April 14th – 20th

This week offers us the opportunity of MANIFESTATION. We can move forward with our plans, put solid foundations under our ambitions and come up with a best practices approach to advance our interests. This is a week when we can take our creative sparks, fan them to full flame and begin to give them shape and form. We are moving into a most productive time frame, a time into the third week of May, when we can accomplish a great deal from a pragmatic and focused viewpoint.

No matter the craziness of the world around us or the world at large, we don’t have to go there nor get sucked into the insanity.

We can maintain a detached perspective, take into account the conditions around us, and then build or rebuild from there.

This week brings an end to the Stellium of three or more planets in Aries and begins the Earth Grand Trine. This switch is brought about by Mercury moving into Taurus on Thursday followed by the Sun entering Taurus on Saturday. This Grand Trine, lasting into the third week of May, provides excellent opportunities to get things done and make manifest our strongest desires.

The week begins with us feeling on fire, impassioned by our prospects and ready to make our mark on our world. This fire is not a shooting star, tearing brightly across the night sky only to burn out at the end. On the contrary, we can use our fire, our enthusiasm and self-assertiveness, harness it and then channel it into taking care of specific details, outstanding matters, all in preparation for the new foundation stones we can put down toward the latter part of the week and over the weekend.

We can be resourceful, adept at making the most out of whatever we have, and determined to succeed no matter the circumstances.

Monday, April 14th – The Little Engine That Could – Mercury, Neptune. Monday begins the week continuing with the Leo Moon, which today opposes Neptune and trines Mercury. We also have Mercury sextile Neptune. This Monday can have us putting some flair in our presentations, style in our expressions and a strong creative streak in everything we do. We’ve got panache today. Communications are strong and able to paint a picture that inspires the imagination and grabs the attention. Although we have a silver tongue and an intuitive mind today, we do have to be careful where we put our energy. We could easily focus on things as we see them, or want to see them, without taking into account the true reality of the situation. If we are sure of our course, we can virtually move mountains today. It is essential that we blueprint, evaluate our intentions and take a critical eye to our intended activities today. Otherwise, we could start off with fuel in our belly but in a direction that may either lead us down a garden path or towards a precipice. No matter what we do today, we have the force to pull it off. Let’s just be certain that we don’t waste this opportunity on fool’s gold or things that seem so wonderful in appearance with the reality being a mirage.

Tuesday, April 15th – Channeling into Practical Means – Sun, Pluto, Saturn. Even if we got off track yesterday and pursued illusions or went too far embracing our wish fulfillment, Tuesday allows us to get back on track and deal from a grounded perspective to build solid foundations and deal with particulars. Tuesday begins with the Leo Moon trine the Sun. We still have the burst of energy we may have been feeling over the past two days. We want to make an impression and put our personal stamp on our lives and our activities. Although we may be waking up determined to take the world by storm, the energy shifts whereby we can take on a far more realistic viewpoint and a pragmatic approach. The Moon moves into Virgo where it trines Pluto and conjuncts Saturn. We have the ability to construct the groundwork of our projects or reassemble the ingredients of our activities. Today is a day when we can work smarter rather than harder. We are likely to be resourceful, getting the most out of anything we use or do. Our focus turns to the details, to the specifics. While we might prefer to glide along with enthusiasm and exuberance and not worry about the minutiae, Tuesday is a day to address the small things and the parts that make up the whole. We can attend to many of the chores on our ‘to do’ list. Concentrating our attention in clearing up the clutter in our lives, we could clear away many of the outstanding matters that are keeping us from initiating our Springtime projects.

Wednesday, April 16th – Clearing the Space – Mercury, Sun, Mars. Continuing on Tuesday’s theme of cleaning up outstanding situations and making space for new involvements, Wednesday has Mercury conjunct the Sun and the Virgo Moon sextile Mars. Let’s keep in mind that the universe does not like a vacuum, that by clearing things away, we provide greater opportunity for new things to come forward. This Wednesday allows us to give thought to where we want to go and what we want to do all the while that we’re doing a good Spring cleaning of the debris of our past and outstanding matters that are needless distractions for our future. We can do an inventory taking today of our lives, critique what is working for us and what is not, and then take broom in hand and sweep away the garbage. We may want to clean up our space, our living environment and work space, in order to have room for the birthing and rebirthing that this season of Spring offers. With seeds of our future in hand, we are ready to plant the seeds. First, we must weed our garden, till the soil, all in preparation of the new plantings. Starting tomorrow, we come into the Earth Element Grand Trine operational by Sign into the third week of May. We are on the threshold of manifesting. The universe is with us and our responsibility on this Wednesday is to clear the space in order to plant the seeds of our future and build on solid ground.

