June 30th – July 6th

This week starts off with a bang and a rush out the door. The likelihood of going to extremes this week cannot be discounted. With a creative thrust, we can be off and running. We may feel that there is so much to do and so little time in which to do it.

The early part of the week can have us going from one thing to another to another. We begin the week with Mars trine Pluto. We want to grab the bull by the horns and make every moment count.

Mid-week, we have the Cancer New Moon with a focus on home and family matters. Balancing our personal interests of what we want to do with the responsibilities of our daily commitments and what we need to do could lead to excess and extravagance. We may want what we want and might not question the cost.

In the US this weekend is the Fourth of July, a long holiday weekend that celebrates the birth of the nation. It also celebrates summer as being in full gear. Even though our financial concerns might temper our summer plans, we are not looking to sacrifice good times, fun events and pleasurable activities.

No matter where we might be or what we might be doing, it would be wise to keep a heads-up over the weekend. My least favorable energy configuration for travel, and especially air travel, occurs on Saturday with Mercury square Uranus. This interaction is one when we can leap before we look and brings about unexpected situations that can be challenging at best, disastrous at worst. Communications can be off with misunderstandings and computer glitches possible. Travel could be accident-prone. This energy is one when it is important that we keep our wits about us and not get thrown off by distractions or surprises.

The weekend ends the week with some lovely energies for reveries with old friends and new acquaintances. Social get-togethers can be enjoyable gatherings as long as everyone chips in to help and no one person is left to make the preparations and do the subsequent clean-up.

The old saying of ‘variety is the spice of life’ is thematic of this week. We might find ourselves involved with everything under the sun, and then some. As long as we don’t get swept away by the currents, we can ride the waves and enjoy the varied experiences this week offers.

Monday, June 30th – Bounding Forth – Mars, Pluto, Saturn. Our sleep state Sunday night – Monday morning may be anything but restful. We could be restless, dealing with various encounters in our sleep state or champing at the bit anticipating the dawn ahead. We start the week and end the month of June with Mars trine Pluto. Our determination and will may know no bounds. We might feel as if we could move mountains. We certainly want to put our mark and our imprint on everything we touch. While we are looking to make a good and strong impression today, so too may everyone else. Hopefully this day doesn’t turn into a shouting match whereby the person who speaks the loudest gets heard or a saber rattling exercise of who carries the biggest stick. If we can focus on our personal best rather than a comparative spitting match, then we can accomplish a great deal today. We have the passion and drive to accomplish results. The early morning hours have the last vestiges of the Moon’s transit of Taurus and a square to Mars. Our sense of stability and supportive comfort may be upset. We may feel an urgency to do something, anything. In the early morning hours, the Moon moves into Gemini where it squares Saturn. We may have a great deal to do and in so doing we have to be careful not to skip over the details. This is a day when haste truly could make waste. While we would prefer to be off having a good time or slaying dragons, it would be wise for us to attend to outstanding matters in a focused and diligent manner. We may have a lot on our plate today but rushing through things won’t necessarily accomplish them. Let’s take care of business and then focus on our pleasures.

Tuesday, July 1st – Bumps Along the Way – Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Mars Virgo. With tomorrow having the Cancer New Moon, this Tuesday puts us on the dark side of the Moon. Today’s Gemini Moon conjuncts Mercury, squares Uranus and trines Neptune. We may be filled with all sorts of ideas, but some of them may just be off the wall. We can easily bump along our merry way, assuming that things are going to turn out all right no matter what our involvement might be. Nice concept but not a concept that deals with true reality. We can hear people waxing poetic about possibilities, prospects and potentialities. Where a problem might arise is the fact that all this painting pictures could also be all goobledy gook. Silver tongues may be wagging and the message could be quite enticing. Today is a day to read between the lines, look at the fine print and take things with a grain of salt. Unexpected situations could arise that put a dent in our wish fulfillment or our delightful scenario of what could be. We may need to be on our toes, able to adapt to changing conditions and recognize that in making our decisions we might not have all the facts at our disposal. Even if we want to believe in make believe today, startling revelations might puncture our balloon. Today could also serve as a prelude for energies operating on Saturday. Let’s be careful of our communications, our travel and computer issues. If we don’t take everything at face value, this Tuesday could be a pleasant day. This day also has Mars exiting Leo and entering Virgo and joining Saturn. We need to be careful of our health, focused on our well-being and attentive to any intestinal issues. Now is a good time to start a new health regimen, taking into account our diet and finding exercise programs that can assist in the malleability of our physical structure such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, chi qong.

Wednesday, July 2nd – Getting it Right – Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Cancer Lunation, Sun. Wednesday has the Gemini Moon opposed Pluto in the early morning hours of Wednesday, late Tuesday night. Our emotions could be turned up severalfold and with the liability to feeling that our balloon of wish fulfillments has been popped. Even if we fall to the ground, our ability to get back up and get things right is reinforced by the Moon moving into Cancer where it sextiles both Mars and Saturn in Virgo. This Wednesday is a good day to straighten things up, do a major cleaning and cleansing of our home and our possessions. We can find the right place for everything and putting things in order will be a good launching pad for the fortnight ahead. The Sun Moon conjunction kicks off a fortnight when we may be looking at home and family matters. Reunions can be in the cards, or the stars, for the next few weeks, but it would be important for us to keep in mind mantram-like the saying ‘that less is more’. In other words, whatever we choose to do in regard to socializing, entertaining or travel plans, let’s do so with an eye of avoiding excess and extravagance. We may want to put on a show, go on a bender, but all to the ultimate detriment of our financial condition. The challenge for all of us may prove to be how we can be more effective with less expenditure. One of the beauties of these times is that it lets us get real. Instead of being dolled up or throwing easy money around, we all have the opportunity of stripping away the gloss and glitter and revealing whom we truly are. We may feel like the emperor with no clothes but at least our essence, our soul and our spiritual worth can now shine through. With this New Moon we have the opportunity of stripping away the superfluous and extraneous and focusing on what truly matters to us both in regard to our personal interests and to our home and family matters,

