June 23rd – 29th

This week could have us thinking about our summer vacation plans, with us focused on fun events and social gatherings. The first part of the week may have us dealing with our responsibilities, tying up loose ends and concerned about how we are going to make it under the avalanche of bad news streaming at us. The answer to the latter is for us not to fall into a victim mode, assume that we can only be reactive to situations but instead to look at the opportunities buried deep within the dire circumstances of these times. Yes, we may need to affirm the truth to that old saying: ‘if life hands you lemons, make lemonade’.

Although we could feel a little overwhelmed to start the week, by putting one foot in front of the other, concentrating on the necessary details of every matter and accepting accountability for our actions, we can successfully use this week to take care of important matters and also plan for some pleasurable events.

The last few weeks have provided both a ratcheting up of intensity and also a dysfunctionality that has forced us to review, rework and repeat certain procedures.

This week is far more pleasant, even though we may have been recently conditioned to looking over our shoulder. Such an ingrained response pattern can drop away as we start to recognize that not every time is the other shoe, whatever that shoe might be, going to drop.

The latter part of the week can be quite enjoyable as we search out summer fun. We may realize that we don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time. We might come back to the recognition that even simple, inexpensive activities can provide a wonderful time.

Although many of us are pressured by the accelerating inflationary costs of living, such a reality provides us the challenge of doing more with less and also allows us to see what are the truly important things in our lives.

Monday, June 23rd – Possibilities or Realities – Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Sun, Saturn. Monday starts the week with the Aquarian Moon conjunct Neptune, opposed Mars and sextile Pluto. We could easily get caught up in the ‘what ifs’ of prospects and possibilities. Whatever catches our fancy, whether based in reality or a hoped-for scenario, can have us going full force towards its attainment. Our interests may run counter to other people’s interests and we might question why people can’t see things from our perspective or are too pig-headed to admit their mistakes. Although we are looking for win-win scenarios, our viewpoint may be tinged with our egocentric desires, what we want and how we want it. We could easily make the assumption that how we see things is the way the greater good would operate. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Aquarius and moves into Pisces where it trines the Sun and opposes Saturn. We might retreat into our home environment as if circling the wagons and nursing any grievances of being misunderstood. We might also find that we have certain responsibilities that we’ve let slide over the past few days. The more we can take care of tasks at hand, the more we’ll be able to start up some new projects during the latter part of the week.

Tuesday, June 24th – Homecoming – Venus, Mercury. The comforts of home may provide us a sanctuary on this Tuesday. As if battle scarred by recent developments, we might just want to regroup and recharge our batteries. The Pisces Moon trines Venus and squares Mercury today. Our sensitivities are turned up severalfold. Our feelings are heightened but our communications could be off. We might feel as though we cannot truly communicate what is going on with us. Our thoughts can be far more emotional than rational. Today is not a day to jump to conclusions. On the contrary, it would seem important for us to take time, mull over situations and see them from different vantage points. Otherwise, we could make decisions based more on our feelings than the facts. By feathering our nest, cleaning things up around our homes and adding some summer style to our surroundings, we can create a protective barrier to nurture us and prevent us from taking action that might be more faith-based than well-considered. Our moods can go through some radical swings today with rapid thoughts that are strongly emotional. We might be called upon to go out of our way for other people. While we can provide emotional support, we cannot solve other people’s problems. That is for them to do.

Wednesday, June 25th – Tidying Up – Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto. Wednesday has the Cancer Sun sextile Saturn in Virgo. Today is a great day to tidy things up, deal with necessary tasks at hand and bring outstanding matters to conclusion. This Wednesday also continues with the Moon in Pisces which today sextiles Jupiter, conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. Champing at the bit to make changes and consider alternatives to our daily routine, we might want to sort through different situations, clean things up and throw things away. There is an old saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. So too with this Wednesday. We can address various matters that are in our ‘cup’, strategize and prioritize, and then separate the essential from the nonessential, tossing away those things that are merely distractions or clutter. Our sense of responsibility is strong today but we also have to watch that doing too much or spending too much time on matters of little consequence does not rein us in. This day can be a highly productive day. We can accomplish a great deal but we will need to maintain focus and not be distracted by exciting, unexpected diversions that could be far more appealing than dealing with the tasks at hand. First, the clean-up, clearing the decks to make some room for new activities, then the consideration of new projects and new situations in which to participate. Towards the latter part of the day, the Moon moves out of Pisces and enters Aries. We are moving into a whole new phase, going from endings to new beginnings.

