May 26th – June 1st

Mercury turns retrograde this week for the second of this year’s three Mercury retrograde cycles. With Mercury in its own Sign of Gemini and with a Stellium of three or more planets in Gemini with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all transiting the Mutable Air Sign, this Mercury retrograde could have us hopping.

This week can have us scrambling, scurrying, even to the point of dropping one, some or all of the balls that we have been juggling. Communications can be flying but not all the information may be accurate. Although we may feel pressed for time and willing to accept things at face value, this week is not a time to gloss over details or to make long-term commitments. It is far better for us to go back over things, rethink them and rework them, rather than moving ahead with initiating significant projects.

Travel plans this week could be disrupted or may necessitate additional time for getting from one place to another. Traffic delays are typical with a liability towards car problems.

The more we can time manage this week and not feel pressured to make immediate decisions or knee-jerk reactions, the less likely we’ll dig a hole from which it could be hard to extricate ourselves.

Since communications can be a little off, let’s be certain in leaving voicemail messages that we state who we are and the number where we can be reached. It would be wise to recognize the possibility of computer glitches, so back up, back up, back up any important computer files.

Although Mercury retrogrades can be somewhat challenging, this one can play to our society’s and to our present time’s attention deficit disorder. We may be juggling a number of different things, but we could find that we accomplish more by working in spurts of energy and maintaining our focus no matter how short a time we spend on one particular task. When our attention wanders, so too should our activity, switching from one thing to the next with the recognition that we can accomplish more by having several different things going on with our concentration shifting from one thing to the next as our attention shifts. Now is not a time for us to play a one-note samba but rather the xylophone hitting various notes and keeping pace with the rhythm.

Monday, May 26th – Distorted Views of Times Past – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Mercury retrograde, Neptune retrograde. Monday is Memorial Day in the US, a time that honors those who have served their country and is also the unofficial kickoff to Summer. Although there is an Aquarian Moon today and a Moon that trines Mercury and conjuncts Neptune, there is also Venus square Saturn. We may be looking for fun times with good friends, but sometimes our expectations of what can be are not matched by the unfolding of what is. Past issues and even past definitions could hinder our interactions with other people. Slights long forgotten could be resurrected and become a sticking point in our discussions. What is important to remember today is the Hindu analogy of the blindfolded men and the elephant. One holds on to the tail, another holds on to the underbelly and the third holds on to the trunk. Each believes what he is holding on to is something other than an elephant. So too for ourselves today. Our perception of reality is based upon our perspective. While discussions could prove contentious today, it would be wise to see things from other people’s viewpoint and not solely our own. The potential for mix-ups and misunderstandings is increased today by the fact that we have two planetary direction changes: Mercury turning retrograde and Neptune turning retrograde. Not only can our communications be off, but our understanding of situations can also be off. We do have to be aware that this day could also present various problems with travel delays, communication equipment difficulties and computer glitches. This Monday is a day to go slow, take our time and not to take anything overly personally. We may be all feeling a little antsy with a tendency towards knee-jerk reactions.

Tuesday, May 27th – Haste n Waste – Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Venus, Sun. Tuesday begins with the Moon exiting Aquarius and entering Pisces where it initially sextiles Pluto. We may awaken with passion, drive and a determination to get things done. For many, this Tuesday is the beginning of this work week coming off the long holiday weekend. Although our intentions may be strong, our initial thrusts could hit a snag as the Moon sextile Pluto gives way to the Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Pisces Moon opposed Saturn and square both Venus and the Sun in Gemini. Issues we thought resolved could spring back up to vex us and demand our attention. We might feel on overwhelm and overload as we try to deal with outstanding matters yet still deal with a full day of scheduled activities. Although we may have a great deal going on today, it is important that we don’t get caught up in a whirlwind whereby we’re trying to deal with everything but winding up not being very effective at anything. Today is a day to prioritize and take our time in addressing all the different areas beckoning us for their attention. To try and do everything is only likely to create a hasty response that only winds up wasting our time and our energies. The more we can slow down, the better it is. The energies today are like an attention deficit disorder. To best deal with such tendencies, it would be wise to work in spurts of energy, utilizing our productive time cycle, no matter how short it might be, to attend to some parts of different projects without feeling the need to have them all totally completed today. If we don’t work with the energies today, we could find ourselves merely spinning our wheels.

Wednesday, May 28th – Catching One’s Breath. There are no major energies today. The Pisces Moon makes no connections to the planets today. Although Wednesday is often referred to as hump day, coming as it does in the middle of the work week, this Wednesday is one when we could catch our breath. Every now and then it is important for us to step off the track, take a fresh perspective of our lives and our activities, and allow ourselves to reflect on what is going on and what we are doing. This Wednesday can be one of those days when we can take some time to reflect, consider and think about our many diverse involvements. Yes, this Wednesday is a day to stop and smell the flowers or to linger over a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. Listening to our inner voice can go a long way towards appreciating our life and our life’s involvements. Our intuition can be strong today, but it does necessitate our getting out of our own way and not prejudging based upon our opinions of reality.