Thursday, July 3rd – All This And More – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus. If I have been spitting into the wind in regard to the importance of conserving our resources and being more aware of our financial condition, then this Thursday could be a prime example. A tendency towards extravagance, indulgence and excess could show up today thanks to the Venus Jupiter opposition. Concurrent with that energy configuration, the Cancer Moon adds its own two cents, or considerably more, by opposing Jupiter, conjuncting Venus and trining Uranus. Today we could easily go on a bender, as if like a child throwing a tantrum, we want what we want without consideration of its implications. We might want to make changes to our wardrobe, hairstyle, and/or environment. A complete makeover could be quite appealing. Change solely for the sake of change could prove expensive and mindless. If we have not fully budgeted our time or our finances, this day could have us doing all this and more. Before we start off today, it would be wise to make a list of what we need to do and what it might cost both in time and financial expense. Once we have made our list, we might want to prioritize in order of both most important and least costly. If we don’t keep a rein on ourselves today, we could go hellbent for the shopping malls, buying on impulse and winding up with a large credit card bill. This day can be a fun day and a day when we could let ourselves loose a little bit. But we do have to watch for excess and indulgence.

Friday, July 4th – Happy Birthday, USA. Friday has no significant planetary configurations. We do have a Leo Moon so the emphasis today is likely to be on good times and asserting our creative self-expression. As it marks the founding of the United States nation, this day with the Leo Moon is likely to find politicians pontificating. It may be all about ME today but the energies are ripe for hot fun in the summertime. Recreational activities, sports, concerts, parades, barbecues and general enjoyment may be the hallmark of this day. Even if we are out of country and Independence Day means little to us being of a different nationality, this day still has all the beauties of a Leo Moon day. A fine romance, special times with that special someone and a venue on which to leave our mark, all are highlighted today. A word of caution, however, should be noted. Tomorrow has Mercury square Uranus and the influence could impact today. Communications, travel, high technology could present problems. Unexpected news could upset our plans or demand that we make adjustments. With the loud voices bellowing from town squares and on the television waves, we should not be surprised if some of the declarations are off key or totally miss their mark.

Saturday, July 5th – Wrenches in the Wheels – Mercury, Uranus, Neptune. Saturday has my least favorite energy for air travel: Mercury square Uranus. This configuration can often create difficulties with high technology, travel and communications. Whatever we have planned can easily go awry. This energy is one whereby it is essential to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and then continually review and recheck. While there can be some startling insights today, revelations that allow us to come up with answers to problems that may have been perplexing us for awhile, the energy is also quite frenetic and hard to get a handle on. The main thing to do is to maintain vigilance and be ready to duck or shift according to changing conditions. The potential for confusion can be ratcheted up due to the Leo Moon which sextiles Mercury today also opposed Neptune. Confusion can reign supreme. Having eyes in the back of our head and defensive driving could avoid some needless delays or traffic problems. Backing up our computer files might avoid interruptions or crashes with the liability towards losing our data. Going slow and being certain that we have communicated information clearly and fully can prevent misunderstandings and lack of full detail. At the same time, doing something unusual or out of the ordinary is something to consider. We are looking to stretch, to make changes and to explore. If we go there, let’s go prepared with directions and itinerary.

Sunday, July 6th – Summer Reveries – Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Sunday can be a special day, one of those days when life is truly worth living. If we haven’t entangled ourselves or created drastic problems for ourselves with yesterday’s Mercury square Uranus, today’s energy allows us to step off the planet and move in our own special world, an idyllic world akin to paradise. Today, Mercury trines Neptune and Venus trines Uranus. Even if we got knocked for a loop by the Mercury Uranus square, today’s energies allow our intuition to be strong. Trusting our feeling nature can come up with the right answers and a sense that everything truly works out for the best. The Venus trine Uranus provides some interesting and exciting social interactions. It might be with someone we know whereby we get to see them in a totally different light, more fully appreciating their uniqueness and individual qualities. We could also have some unexpected meetings, bumping into people, being in the right place at the right time. The sense of synchronicity, asequential reality, can make us aware how truly small the world is — the six degrees of separation concept. While we have all this great energy swirling around, it would be best to take this Sunday as a lazy, hazy day of being in the moment and enjoying the wonder of it all. While we may have our head in the clouds today, we could also find our feet being wrenched back to the ground. Although the day begins with the Leo Moon trine Pluto instilling a sense of adventure and pleasure-seeking as the theme of the day, the Moon then moves into Virgo where it conjuncts Mars and Saturn. We might feel pulled between our responsibilities and our past patterns and how we feel we should behave. While this could be a dampener, it need not be. We can still have fun, kick up our heels and explore, all the while recognizing that we are enjoying a brief and delicious interlude from our daily circumstances. Even if we cannot get out and about and find ourselves restricted to our normal conditions, we can allow our mind to wander and enjoy the lushness of our own visualized paradise.