May 12th – 18th

This week begins with a sense of expansionary newness and ends with a sense of expansionary newness. Can we call it Spring fever? We may want to test the waters and stretch beyond our normal parameters. We are in search of adventure, open to the possibilities of the universe and participating in the magical, mystery tour of synchronicity, unexpected situations developing and virtually arising out of the blue.

The week begins with the Sun sextile Uranus and Sun trine Jupiter. The week ends with Venus sextile Uranus and Venus trine Jupiter.

This is a week when we should keep our eyes and ears wide open. While there can be some wonderful surprises and interesting social interactions, we also need to be certain that any such occasions aren’t merely momentary whims or brief interludes sprinkled in our usual, daily routine. If we were to assume that we had stepped onto the yellow brick road and only had to step ahead to reach the land of Oz or some other paradise realm, we might fall prey to illusions or delusions.

A sense of proceeding slowly, evaluating circumstances, and stopping to smell the flowers would keep us from racing forward and possibly committing some ill-conceived actions or making spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Amidst all the frivolity this week allows, we do experience a Sun square Neptune mid-week. We could easily buy into the assumption that things have turned on a dime, and that this turning is the trend and course of events from now on. Oh happy day!

It may not be so.

If we can appreciate the magic of moments, then this week can be enlivening and uplifting.

Monday, May 12th – Stepping Out – Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Saturn. Monday is a great day to try something new, something different from the daily routine. We start the week with the Sun sextile Uranus and Sun trine Jupiter. We may be looking to make changes in our wardrobe, our personal style, or in our living environment. We want to add more life, more zest to our life experience. We might decide to go on a shopping spree, willing to explore the new sense of ‘me’. Some of our sparkle could also be in reaction to our moods, for we start the day with the Moon in Leo opposed Neptune. We are looking to put our mark on things, to add some panache to our living experience. While we might not be able to wipe the slate clean, we can certainly add some spice to life. Other people might not get this new need for freedom we may be feeling. So be it. We don’t have to throw over the applecart but we can stretch and broaden our reach and our activities. The early morning hours can be somewhat confusing as we battle between what we want to do and what we should do. This seesaw could have us in something of a stasis for the Moon after making its opposition to Neptune then goes Void-of-Course for over ten and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo. If we will take some time to be ‘free’ and do something on a whim, then later in the day as the Moon moves into Virgo and trines Pluto then conjuncts Saturn, we could find that we are being far more effective. We may be able to get more done if we take a brief break from our routine during the morning hours. As if getting a second wind, we can then accomplish a great deal in the afternoon, even though we may have a tinge of resentment if we’re feeling tethered to our routine. This Monday is a great day to step out and test the waters. We don’t have to dive into the deep end, but the more we embrace newness, the more invigorated we are likely to become.

Tuesday, May 13th – This and That – Mercury, Venus. After yesterday’s kaleidoscope of possibilities, Tuesday could seem a bit of a let down. We may feel like a horse that has been bounding about in the meadow, now back in the stable and having blinders put on. While our mind may be a whirl of possibilities, we do have to watch that in our rapids of various thoughts we don’t get lost to the specifics or the details. Today is a day to focus, more attuned to micromanaging rather than the big picture. The Virgo Moon squares Mercury and trines Venus. If we would harness the many ideas circulating in our mind, then we could concentrate on taking care of particulars in a manner that is well put together and quite pleasing. We need to be careful that we don’t say too much or that our conversations don’t become incessant ramblings about this, that and the other with no real segues between any of them, just a current of words, thoughts and ideas. By not getting too excitable, we can attend to what needs to be done, straighten up our environment and present things in a pleasing and impressive manner.

Wednesday, May 14th – Never Say Never – Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. While Monday dealt with the internal basis while the external reality might have been more cumbersome, this Wednesday is quite the opposite. This Wednesday has the Sun square Neptune. We may feel slightly unsure of ourselves, questioning whether we have the resources or whether the timing is right to advance our goals. We have to be wary that we are not overly tentative and possibly seeing the half glass of water as not a half glass of water but either draining down to nothing or filling to overflowing. Today is a day when we might constantly question ourselves, wonder whether to move ahead, stay still, or step backward. All this internal questioning is unnecessary if we would only check the signposts given by the Moon’s actions. Today the Virgo Moon opposes Uranus then creates a Grand Trine by trining Jupiter in Capricorn and trining the Sun in Taurus. If we would consider our options and take into account alternatives not normally utilized, this day could be a day of manifestation, a day when the pieces fit neatly into the puzzle. Such magic can occur if we will get out of our own way. Like planting seeds or kneading dough, we can do our part but then we need to step away and allow the natural process to evolve. More things can be accomplished by our not overly finetuning or being overly insistent regarding the ways things should happen. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late in the day. The energy drops off and allows the universe a gestation phase for our activities to develop and grow.