Thursday, May 29th – Tilting at Windmills – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning can have us feeling quite animated. Our sleep state may be anything but restful. In the wisdom teachings, it is understood that our sleep state is a time when we go to school, that the dreams and images that fill our sleep state are often the hieroglyphics by which we can more fully understand our lives and what is going on in our lives that we don’t fully comprehend in our ‘waking’ state. Late Wednesday, early Thursday has the Pisces Moon square Mercury, sextile Jupiter and conjunct Uranus. We might have a ‘Eureka’ moment, a flash of revelation that allows us to see options and alternatives that we have not taken into account in our nomal, daily existence. Answers may come, but answers that might also be contrary to our usual beliefs. Today is a time for us to suspend judgment and be open to insights. If our lives have not been going according to expectation, then we need to let go of the expectations, get out of our own way and be receptive to the possibilities, even seemingly impossibilities, that life could be another way. For over thirteen hours this Thursday, the Moon is Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries where it squares Pluto. Although we may get a ream of information and greater understanding in our sleep state, we might find that our daily consciousness comes back into force and clouds over the insights from our sleep state. We might find ourselves going back doing the same thing in the same ways we have done before. And we could experience ourselves Quixote-like tilting at windmills. Einstein once indicated that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. While we might not be able to make a radical change in our way of doing things, we can use some of today to get rid of some of the blockages, even tiny impediments, and start to wean ourselves from old patterns that no longer serve us well.

Friday, May 30th – Pleasant Moments – Venus, Sun, Mars. Friday and Saturday seem the most pleasant days of this week. Friday has the Aries Moon sextile both Venus and the Sun in Gemini and trine Mars in Leo. This is a day that calls for FUN in capital letters. We’re likely to be feeling impassioned, more vitalized and looking to grab life with gusto. Everything we do today needs to speak to us and allow us to put our imprint on things. We can present our wishes in a creative and upbeat manner. We’re looking out for number one but not in a competitive or overbearing manner. We may feel light and airy, enjoying repartee with friends and testing the waters of new activities. We might decide to take in a movie, catch a show or find some other form of recreational pursuits that we enjoy. This Friday is one that can provide a series of pleasant moments.

Saturday, May 31st – Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Saturn. Saturday is a day of two totally different energies. We start the day early with the Aries Moon sextile Mercury, square Jupiter and sextile Neptune. We can be enticed by all sorts of ideas as to what to do today. We do have to watch that we don’t bite off more than we can chew. If we’re not attached to our ‘to do’ list, this is a great day to make plans without assuming that we can do all the things we’ve planned for. Our thoughts are likely to be rampant and diverse. We may want to go from one thing to another to another. Getting off the track could be a good way to recharge our batteries, add a fresh perspective to our thinking and consider possibilities that we might not otherwise have considered. There may be a tendency to shirk responsibilities with the idea that we can do them some other time. Catching the wave and doing things spontaneously can invigorate us and provide us with some good times with good friends. While we might embrace the saying ‘why do today what we can put off until tomorrow’, postponements during the early part of the day could actually work in our favor. Although the day starts with a burst of energy and a desire to be in the moment and do things as they strike our fancy rather than our prescribed schedule, as the day progresses the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries. Even if we intend to get certain things done and put our impulses on the back burner, there is not a great deal of energy for accomplishment. Later in the day when the Moon moves into Taurus, we get a second wind and can accomplish a lot. Not only do we have the Moon in Taurus providing a more focused intent. The Moon creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element by trining Pluto in Capricorn and trining Saturn in Virgo. During the latter part of Saturday we can get a great deal done. This Saturday is a day of two totally different energies. The first part allows us to engage in a ‘mental health’ day of just enjoying whatever comes up and the latter part of the day, having gained a second wind, gives us the stamina and persistence to get things done in a methodical, orderly and structured manner. Saturday is a day when we are likely to have our head in the clouds and then firmly plant our feet on the ground.

Sunday, June 1st – Going for Broke – Mars. Sunday could prove a little bit of a letdown, especially following the energies we’ve enjoyed on Friday and Saturday. Sunday has the Taurus Moon square Mars in Leo. As if trying to wring out ever more good times, this Sunday we have to watch for excess, extravagance and indulgence. We could lose our focus on maintaining a strict budgetary compliance during these times of exponentially increasing costs. If we’re not careful and judicious, we could easily overspend today. We might want to go shopping and be seduced by the ‘sale’ signs only to find ourselves spending beyond our means. We also have to watch that we’re not a little too garish today, either in what we buy or how we present ourselves. There could be a tendency to overdo, both in regard to our physical activity and to our financial expenses. Today is a day to maintain restraint with the recognition that the energies today could be pushing us to go for broke.