June 2nd – 8th

This week seems largely a pleasant and playful week. We’re looking to chat, idle about and enjoy ourselves. It’s the first full week of June and we can plan picnics, barbecues and other casual get-togethers. We are far more interested in having a good time than our daily responsibilities.

We may feel enthused and buoyant, not wanting anything heavy or too serious to bring us down. No raining on our parade this week, thank you very much. We may have sprinkles or an occasional shower, but it’s unlikely to slow us down. We could even find ourselves singing in the rain.

As though we have gained a second wind and are more focused on our personal lives than what is going on around us in the world at large, we are looking to express ourselves in an upbeat and creative manner. It would be wise to maintain a detached eye regarding the parameters in which we’re operating. Otherwise, we could blithely go along, singing our song and not consider the conditions or circumstances around us.

The second week of Mercury retrograde might have us encounter miscommunications and misunderstandings with the possibility of delays and concurrent frustrations if things do not go according to our desires.

Although we are energized and looking to enjoy ourselves, it would be wise to keep aware of our itinerary and our intended destination. Slowing down and savoring the experiences are far better than rushing through one fun-filled event after another.

The week itself seems one of accelerated movement and fast-paced energies interrupted by major slow-downs and lack of energies with several Void-of-Course Moons. No matter, as long as we realize that life is a process of cycles with its own rhythms and different phases. Like the ebb and flow of the oceans’ tides, this week allows us to be full-bent on fun during the flow periods and provides us the opportunity to catch our breath during the ebbing periods.

This is a week to jump off the track, find uplifting distractions from the daily grind and share our varied thoughts and multitudes of ideas with friends, loved ones and acquaintances.

This week we may feel as though there is no stopping us now.

Monday, June 2nd – Waiting for Godot – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn. Monday starts the week with a Taurus Moon trine Jupiter, sextile Uranus and square Neptune. We may be considering what we need to buy in order to have our basic supplies and certain niceties in our lives. We may want to add a little spice to our life, incorporating some flair. Our image and presentation can be very individualistic today, allowing us to stand out. We don’t want to be cookie cutters, whereby we are just fitting in to the socially correct format. No, we start the day fully aware that we’ve got to be ourselves, put our imprint on things and have the ability to do what we want to do as an interlude to our normal routine. What we have to be careful of is a tendency to bring in change solely for the sake of change. Emphasizing our own personal needs could have us stepping on other people’s toes. Some of our aspirations may be more for difference and doing our own thing than considering the purpose or the results. Although we could start the day with a full head of steam, second-guessing ourselves might create an element of confusion in which we’re just blowing off steam. For much of the day, for nine hours, the Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini later in the day where the Moon squares Saturn. Towards the end of the day, we could critique ourselves and wonder why we didn’t accomplish more. We could feel as though we have skipped over details or not attended to certain pressing matters. If we go there, it’s important for us to cut ourselves some slack. Life is not about being an automaton. There are times when we need to stretch our wings, try something different and engage in diversions or distractions from our daily routine. Monday could be one of those days. Besides, we are in the dark of the Moon, a day before the New Moon, and the energies are not as strong for initiation and getting things done. Mental health days are important and Monday could be one of those days. If we become critical of ourselves, let’s keep in mind that all work and no play is not what life is all about.

Tuesday, June 3rd – Talking the Talk – Gemini Lunation, Venus, Sun, Mars. Tuesday has the Gemini New Moon, at which time there are four planets in Gemini. The Moon conjuncts both the Sun and Venus and the Moon sextiles Mars. We may find ourselves absorbed in conversations, with our discussions ranging all topics and a tendency to flit from one thought to another. Today is a great day to communicate with friends and loved ones, even the stranger on the street. Even if we feel that we are talking incessantly, we may feel as though we are generating new ideas and stirring up thoughts of plans for some fun times in which to participate. We may be talking the talk today, as may many people. Relationships are highlighted, and we might contact people from far and near just to chat and indicate our appreciation of having them in our lives. Social get-togethers and breezy interactions today give an indication of the next fortnight ahead. We may be making plans and filling up our social calendar. We want to be with people, and the more the merrier.

