May 5th – 11th

This week begins with the Taurus New Moon and ends with Mother’s Day on Sunday. The fortnight between a New Moon and Full Moon is a great period to get things going. And this Taurus New Moon provides us the energy to expand our perspective and to consider alternatives to our same old, same old. We do have to be careful not to be seduced by fool’s gold, things that might seem wonderful but may in fact be a needless distraction for us.

This week could seem like a carom between old and new, as situations, people and incidents from our past pop up unexpectedly while we also have sudden opportunities to explore new realms.

Apart from Monday’s New Moon, the two other significant planetary events of the week occur on Friday with Jupiter turning retrograde and Mars entering Leo. Mars entering Leo ends a very long Mars transit of Cancer which began at the end of September and has continued on into May with a brief retrograde back into Gemini from the end of December into early March.

Although Jupiter retrograde could have us looking back at lost possibilities, we may also feel the contractive phase of increased costs fueled by exponentially increasing gas prices, accelerating debt carrying charges and decreasing food availability. Let’s recognize that Jupiter is transiting Capricorn, Saturn’s Sign and consequently the sense of lack and shortages could be ratcheted up. We have certainly seen it since Jupiter first entered Capricorn back in December, a transit that comes to an end in January with Jupiter then moving into Aquarius.

The movement of Mars into Leo can give us a needed energy boost. The fatigue and lethargy that we might have felt for the past six months may finally lift. Instead, we could feel as though we had gained a second wind, ready to put our mark on our lives and looking to embrace the fun in living.

This week, like life itself, has its ups and downs. Let’s not get carried away when we’re in the ‘up’ mode and not get overly depressed or defeated when in the ‘down’ mode. The more we can plant the seeds of our new projects or reinvent ways of doing our normal routine, the more likely we may accomplish our goals this week.

Monday, May 5th – Methodically Widening – Taurus New Moon, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune. Monday starts the week with the Taurus New Moon and a new lunar waxing cycle. This New Moon reinforces the Earth Grand Trine and the ability of manifestation, of taking our hopes and wishes and putting them into practical effect. Apart from the Sun Moon conjunction, the Moon also sextiles Uranus, trines Jupiter and squares Neptune. We can broaden our scope and widen our realm if we will utilize streamlined methods to expedite our tasks, check the conditions and circumstances and not get distracted by useless meanderings. This Monday is a great day to lay the foundation stones of our projects. We can think outside the box, make necessary changes to our plans and still expand our interests. We do have to watch for naysayers or those people that want to lead us down the garden path without revealing the brambles along the way. Taking things step by step, even with some sidesteps or off the straight approach, will keep us from leaping ahead into a void or into unrealistic possibilities. This day can be a productive day when we can advance our interests methodically, all the while considering more activities to add to our list.

Tuesday, May 6th – Moving Forward, Stumbling Along – Mars, Saturn, Mercury. Tuesday begins with the Taurus Moon sextile Mars. We may be geared up to continue the successes achieved on Monday, whether it is moving forward with projects already under way or starting up new programs. While we have a continuity of yesterday early on this Tuesday, the energy suddenly shifts as the Moon enters Gemini where it squares Saturn and conjuncts Mercury. We may find that outstanding matters are demanding our attention. We might realize that we have not fully attended to all the essential details. We could feel as though monkey wrenches are being put in the spokes of our wheels and occurring just as we are ready to ramp our activity level. Our mind is likely to be active, considering countless ideas, but our ability to focus could be less than supreme and we could even feel as though the wind has been knocked out of us. No need to despair. We may have to go back over things and take care of matters we thought completed. But it doesn’t necessitate our breakdown, only a slowdown.

Wednesday, May 7th – Out of Left Field – Uranus, Neptune. Wednesday has the Gemini Moon square Uranus and trine Neptune. Unexpected situations could crop up that knock us off center and intrude on our scheduled plans. Even if we have to deal with matters that arise, this Wednesday calls for us to be nimble and quick. It is important that we don’t fall into a victim mode, assuming that we can only react to situations rather than taking a proactive approach. Even if we have to put some of our plans on hold, we can still blueprint our prospects and recognize that by our intention we can eventually deal with those things that are calling us. Talking with good friends can alleviate anxiety. It isn’t a question of ‘misery loves company’. Other people can help us take off blinders and not get so caught up in an immediate reaction. As sounding boards, other people can help us see the bigger picture and realize that any setbacks may be only temporary while our future plans are germinating and gestating for a more appropriate time to evolve.

