June 9th – 15th

This week continues with the Mercury retrograde. If you haven’t noticed various glitches in our lives recently, then consider yourself very, very lucky. After sending out my June energy patterns email list, I had some emails returned indicating that recipients to a specific website were no longer valid email addresses. I went to the website only to find that it no longer existed. I searched and searched for the site and for the specific individuals associated with the website. As though I were witnessing a Twilight Zone episode, it appeared that this particular website and the individuals involved had disappeared and virtually into thin air or nonexistent in virtual reality. I would have accepted this fact if it were not for an email from someone indicating that true to a Mercury retrograde their website went down for the weekend due to their host server’s own computer glitches with the consequent effect that whatever emails were coming their way became lost in virtual space. This email was followed by another from someone else indicating that their computer was acting like Hal, the nefarious computer in Arthur Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and was doing its own thing even to the point of controlling functions, transmissions and the individual’s way of life. Ah, yes, Mercury retrograde when there is the liability to Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong will’.

If you haven’t suffered under this Mercury retrograde, then you have been free of computer glitches, miscommunications and misunderstandings, traffic problems and the general headaches of feeling like a ping pong ball in a fast and furious competition like the ones in Balls of Fury.

Meanwhile, the potential for further and possibly even greater glitches occurs during this week around the 12th and 13th when we have Venus then the Sun both transiting through Gemini (the Sign of Mercury and the Sign in which Mercury is presently retrograding) squaring Uranus.

The early part of the week may have us more focused on the particulars, the specifics and the details, keeping watch, maintaining vigilance to be certain that nothing goes truly awry or starts to run amok. Towards the end of the week, we may be itching for something different, seeking change but possibly dropping the ball regarding our normal, daily activities.

One of the key factors of this week is Pluto, which is also retrograde and on the 13th retrogrades out of Capricorn and back into Sagittarius. During the Pluto transit of Capricorn we have seen the crash and burn of certain corporate behemoths and traditional institutions. A sense of the slippery slope regarding the financial aspects of our lives has been apparent and even agida inducing. While Iraq and other international intrigues may have taken a back seat to our concern about the economy and our personal financials, Pluto coming back into Sagittarius can raise the spectre once again of issues associated with foreign affairs, religious outfits and our philosophical view of the ways we are doing life.

The energy of this week plays to the keyword of these times: volatility. There can be a great deal of intensity this week, and our reaction may be to tune out and turn on our own virtual reality of the ‘what could be’ and the ‘ways we wish it to be’.

Monday, June 9th – Possibilities and Realities – Sun, Venus, Saturn. Monday has the Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini, while the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn. We could feel like we’re on a push – pull between what we want to do and what we have to do. If we had our way, we would probably take this day as a ‘mental health’ day, a little Spring fever inciting us to sit back, hang out and just enjoy the day with friends considering our prospects and all our possibilities. Even if we can go there, we might feel as though hard cold reality is looking over our shoulder, making us feel guilty that we’re not taking care of our responsibilities, attending to our necessary tasks. We do have to watch that we don’t get down on ourselves, judging our human frailties and condemning our imperfections. This day could have us swinging between highs and lows, a sign of the times with the intense volatility operating between the upbeat and confident and the downbeat and depressive. Best practices for this day would be to operate in spurts of energy, taking care of our scheduled activities with interludes of breaks to catch our breath, recharge our batteries and consider our plans for the future.

Tuesday, June 10th – Caught in the Mix – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter. Tuesday could be somewhat difficult. We have a Lunar T-Square in the Mutable Signs as the Virgo Moon squares the three planets in Gemini with the Sun, Mercury, Venus; and the Moon opposes Uranus. We could feel on overwhelm today, caught in the mix of our routine with added, unexpected situations cropping up as well. Even if we know what we intend to do on this Tuesday, other things could come up that demand our attention. Today is a day for us to be a master juggler, keeping all the balls in the air without dropping one or negating some particular that can bring our projects crashing down. We are likely to be on high anxiety today, even waiting for the other shoe to drop. If we can keep up with the pace of the day, then we could get a lot done. The energy is ratcheted up and we need to feel secure in the knowledge that we never get more than we can handle. If we plan to have a singular focus today, forget about it. This day is for multi-tasking and going from one thing to another without losing sight of the specifics and with being certain that we are handling the necessary details.

Wednesday, June 11th – Not on my Watch – Pluto. Wednesday has the Libra Moon square Pluto. We may be doing an evaluation of other people’s motives today, wondering whether they are with us or against us. Although we might be very accommodating today, we are looking for best case scenarios and how we can best use our interactions with others to advance our interests. If people are unwilling to assist us, we could cut them off at the knees. Our interactions with others may prove quite intense today. It could be a case of smiling faces but with an agenda operating behind the scenes. People may try and stand in our way today, all the while asserting that they are our best supporters. This Wednesday is one when we could witness the old saying of ‘I’m doing this for your own good’. Hmmm, let’s be careful of our interactions today, be charming and graceful but keep our eyes wide open and ears attentive to not only what is being said but the intonation in which it is said.

