July 14th – 20th

This week seems a lot less ominous than last week. Last week had Mercury opposed Pluto and Mars conjunct Saturn, both exact last Thursday. The sense of contraction and constriction was evident with the US stock market hitting a two year-low, Toyota announcing plans to cut back production on its most profitable truck and SUV models and open a new plant in Mississippi to manufacture more of its popular hybrid model Prius, the stock of General Motors ratcheting down to a fifty year low price and the second largest bank failure in the US occurring. Foreign markets were not much better, save for a few exceptions. This past week had people very much on edge, if not with apocalyptic overtones. Anxiety was raised as a result of Iran testing missiles. And another indication of the Mercury Pluto opposition was evidenced by former Texas U.S. Senator Phil Gramm admonishing us for being a ‘nation of whiners’. While there is some truth to the statement, it’s not something any of us might have wanted to hear. Certainly, for many of us, the bloom has come off the rose.

Not that we are done with the fear and loathing to borrow Hunter Thompson’s term, but this week seems a lot less frantic and frenetic. This week has various Mercury configurations that allow us to put our mind in front of our fears and offer us the opportunity of assessing the conditions and then consider the solutions to situations under prevailing circumstances.

This week allows considerable opportunities to focus, structure, to incorporate changes more in tune with our own personal changes and put plans into action. Instead of feeling at the whim of the vagaries of these times, we can be co-creators, utilizing our creative sense to come up with a best practices approach to dealing with both changing conditions and the changes we wish to make in our lives.

A sense of optimism can take the place of fear. Thinking outside the box allows us to consider options and alternatives that we might not have taken into account during our complacency of easy-going days. This week provides the energy for us to see where we want to go, consider how we want to get there and to put in place the necessary fundamentals to reach our goals and realize our dreams.

Monday, July 14th – Laying the Groundwork for Change – Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, Mars. Monday starts the week with us more upbeat than in recent times. We’re ready to take on the world, carve our niche and do something unique, extraordinary and that reflects the changes we have made or the changes we are looking to make. Although we want to cut our own path, we are not looking to go blindly into the night. On the contrary, we are likely to consider how best to approach the changes in our lives. We’re jazzed and up for the challenge. This Monday has Mercury sextile Saturn and the Sun trine Uranus. The Sagittarius Moon squares Mars. While this can be an extraordinary day of wonderful surprises and exciting opportunities, we do have to be careful not to overdo or try and take on too much. We might feel like a kid in a candy store, seeing all these wonderful treats available to us and wanting to grab all that we can. We can certainly handle a lot today, but it would be wise to take things one at a time. We could easily streamline situations, utilizing the most expeditious means and in so doing work with the quality of time whereby we can accomplish more in a shorter period of time by our concentrated focus than trying to deal with a broad palette of many different activities all going at the same time. We are looking to stretch our wings, broaden our expanse and even leapfrog into new terrain. The force is with us today. We just have to be certain that we take care of the specifics and not gloss over the details as we try to do ever more. Today is a day when we can lay the groundwork for change.

Tuesday, July 15th – Active Expression – Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Tuesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon which today squares Uranus, sextiles Neptune and conjuncts Pluto. Mercury sextiles Mars. The beauty of this Tuesday is that we have the determination to follow our dreams in a concentrated manner. Although unexpected situations could arise that knock us off center and demand our attention, if we don’t get overly distracted by diversions then this Tuesday allows us to use the combination of our willpower and our mental agility to come up with the right combinations and effective solutions to advancing our interests and moving our projects forward. This Tuesday we can communicate our personal desires in a passionate manner touching all the key notes that make up our hopes and wishes. People may be impressed with our commitment to our plans and could be willing to give advice or support. This Tuesday is a day when we can broaden the scope of our interests and concentrate on those projects and activities that have deep meaning to us. Today is a day when we can fully engage in active expression.

Wednesday, July 16th – Strategic Means – Saturn, Mars, Mercury. Wednesday has the Moon in Capricorn and trine both Saturn and Mars in Virgo. The Capricorn Moon opposes Mercury in Cancer. Whether we have moved ahead with our activities and new projects over the past two days or have merely been considering our plans and our intentions, this Wednesday allows us to put spirit into action. This Wednesday is a day when we can execute and manifest, taking our concepts and the abstracts and giving them greater physical manifestation. We do have to be careful that we are not too reticent about moving our interests forward. We could have an element of shyness wondering whether to move ahead or whether in moving forward we are disturbing our lives and upsetting the applecart of other people’s concerns. We may have to balance our responsibilities to our home and family with our personal desires of what we want to do and where we want to go. This balance is something that we can readily accomplish for today provides the energy configurations to create the format and structure all the while that we are taking into account the particulars and pieces that will make up the whole. We have the strategic means to make things happen today.