Wednesday, June 4th – All About Me – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Saturn. Wednesday has the Sun sextile Mars. We also start the day with a Gemini Moon that conjuncts Mercury, squares Uranus and trines Neptune. We can extol people’s virtues today, especially our own. We may want to be on center stage, discussing our ideas and our plans and would very much like an appreciative audience. We have a great deal of energy, can be very persuasive and can win adherents to our cause. Unexpected situations could come up that force us to change our plans or make addendums to our schedule. It doesn’t matter though, for we are energized and ready to take on more and more, juggling various activities by spending small amounts of time on each of our many and varied activities. After a whirlwind start to the day, the energy drops as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer where it opposes Pluto and sextiles Saturn. While we may take on a great deal of activities during the early part of the day, later in the day we can be far more discerning and selective. We can focus on those matters that are truly meaningful. From a helter-skelter approach earlier in the day, later in the day we can sort through, eliminate, focus and prioritize.

Thursday, June 5th – Hiatus Time. The early part of the week may have had us scrambling as we took on anything and everything that crossed our path or came within earshot of us. After much activity and frenetic energy this week, Thursday is a great deal quieter. The Moon is in Cancer and not making any significant planetary connections today. We might want to spend time at home or with family members without having a ‘to do’ list in front of us and our activities ratcheted down in order to take the time to stop and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or tea. Thursday is a day when we can catch our breath, review what we have been involved with this week and consider our plans for the upcoming weekend. We might decide to straighten our home, to incorporate some of the recent purchases intended to spice up our lives. Like an eagle that creates its nest then flies from it to come back to it eventually, we too can use this Thursday to come back to our nest and ready for our next flight of soaring.

Friday, June 6th – Living for the Weekend – Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday has Venus sextile Mars. More so than earlier in the week when our focus may have been more on our personal wants, this Friday allows us to interact with other people where there is more give and take. We may not just trumpet our accomplishments today, but also enjoy a meaningful interchange with those special people in our lives. We are more accommodating, more gracious today, and there seem to be pleasant get-togethers with other people. Early in the day, the Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter and trines Uranus. Although we may have things we intend to do, even should do; we are likely to focus more on social interactions rather than our tasks at hand. We want to spread our wings, explore new territory and have a sense of freedom of movement. It would be easy to put our responsibilities on the backburner today and just enjoy special time with those special people in our lives. Our discussions may revolve around our weekend plans. This Friday, the first Friday of June, could have us focused on ‘summertime’ weekend activities. We’re primed for enjoyment and may feel like we’re champing at the bit to get the weekend going. And many of us may start it early, since the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twelve hours as it finishes its transit of Cancer without making any further planetary connections and before entering Leo later in the day. As the Moon enters Leo, we are ready to partay. Yup, this Friday could have us living for the weekend.

Saturday, June 7th – Celebrate, Celebrate – Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars. Saturday could have us ‘celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music’. We are interested in doing fun activities with other people. Whether there are social occasions that bring us together, or whether it’s merely a spontaneous happening that draws people together, this Saturday is one to focus on enjoyments, amusements and having a good time. Mercury conjuncts the Sun and Venus today. We also have the Leo Moon adding to the focus on fun with the Moon conjunct Mars and sextile both Mercury and Venus. This Saturday is a day to kick up our heels and enjoy life. Discussions are uplifting, and communications involve everyone present. This is a day when no one is left behind. A sense of all inclusiveness generates ever greater energy and enthusiasm. Concerts, movies, parties and other celebratory engagements may have us going from one thing to another but all with the concentration on enjoying ourselves.

Sunday, June 8th – Good Times – Mercury, Mars, Sun, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. What a great weekend this can be, and the fun that we wanted to kick off back on Friday continues to roll on during this Sunday. Yes, we are looking for good times. Today Mercury sextiles Mars. Early in the day, the Leo Moon sextiles the Sun and opposes Neptune. We are all likely feeling energized and enjoying recreational activities. People may put on quite a show in entertaining other people. A sense of sumptuousness can dispel the anxieties and concerns of the world and finances. Today is a day not to worry about the ‘what ifs’ as much as being in the moment and enjoying the fun of exuberant living. We do need to watch for excess and overindulgence however. We can embrace the abudanza [abundance] of life but without going overboard. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over ten hours as it finishes its transit of Leo without making further connections to the planets and before entering Virgo where the Moon trines Pluto. After a fun-filled weekend, we can gear ourselves up to get back on the track. We’ve recharged our batteries, taken time to re-create ourselves, and are ready for the new week to begin and prepared to take on the world and concentrate on what needs to be done.