Thursday, June 26th – Mine or Ours – Sun, Venus, Uranus retrograde. Thursday has the Aries Moon square both the Sun and Venus in Cancer. Today is a start-up day. We may initiate various new projects and get things going in a new direction, all with an imprint of our own personal stamp. While this may be a ‘me’ day, we have to be careful the toes we step on. Family members may feel that we are being self-centered and not taking into account the needs of the collective, of the family. We may want to make changes to our plans, changes to our environment. Past patterns could get in the way of the new ways we want to do things. We might want to get on with things, champing at the bit and yet feel encumbered by other people’s interests or our commitments. We can get things started today but it is important to be certain that new projects are not being done in accord with old patterns. We are not looking to re-create the past, and yet the ‘tried and true’ could subtly impact the way we choose to do things. We may not be able to have it both ways, asserting our personal preferences all the while keeping it socially correct. Like a helium balloon tied tightly to someone’s wrist, we may also feel that we cannot float free but are limited in our choices. Focusing on our needs all the while that we are smoothing any ruffled feathers is the best way to handle today’s energies. Uranus turns retrograde today until the end of November. Many of the radical shifts we might want to see in our lives may have to take the back burner or be reconsidered for a later date.

Friday, June 27th – Going for the Gold – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars. Friday can be an especially pleasant day. And if we are lucky to be on a Summer schedule with Fridays off or half days, then this can be the start of a fun-filled weekend. Today, The Aries Moon sextiles Mercury, squares Jupiter, sextiles Neptune and trines Mars. We may be filled with a wide assortment of plans for today, which include social gatherings and recreational pursuits. Our mind can be going a mile a minute with all sorts of possibilities. We do have to watch that we don’t go overboard and try to do too much. We could be so full of energy that we want to take on the world. While we can juggle several different things today, we do need to be aware of time management and be realistic in what we can do and what just does not fit into our timeframe. Plans should be made with the condition that we might not be able to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. If we don’t get strung out by trying to do too much, this Friday can be a great day. Let’s keep in mind that a little can go a long way — whether that little is time, monies or involvement.

Saturday, June 28th – Plans into Action – Pluto, Saturn, Sun. We start Saturday with the Moon about to leave Aries and enter Taurus. Before it does so, the Moon trines Pluto giving us greater determination and passion to stretch our wings and broaden our scope. Our exuberance may know no limits. We may feel as if nothing can stand in our way. Some of this sense can be derived from Friday’s ‘feel good’ attitude. The beauty to Saturday is that the Moon moves into Taurus where it trines Saturn and sextiles the Sun. Even if we went a little overboard yesterday, we can step back, strategize and figure the best practices methods to achieve results. Saturday is a day when we can put our plans into action. Although we have gained a head of steam and are ready to move fast forward ahead, Saturday allows us to blueprint, plan and consider how best to accomplish our goals. We can get a lot done today. If we are vacationing, then the comfort of recreation can be satisfying and nourishing to us. If we are shopping, we can find the bargains and stretch our dollars, a characteristic increasingly necessary during these volatile times. If we are at home, we can spruce things up and add greater warmth and comfort to our living space. A personal makeover today would also present us in a perfect light. Saturday can be a great day when we focus our interests and move from enthusiastic conception into pragmatic manifestation.

Sunday, June 29th – Making Nice – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune. Sunday continues with this upbeat weekend. Today, the Taurus Moon sextiles Venus, trines Jupiter, sextiles Uranus but squares Neptune. Interactions with other people can be especially pleasant today, but it would be wise to take things with a grain of salt. We are also feeling the Mars Pluto trine exact tomorrow. We are all looking for some good times, wanting to express ourselves and seeking to broaden our scope. A tendency towards extravagance and trying something new could be part of this Sunday. While testing the waters of new activities and new interests should certainly be part of this Sunday, let’s keep our involvement as tentative and not make a final determination. We could be feeling invincible, as if we had turned the corner of some challenging times. However, it might be too soon to make such a judgment. It would be wise to remember that life is cyclical. Like the ocean’s tides, there are times of high tides and low tides. Even if we may be feeling on top of the world today, it would be important not to fully engage immediate gratification without considering the longer term consequences or the expenses involved in satisfying our desires. Let’s have a good time, enjoy the company of others, explore new possibilities but always keeping in mind the importance of reviewing and evaluating at a later date. This weekend can be a fun-filled weekend, one when we can balance both recreational activities with restructuring our lives so that we feel more proactive and less reactive to the vagaries of these changing times.