Thursday, July 17th – Side Steps – Jupiter, Uranus. Thursday has the Capricorn Moon conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus. Today is a day when we might want to step off the track and do something different from our usual daily activities. Today is a good day to travel, to broaden our realm but also not to get locked into a schedule or itinerary. We might want to explore and allow ourselves to embrace spontaneity whereby we do things on the spur of the moment rather than overly planned. We may be feeling good about things, recognizing that we don’t have to do it all but that the universe often steps in with those magical moments of serendipity. Wonderful surprises could await us, if we don’t block ourselves off from their possibility. Working with peripheral vision, being flexible and adaptable, and being open to jumping when it’s time to jump are ways by which we can engage the synchronicity of life. Even if we assume that the world is crashing and burning all around us, let’s keep in mind that with every ending comes a new beginning. Like the mythological bird the phoenix rising from its ashes, no matter how difficult things appear to be at the moment, something even better is likely to rise from it all. This Thursday is a day to consider and explore options and alternatives. To borrow from R.E.M., ‘it’s the end of the world as we know it.’ The key factor is to feel fine during the catharsis between old and new. The journey is not in a straight line to our destination but rather in the side steps that open new doors and offer new perspectives.

Friday, July 18th – I And We – Capricorn Full Moon, Sun. Friday gives us the Capricorn Full Moon with the Capricorn Moon opposed the Sun in Cancer. Our individual ambitions could conflict with those of our family or extended family. They don’t have to, but it will necessitate grace, charm and wit to maintain a balance between our personal interests and those of our family, nuclear and extended. We can do it, but we may find that we are juggling various activities and various ways of doing things. This Friday allows us to put to rest and bring to completion certain outstanding matters. By dealing with what needs to be done, we can clear away the clutter and then focus on our future goals. First, it is important that we address our responsibilities and commitments. Let’s not feel victimized. No blame game would be appropriate. Instead, let’s be accountable and responsible for our actions. The past needs to be past in order for us to embrace our future unencumbered by old programs, old expectations, old self-judgments. We are on the dawning of a new day and as this Friday progresses, the Moon moves out of Capricorn to enter Aquarius. Good times are called for this weekend.

Saturday, July 19th – Let the Good Times Roll – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Saturday has Mercury opposed Jupiter and the Aquarius Moon opposed Venus. We could be feeling upbeat, ready to have a good time and focused on fun activities. If we can get out of Dodge, it might certainly be our preference. Not that we have to go far away. We just want to spread our wings and fly, focused on fun events and pleasurable events. And why not? It’s summertime. We do need to keep tabs on our expenses and not overdo. We may have certain obligatory social occasions. If we go there, let’s be sure to have a good time. This is a day when we may have no holds barred but might at least consider exercising some restraint. A tendency towards indulgence and excess might have us do things we normally wouldn’t splurge for. No matter what our plans for this day might be, it would be wise to keep our finances and a budget for the day in mind. If we keep a grip on things, then this Saturday can be one when we can let the good times roll.

Sunday, July 20th – Reaching Out – Neptune, Pluto. Sunday gives us the Aquarian Moon conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto. We may see people in a perfect light but perhaps not from a realistic viewpoint. Sunday is a day when we can connect with people at a distance, calling them or emailing them to find out how they’re doing and spend some time sharing our recent experiences. We could be focused on wishful thinking, wanting things to be a certain way, even to the point of being fully convinced that things are the way we believe they should be. If we don’t maintain an objective perspective, we could easily delude ourselves into thinking that things actually are the way we wish them to be. This disposition could be true regarding situations, friends and our circumstances. We can expand our focus but it would be important for us to maintain a strong sense of discernment between the appearance and the reality to be certain the two match. If something grabs our interest, we can put all our energy towards it. Determination and desire can be brought together to make great headway. We just have to make sure that we’re not acting like wrong way Corrigan and heading off in the wrong direction. On the contrary, we can reach out into new directions, consider our alternatives and move to realize our most optimum options.