April 21st – 27th

This week continues the positive energies of the end of last week: the Grand Trine in the Earth Element. Last Friday, we had Mercury, having moved into Taurus, trine Saturn in Virgo and trine Pluto in Capricorn. This past Saturday, the Sun moved into Taurus, trined Pluto on Sunday and trines Saturn on Monday. This Grand Trine in the Earth Element continues by Sign until the 20th of May.

We are in a period of restructuring or creating the foundation stones of our future. This time could be a most productive time for us. We can accomplish more now than at many other times of the year. It is a time of manifestation, of taking our concepts and putting them into practical reality. We may have to shift, change, adapt as we go along. If we don’t get fixed into how things are supposed to operate, then flexibility and unexpected variables can pave the way for successful advances and effective movements.

We start the week with the Sun creating a Grand Trine in Earth and the Moon creating a Grand Trine in Water. We can take care of what needs to be done, be resourceful and stretch a dollar, and even the fallen US dollar, so that we get more for less.

Midweek may seem somewhat stressful as we pick up the pace but might lose the rhythm. Like life now, this week can seem volatile with some strong, good energies to begin and end the week and with the middle part of the week being frenetic and perhaps frantic.

The challenge for all of us is to avoid being knocked off center. Our core is resilient and in the acceleration of life with its intense whipsaws there are times when we need to suspend judgment, keep our eyes and ears wide open, and be willing to make adjustments as we go along and as shifting circumstances demand.

It is important for us to keep in mind, mantram-like, the Taoist saying: ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.

Monday, April 21st – On All Eight Cylinders – Sun, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Uranus. Each day of this week offers us something different. This Monday is a powerful day when the force is with us. We have an Earth Grand Trine thanks to the Sun in Taurus which yesterday trined Pluto in Capricorn and today trines Saturn in Virgo. We also have a Water Grand Trine as the Moon in Scorpio trines Mars in Cancer and trines Uranus in Pisces. We can be operating on all eight cylinders today. We can get a lot done, lining our ducks up in a row, laying the foundation stones and devising a best practices approach to realize our goals. Our sensitivity is highly attuned, and we might want to make changes, even subtle shifts, in our home environment. We are looking to streamline our lives, to be more effective with less expenditure of energy and focus our interests on those things that truly have meaning and purpose for us. Today is a great day to blueprint, strategize and consider our options and alternatives. The more we can look through peripheral vision, the more opportunities we are likely to see for ourselves. This Monday is a primo day, one not to be lost on idle chatter or frittering our time away.

Tuesday, April 22nd – Ch…ch…changes – Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn. Today is Earth Day, a day when we can reflect on what we have done, and are doing, to our Earth Mother. This Tuesday has Mars in Cancer trine Uranus in Pisces. In the early part of the day, we still have the Grand Trine in Water influence thanks to the Scorpio Moon which today sextiles Jupiter and squares Neptune. Today is a good day to make changes to our schedule, to our activities and even to our environment. The more we can be conscious of our actions, the more we can see the ramifications and the impacts that our activities and our interests have on our future and on the world around us. Like a pebble in a pond, our thoughts, actions and our being have ripple effects that influence our personal world and the larger world. Tuesday is a good day to sort through, sort out and clarify what is significant and what is no longer relevant. Clearing the decks of the superfluous provides greater clarity and creates space for new developments. The Moon square Neptune could have us considering future plans that may prove to be unrealistic or merely illusions. Whatever we choose to do, let’s do with the understanding that we can always change our mind and change course. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius where it squares Saturn. Even if some of our changes seem to be innovative and advanced, we might discover later in the day that we’ve skipped over details or that our new projects are not as grounded or focused as we assumed at their inception. It may be time for us to use an eraser and reconsider what we’re doing and where we’re going.

Wednesday, April 23rd –You, Me, Not We – Venus, T-Square, Mars, Jupiter. While the last few days had some strong and positive energies, this Wednesday could prove a little irksome. Today Venus in Aries creates a T-Square in the Cardinal Signs by squaring Mars in Cancer and squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. Relationships might be a little testy today. People can be belligerent, looking out after their own self interests with little regard, much less consideration, of other people’s situations. While we might all have an edge on, we also have to be careful for extravagance. We could spend too much, reveal too much and seem overly self-absorbed. Someone may play the blame game, refusing to be accountable or responsible for their own actions, but rather concentrating on what has been done to them instead of accepting their part in the situation. Today and tomorrow, we need to be careful not to overdo. We could be impulsive, impetuous and rash these two days. Let’s try to be diplomatic, considerate and graceful. Nice concept, but it might be hard to come by today. The more we can count to ten before acting or reacting, the less trouble we are likely to cause ourselves. There’s so much going on in our lives that adding dysfunctionality to it will only create a logjam. Braking action will help us slow things down and keep us from becoming like a runaway train.

