April 7th – 13th

This week is one when we can get our house in order and put down roots for some of our projects. We start the week in a grounded and focused manner. As the week progresses, we have to watch that we don’t lose our concentration and become enamored with the trivial, the superficial and the distractions of the moment. We could become overconfident, assuming that we can move mountains in a telekinetic way.

If we become unglued by all the possibilities lying ahead of us, then we might fall into the trap of overwhelm whereby we are trying to juggle a number of different things but doing none of them effectively.

Pacing ourselves and keeping in mind the words from Ecclesiastes with its season for all things would help us view this week as a week of different phases and use each phase to its best advantage.

The week goes from focused intent and laying down foundation stones, to much discussion and consideration of possibilities, to family affairs and committed responsibilities, finally ending up with a blow-out of a good time. Taking things in accord with their energy patterns will help us avoid tripping over ourselves, confusing ourselves and making a mess of the week through arrogance, overconfidence and extravagance.

The snake oil salespeople could be out in full force making their specious promises. It is up to us to discern between the hype and the reality and not get snookered by promises that can’t be kept.

Monday, April 7th – Solid Foundations – Saturn, Mars. Monday starts the week with the Taurus Moon trine Saturn and sextile Mars. This day can give us an indication of what awaits us towards the middle of the month: a Grand Trine in the Earth Element. For with the Moon in Taurus, Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, we have each Sign of the Earth Element being transited. Today is a day for manifestation, a day when we can accomplish much. Today, the Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Mars. We can get our house in order, line our ducks up in a row and utilize a best practices approach to get a lot done. We can find bargains today, and budget our revenue and expenses in order to be certain to have a little put aside for a rainy day, the storm-tossed periods likely ahead. Taking time today to blueprint our plans, schedule our activities and be aware of our financial situation can provide us with solid foundations for our present and our future. Even if we only think about how to create a new basis from which to operate, we can have the game plan to put into action as we come into later this month. We can get our house in order today, both literally and figuratively. This Monday is a good day for inventory taking and seeing where we can clean the clutter of our lives and clear the way for better tomorrows, no matter the backdrop of the world at large.

Tuesday, April 8th – Checking it Twice – Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues in a similar vein as Monday. With the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus, trine Jupiter but square Neptune, we have the ability of figuring the most streamlined ways by which to accomplish our goals. We can stretch our finances and be very insightful regarding where and how to spend our money and to cover our expenses. An element of time management can go a long way to shave off time and expense. We might decide that we can broaden our scope, add more to our activity list and expand our reach. We do have to be careful not to allow a sense of overconfidence to get in our way. We could start to see possibilities that are far more real in our imagination and in our best case scenario than in the true reality of the situation. Although we start the day with a sense of accomplishment, as the day progresses we could get bogged down in the images, appearances and hype. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini. The energy drops off, so it would be wise to do as much as possible in the early hours of the day. With the Moon moving into Gemini, we are likely to be far more interested in talking the talk than walking the walk. Monday and Tuesday could prove the most productive days of this week, so let’s attend to what needs to be done, create a blueprint and strategy for our ‘to do’ list and take things one step at a time. The rest of the week could have us all over the place and more interested in the appearances rather than the substance. Let’s take care of the substance first.

Wednesday, April 9th – Trumpeting Our Abilities – Saturn, Venus, Mercury. Wednesday has the Gemini Moon square Saturn in Virgo and sextile both Venus and Mercury in Aries. This Wednesday could be a day when we may feel a little insecure, unsure of ourselves and concerned about the vagaries and volatility of these times. As the saying goes: ‘the best defense is a strong offense’. Consequently, we may find people trumpeting their self-proclaimed abilities. Today is a day to watch for the hype. It is important that we not become enamored with the Wizard of Oz Screen, the image of what is going on, but rather that we pull back the curtain and see who is punching the buttons, the reality of what is going on. People today could be a legend in their own minds, touting their skills and their successes, all of which may be more fictional than real. We might not want to attend to our daily chores. Instead, we could be on the phone, engaged in conversations and far more interested in discussions about our lives and our longings than anything of a practical nature. Life has different phases and this day could be one better spent in idle chatter and not in trying to accomplish too much. Even if we try to be focused on what needs to be done, we could easily slide over details, neglect particulars and lose sight of the specifics of the situation. Let’s take care of our important tasks on Monday and Tuesday and use this Wednesday to go from one thing to another without any substantial involvement.

