July 21st – 27th

Whether we have been on vacation or just dealing with the summertime blues, this week opens the door to greater creative self-expression in the name of FUN. With first the Sun and then Mercury moving into Leo this week, a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign is created. We are looking for good times, summer adventures and emphasizing play more than work.

No matter the crazies operating in the world nowadays, we want to have a good time and are looking to focus our energies on pleasurable pursuits.

Although our obligations might try and trip us up, the more we can attend to what needs to be done early in the week, the more time we shall have to cut loose later in the week. We want to do what we want to do. We are not looking to leap before we look though. Looking out for number one also means watching where we are going and how we are getting there.

The weekend can be a productive time to get things done, a time when we can work smarter rather than harder with things falling into place.

All in all, this week can be a favorable time for us to consider our vacation days and enjoy fun-filled summer activities. Anxieties can lessen as we realize that we can’t get obsessed about things over which we have no control. We can do what we can in regard to our sphere of influence, and we can be confident about our success in our own personal world. Things beyond our control we shall just have to adapt to and figure a best practices approach to use to our advantage.

Monday, July 21st – Feeling the Weight of the World – Saturn, Mars. After a week when some of the heaviness of recent times seemed to be lifted, Monday might bring back the reminiscences of times past when we felt victimized by conditions and circumstances beyond our control. Today, the Pisces Moon opposes both Saturn and Mars in Virgo. We might feel slightly on edge, even waiting for the other shoe to drop. We may wonder whether we have taken care of necessary planning for a rainy day while forecasts predict a deluge. Although we could easily fall prey to a sense of unease and worry, why go there. Increasingly, we may come to realize that much of today’s media and commentators embellish the dire possibilities of the future. To gain public attention amongst the cacophony of various competing voices, the tendency is to raise the audio level and to instill the fear factor. This Monday is a day when we have to be careful of our sensitivity and vulnerability to the bad news bears. We may feel on overwhelm with everything we need to do and those things we contemplate taking care of. We might feel as though we are behind the eight ball, merely being able to react to situations rather than taking a proactive approach. But it doesn’t have to be. This day could afford us the ability of blending clear projection with detailed analysis of the most appropriate means to accomplish our plans. We can be effective only as long as we avoid falling into emotional reactions to situations. Drama may have its place, but far better on the stage or screen than in our everyday lives.

Tuesday, July 22nd – Brighter Days Through Better Ways – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun Leo. I used that caption as my campaign slogan when I ran for the US House of Representatives in 2000. I can still hope for such a reality to manifest and this Tuesday offers a large degree of affirmation. Today has Mercury trine Uranus and the Pisces Moon sextile Jupiter, trine Mercury and conjunct Uranus. We can gain some startling revelations, wonderful insights, if we keep our antennae up, our ear to the railroad tracks and work with peripheral vision. This is one of those days when wonderful surprises and unexpected communications can occur. We are likely to feel upbeat and desirous of making changes to our plans and being in the moment and acting spontaneously. This Tuesday is also a master number in Numerology, being the 22nd, indicative of the master builder. We can get a great deal done today, if we get out of our own way. Yes, the universe works and this Tuesday could give us several instances of synchronicity, things coming out of the blue to show us how the universe can often work far better than our plans or intentions. We may have to get things going and then be receptive to the shifts and changes that are likely to happen. Let’s keep in mind the analogy of the snowball going down the mountain, gaining momentum and eventually becoming the avalanche. We just need to keep up with the pace, be adaptable to the changes and trust in the unfolding and eventual outcome. This Tuesday also has the Sun moving into Leo, and we can feel energized, more on top of things and ready to express ourselves in a creative and self-affirming manner.

Wednesday, July 23rd – Endings, Beginnings – Pluto, Sun. Wednesday brings the Moon’s transit to the end of the zodiac wheel as it finishes its transit of Pisces and the beginning of the zodiac wheel as it enters Aries. First, the Pisces Moon squares Pluto, then the Aries Moon trines the Sun on this day. Our early morning hours, even wee small hours of the morning, can have us champing at the bit, feeling that things are falling away or being stripped away. Whether it is occurring in our lives or we see it in the collective society, we might feel sadness, remorse, even fear as the old is shown to be outworn and fading. While we might fear what comes next, let us always keep in mind that with every ending comes a new beginning. As Wednesday proceeds, the Moon moves into Aries where it trines the Sun. Our energy picks up. We are less likely to be reactive and more prone to take a proactive, assertive stance. Today would be a good day to bring closure to situations, clear the decks of old matters and look to initiate new projects and new interests. We don’t want to bring a lot of old baggage with us into our next phase, so let’s clean up and clear out the clutter. We can then start fresh, start anew without the preconceived patterns or conditioned responses. Tuesday and Wednesdays are gifts, and that’s why we refer to them as present.