Thursday, June 12th – Fascination – Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter. With Venus square Uranus, followed tomorrow with the Sun square Uranus, we are likely to be looking for something beyond our normal circumstances. We could easily become infatuated, fascinated by the different, the unique, the iconoclastic. We may be champing at the bit to break out of our old shell and explore new realms even to the point of experimenting with new ways of expressing ourselves. The Libra Moon today trines Mercury, sextiles Mars and squares Jupiter. We are looking for fun times and may start making plans for concert-going, trip-taking and finding ways to get off the proverbial track. Anything that takes us out of ourselves and away from our daily existence could be enticing, even seductive. Although we want to explore, stretch and move beyond ‘same old, same old’, we do have to watch that we don’t go overboard, bite off more than we can chew or put a big dent into our credit card. Fascination is great. We just need to watch any attendant expense.

Friday, June 13th – Fiddling As it Burns – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Saturn, Pluto Sagittarius. Friday is the 13th and ties in with people’s superstitions of Friday the 13th. In the wisdom teachings, the 13th talks to transformation, shapeshifting and metamorphosis. Not everybody likes change, but change is a fundamental part of universal life and the human condition. This Friday has the Sun square Uranus and begins the next two days of Neptune trines as Venus trines Neptune today followed by the Sun trine Neptune tomorrow. We may be aching to make changes today but we could also find ourselves jumping from one thing to another. If there is a party or get-together, we’re likely to go there for the day also starts with the Libra Moon creating a Grand Trine with the Moon trine the Sun and Venus in Gemini and trine Neptune in Aquarius. We are far more interested in our social interactions rather than our responsibilities. It’s Friday, the end of the workweek. Whether we’ve started it or not, Fridays in the summer tend to be half days with little work getting done any of the day. More so than ever, the warm weather and summer inclinations are to be living for the weekend and holiday time when we vacation and take life a little easier. Although life may not be easy during these present times, we can easily close our eyes to the world around us and look instead at having a good time with good friends. This Friday is one of those days. We don’t want to feel restricted or obligated. We want to share fun events with friends and colleagues. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before moving into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto and Saturn. The latter part of Friday could find us sorting through, inventory taking and throwing out things that just don’t work for us. We may spend much of this Friday lazing around, enjoying ourselves but as the day comes to a close, we could get a second wind and scratch the extraneous from our ‘to do’ list. The Moon sextile Pluto occurs just as the Moon enters Scorpio and right before Pluto retrogrades out of Capricorn and moves back into Sagittarius. Whether we notice the shift or not, the undercurrent changes from the ‘build upon rock or build upon sand’ scenarios we’ve experienced the past few months and returns to a consideration of our philosophy, ways of living and our connection to the larger realm both geopolitically and regarding religious institutions.

Saturday, June 14th – Out of Here – Sun, Neptune. Saturday has the Scorpio Moon and the Sun trine Neptune. We may be more interested in uncovering the possibilities of our lives than dealing with the mundane reality of our lives. We could go more internalized, introverted and introspective today. Today is a day for us to tune out the world and create our own virtual reality. Whether we do so by getting out of Dodge and seeking some pastoral sanctuary in which to walk, contemplate or picnic. Or we just hang out in our daily world while tuning out the cacophony and dissonance that often jangles our world and us. Today is a day for a daydream. We may not have a great deal of energy but we are also keeping much of it in reserve. Things would have to really speak to us for us to get involved today. Otherwise, we might take this Saturday just to laze about, meandering with our thoughts through pristine wildernesses. What we do have to watch for is any feeling that people just don’t get us. It would be very easy for us to turn inward but in so doing we would be closing ourselves off to the myriad of possibilities we might take into account and that others could suggest.

Sunday, June 15th – Homage to the Ancestors – Jupiter, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Neptune. Sunday is Father’s Day, a time when we pay homage to our ancestors and especially to our father. Although eastern traditions emphasize the importance of our ancestors and our lineage, western society often sees such days as this as a Hallmark Holiday, one of those obligatory rites of celebration. This Sunday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Jupiter, trine Uranus but also creating a Fixed Sign T-Square by the Scorpio Moon squaring Mars in Leo and squaring Neptune in Aquarius. If we can honor our ancestors in a public place, things may go far better than if we were to do so merely in one-on-one. Today can be fairly intense, bring up various issues for many of us, even to the point of drawing a line in the sand and creating an adversarial position. Let’s not go there, for it would only create a lose-lose situation. Today is a day to allow past slights and hurts to be like water under the bridge, long gone. Doing something different today in celebration of our ancestors is far more enlivening and upbeat than just the obligatory visit or phone call. A teacher I once had suggested that the worst enemies incarnate in the same family in order for the individuals to have enough time to work out the karma between them. Whether you believe that to be true or not, certainly our families and our parents are major teachers in our life’s journey.