Thursday, April 10th – Nothing is Too Much – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday through the rest of the week and the weekend could open the door to extravagance and excess. On this Thursday the Sun squares Jupiter and Mercury squares Mars. We may want what we want without any consideration as to the ultimate cost. We could be overconfident, a little full of ourselves as we seek to broaden our reach. We are not looking at any interference to our plans or to our opinions. Discussions could ramp up into arguments especially if the conversation points do not match our own preconceived notions or what we want to hear. This day could be a little testy but primarily because we are feeling good and do not want any parade rainers to spoil our good time. The Moon in Gemini squares Uranus, sextiles the Sun and trines Neptune. We could easily buy into ‘feel good’ presentations. Hope and faith can be played to the hilt and might lead us down the yellow brick road or along the garden path. Today it is important for us to restrain our first impulse and take the time to consider the ramifications and possible consequences of our actions. Unfortunately, the sense of wish fulfillment could prove stronger than our rational mind. We could go hog wild on our expenses, assuming that if we don’t buy it now, enjoy it now, then we won’t be able to do so a little further down the road. Whatever we buy today, let’s keep our receipts in case we decide our impulse buying was based on a whim and not on what we truly need or want. Returns work, especially when we are more focused and staying aware of our financial situation. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets for over ten hours before moving into Cancer late in the day. While the energy drops off, we could still have the residue of excess and indulgence.

Friday, April 11th – One Step over the Line – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Venus. Friday has the Moon in Cancer where it’s at home. The Moon sextiles Saturn. We can accomplish a lot around our home, straightening things up and getting our house in order. The Moon also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square by opposing Pluto and squaring Venus. Our interactions with other people could be a little shaky. Any past slights or even unintended hurts could surface and we might wish to steer clear of those with whom we have unresolved disagreements. We may want to spend more time in the comfort of our own space, even to the point of turning down social invitations. We would also need to watch that we’re not holding others to a high standard of expectation, almost to the point of setting our relationships up to fail. Let’s be aware of the energies today, not take things too personally and cut ourselves and other people some slack. While our interactions could be strained, we could also take the time to delve into any uncomfortable feelings and have an open discussion with others, but we would have to be willing to see the other person’s perspective and an ability to walk in their moccasins. This Friday could also have us wanting to start new projects, adding more to our activity list and preparing for an active weekend ahead.

Saturday, April 12th – Run Around – Mars, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun. Saturday continues the frantic pace of yesterday and the past couple of days. Today has the Cardinal Sign Lunar T-Square as the Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter and squares both Mercury and the Sun. We may have much that we want to do today. It is not only errands and home projects that are calling us. We have things that we personally want to do. With the Lunar T-Square we may find that we have more on our ‘to do’ list than anyone could ever hope to accomplish in a day or two. And added to everything we have already planned for, this day also has the Moon conjunct Mars and trine Uranus. We may feel indomitable with a thrust of energy ready to take on the day. In addition to the myriad of activities we want to get involved with, we also have some unexpected situations that could grab our attention and add to the distractions. Today people may be coming and going, scurrying from one thing to another, wanting to add on more and essentially involved in a run around. While that run around may be physical activity, we also have to be careful that we are not getting the run around. In our discussions and in our activities, it will be important that we cut to the core and try to avoid the superfluous.

Sunday, April 13th – Day to Play – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. It is often said that Sunday is a day to rest. After the frenetic energies of the past few days, this Sunday seems a vast improvement. We may feel less driven, less in need of controlling situations and more willing to allow things to unfold. Today the Sun sextiles Neptune and Mercury squares Jupiter. There can be a great deal of talk today, so let’s take anything said to us with a grain of salt. Although we have to watch for tall tales and the hype of possibilities, we are likely to be feeling satisfied, willing to enjoy the simple things of life and enjoying some special times with friends. We do want some form of re-creation today. The Moon has moved into Leo and trines Venus. Although we may have been less than considerate of other people’s needs or interests earlier this week, we can more than make up for it today. We can find interests and activities that may be akin to cavorting with the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. This Sunday is a special day, a mental health day, when we can clean the cobwebs from our minds, get off into nature or find some other sanctuary to be with those special people in our lives.