Thursday, May 15th – Real People – Pluto, Mars. Thursday has the Libra Moon square Pluto and sextile Mars. Today is a day to consider our acquaintances, colleagues and friends. Are they truly supportive of our dreams and ambitions? Or are they concerned that in our realizing our hopes and wishes, it changes the equations between you and them? We all probably know the story of the basket of crabs, whereby one crab may try to pull itself up and get out of the basket, only to be pulled back down by the other crabs. This analogy may be one to keep in mind today, as we process those who are truly supportive of us and those who merely mouth the words but would prefer that we not get out of the basket. Today is a day to focus on personal best, to find avenues for our creative expression and to take pleasure in our accomplishments, not matter how grand or how small, even trivial, they might seem. We could be banging heads against other people today, especially those who want to control situations and be ‘in charge’. If we encounter such situations, it would be wise to employ the tai chi moves of diplomacy, grace, charm and moving the focus from intense scrutiny to light-hearted satire of the human condition. If we don’t get tripped up by the belligerent or the powers-that-be, then this day can prove a fun-filled day enjoying good times with real people who celebrate diversity rather than demand conformity.

Friday, May 16th – Reaching Out, Touching Someone – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. Friday can be a great day to get together with friends or that special someone in our lives. Whether we get together in person, by phone, email or carrier pigeon, this Friday is a day when we are interested in connecting with other people. Today the Libra Moon creates an Air Grand Trine as the Moon trines Mercury in Gemini and trines Neptune in Aquarius. There can be a great deal of discussions and pleasant conversations today. Even if it seems like idle chatter, our social interactions with other people today have real meaning and the ability to touch them and ourselves in a deep and significant manner. Ideas may be flowing, thoughts cascading, all with the sense of possibilities and recounting warm, intimate experiences. We may find ourselves addressing all the positive attributes of the people in our lives, the potentials and the characteristics. We do have to watch for possibly going somewhat overboard, for the Libra Moon also squares Jupiter. Communications that become too sugary sweet could seem almost like pandering, and there could be a tendency toward extravagance, excess and indulgence. Not a major problem however, for the day is too pleasant with good camaraderie and people letting down their guard, not trying to best other people but just enjoying the getting together and the warmth of human connection.

Saturday, May 17th – Checking Off the ‘To Do’ List – Pluto, Saturn, Mars. We may be slow starting on this Saturday, but when we get going we may be like a tornado roaring through our ‘to do’ list and taking care of a number of different errands. The Moon moves into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto, sextiles Saturn and squares Mars. We can get a lot done, utilizing wise time management skills as we clear away the dross, the outmoded, the garbage and clean up our act. This Saturday is a great time to clean up, clear out the clutter and restructure our lives. We may find that we are doing a great deal of home projects or errands today. Things we might have put off can be done quickly and efficiently today. Although this day may be more attuned to getting things done, a part of us is likely to just want to have a good time and put on the back burner our ‘to do’ list. If we focus on our errands during the mid-part of the day, we can get so much done that later in the day we can enjoy our recreational activities. We do have to be careful not to engage in extreme actions. Like the tornado alluded to above, if we don’t release our energy through dealing with pesky errands, we could build up an energy that could prove destructive in its release through extreme sports, road rage, excessive spending or flying off the handle. No need to go there. Everything in its time. Releasing the energies by doing what needs to be done and then having time to do those things we want to do later in the day.

Sunday, May 18th – Fascinating Interactions – Venus, Uranus, Jupiter. We began the week on Monday with the Sun sextile Uranus and the Sun trine Jupiter. On Sunday, we revisit the Uranus sextile and Jupiter trine thanks to Venus. Today Venus sextiles Uranus and trines Jupiter. We might encounter meetings with new people who are fascinating and intriguing. Our world may be made a great deal larger by the people with whom we come into contact today. Even our friends and loved ones may have a different glow to them than the way we normally perceive them to be. This Sunday is a great day for social gatherings and get-togethers. We might be surprised by the people we ‘bump’ into or hear from. There is a sense of serendipity about our interactions today, somewhat akin to George Gurdjieff’s Meetings With Remarkable Men. As humans, we are social animals and this Sunday offers the opportunity for interesting get-togethers and greater appreciation of the people in our lives and those who come into our lives even if only for a momentary ‘hello’. Our world is a great deal richer by the people who sprinkle and sparkle our lives. Today is one of those days of sprinkling and sparkling.