Thursday, July 24th – Taking a Breather – Venus, Jupiter, Neptune. Thursday has the Aries Moon trine Venus, square Jupiter and sextile Neptune. Today is a great day to jump off the track and pursue pleasurable activities. Even if we have certain things we need to do, we may want to put them aside for another day and have some fun. Mantram-like, we might repeat a paraphrase of the nursery rhyme refrain: ‘all work and no play makes us dull’. Dull is not what we want to be. Today we want to stretch our wings and fly. If we have responsibilities nipping at our heels, we might want to cast them aside and just enjoy get-togethers with friends and get out of town for an enjoyable excursion or other fun-filled events. We do have to be careful not to assume that everything will go according to plan. If we assume that we can be effective at a distance, we could easily gloss over details or miss some of the major facets involved in our projects. Thursday is far better to take a breather, catch our breath and get back involved with our routine at a more propitious time.

Friday, July 25th – Doing What We Can – Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Saturn. The day starts with the Aries Moon square Mercury, trine Pluto, and then quickly shifts to the Taurus Moon square Sun and trine Saturn. Early in the day, we may feel impassioned to broaden our reach and stretch beyond our comfort zone. We might feel driven and determined to push our interests forward. Much of our drive could be drawing upon primal force without the intellect engaged. Brawn can trump brain, but that might be the trigger point to get us going. As the day proceeds, there is a dramatic shift whereby brain now trumps brawn. We are far more aware of the structure and means by which to channel our energies and our self-assertion. Even if we feel that our desires are being reined in, there is a tempering process operating that helps us slow down and be certain that we are doing what we can in a methodical, pragmatic approach. The shift in energy on this Friday is a positive one, for it takes our self-assertiveness and molds it into a best practices approach. This changing tide is far more evident tomorrow, but the shift begins on this Friday.

Saturday, July 26th – Getting It Together – Mars, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Uranus, Mercury Leo, Leo Stellium. Saturday and Tuesday are the two stand-out days of this week. Whereas Tuesday might have provided inspired revelations, Saturday offers us the opportunity of putting spirit into action and manifesting into practical reality. This Saturday has Mars trine Jupiter, reinforced by the Taurus Moon creating a Grand Trine in the Earth Element by trining Mars in Virgo and trining Jupiter in Capricorn. The Moon also squares Venus and sextiles Uranus. An action-filled and pragmatic-focused day, this Saturday also has Mercury exiting Cancer and entering Leo thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign as Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in Leo. This is a day when we can literally move mountains. Not only do we have the physical energy to do so. We have the increased desire to put our mark upon our lives in a creative and refined manner. We are not looking merely to bellow our presence in a primal scream of self-assertion. We are looking to express ourselves and imprint ourselves in a well-developed, even regal, manner. Much can be accomplished today, for we are not looking at the intransigence of problems as much as the solution and best practices approach to our involvements. No matter what we are doing today, things seem to fall into place. We may want a hands-on approach to the day, whereby we get the thrill of accomplished achievement. Purchases made today can be both practical and elegant. We can find bargains, stretch our finances and find quality at cut-rate prices. Some of our day can be used to polish our lives, whether that polish is associated with home improvements or household purchases, travel that takes in the splendor of natural beauty or human-made creations, a personal makeover or wardrobe items bought to enhance our image and appearance. No matter our choice as to how to spend the day, this Saturday is one when we can get it all together.

Sunday, July 27th – Here, There, Everywhere – Neptune, Mercury, Sun. Sunday may start off slow. We might feel in a quandary regarding what we want to do and with whom we want to do it. The day begins with the Taurus Moon square Neptune. Although we may be weighing our options early in the day, we might not have to select or limit ourselves. For the day shifts with the Moon exiting Taurus and entering Gemini where it sextiles both Mercury and the Sun in Leo. Our confusion drops away as we recognize that we could possibly do it all. Instead of having blinders on and focused on one particular activity, suddenly we are far more interested in juggling various activities, events, and interactions. Yes, on this Sunday we can gain a second wind, pick up the pace, shift the energy and go from one thing to another to yet another. We want to show off our re-found sense of self-affirmation. We want to engage with others, find some fun activities and enjoy ourselves. We may be far more interested in testing the waters, trying several different things, rather than a singular focus. If variety is the spice of life, this Sunday can be very spicy. If we were highly productive on Friday and Saturday, then this Sunday could be a day to let it all hang out and be like a feather on the wind, going here, there and everywhere.