Thursday, April 24th – In Xcess – Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Neptune. Thursday continues with a tendency of over the top that we might have experienced yesterday. Today, Mars opposes Jupiter while the Moon is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and the Moon squares Uranus, trines Venus and sextiles Neptune. The potential for indulgence and extravagance cannot be ruled out for today. We could easily get snookered by appearances and images. We want change in our lives. We want to get on with things. And we may be feeling the impetuousness that comes with Spring. Where a problem arises is the possibility that we’re more likely to leap before we look. We can be somewhat headstrong, assuming that our willfulness can move mountains and bring our desires to fulfillment. The potential for excess today is strong. The likelihood of volatility cannot be discounted. Today could prove a real whipsaw and a time when we switch gears quickly, going from one thing to another, without bringing anything to conclusion. Our relationships are likely to improve, however. We have less of an edge on, feel more exuberant and are looking for the best not only for ourselves but for others as well. Any hiccups in our relationships can be smoothed over today. We have the ability to appreciate what other people add to our lives. We want the abundance of life. We just have to be careful not to rush too fast, too far.

Friday, April 25th – We Can – Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Sun. Friday takes the ratcheted-up energy of the past two days down a notch or two, or several. Venus sextiles Neptune today. We can see our interactions with others to be far more pleasant than the past few weeks when everyone seemed very self-absorbed. We can see the potential in others, their best qualities shine, and even a certain mystique in regard to our connections. This Friday is one of those days when we are likely to see the best in people. We do have to be careful not to come from blind faith and give people carte blanche. Although our relationships can be quite positive today, we need to avoid the tricksters, those people who appear one way but whose reality is quite different. The Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto and also creates an Earth Grand Trine by the Capricorn Moon trining Saturn in Virgo and trining the Sun in Taurus. We are feeling far more together today, less defensive and more at the top of our game. Our presentations can be awe-inspiring, both by reason of the impressions we make and by the grounded approach we take. This Friday is a great way to wrap up the workweek, for we can bring completion to some things and plant the seeds of other things. Similar to Monday, the force is with us. It is important that we focus our efforts on truly important matters and not be distracted by the superficial. People will see our sincerity and our capability. It may seem as if we have a magic wand with the power of persuasion and the ability to take the abstract and make it manifest.

Saturday, April 26th – Doing to Do – Mercury. After the hurly-burly of this past week when it may have seemed that we were soaring and other times over the top, this Saturday allows us to tie up loose ends. This day may be an errand day when we take care of many of the necessities we just had no time for during the week. A review of the week would be suggested in order for us to both appreciate what we have been able to accomplish and also to look at where we might have wasted our energies. The Capricorn Moon trines Mercury today. Not only can we use time management methods to do what needs to be done. We could also find bargains or the ability to stretch our finances. Taking the time to look at our budget and compare our revenue stream to our expenses could go a long way to relieving our anxiety over rising costs. We could come up with a plan of action whereby we successfully face the challenges of dramatically changing variables. This Saturday is a day when we can get things done, out of the way and be prepared for exciting new opportunities.

Sunday, April 27th – Outside the Box – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Much of the energy on Sunday seems to be happening early in the day. And the early part of the day can be filled with surprises and alternatives that we might not have otherwise considered. This Sunday has Mercury sextile Uranus. We also have the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus, conjunct Jupiter and then creating a Cardinal Sign T-Square by squaring Venus in Aries and opposing Mars in Cancer. There is a great deal of energy to begin the day. Things may not go according to plan. It would be wise to work with peripheral vision and keep our options open without overly committing today. We may get some wonderful insights today, figure out pieces to the puzzle and find just the right fit to situations and conditions that might have been perplexing. The more we can think outside the box, the more we shall open up to synchronicity, things coming out of the blue and being in the right place at the right time. Yes, there is magic to this Sunday and much of it occurs early in the day. We do have to watch for overload, trying to do too much, all the while that other unexpected possibilities open up to us. This Sunday is a day to make our plans in pencil, with a big eraser, able to change our mind or change our plans without a moment’s notice. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius later in the day. Although there is a great deal of energy to begin the day, the energy dies down and we may find that the magic has evaporated…for the time being.