. Mercury conjuncts the Sun. Our focus can be squarely on our own self-interests, and not allowing any outside interference or outside information to filter through to us. We could blindly go into the day buoyed by a sense of self-importance and focused on wish fulfillment. What a grand possibility! While such a prospect may be enticing, it may not stand up to reality. The Gemini Moon today does trine Neptune. We might pepper our day with communications with supportive friends and ‘yes’ people that reaffirm our preconceived notions and our hoped-for beliefs. The Gemini Moon, however, also creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. If we are oblivious to what is going on around us and locked into our solitary world of virtual reality, the universe could step in and give us one of those lateral lobotomies, a whack on the side of the head as a wake-up call. Unexpected situations could arise that seem to rain on our parade of one. If we are unable to adapt to changes in plans or the demand that we heed the wake-up call, we could react in a most unfriendly manner. The potential for blow-ups today cannot be discounted. We may feel on edge, irritated that our walk in the clouds has been interrupted by reality. Oh, well. Wake-up calls aren’t such a bad thing. They can keep us from making more disastrous actions and provide a mirror for a reality check. This Tuesday is one when we have to be careful not to become a legend in our own mind, but rather be adaptable to shifting tides and willing to change our plans or course of action as circumstances warrant.

Wednesday, July 30th – Finishing Touches – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. After a couple of days when we might have been operating from a frenzied activity level, this Wednesday allows us to bring things back into focus. The whirlwind energy of the past two days, when we could have gotten caught up in the frenzy, subsides on this Wednesday as the Moon in Cancer sextiles Saturn and Mars in Virgo and opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. Whatever we glossed over, or screwed up, during the past two days, we can correct and make right on this Wednesday. Today is a good day to go back over things, review, refine and put the finishing touches on matters that we might have sped through. By taking some time and focusing, we can expand our activities in a methodical and well-structured manner. We might more easily balance the different parts of our lives, be less at the whims of the vagaries of change, and more capable of putting things in their right place. We may want to do a clean-up, clear away the clutter and prepare our base of operations for more effective and more expeditious ways of operating. If we have travel plans, today is a day to go over them and be sure that we’ve taken care of necessary details. Home projects and real estate issues can be dealt with and we can come up with solutions to any pressing problems. While the last two days may have had our heads in the clouds, this Wednesday allows us to come back to ground.

Thursday, July 31st – Out of Step – Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday could have us slightly out of sorts, especially in regard to our interactions with other people and our thoughts regarding our future plans. Venus opposes Neptune today, and we have to be careful not to fall prey to the trickster. We might be seduced by the appearances or the presentations of other people. Or we might want to believe something about our self that has no basis in reality. The liability to getting snookered by someone else or by ourselves is strong today. With the Cancer Moon trine Uranus, we are primed for making changes, embracing the thrilling and the exciting, but in so doing we could easily get carried away by what we want to see and how we want things to be — both of which can be prescriptions for disaster. We might feel as though people don’t get us, don’t understand who we are or fully appreciate our individual characteristics. We want to stand out, but during this phase so does everyone else. This Thursday could be one when we might just feel like we’re waiting for Godot, wanting things to be different but not knowing how to make them so. We could be susceptible to feeling victimized today, having the sense that no matter what we do or how we act it will make no difference to being at the whims of circumstance. Although the energy of the day starts off strong, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo. Later in the day, we do get a second wind, feel less reactive and more proactive, as the Moon moves into Leo. Did anyone say ‘it’s time to party?’

Friday, August 1st – Blinded by the Light – Solar Eclipse, Leo New Moon, Sun, Mercury. Friday begins the month of August, and what a month it is likely to be. Talk about spectacles and extravaganzas! That’s what this month appears to be. And what better way to kick off the month than with the Solar Eclipse in Leo. This Leo New Moon can have fireworks blazing across the sky, or at least in our own minds. The Stellium in Leo is reinforced now with four planets in Leo — the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. Everyone is a star, and we are likely to find virtually each one of us grabbing our fifteen minutes of fame as Andy Warhol used to say. This Friday not only imprints the day and the fortnight but also the month of August itself. Now is a time for us to express our creative side, put our imprint on our lives, develop our talents and find venues for fun-filled enjoyment. We do have to recognize that everyone else is likely to be lauding their abilities, singing their praises. As long as we don’t become so self-involved that we lose sight of the people or world around us, this day can be an adventurous and exciting time, kicking off a fun weekend ahead.

Saturday, August 2nd – Oh, Happy Days – Neptune, Venus, Pluto. Saturday continues with the Leo Moon which today opposes Neptune, conjuncts Venus and trines Pluto. This weekend can be a primo weekend, whether we are traveling and exploring far afield or just hanging out having a good time around home base. We do need to watch either stepping on other people’s toes or buying into things that look great from the images and impressions but may not be as good once we get involved. We may be feeling very impassioned, wanting to go for the gusto in life, and determined to have a good time no matter what we are doing. The more we can let go of our expectations, the more we can embrace the magic and wonder of it all. Oh, happy days. Later in the day, the Moon exits Leo and enters Virgo. Even if we are on vacation, our thoughts may begin to focus on things that need to be done back on the home front. From having recharged our batteries the past two days, we could take into account a best practices approach in dealing with our responsibilities. We might find it helpful strategizing our plans for getting back on track and achieving our aims in a productive and expeditious manner.

Sunday, August 3rd – Tidying Up – Saturn, Jupiter. Sunday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn and trine Jupiter. Taking care of outstanding matters today also allows us to broaden our reach and stretch beyond our normal parameters. We can tidy up, clean up and clear out the clutter. If we are off on vacation travels, we might come up with reasonable solutions regarding what we want to do when we get back into our normal routine. If we are at home, this day would be a good day for summertime projects. We can bring things to closure and start up new projects. This Sunday can be a productive day when we can accomplish a lot, whether we do so by planning or by action. We could line our ducks up in a row and deal with things one by one, checking off various items on our ‘to do’ list. Today is also a good day to consider our health regimen — diet, exercise and recreation. Our tidying up can be figurative and literal, all with the idea of getting things ready for our next step ahead.