Thursday, May 8th – Clearing Up – Pluto, Saturn. There are times when we just have too much on our plate. This Thursday allows us to do an inventory taking, and then get rid of the superfluous and extraneous in order to focus on the truly meaningful in our lives. Today we have the Moon moving into its own Sign of Cancer where it opposes Pluto and sextiles Saturn. While there may be pulls between what we have to do on the home front and matters concerning our involvement in the world, it would be best for us to prioritize today and focus on pressing issues and situations that matter the most. Even if we’ve been somewhat scattered over the past two days, this Thursday allows us to clear things up and clean things out. We can tie up loose ends and create a best practices approach to our tasks. Although we may be somewhat intense when we first awaken, once we gain our rhythm this day can allow us to accomplish a lot. Let’s just be sure that we’ve created the right format and the right methods to achieve what we feel we need to get done. This Thursday can be a highly effective day as long as we don’t get too emotional about things and we maintain an objective detachment.

Friday, May 9th – Switching Gears – Venus, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Jupiter retrograde, Mars Leo. Friday can be one of the best days of this week if we are willing to surf the shifting tides. The Cancer Moon sextiles both Venus and the Sun in Taurus and trines Uranus in Pisces. Today is a day to add a little color to our lives — buying Springtime flowers for our home or purchasing small accessories that recharge and refresh our living environment. Our image can be nurturing and well put together. Style and grace can be the hallmarks of this day. We do have two significant changes today, as Jupiter turns retrograde and Mars exits Cancer to enter Leo. The Jupiter retrograde could create a stalling of any expansionary plans we might have. We may feel as though we have so much on our plate that we have to postpone adding further activities to our lives. We could even question whether we have the necessary resources to advance our interests. Let’s keep in mind that timing is everything. Although Jupiter is turning retrograde, Saturn turned direct last week. We now have the ability to move forward in a more cautious and focused manner. A tendency to broaden our scope based upon discontent with our present conditions can be restrained as we willingly recognize the importance of dealing with the reality of present conditions, taking things in a methodical manner and not trying to leap ahead without concern for real circumstances. Mars entering Leo gives us a necessary oomph to our actions. We are more interested in recreation and re-creation than we have been for a while. Even the issue of the ‘housing crisis’ that has swept the developed countries over the past year could seem on the edge of falling off the radar screen as it takes a back seat to our search for pleasurable activities and fun events. Friday evening could be a celebration with family and friends as we feel a veil being lifted and we are better able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday, May 10th – For the Good Times – Mars. Saturday has the Moon moving into Leo where it conjuncts Mars which has just entered Leo. No matter what our plans for this day may have been, we are looking to have some fun, engage in pleasurable pursuits and emphasize the vibrancy of our lives. We may want to shine today and a tendency to exaggeration or excess cannot be discounted. People may want to stand out, grandstand and emphasize their accomplishments. After the anxiety of recent weeks we should not be too surprised if some people are pushing the envelope and doing things to an extreme. Let’s keep in mind the saying that ‘if you dance to the music, you pay to the piper’. This Saturday it would be wise to maintain restraint regarding our expenditures and our exuberance. Otherwise, we could find ourselves ratcheting up our debt load and being too overbearing for some people. Having fun is the key focus of this day, and it doesn’t necessitate huge investments to find those good times.

Sunday, May 11th – Remembrances – Mercury, Venus, Sun. Sunday is Mother’s Day and this Mother’s Day has the Leo Moon sextile Mercury and square both Venus and the Sun. We can pay our respects, engage in recollections of past times and generally honor our Mothers and those important women in our lives. If we will keep the conversations light and fluffy, then this day can avoid the psychological discourses of times that might not have been so pleasant. Today is not a day for intense internal work, although the day itself may beckon that tendency. Yes, we may all tend to conjure up past situations and past remembrances. If we go there, let’s go for a brief visit and not spend too much time by getting stuck there. If we want to critique or criticize elements of our past, we could find ourselves drawing lines in the sand and butting heads with other people’s perspectives of the same events. It would be wise to keep in mind the fact that we all see the same event in different ways according to our viewpoint and our psychological makeup. We do not have to go overboard today, although there could be a tendency to buy ourselves a sense of importance by the expenditures we make in celebrating this hallmark day. Light and airy are the main ways to keep this day from getting maudlin or rigid in our opinions.