Thursday, April 17th – Knocked off Center – Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury Taurus. There is a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This Thursday could have a sense of that sentiment. Although this Thursday is like the starting gate opening to our future with a systematic and grounded approach, we may try to jump the gun. Mercury moves into Taurus today and thereby creating by Sign a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with Saturn in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and now Mercury in Taurus, soon to be followed by the Sun and Venus moving into Taurus. By the end of the month, we not only have a Grand Trine in Earth, we also have a Stellium of three or more planets in Taurus. Before we fully embrace this universal offer of manifestation in our lives, we may discover that either we haven’t taken into account unanticipated variables or we have unrealistic expectations of what we can do. This Thursday gives us a wake-up call, as the early part of the day has the Virgo Moon opposed Uranus and trine Jupiter. No matter our plans for this Thursday, things could pop up that get in our way or force us to rethink our schedule. If we maintain our center and are adaptable to changing conditions, then we can ably deal with the unexpected. Once we have addressed the hurdle of unplanned for situations, we can broaden our reach and widen our activities. If something comes up that does knock us off center and we are able to successfully address it, then we do have to watch that we don’t become too impressed with ourselves and move into an overreach position. We could schedule more than would be realistic. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for sixteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra. As the Moon moves into Libra, it squares Pluto. Some of our self-absorption or self-involvement of the past few weeks could come back and bite us, as we discover that people whom we might have considered our advocates present roadblocks to our plans or demand that we live up to our commitments. This Thursday may necessitate that we be nimble and quick in dealing with situations that are not of our making and smooth over any ruffled feathers we might have stirred up by being too self-focused.

Friday, April 18th – Brainstorming – Earth Grand Trine, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn. Friday is a great day to get to the heart of matters, blueprint our course of action and begin to focus on manifesting our future. The Libra Moon allows for pleasant interactions with others. People are less self-involved and more considerate today than has been the case for several weeks. The emphasis seems to be on personal best and not competitive savagery. The Earth Grand Trine is in effect today as Mercury having just entered Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn and trines Saturn in Virgo. Today is a perfect day to brainstorm. Our mind is incisive and sharp. We can see the best practices approach to realize our goals. Not only can we devise the most expedient strategy but we can also take into account the particulars, the specifics and the details. Today is a day when we can easily blend the micro with the macro. While there may be a great deal of seriousness of thought, we are far more grounded and able to present our point of view in a rational and step-by-step manner. We could use this day to plan and strategize the coming few weeks, weeks when we can accomplish far more than most of the weeks of the year.

Saturday, April 18th – Here, There and Everywhere – Lunar Grand Cross, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun Taurus. Saturday has the Libra Moon creating a Grand Cross in the Cardinal Signs as the Moon opposes Venus in Aries, squares Mars in Cancer and squares Jupiter in Capricorn. We could be all over the place today. We may feel as though the starting gun has fired and that we have to sprint through the day, trying to do as much as we possibly can. The sense of starting new projects can be enticing but there may not be a great deal of follow through. We could easily take on more than can be humanly accomplished. If we could just slow it down, take our time and recognize that we don’t have to do it all today, then we are less likely to feel like Alice’s Mad Hatter scurrying around, feeling late and constantly on edge. This is a day when we could have too many balls in the air, adding more by the hour, but not accomplishing much. We want to get going and may feel like we’re in turbothrust. The Moon trines Neptune, so in addition to everything we want to do, we also want to spend time with good friends or our significant other. Using people as sounding boards could help us whittle our activity list to the pragmatic and most sensible. We might not be objective enough to do so for ourselves. Today, the Sun also exits Aries and moves into Taurus. We are readying for the seed planting but it would be wise to check the weather and the conditions before we plant our seeds. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor will our future be.

Sunday, April 20th – Back to Basics – Scorpio Full Moon, Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury. Sunday gives us the Scorpio Full Moon and allows us to separate the functional from the nonfunctional, the essential from the extraneous. This Scorpio Full Moon has the Sun Moon opposition with the Sun trine Pluto and the Moon sextile Pluto. The Moon also sextiles Saturn, which the Sun will trine tomorrow. The Moon also opposes Mercury. This Sunday is a powerful day. It allows us to get rid of the dross, to focus on the essentials, and to line our ducks up in a row. This past Friday we had the Earth Grand Trine triggered by Mercury moving into Taurus. Yesterday, the Sun moved into Taurus and today and tomorrow we have the Sun triggering the Earth Grand Trine as the Sun trines Pluto today and then trines Saturn tomorrow. Manifestation is our focal point. We can be far more effective with less expenditure of energy. Yes, the force is with us. But to be highly effective, it is important that we focus on the essentials, get back to basics and then build or rebuild from that focal point of building upon rock and not upon sand. Much can be accomplished today, but it would be wise to continue with our Spring cleaning, attending to outstanding matters, clearing the decks and starting to move towards our new future in a grounded, realistic, cut-to-the-core manner.

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  1. Gayle April 18, 2008 4:22 pm

    So would the sunday forecast be my solar return interpretation? That is my birthday.